Wednesday, September 28, 2022

West Brom tickets on general sale

It’s being reported this evening that tickets for Thursday’s Premier League clash with West Brom have been put on general sale by the club.

It’s the first time we can recall this happening for a league game since the move to Emirates. It’s a reflection of the disenchantment felt by fans at the moment, and exacerbated by the late points dropped to Crystal Palace in the 1-1 draw on Sunday and the unusual Thursday evening kick off.

Many season tickets were put on sale through the club’s Ticket Exchange system, while some are available to the public – although this may be only by going to the box office directly as it doesn’t appear to be possible via

The Ticket Exchange shows availability in almost every block in the stadium and it’s feared this could be the lowest ever Premier League attendance since the move from Highbury in 2006.

Arsenal v West Brom tickets

It does provide an opportunity for those who don’t usually get a chance to attend matches to see the team in action, in a game which does still have some consequence.

The title challenge is well and truly over, but a top four finish is important from a footballing point of view as we look towards the 2016/17 campaign.

Spare tickets are also offered through the @arsenal_tickets Twitter account, always at face value too.

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Dial square

Are you listening Arsene??


Are you listening Stan? If you won’t spend, you won’t sell seats (or shirts….)


There were definitely league tickets on general sale previously, I think it was before the deadline day splurge on Arteta, Santos, et al. Following this they changed the ticket structure so it was cheaper for the less attractive games, and much more for the games they could easily sell all tickets.

Now it seems even the cheaper tickets don’t bring enough people in.

Indian Gooner

Literally very sad state of affairs.

Has been the worst season I should say.


Probably due to it being a Thursday night game too


Shouldnt make too much of a difference
I drive 130 miles each way game in game out.

Dr Oo

How bigs your car?


I’m sure that would play a part.. I live in USA, so unfortunately I can’t make it. I really hate the mid-week games because I have to record them, and stay off twitter etc. until I get to watch the game that night.


There isn’t a Tube strike.


Seems like a “fans strike”….?


Na, just a fan strike, and seeing as it’s Pulis who can blame them for not anticipating an enthralling game or three points?

See, those Newcastle players who all season have been written off as useless layabouts can actually play pretty well. All it takes is a manager.

Bobby chapman

Quick question guys, if Liverpool win the Europa league, they get a champions league spot right? Does that take one away from the 4? Meaning we must finish 3rd?


If Liverpool win the Europa league then 5 teams will go through from the premier league. Top 4 + Liverpool. The only way the 4th team won’t make it is if city win the champions league but finish outside the top 4 as the winner of the UCL is guaranteed a spot in the UCL and only max of 5 teams from the EPL.


I think that’s what I said. That’s what I meant when I said the only way the 4th team won’t make the champions league is if Liverpool win the Europa and city win the champions league but finish outside the top 4.


Arseblog news was replying to the guy who asked the question. You just got there before him, I think.


Isn’t that what he said?


Then where would they take a team off of in Europe?


I thought if Liverpool won Europa lge, they will take place of our 4th placed team UNLESS that team is Man City and they win it, THEN we cld have 5.

If AFC or utd or WHU finish 4th and pool win EL it wld be top 3 plus them.

ONLY way EPL cld have 5 is if Man City + Pool win euro comps and both finish outside top 4 thus being top 3 plus them


There’s a handy cut out and keep table of all the possibilities on Times journalist Oliver Kay’s Facebook page. I’ve got mine on the fridge for the last day of the season, just in case like. *sobs quietly*

Ben Teviotdale

English teams get a max of 5 clubs in champs league. Liverpool win Europa league, top 4 plus Liverpool are in. If man city win champs league also it would be top 3 unless man city finish 3rd and place goes to the 4th place team

Petits Handbag


Block 93

I think we should all attend as we need to get use to playing on Thursday nights from next season. .


Fans voting with their feets, nothing wrong with that imho.

Will the club listen? Doubt it.


Sadly I almost wish us to next get in the CL in the vain hope that Gazidis develops a backbone and does what unfortunately needs to be done. I know, I know


I meant “not” not “next”


So you did mean next?

