Sunday, August 7, 2022

VIDEO: In the footsteps of Arsene Wenger

L’Equipe have produced a short film about Arsene Wenger’s childhood in post-War Alsace.

Featuring interviews with French journalists and Duttlenheim locals it looks at how a childhood spent in his parents’ pub, La Croix d’Or, and his relationship with mentor, Max Hild, helped shape a personality that would go on to revolutionise English football.

A huge thanks to Arsenal French Club who have subtitled this video exclusively for Arseblog News. Enjoy!


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What a charming man he is..! Long live the professor! COYG!!


Wonderful stuff that makes Arsene one of us: just a guy. It’s bloody obvious he is! but its nice to see. My wife is German so all that stuff about the food: we eat that! So, you know, I’m Wenger! … No, I am Wenger! (etc…(


History maker
Our Professor
A gentle clever ( intellengent ) man
Ou Manager

D Dublya

He was a fairy good amateur player.


Fuck it, I want him to be our manager forever.


Yeah bollocks to it, me too!

Arsene Wenger's Coat Zipper

You said it!


So telling how everyone interviewed was saying he is an educator… Lives football and will continue to give his all with his philosophy. Arsenal FC are very lucky to have this man. Shame some of the supporters are so short sighted that they can’t realize this


In the same way that a goldfish can’t really appreciate the works of Rachmaninoff, some things are just beyond some people’s comprehension…

Sue Meguyer

Class at the Arse.


I’m 31 years old and grew up supporting Arsenal in the George Graham years. I liked music and film too, but idols and heroes can be plenty found there. Arsene has always remained a permanent source of inspiration to me since he came into my life as a youngster. For any Arsenal fan, he’s to be respected. To me, he’s a hero too. Sometimes when I stop and think about how much he has achieved; I feel like I am an Arsene fan as much as an Arsenal fan.


Cldnt agree more and to show my appreciation its Arene I’m wearing on my replica Jersey this season and for those who were wondering(the I love Maureen camp) that’s why u dim wits.


Still love and highly respect the man. Despite the hard times and him getting old and probably losing his touch, I’m still proud to have him as manager. I really hope he gets a farewell that he deserves. Just an amazingly intelligent guy who is a role model for people in general, not just football managers.
He has his flaws, but he is the image I want people to associate Arsenal Football Club with.

Tarquin Farquar

The man is sheer class. Some of the abuse he receives is so disheartening. I would not mind him stepping down but will support him and the team next season.


Whether we want him to stay or go, we are truly blessed to have this human being as our Arsene.
I am looking at you Fatgooner!

Dan Hunter

Let the lovefest begin…

Gooners & Roses

“If you don’t love Arsene Wenger, you don’t love football”

Let’s hope he gets the ending befitting his class and endeavors throughout the years spent.

Mongolian Gooner

He’s my fucking hero, is Arsene Wenger. We’d be bloody lucky to find manager who’s got half his class and intelligence. We can debate whether he should stay or go all we want (I personally am concerned that he’s just not the manager who’ll do the necessary spending to take us to the next level), but we cannot ever forget and disregard all that he has done for this club. Arsenal had been a big club for a long time before him and hopefully will continue long after, but he really put his mark on this club. He’s transformed it,… Read more »


I wouldn’t say so myself that Arsenal were a big club before Arsene.

Small stadium, struggling in the league.


How can anyone not love this man?


I love him again… hope it lasts.


And some of us has been listening to Pierce Morgan and want to replace him with mourinho. Total disgrace


Anyone who actually listens to Piers Morgan is a prat.

uncle D

Nice one blogs! You the man….

uncle D

I repeat where is fatgooner?!!! You fatgooner you!

The Only Olivier is Giroud

Watched this video whilst procrastinating at varsity. Feeling inspired to go study now 😀


Coming of age during the 2000’s…. Wenger is not only a hero and inspiration for me but also one of the main reasons I became an Arsenal fan; Wenger and his french musketeers.

No matter how his reign ends, I for one will forever be indebted to this man and his vision for this great club.

'desi'gner gooner

Am a huge Wenger fan and will be for eternity…
A class apart…Hopefully he will shut the haters and the mob with one more classy final act…


Dare I say Arsene Wenger is a legend, and we are lucky to have him. He deserves much more recognition for the work he has done in his 20th anniversary than haters who can’t wait to get rid of him.

Imho the players have let him and the fans down by playing sub-par football at times. Why should he carry the burden alone? Let the thumbs down begin.


Wheres the damn feature length docu!?! Man this was so good and insightful. Cant put it into words how much i enjoyed that. But seriously, this combined with some other footage would be a great great 90min watch. Probably one day tho, i b waitin on it!! Thank you mr. Wenger for makin Arsenal FC what is today. I love the Arsenal man. N im not even English, never mind from london. But Arsenal is everywhere!! I be in Brazil in May showin off my all my Arsenal gear hopefully winnin us some new souls hehe Maybe pick us up… Read more »



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