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Wenger on Wilshere’s fracas, comeback and dedication

Arsene Wenger says he has spoken to Jack Wilshere about headlines linking him with a fracas in a central London nightspot and thinks the story has been blown out of proportion.

The England international, who has yet to play this season due to injury, was pictured being questioned by police in the early hours of Sunday morning with reports suggesting he’d been involved in an angry exchange with members of the public at Café de Paris.

Clarifying that Wilshere was within his rights to go out as he had the following day off, the boss explained:

“I have spoken to him. It looks to be taken out of proportion a little bit. These are matters we like to keep internal.

“There was no training session the next day. He had a day off day. You can accept that sometimes the players go out, when they are free the next day over the weekend.

“What is positive is that he works very, very hard. The news [on his fitness] looks quite good, he’ll have a good test tomorrow night [in the under-21 game vs Newcastle].”

Questioned further about the incident, first reported in The Mirror on Monday, Wenger continued: “This is a completely private matter for me. It’s very difficult to speak about it, I don’t know what happened.

“You know as well, he can be provoked, it’s not easy today to go out when you’re well known without creating some provocation. Even when you’re known, you [still] have the right to go out.”

Wilshere’s quest for first team football will step up tomorrow night when he plays his first competitive minutes for the under-21s against Newcastle United.

Having lost the likes of Francis Coquelin, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain and Santi Cazorla for significant periods of the season, the boss was asked how much he’d also missed being able to pick Wilshere.

“Of course, it’s difficult to put a percentage on that,” he said.

“We have to see now [when he’ll play in the first team]. We have to be cautious because of his history. Let’s not rush him. He’ll have a big part in the game tomorrow night and hopefully he’ll come through well. I’m a bit cautious.”

Having handed Wilshere his debut at the age of 16 after watching him develop in the Academy, Wenger remains, somewhat understandably, very defensive about his protégé’s ability to deliver on his potential

“At the moment I believe that he’s a real football brain,” he responded when asked if Wilshere could waste his talent.

“He loves football. He’s very serious and dedicated. I invite you to come in and watch him work. You’ll understand that he’s very dedicated.

“The only thing that could stop him from having the career he could make is injuries. He has a history of injuries, they’ve been bad recently. I Hope that he can get rid of that and make the career he deserves.”


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Arsene-al fan

Mixing with the (probably p*ssed-up) public in the early hours never a good idea when you are a footballer. Some of them could be Sp*rs supporters, if they aren’t too busy rioting back home.

Isn’t that obvious and surely there are other better places for Jack to go and better things to do?

Arsene-al fan

Bentdner had the ability to be right up there as a striker, I was there when he scored in 6 seconds v Spurs.

But he fell out of night clubs and did lots of stupid things. Where is he now?

Learn Jack.


That’s so true. Although bendtner is now a living meme, I think for his age he was brilliant but stupid decisions will ruin your career. You can add frimpong to that list too.

Dr Zearse

I think Bendtner has pretty much met his potential as a player, he is not good enough for Arsenal plain and simple. The relentless memes are harsh though, even if he did invite some of it on with his outspoken nature and outrageous self belief. Wilshere on the other hand is a genuine talent, in real danger of not fulfilling his potential. But if that happens it’s got zero to do with him getting into an argument at a nightclub, it will be purely down to injuries. He needs to be able to blow off some steam and get out… Read more »

Le Jim

Bendtner also tried to fuck a car, which I think is a bit of a step up 😉


I always thought that was a bit of autoeroticism.


This lad is truly a joy to watch in full flow, with the ball at his feet. His individual performance against Barca remains one of the best I’ve seen any Arsenal player have in my lifetime, all things considered. I hope that for Arsenal’s, England’s, and most of all Jack’s sake, that he can put his injury troubles behind him and forge the kind of career we all know he’s capable of enjoying for club and country.


Little exaggeration? Best you’ve EVER seen in your lifetime? Henry vs Inter Milan makes Wilshere’s performance look non existent!


