Arseblog announces a brand new book – coming soon

Arseblog book

Arseblog publishing confirms July release date of new book “OUTFOXED: The team that beat the champions”.

From the team that brought you “So Paddy Got Up” and “Together: The story of Arsenal’s unbeaten season” comes the inside story of how Arsene Wenger’s 2015/16 squad TWICE beat Leicester City in the season Claudio Ranieri’s side marched to their first ever Premier League title.

Outfoxed: the team that beat the champions

Completely ignoring the fact the Foxes captured the imagination of sports fans across the world by defying the bookmakers’ 5000-1 odds to achieve a landmark success, this book looks in detail at how Arsene Wenger’s beleaguered squad came from behind at The King Power and Emirates to gain a vital six points in their quest for a fairytale 20th consecutive season of Champions League football.

Featuring a foreword by ex-Arsenal and Leicester favourite Paul Dickov, the book dissects every conceivable element of the 5-2 and 2-1 wins providing the answers to the big questions:

  • Did Claudio Ranieri’s 96-year-old mother put a curse on Theo Walcott after his King Power goals?
  • Did Alexis ignore team orders to score from distance?
  • Which of Jamie Vardy’s three goals against the Gunners was the most meaningless?
  • What is really in the water that Danny Drinkwater drinks?
  • Is there really a Jamie Vardy lookalike or have Leicester’s shady owners cloned the striker so they can keep him fresh?

Released in limited-edition, full-colour hardback, each copy comes with a 10″ picture disc vinyl record capturing a medley of commentary moments after Welbeck’s last-gasp winner at the Emirates in February, backed by a soundtrack especially curated by renowned DJ Gilles Peterson.

Leicester might have won the title, but Arsenal won the hearts and minds of the people as they showed that every dog can have its day, and sometimes that dog can have two days.

This is a book every Gooner will want to add to their collection. Pre-orders will be taken from June 31st. It will also be available as an eBook and an audiobook narrated by Arsenal fan Cedric Lineker, black sheep of the BBC frontman’s family.

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Daft Aider

Does the special edition come with a decent Theo Walcott performance over a full 78 minutes?, that’s what everyone has been dying for……


I’ll take three to give out on St Totteringhams day (still the eternal optimist)


no worries, half their squad will be retroactively banned and they’ll obligingly drop the rest of the possible points since, come on, they can’t finish ahead of us. we know it, they know it


I know what you mean, but I read that as ‘radioactively’, which would be even better…

Oor Wullie

Up and atom!

Wenger's love child

And Leicester will be stripped of the title after they are found guilty of doping on at least bile infused soured grapes and we emm… Win the league!
Also, anyone wonder why Willian didn’t go for goal with that last kick off the game? How do u not try to win a Derby at home!!?
Either they don’t want to qualify for Europa or don’t want to do us any favours. Vindictive Chelsea f**@#&%!


It might be because they don’t want to get hit on a break, if Willian had hit the wall?

But it frustrated me too…


Double Thumbs up


Beautiful post…COYG!


Words simply cannot express how perfect this piece is. Hats off, gents!

Danger Mouse

Couldn’t agree more. Top Five Arseblog articles of all time. Simply fucking hilarious.


This is a Spurs piss take, no?

Please tell me it is lol


It’s a piss take on us. 52 or 57 million quid of talent beat our muckers to it..
Wenger! Wake up! Shake a stick at it.


Hope the picture disc soundtrack features Carl Jenkinson’s dad

Jonesy 200

bullshit typical arsenal so fkn small time, no wonder we never win wengerout

Victoria Concordia Crescit
Victoria Concordia Crescit

This is excellent satire.


Very funny

Bob's Mexican Cousin

Where’s your sense of humor? Awesome piece.


To the three people above me that replied to Jonsey’s post:
That’s a wasted minute of your life! 🙂

Bob's Mexican Cousin

Four of us now 🙂

Petits Handbag

This will go well with my DVD collection. Might have a new favourite, although the extras on our brave win over Leyton Orient in 2011 will be hard to beat. Exclusive interviews with Nicolas Bendtner and Armand Traore….amazing.

Ted E.

You don’t fancy the 7-5 win over Reading in 2012? Walcott with a hat trick…


Dear Arseblog,

I’d like to see you truly work on something noteworthy. Something children and adults alike would enjoy. In this age of high technology I’d like to see us get back to something basic, something we can enjoy from our own labours. I’d like for you to come up with an Arsenal colouring book.

Maybe it could be distributed as a special gift to the first 100 purchasers of the upcoming book with the option to be sold separately if sales and feedback are good?


glory hunter

hahahaha i dont know if your serious or not, but that was truly hilarious
Well done sir


This is THE ARSEBLOG. Only serious discussions here mate! =p


This has a great chance to be the best book about English football that comes out this year, the other books that are coming out that are the most obvious competition aren’t actually that good. But if you just re-issue more or less the same thing you published last year, stick to the exact same writing style you used before countless times, and don’t upgrade any of the chapters apart from the foreword it will still fail miserably.