Steve Bould watches you sleep

Not next the next next to next…. not

Dial square

It’s nothing to do with it being on a Thursday night, if we were top of the league by five points, the game would be a guaranteed sell out, the reason they can’t give the tickets away is simply because most fans are so fucked off…


…and the “sightseers” aren’t aware the tickets are on offer…let’s hope they don’t start marketing towards the “sightseers” to make the numbers up.
Shit, bollocks, fuck and tits right now…::-((


oh I see, they are not supporters of Arsenal, they are supporters of a successful Arsenal.

An Ox-sized Coq

No. They are supporters of The Arsenal who are fed up with how The Arsenal is being run. I think people understand that the “Wenger Out” banners do not highlight the problem, it’s bigger than him and not going to the game doesn’t hurt Wenger’s pocket, it hurts that Silent Cunt.


Its like trying to support a drug addict family member. You know what the problem is and you’ve been with them through the tough times. There are resources now to fix the problem, just not the will. Your support is enabling at such times. This is the best thing that could’ve happened to the club. Now maybe Stan will take notice.

Bob Davis

Desperate times Wenger. No one wants to see your team play football. Explain that to your sponsors and your favourite shareholder.


Lets not get carried away. The graph is very misleading. The yellow block just means that there is at least one ticket sold. I would be surprised if it was more than a handful per block. All the tickets will be sold guaranteed!


The very fact that tickets for a PL game have gone to general sale says a lot to me.
Arsene, you will always be a club legend but we are declining in a bad way so it’s time to step down.

Neil pearce

What else can we do he’s will not leave so we have to see how they adapt to the emptiness that WILL FOLLOW


Just an FYI, my first game at The Emirates was via a general sale ticket – the 2-1 late winner over Newcastle back in 2012. Think that was due to it being a Monday night!


Tsss, don’t let the facts ruin doom agenda.


Maybe Kroenke’s accountant’s will see the revenue going down and prompt some action, after all the money seems to be all he cares about!

Met Christofi

I am happy this has happened. I haven’t been able to go to Premier League Arsenal games. But Thursday will be my first ever Premier League Arsenal game. I cannot wait! Thanks to the Season Ticket holders who have had enough!


Can you make sure it’s my tickets you buy then.
Chance is quite low given the number I know that have been put on ticket exchange.
Annoying thing is if they don’t get sold then Kroenke gets to keep my money. Like he gives a fuck how many actually attend……


It’s not the first time I’ve seen tickets go to General Sale but certainly a sad state of affairs!! At this stage of the season we should be a sell out. I just hope it doesn’t effect the boys on the pitch too much… I’ll certainly be chearing them over the line!


Al, you’re right. I will be hoping they win too. I will always support Arsenal. They are my team, trophies won’t make me support them more or less (it would be nice to have the league again) but this team and manager just don’t give a shit and I just can’t force myself to watch another 90 of it.


Fair point, I think it’s the hope that kills me, and then I get resurrected 2 days after a shit result…. And repeat…

Feta Cheese

I’m a season ticket holder in the North Bank. Only reason I’m not going is because it’s on a Thursday and I’m working at the other end of the country! I know many people who won’t attend are fed up with Wenger, but I’m disappointed I can’t get there to support my team….


Why would anyone thumb down someone who wants to support their team!! Yes things at the club are in a dire state but that shouldn’t change the fact we want them to do well.


If this game had a bearing on our title chances not only would it be a sell out but some people would be prepared to pay more than face value for a ticket. Low revenue from fans is probably the best way to hit Kroenke where it hurts.


This is the dumbest argument I’ve heard from Arsenal fans. Low revenue? He gets the money anyway. If the tickets don’t sell, then season ticket holders will just lose the money. If by next season, those same people decide not to renew their season tickets, there are a lot, a lot, more people waiting in line to take their place. Low attendance might send a message, but it most certainly doesn’t affect the ticket revenue of the club.