Henry was (arguably) the best in the world at that time. To be 19 years old, and outperform Fabregas, Xavi, Iniesta, and Messi…that’s the stuff of dreams

Crash Fistfight

More to the point, George said “one of the best” performances, not THE best.

Also bear in mind that just because he (or she as the case may be) didn’t suggest he was one of or the best player for Arsenal – you can have a great performance and not necessarily be great (remember Julio Baptista vs Liverpool?).

Julio Baptista's humble alter ego

I miss him ;-(

Eternal Titi Berg Pat Nostalgia

Walcott against Liverpool is the best for me. You do not have to agree, lol.

Saint Cathorla

Agreed. Here’s the home performance vs Barcelona:

Watching how he starts play from deep, keeping the ball with 2-3 Barcelona players hustling him, head on a swivel looking for space, makes you think how sorely missed he was in the absence of Cazorla this season. Can only hope that the impact injuries of the past won’t sour a potentially massive career at Arsenal.


I realised that in this game Jack was a deep lying playmaker. Just like Cazorla recently. And some of his best performances for England were exactly from same possition. Why the f…ck Wenger keeps insisting with him as ACM?!


I can only wish for Jack to be fully fit next season….Arsenal’s hold up play style will be massive with him and one more playmaker.


Lol at “it’s difficult to put a percentage on that” – as if he was actually thinking of providing a percentage on how much he’d missed not being able to pick jack wilshere!

Eric Cartman

The conviction with which Arsene speaks about Jack is very reassuring of Jack’s talent and dedication.

Ex-Priest Tobin

He should be sold, he doesn’t contribute enough to the team with his injuries. To be frank, he seems like a bit of a wanker in a personal sense as well. He was an electrifying talent in his younger years but I for one won’t be sorry to see him gone.


Such a wanker, all those hospitals he visits and fund raising he does for terminally ill children, what a tosser.

Bob Davis

Hospital visits and fund raising, charity events is part and parcel of being footballer these days. There are some players that have said they would rather be doing their shopping than doing anything for others!


Was one of them Jack?

Bob Davis

No, he used to play for Fulham a few years back when they were in the PL.

It was the same player that crashed his top of the range car and just dumped it there and then, and then went and bought a new one.

The towing company kept the car. Shows the mentality of some of these players!

Oooh Ahhh Ray Parlour!

This story doesn’t really worry me & I just want to see Jack get back to his Barca beating best. He’s never going to be squeeky clean, but many of our players in Wenger title winning squads weren’t either. The fact is that Jack is top class & there is no pressure for us to heavily rely on him so hopefully he’ll have an injury free Euro’s & perhaps we can then take it slow with him at the start of next season & get him back to his best. It’ll be great seeing our number 10 out on the… Read more »


Did Wenger just issue an open invitation to the Arsenal training centre at London Colney?


We’ve got Wilshere
Jacky Wilshere
I just don’t think you understand!
His legs are made of glass
But when fit he is world class
Who needs that snake Fabregas ?!

Or which ever ending suits you.

Hector Bellerin's book of poems

Neither of them, frankly.

chechen gooner

is it only me who has noted an almost consistent thumbs down on each comment in this post? Even on comments where there’s no case for dislike. A dyied-in-wool sp*r’s fun on the prowl.

Jamie Vardinho

nah people just thumbs down for the sake of it, not sure why haha

Jamie Vardinho



Point well proved!


Next year is definitely our year. If Arsene spends wisely and heavily, no-one will touch us. Zlatan in or Benzema in. Maybe ….
Kroos? … where would he play? Why oh why can’t we be in the Champions League like Wolfsburg, Benfica, Man ShitCity? we would have killed Real Madrid today if in the mood

gooner gooner

we are not in the champions league because we have no backbone and can’t deal with pressure. we play big games with zero intelligence like going all guns blazing against barca while they knew they could picknus off in the last half hour. we will not win the league again under wenger.