It won’t be the best book, but it’ll be in the top four.


Oh cheers, now I’ve snorted tea all over my screen!

Blitz Bailey

Haha, i laughed probably more than i should have at that. 😉


Look for this on shelves next to “Bottle: How We Snatched Derby Draws from the Jaws of Victory,” by Spursy McSpurs.


can a bonus feature be a clip of each instance of theo running the ball directly into a defender? some of them could be in slow motion to the platoon music adagio for strings.



I’m just surprised that the Leicester players didn’t fall apart after they made it to the top of the table at Christmas, finishing fourth. And I’m surprised that their manager didn’t tell everybody that fourth was a trophy and that he’d be happy to finish second for the next 20 years. And it’s a good thing that Raneri had worked more than a day in football, he knew how to win it.

But if they’d had losers like Walcott, who never turns up, they would have won it more easily.

Arsene-al fan

Ranieri – 14 clubs while Wenger has been at Arsenal, lots of sackings.

– one French Ligue 2 title won in the 2000s, not much won in the 1900s.

In some way it is a bigger shock that he won the PL than the players.

Bould's Eyeliner

I think all this proves is that there are three factors to a title:

1) Inspired manager (and club)
2) Inspired squad
3) Some measure of coincidence and good fortune.

Wenger may be an inspired manager, but he sure as hell could have done more to ensure our squad was similarly inspired. He could have done things differently throughout the season as well, but you know, hindsight, 20/20, etc.

The squad sure as hell wasn’t good enough. Squad players asked to come up to the challenge this season have all but miserably failed to convince Wenger that second string was exactly where they belonged (perhaps at another club’s second string). If our squad was more robust and ambitious, even if Wenger did everything the same this season, I feel that we should have won the title. Although the buck stops with Wenger, surely some of this lies on the fact that the players were given some measure of responsibility and they literally spat on it.

And on the last point, if we were able to ‘win like champions’ on the last few draws, our season may still have been on track to ‘progress.’ We didn’t, Leicester did, and some of that is always down to good/bad luck. Like Alexis’s ambush header going just wide a few games prior.

Basically, what I’m trying to say that more than replacing Wenger, we need Wenger to replace the squad. If he’s unwilling to do that, then this is going to be a formidable final year in the history of his reign. If he does, this could be an exciting start to a new and final chapter to Wenger Arsenal.

Basically, same shit, just another year. Let’s hope we knab a St. Totteringham’s at least.


Wenger’s has replaced the squad many times over but the result is always the same. This is is how next season will be:

Aug: We lose our first two league games to Bournemouth and West Brom, but the fans aren’t too discouraged because the window is still open and we have drawn a winnable CL group.

Sept: Wenger puts out the kids to the weakest team in the CL group – somewhere in Albania no one can spell or pronounce – and we lose. Merte says it’s a wake-up call.

Nov: Exit the league cup but no one really notices.

Dec: Win our last CL game and limp into the last 16 with the lowest number of points in CL history. Walcott says the whole of Europe is afraid of us.

Jan: Fourteenth in the league. Wenger says if it weren’t for the injuries we’d be top. Wilshere’s two broken legs are progressing better than expected, however, so there’s no need to buy any back-up.

Feb: Exit the FA Cup.

March: Exit the CL. Wenger blames the away-goals rule and says the players are very disappointed.

April: City are winning the league by 20 points, Spurs are second. We have risen to 9th, behind Watford. Wenger says if it weren’t for the lack of support from the fans we’d be top. Admits that fourth place isn’t a certainty but says the players are full of fight.

May: We finish joint 8th with Southampton. Merte doesn’t say it’s a wake-up call because he’s in bed pretending to have flu.

June: Wenger signs another three-year contract. A large number of fans post comments on arseblog about how good-looking he is, how he’s Arsenal through and through and how it’s a scandal that he can’t be allowed to see out the final three years of his career with dignity. Kroenke says he can’t understand why Gazidis is muttering about not qualifying for Europe. Haven’t the Brits had some kind of election and said they don’t want to play? In which case he’s completely in agreement as it’s obvious that British interests are better served by in the US.

July: Kroenke moves Arsenal to Colorado, asserting that this is in accordance with the democratic wishes of the Brits and is the perfect solution for everybody concerned – chiefly himself. His reasons are as follows: First, since the US league doesn’t have relegation Arsenal’s status as a top club will be secure for ever more, thus enabling Wenger to continue his career free from criticism as his 21 years of service and self-sacrifice so richly deserves. Second, Kroenke understands that real estate in Islington is fetching great prices right now so he’ll be selling the Emirates to a Russian consortium to be converted into a football-heritage-themed luxury hotel.


