Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Wet Hams 3-3 Arsenal: By the Numbers

First 42 minutes

5 – Shots by Arsenal
5 – Shots by West Ham
3 – Big chances by Arsenal (2 scored, 1 missed)
1 – Shot by Welbeck (19th minute, big chance, missed, his only shot of the game)
3 – Shots by Andy Carroll
8 – Dribbles by Arsenal (5 successful)
8 – Dribbles by West Ham (3 successful)
7 – Successful tackles by Arsenal
8 – Successful tackles by West Ham
8 – Interceptions by Arsenal
9 – Interceptions by West Ham
15 – Turnovers by Arsenal
2 – Turnovers by West Ham
4 – Turnovers by Monreal (finishes the game with 5)

Second 42 minutes (43-85)

11 – Shots by West Ham
6 – Shots by Arsenal
7 – Shots by Andy Carroll (led all players)
3 – Shots by Monreal (led Arsenal)
151 – Passes by West Ham
295 – Passes by Arsenal
9 – Key passes by West Ham
5 – Key passes by Arsenal
12 – Tackles by West Ham
7 – Tackles by Arsenal
7 – Turnovers by West Ham
17 – Turnovers by Arsenal
5 – Turnovers by Alexis (led Arsenal)
3 – Turnovers by Gabriel

Last 8 minutes

3 – Shots by West Ham
0 – Shots by Arsenal
0 – Tackles by West Ham
4 – Tackles by Arsenal
4 – Turnovers by West Ham
0 – Turnovers by Arsenal

Full Time

19 – Shots by West Ham
11 – Shots by Arsenal
10 – Shots by Andy Carroll (led all players)
3 – Shots by Nacho Monreal (led Arsenal)
7 – Goals Andy Carroll has scored this season
3 – Goals Carroll has scored against Arsenal this season
2 – Goals Carroll has scored against Chelsea this season
1 – Goals Carroll has scored against Liverpool this season
1 – Goals Carroll has scored against Southampton this season
41 – Shots that Andy Carroll has taken this season
10 – Shots that Andy Carroll took against Arsenal today
2 – Assists for iWöbi today
2 – Goals and 2 assists for iWöbi in the last 4 games
14 – Points dropped from winning positions by Arsenal this season (Liverpool lead the League with 15)
73 – Points Arsenal would have right now if they had held onto the leads in those games
1 – Title Arsenal lost because Arsenal couldn’t defend their lead


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Ouch…my head hurts!!

Tarquin Farquar

It’s a shame to draw but one possibility if we had won all our games and finished 2nd is that Arsene would have said this proves we just need consistency bla bla bla, the team is good enough, we may buy one player if he is top top quality. Hopefully he goes all out to get a top striker otherwise we won’t win the league next year either.


How many points extra would Arsenal have if Wenger had signed John Stones and Elneny at the beginning of the season? Just a hypothetical situation that’s screams get your cheque book out and be pro active in the summer.


BigDave – it wouldn’t have made any difference at all. How could we cope against the mighty Leicester City and all their money? Oh wait…

Ozil's brother

Players may come and go, both within and without; Messi, Ronaldo, Neymar, Cesc, Wilshire, *Iwobi… name them, but one thing will be certain.
In as much as the source of the weakness is not remedied, the frailty will continue to be all too familiar.
Give up a lead in just 2 or 3 minutes and giving Carol a hatrick? Amazing ARSENAL!


We beat lecFC both games brah. Other teams couldn’t do it.


Others beat us…


Stones is over rated and error prone. So is Gabriel but the Club didn’t have to pay upwards of 30 million for him.


Not sure John stones is the answer.


Judging by this season we’d’ve been better with Wes Morgan. Or Ashley Williams or even Huth. All 3 seem to have more grit and leadership capability than Kos (much as I like him) and Gab


Probably many less because John Stones is an utterly gash defender


John Stones? Have you seen him defend? Not exactly solid.


As much as we need new signings, I believe the defensive organisation of the club is still so below par that no-one coming in could just root out the problems and viola! We wouldn’t leak away any goals and lose points from winning situations.

It’s a dire state of affairs, has been for ages.


On my count its 3 assists and 2 goals in latest 4 for for Iwobi.




2 Goals and 3 assists for Iwobi (at least)??


In the most unpredictable season ever….Arsenal remain as predictable as ever.

Thoughtful Goon

Absolutely brilliant analysis here! Give this man a medal!


That photograph at the top is just filled with pathos. Hilarious in an ironic way, eases the pain. Great choice.


Wallcott’s best performance of the season


Hey! Those are two of our three world class strikers Wenger was arrogantly boasting about during summer and specially after the win against Utd.

Nacho de Montreal is tasty

Isn’t this why they say, you snooze, you lose ?


This one is on Wenger. They have the tallest one trick poney striker in the league? Sure, let’s bench Mertesacker and continue with zonal defense so Bellerin has to defend against him. They seem to be ok with a draw? Sure let’s play Walcott, our own one trick poney who only knows how to run (and even that is arguable nowadays).


