Friday, October 7, 2022

Enjoy the key moments of St Totteringham’s day

While our 4-0 win over Aston Villa was very nice, the true hilarity took place elsewhere. To enjoy what happened in full, here are some of the goals and fun bits from St James’ Park.

Newcastle 2-0

Newcastle 3-1

The dive that won the penalty

Newcastle 4-1

Newcastle 5-1

Szczesny sings Tottenham a song

Maybe Jack could sing us a song too


For all the rest of the videos, check out Arsenalist.

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My name is Jeff




Third Plebeian


Lula da GIlberto

*short brief inhale of brief* hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!

Runcorn Gooner

Tottenham Hotspur……..the gift that keeps on giving.
21 years in our shadow and counting.



Petits Handbag



T’was the day before catharsis, when football takes a break and gooners were down how much more could they take? The Sp*rs fans were rocking enjoying their jaunt to the land of 8 Ace their successes to flaunt They’d been so consistent, and second was theirs Just for the taking…….but they’d forgotten the prayers Of manic depressed gooners all over the world whose wishes and hopes like their flags were unfurled. The day began strangely with Manure postponed because some stupid guard had left a package they moaned Then the gunners scored but we held out no hope could Newcastle… Read more »

Good Omens

Bravo sir.

Armchair Expert

Lads, it’s Tottenham! 😀


Only Sp*rs could come 3rd in a 2 horse race!

Coqs on fire

I will sadly miss Newcastle. That’s the second time I believe they have provided a hilarious result to sp#rs. The first one being a few seasons back

Good Omens

21 Years. Prior to this season that lot have finished above every other single Premiership club, every single one at least once, so that is at least twice for all taking into account this season; bar us. It feels good, phyrric victories are still victories.


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: The transfer gossip news on this site shouldn’t be measured in poos. They should be measured in Tottenhams.


Bring Szczesny home. The lad is true Gooner. Poldi too took aim at Spurs on Instagram. We may not have won the trophy but this last day was such a consolation.


Spurs spectacularly proved to us that they are indeed what we think they are! _h_t!!!!!


Sp*rs greatest season will be remembered as the greatest banter.


best moment of st tots – Martin Kewon trying to keep a straight face sat next to a pissed off Garth Crooks – hahahahahaha

Patrik Ljungberg

Thank you Tottenham for being Tottenham. You are reliable.


Is this the real life?

Merlin's Panini

Happy St Totteringham’s Day everyone. How spursy that they had their bedt ever premier league season and finished below us.
The only thing that might have made today more spursy is if they were at 0-0 and conceded with the last kick of the game. Excellent comedy again. Keep it up Tottenham


What about a draw and getting 2nd place on goal difference?


Nah, I perfectly liked it when they are being routed by an already relegated team.


an already relegated team playing with 10 men 🙂


St. Totteringham’s day ha a natural phenomena. A law of nature.


Wenger Out, Wenger In,
This is St Tottherin
gham’s day!!!




WHAT A DAY! What a day. We didn’t win the league, but this sure feels good!!


You cant be fined for saying the truth Szcz


Oh dear! To have everything going for you and to fluff it like that. Oh dear! Oh my fucking deary dear!



And also, what a send off for Newcastle to grant themselves when exiting the PL. With ten men and then the ex spud score a fucking rocket like that one.



Excuse me. I choked schadenfreude and passed out for a few hours but I’m back now.


Lone Star Gunner

Anyone wanting to add to the enjoyment should visit a few Spurs blogs/message boards. Such language they are using about their own team! The finest wine of the experience is the many posts lamenting how inevitable it all is. Seeing a Spuds fan typing the words “Spurs Spursing” is truly delicious.




Really very amusing day. I’ve found myself chuckling to myself randomly a few times. There’s that episode of the Simpsons where Mr Burns spends 24 hours laughing as he remembers crippling an Irishman when he was a child. That’s us today. Their best ever season in the modern era, and we still finish above them. Mercy…..

Bob Davis

It’s a cruel game, but also a beautiful game!

21 years and counting you scumbags!


A truly surreal day at the Emirates. Cheers (goals 1-2) and laughter (goals 3-5) tore around the ground whenever Newcastle scored. Giroud bagged a hat trick! The Villa fans, dressed as clowns and bananas, celebrated Arsenal goals like they were their own and danced celebratory congas whenever Villa had a shot or won a corner. At the end Arsenal players donned No.7 shirts to pay hommage to the departing Rosicky and Arteta, who received the mother of all receptions when he came on with a few minutes to go, broke down in tears. A timely reminder, amidst all the gloom,… Read more »

the only sam is nelson

too right – totally brilliant send off for Michel and Tomas, hilarity as Spuds choked and what could have been a tense and nervous 1-0 against possibly the worst side we’ve played all season turned into a comedy romp

love football and love the arsenal


It’s happened again…


That was so funny I forgot to laugh !!!!!!