Understand the attempt at banter but the things you mention apply mostly for this season, not the whole wenger era, so it isn’t so funny..


And I suppose it’s a surprise that the greatest manager in history, Wenger, managed to blow the title again from a leading position at Christmas.


Ranieri’s publically and repeatedly declared aim was to reach 40 points and to stay up…anything after that was a bonus…don’t let facts wack you on the hooter…


Fats, a question:
What sport or pastime do you follow (to make you equally annoyed) during the close season??




some people have asked for an edit button or a delete button but I’d really like an option where I could thumb down fat gooner several times. The rattle of a simple man.


I for one will be sending off my postal order immediately to take advantage of this amazing offer.

On another note, do you think that the N17 caravan dwellers will be producing an end of season meltdown video?
NO? Then surely this is an opportunity we can’t miss. Can we put this wonderful book out as a double bubble offering with a specially gift wrapped beta max video for those living in N17 and environs. Perhaps we could give the profits to those poor little ones whose parents know no better and take their bastard offspring to WHL every week.
For gods sake, think of the children. …


Finally the real success story of the season can begin

Thank you blogs!


^ get a grip fella. Laugh at the joke and move on.


Will this be available at the Tollington?
I’ll go and camp out down there until I receive an answer, don’t wanna miss out.


Racist orgy well under the carpet now.


Crash Fistfight

I blame those fuckers for this. If Nigel Pearson’s son hadn’t been sacked I bet he would’ve still been the manager this season 🙁

Having said that, if Leicester hadn’t won the league, Sp*rs might have…

On second thoughts, yay, racists!

Come on

I like how you returned Gilles the favour after he mentioned you in the Guardian. Very cute.

David C

Gilles is my favourite DJ!!! You really should listen to him if you don’t already, especially you kids.

Dial square

Coming soon
ARSENAL- instruction manual, how to constantly shoot yourselves in the fucking foot.
Including an exclusive interview with Theodore Wallcott.

Dial square

OK so our season has been a bit shit, but the sp*rs meltdown last night, fucking priceless..

Clock-End Mike

Can’t wait for June 31st! I’m sure I’ll be up early to order this magnificent addition to my Arsenal library…

Ray from Norfolk, Virginia
Ray from Norfolk, Virginia

This is a leap year. It has a June 31 to it.


Any Wenger quotes in there about how we were champions of the beating Leicester table?

Jeff, The

Feel like season ticket renewals (which begin today everyone!!! Form an orderly queue please) should be accompanied by a copy… Whet the appetite somewhat, eh?


Lol epic!


What year did we change the direction of the cannon on our shirt? It feels like we have since been shooting ourselves in the foot!!! Definitely prefer it pointing in the direction of manure, especially as we used to blow them away!!!


Meaningless. Celebrating beating Leceister, my foot! Small team mentality


You should write a book called “It’s 1-1 at Newcastle” about St. Totterringham 2016, if you know what I mean.


Does it include an interview with arsenal legend Sebastien Fey?


Is that Tina Fey’s brother?


Can it be scratch and sniff?


“This is a book every Gooner will want to add to their collection. Pre-orders will be taken from June 31st. It will also b” …
Please send me a copy of your brand new book as well as a copy of the calendar that you use, the one with 31 days in June.


You’re a quick one, you are.


For a moment, I thought that said “Arseblog announces a brand new look”. After all, can’t stand still you know, unless you want placards: “Time for change. Arseblog is stale. fresh approach needed.”


Please let there be an audio version read by a sultry Danny Mills.

Oooh Ahhh Ray Parlour!
Oooh Ahhh Ray Parlour!

One of your very finest Arseblog!

Like a bosscielny

Fucking hilarious stuff blogs. Double thumbs up! Does the book include the part of Wenger’s interview where he said, “I nearly signed Vardy,Kante and Mahrez; we’ve been monitoring them… “?


Yes! How many times recently have I said that being the only Prem team beating the champions means we needn’t buy any new players? How about limited edition prints of ‘worlds best Danish striker called Bendtner’ dropping his shorts to show off his Paddy Power undies? Bit of extra advertising income to be gained methinks


Beating them twice……..

Thierry Ennui

Haha! Most amusing. I shall buy copies for all the family with accompanying DVD please.

Serious question though is Caspar Schmichael the fattest man to have won the premier league?

His physique gives me hope that my dreams of a top flight sports career are not over yet!

Ashburton Groove

bit of reciprocation for Gilles Peterson there…s’pose you’ve gotta show appreciation somewhere


Wasn’t there an Arsenal goal of the month that was a penalty as it was the only goal we scored that month?