Thousands of fans on the waiting list yes I agree but not many willing to take up the offer they way things are. You and certainly the club may be in for a surprise if you still think people are begging to get a season ticket.
When they do come up now they have to go very far down the list to sell them. This season will be far far worse.


You’d also be surprised at how many white collar people are on that list, people who probably won’t be bothered at all to go to games if they don’t feel like it, but have the means to hold onto the tickets. There are also those that would like a ticket for their next of kin (son, daughter, nephew), and would not hesitate to get on that list.


Sounds like me :\


Fans have had enough and hopefully this will result in things changing for the better!!!


Arsenal simply need a change…If Wenger truely love the club as he always claim, then he should leave the club..there are a lot of managers that can do better than what he’s doing now…the more he stay henceforth, the more he’ll disgrace his career…EPL will be too hot next season for him to even finish 6th..


blah blah blah… pipe down please. The only thing more predictable than Wenger’s underwhelming top four finish are the legion of people who every year without fail predict the PL is too hot and we are gonna finish outside of top four.


Just like sp*rs never finish above us??


The fans are speaking out loud and clear…using the best weapon.Problem is can the board listen…i highly doubt!


The game being on a Thursday has nothing to do with it being a low turn out. Loads of us fans live in London, but we are tired. I’m tired of turning up to a game and being made to feel anxious and then disappointed. I’m also bored of this being the same every season in the league. The last few games I have been to the best bit was the pint before and the burger at half time. I will support Arsenal for life but I can’t be bothered to put the effort in and turn up to a… Read more »


Sign of the times, my seat in my house will also be empty!!!!

someone's something

Good, without the negative influence from the stands the team will probably play better.


Yeah because it’s all the fans fault….

someone's something

All people do is sit around anyway. If that’s all you gonna do then there is some cheeper options. Maybe this will open up spots for fans that actually supports the team


Arsene apologists like you, just look silly in the current situation.
A few weeks ago you were saying we would win our remaining 9 games and win the league. Pipe down dude.

someone's something

I aint no arsene apologist. Just feel the negative energy from the crowd isn’t doing anything to better the situation. seriously fam, emirates is like a fucking graveyard these days and all people do is complain, even thou we win. Like there is no more depressing place to be at right now.


whilst fans state “this was our best year, look at city, Chelsea United etc, we should have won the league this year”. As an Arsenal fan I couldn’t disagree more, looking down at what is below and lauding where we are is the malaise this club has been stuck in. Look above you, what you see is a club that has lost 3 games all season! And Tottenham a club who are doing in practise what Wenger has struggled to do, promoting good young players with a sound tactical plan, to be solid, compact yet athletic on the break –… Read more »


not to mention that leicester is doing it playing a 442 formation which wenger praises as the best system yet he can’t implement it successfully at arsenal. this man’s humiliation is reaching new levels.


To say that Wenger doesn’t promote young players when the first 11 include Bellerin, Coquelin, Elneny, and Iwobi…


It’s a very sad state of affairs but I do believe the one thing Wenger can’t survive is a genuine fan revolt – whether that is by making the atmosphere impossible at the games through bad feeling or by staying away and showing huge apathy. Either way it’s sad and certainly not a transition I want to see occur that way. I’ve personally had enough though and I believe everyone is on an incredibly short fuse now. Arsene can go and have a blinding summer, let go of some deadwood and bring in a raft of solid signings with even… Read more »


My sofa seat will also be empty on match day.

Rj Cash

We all know whats going to happen, Arsenal will score 1 or 2 in quick succession, then pass the ball side to side for the rest of the match, then wenger will get support from all the wenger ins and pundits, absolute joke


City just dropped points to Newcastle.
Now if this isn’t an opportunity to right the boat, improve our situation and finish 3rd or better I don’t know what is.

Don’t fuck it up again lads. We’ve lost too much already.

Unless of course those UCL qualifying matches are counted on as part of the financial plan.

Dudu cane

Am going to the game without fail as always. I support Arsenal win or lose.

Danish Gooner



What on Earth are you talking about? Explain!


I’m as angry and frustrated as the next gooner, but I still want to watch every Arsenal match, even if we don’t have any trophy to play for anymore.