Texas Tanaka

That’s the spirit!

Why waste your time thinking good things might happen to you in your life, when everything will inevitably and terminally be shit. You’ll certainly never catch me wearing a smile or allowing positivity and hopefulness to creep into my consciousness, and I’m glad to have found a kindred spirit. No wait did I say glad, I meant absolutely devastated of course, seeing how you’ll no doubt turn out to be a disappointment just like everything else in this turd of a world.

Gloomy idiot.


Yeah like positivity has helped wenger sooo much in the last 10 years or so.
Positivity will not make the players we have at the moment win the ucl, better players and tactics will.
Positivity will not reverse Leicester 8 point lead aganist us.
We have the most “positive” and “happy” players yet we can’t win the league.
Truth and realism over positivity anyday of the week.


Honestly, the problem with Wilshere is that for years people have kept on telling him he is world class, he is huge, he is talented, he is the next thing, he is terrifc, he is England, he is Arsenal blablabla but when has he delivered? Once years ago against Barca? One game and he is a super star? This guy spoiled the start of our last season and he has NEVER delivered anything good except his egoism and inability to think collectively.

King Henry

I’ll just leave this here.

Never delivered anything good? Wow. He has played a whole host of man of the match performances since his breakout season – what team have you been watching? I’m not saying he has delivered those every time he’s played, but to argue it’s egoism that’s prevented him developing his game rather than injuries is pretty thick.

Bob Davis

His previous off the field antics has given him a lot unwelcome attention. He’s always going to be a target now from the public and press.

I think he’s a good player but I think he needs to change his game slightly and use his team mates more rather than trying to do Maradonna all the time.

With his ankle problems the opposition will always take turns to damage him.

I hope he gets some game time over the next few weeks!


The implicit suggestion that the Coq-neny axis should be broken to give Wilshere (or for that matter Rosicky or Ramsey) game time is insane.

Bob Davis

Yeah, if we’re 3-0 up at the 70th minute. Bring them on, see if it works!

Jamie Vardinho

Totally agree, let them (Coq-neny) gain greater understanding and cohesion together. I get that we’re not in the title race but we should push as high as possible, give Jack and Cazorla 20/30 mins here or there to build fitness and our Czech Messi a fitting tribute too. In my opinion it doesn’t send a good message to the team that straight away Jack comes in, diminishes the work of Elneny in a way. And before people catch feelings im not saying Elneny>>>Wilshere, just think the guy has done well there, let it continue. And I don’t give a flying… Read more »


Look, Im a huge fan of Jacky boy, but im not gonna fuck with my emotions anymore regarding his prospects.
Pipes, hot tubs, fracas and nightclubs.
When are these words used in the same sentence as Hector, Awobi , and say Joel?
Maybe im in a bad humour, but Jack, could you cop to fuck on.


And after he comes through unscathed he’l be the latest LANS (who will deliver us the treble next season). Through all the pain and heartbreak over the last decade I’ve come to so love this club. Welcome back ‘sheer willpower’.

Lula da Gilberto

As an Arsenal fan it is absolutely none of my business wjat shit any of our players get up to in their private time. Dont care what he did – sick in general how ott people react to people being people, and how everything is a pr issue with any old crap reflecting badly on ‘public image’. You, i hate to say it, but Jack could well be a complete arsehole. I loved rvp when he was here and he revealed himself to be a twat of the worst order. Tell me that he season before he left and i… Read more »


I really don’t understand why people are still going on about jack as if he’s a top talent. wenger tried to fit him in the team last year and it was horrible to watch. whatever he had it’s gone. the team doesn’t need him. it’s just too bad that instead of city offering us 40 for him he’s now only worth 20ish. sell him anyway and bring in xhaka or someone else to play alongside coquelin and elneny. I think santi’s days are numbered too so would plan for a starting 11 next season that doesn’t rely on him.


Top top talent.;)

The Gooch

Where does he play when everyone is fit?
Can only see a similar role to Ramsey off the right side.

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