Kid: Daddy! Daddy!. Which was our best season?
Dad: It was the glorious 2015/2016 season son. We challenged for the title. Did great things. Our Manager was brilliant, players were brilliant. We had a couple banned for being violent, punching, kicking players. But it was great.
Kid: Awesome dad. Where did we finish?
Dad: We finished behind Arsenal son, for 21 years in a row.


For months, the media have been masturbating to the other London clubs, Sperms and West Ham. Sh*t finish below us and West Ham don’t even make Europa through the league. So many pretenders. London is RED!


Exactly!! Don’t forget that blue bit of London that was favourite to win the PL at the beginning of the season….
hahahahaha 10th hahahaahhahaha

Scott from London, Ontario, Canada

I’ve heard that Mick Jagger is an Arsenal fan, so to quote him and one of the greatest Stone’s songs ever:

“I see a red door and I want it panted bl…” Uhh… Red. Actually, I want to keep it red.

Happy St. Totteringham’s Day!


I think this may be the best St. Totteringham’s Day. Everybody said this Spurs team was different, that they didn’t have the soft underbelly. But instead they did the most Spursy thing of all time – managing to finish behind Arsenal in their best season in 50 years, by losing 5-1 to an already relegated team.


As the saying goes, the finest guests always show up late


Was watching a replay of the St. James Park game, and the commentators were wondering whether Newcastle had bottled it after Mitrovic’s red card. Tottenham tried to camp in the Newcastle half, but somehow gave the Geordies THREE chances to score on the counter before Aarons scored the 3rd (from another counter).

Commentator goes, “I’m speechless. How are this lot 2nd in the league?”


I feel bad for Newcastle. They did us a favor today, while we didn’t do them any in the relegation battle.

Andy Mack

We took 4 points against sunderland. Yes it’s not six but it’s not nothing either. Blame other teams for helping Sunderland.


Just 31 comments on this? We should have some 1,131 comments on the closest thing to winning the league.


you see the comment section been flooded only when we have crap result, some people only enjoy been miserable


Arseblog news site was overcrowded! haha



Down with this sort of thing.

Im chuffed.

Surrey Gooner

Lets remember it was a relegated side down to 10 men – spurstastic!

Dixon's Awesome Own Goal

Absolutely brilliant. Just got back from match/pub. I’ve been really critical of the team and manager this season but you just have to enjoy stuff like this. Holloway Rd pubs were rocking. It’s happened again…

Seriously Joel, get out

The capitulation against chelsea was the appetizer, the saints game the entree and the magpies game the delicious main course of spud fuckupery.

My appetite is sated.


If spurs ever gets 1st, we will somehow manager to get 0th


95 and never again!


All my Sp*rs friends have been conspicuously silent on social media today after I wished them, and everyone, a late but Happy St. Totteringham’s Day.

A really terrific way to end a maddeningly frustrating season. And this post is brilliant. Thanks for posting all these magnificent goals against those thunderc*nts.



Just, dude o’ mine, How do you manage to let the words: “Sp*rs” and friends live together in the same sentence?
AGAIN!!! ?


Dear old St Totteringham.
He’s not very punctual, but he knows how to arrive in style.


maybe would have been slightly funnier if it was 5-2 but this is ok


In other news:

State Aid United announced the signing of Norwegian international Havard Nordtveit, even though transfer window is not open for another 7 weeks. Surely they’ll get all the praise possible from BBC and other ‘objective’ media outlets for excellent signing of ex Arsenal player and no punishment will be given for the breach of transfer rules.

Tim from Melbourne

And here I was, fearing that St Totteringham’s Day would never arrive this year. Oh, me of little faith! I forgot that the Spuds specialise in last-minute collapses – AND THEY DID! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha…

Mesut Aussie

Fucking hilarious


What a great way to end a frustrating season -Happy St. Tott’s!


That the ref bought the dive and awarded the penalty, you’d have thought spuds were playing against Leicester…
And to listen to MOTD whine aabout it being cheating was hilarious. If that were an England player they’d have called it gamesmanship.
Also…. It’s happened again.

Ronaldo's Paunch

Tottnum Hotspur, you’ll always be 5h1t

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