Danish Gooner



I don’t care where we finish but it must not be behind a chicken. I hate spurs


Especially if you live in Denmark….it’s quite far away.


The team will probably perform better without the fans anyway

An Ox-sized Coq

It seems people are finally fed up. It isn’t the silence at AGMs or any of the such from the owner and board, it’s the silence of their actions. I’m glad that people finally realized that not showing up is what will make the owner sit up and take notice. If he even cares to sit up and take notice.

uncle D

If the ticket goes for 20, that’s a bargain! Arsenal’s ticket prices are to high for the team to not have an edge over lower table teams!!! It shows the league is much tougher than most fans think. Let’s see how the teams responds. Fat gonna where are you please?!


This was also the case for Olympiakos at home. I don’t think it was ever reported, but I was at the box office window day of match (meeting a friend who was late) and multiple groups of people (tourists with no knowledge of the membership structure) asked about buying tickets, and all of them were sold tickets. Never any discussion of buying a red membership, and they were issued paper tickets.

I think it happens more than we know, because it is only through box office in person.


Sigh! I think Stevie Wonder and Ray Charles can see Wenger has lost it. This happens to the best of them and there’s no shame in that.

What is completely inexcusable is the lack of leadership at the club to tell the big man to step down, not NOW but years ago!

And what you see now is the consequence. FORWARD was our motto but we’re just stuck in a number 4 bus which is stationary and is not moving anytime soon.

Sad times for Arsenal but we shall bounce back.


I don’t know why fans are accepting mediocrity like this. Arsenal will be fine without champions league football. I can’t understand why participation in the competition is celebrated like this. Leicester will be happy to be participants next season. Why should Arsenal? Will it take Man City winning it this year, or Leicester or Spurs winning it next year to wake people up that the Arsenal fans have been played all these years? Wake up people and realise Arsenal can do better than this. This season alone has shown how much having Wenger in charge has resulted in underachievement. Not… Read more »


Who are all these people who ‘don’t get the chance to go’? I renewed my red membership this year for the first time since my daughter was born and with the exceptions of Barca I’ve had no problem getting tickets. Apart from the appalling ticket server crashing occasionally too!

A red membership isn’t expensive.


The title challenge is well and truly over, but a top four finish is important from a footballing point of view as we look towards the 2016/17 campaign.”

Most depressing thing I’ve read.

Tevi Craig

Seeing a lot of “patriots” here seemingly trying to make other fans feel they’re die hard fans… “only a fool does the same thing the same way and expects a different outcome ” It’s been the same cycle for me year in year out..for almost 12 years nw. I’m a young fan but I remember how bad it used to be and comparing it to now… It’s the fucking same… It’s like riding a roller coaster that you already know where it dips and turns.. (if it’s expensive I’m assuring you… U will stop paying for the ride)… Every season… Read more »


Respect your passion


‘The title challenge is well and truly over, but a top four finish is important from a footballing point of view as we look towards the 2016/17 campaign’ – I bet this is a phrase you copy and paste each year, changing only the numbers. 🙂

The Gooch

Put the club above your ego Mr Wenger and spend whatever it takes for a 20 plus goal a season striker.
The chances missed over this season is ridiculous

Naija Gunner

Oh this is Sad, this is really Sad. But I bet Wenger and Cuntystan would just chat, laugh and drink ove rit and say “don’t worry we’ve already made our millions from ticket sales, next season they’ll come again. Peapple (fans) can’t do without football”, and it starts all over again…
I’ve said it before, that the only way to get to Cuntystan is by not attaending matches at the stadia.


The lack of fans in the stadium doesn’t look great but it wont effect the money side much. The tickets are already ‘sold’ whether they are re-sold or the person attends or not. The catering is probably outsourced for a vast fix sum so only the catering company would take that hit, similar story with merchandise/shirt sells etc.. the club gets the money upfront and makes very little from actual sales. Failure does effect the money in someways though I work for a company that sponsors Arsenal and we pay them a bonus based of their success, however the money… Read more »

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