In a game we must have known the ball would be pumped into the box why leave Petre on the bench. He is a more calming figure then Ospina and I would have picked the BFG


Annoys me that we’ve only gone and proved wankers like Michael Owen (awful commentator) and Glenn Hoddle (god he’s an awful commentator) right by (BT have brought real misery into this world) having no ‘backbone’ and no ‘leaders’. It’s just the Arsenal way these days.


This team is absolutely garbage.
Starting with koscienly who has been unusually poor


But at least we know Kos is a good defender, I can’t say the same about Gabriel. I’m, not saying he’s another Squillachi but from what I’ve seen he’s not good enough for Arsenal.
I would choose a slow BFG ahead of Gabriel any day of the week.


Wonder if Theo is dreaming about another new contract.


He definitely deserves a pay rise.

(at West Ham next year)


*sarcasm font on* How dare you blame Wenger? Who do you think you are? How many professional matches have you managed in your life? We were nothing before he arrived? He built this club? Didn’t you know that? We had no history or prestige? It’s not like we had won 10 league titles before he arrived or anything like that. And it’s not like we had won a European trophy only 2 years before he arrived, no sir, we were nobodies. People like you obviously can’t recognise that we have great spirit in the team to come back to 3-3… Read more »


154 – number of screenshot memes and twitter updates which were mocking Arsenal that I saved and was to upload one by one with the caption “We won the league, Suck it fools” at the end of the season.

0 – Chance of that happening.

A lot – the pain I am feeling because we haven’t proven any of them wrong.

An Ox-sized Coq

Sure Koscielny is a great defender. He can make any tackle, pretty decent in the air considering his size, and is lightning quick for a CB. But he just cannot organize a defense as Per.

Lula da Gilberto

One title? I saw the same shit on espn classics.


the worst arsenal team under wenger




The worst managed Arsenal team under Wenger*


Iwobi should be on 4 assists and 2 goals.


Gabriel need some training. Its not like he just gets his positioning wrong but a defender who was also seen as a threat from set pieces for opposition i have barely see him head the ball more than 15 yards away , there is something wrong with his technique he just cant clear the ball well enough. Would have said Ospina needs some training as well but we have Peter Cech.
Hope Mertesacker comes back too in the team.


I see the articles title has a typo – wet hams – the only wet ones out there today were most the arsenal players; you’d have to be ‘wet behind the ears’ to let a 2-0 lead slip when your manager asserts you’re “still in the title hunt” and even more ‘wet’ to make Andy Carroll look so good


How many assists has Gabriel got – must be a few by now – pity they are all ‘goals against’


Showing some Stones would help!


Did he impressed you that mutch against Arsenal?
Not me, but maybe I wasn’t watching properly.


Shock,horror, side third in the league only get away draw at side sixth, manager and most of the players officially “shite”, all should be sacked, after being disembowled and all there reproductive genitalia removed. the team does not do it all right but the sad disenfranchised immature “support”,never fail to do there bit well.

Yanno, to be a gooner and that

I can’t wait for next season to start. The only thing we have to play fornow really is NOT FINISHING BELOW THE C*NTS and getting 2nd place… in the worst/easiest premier league season ever. If the teams you know are meant to be up top bumblefuck next season and we spend some fucking money…. we might just… ah fk it I like turtles.


Yet again this team finds itself in a position when a young player is near enough carrying them.


Fight for 2nd place now. For the last two seasons I’ve tried to shake off the “Arsenal are bottlers” comments lack of nouse etc, but when it keeps happening you’ve got to face up to facts. Spine of a team needed, CB, CM and CF. We have some excellent players but competition needed for starting 11, and pains me to say it probably a new manager. We just don’t seem to learn from errors, that’s got to come from management down


Peter cech could have started the game since he is ok, fuck you wenger

He's the soup

How is that I feel vulnerable at 2-0 up? That feeling that we need to be winning by at least three or four goals to feel “safe”.

Carol scored a hat-trickin less than ten minutes. That’s why. **sigh**

Diaby's Glasslegs

its the best team in years…its the worst organised in years….had the best chance since i-dont-know-when to win the league. I was scared of Caro and Gabriel since i saw the team sheets. Its just amazing how we give ‘lesser’ teams faith. And Koscielny just saved our season….AGAIN!! And Theo is going to the Euros. And Payet, son, whatever you do…that grin on your face is just bad


Leaving aside all the anger and frustration of our predictable performance, hearing Danny Wanker Mills on commentary was the final nail in my coffin.
Time after time, he proves just what a huge twat he is.


Would it be an exaggeration to state that every single player in the arsenal team has regressed since Christmas. Do you remember we had 4-5 players considered in the midway team of the season?


Completely agree with you Kev. Save for maybe Monreal (who I will now refer to as Montreal cos my autocorrect likes it better) and Cech I think you’re right.

Does anyone else think that Ozil and Sanchez look like they gave up after Carroll scored that first one?


Think we really need to address our defense in the summer (revolutionary idea I know). Go after Marquinhos and Kostas Manolas hard.


Those turnover numbers are atrocious.

Cazorla walks back into this team.


Well that sums up the whole damn season, thank you.

Andy Carroll will someday have a statue at the Emirates. No one will remember what it means.

And that picture is priceless. Bravo.

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