Kroenke forks out £368k on more Arsenal shares

Stan Kroenke

The Guardian report that Stan Kroenke has spent £368,000 snapping up 23 more shares to take his total shareholding in Arsenal to 67.05% (41,721 shares).

The American, who goes by the moniker ‘Silent Stan, has been the Gunners majority shareholder since 2011.

The entrepreneur first got involved with Arsenal back in February 2007 when a technical link-up – organised by the long-departed David Dein – was agreed with his MLS outfit, the Colorado Rapids.

Two months later Kroenke bought his first shares in the club, snapping up a 9.9% stake from Granada Ventures, a subsidiary of ITV plc.

As his stake increased the Arsenal board, originally skeptical of his interest from across the Pond, warmed to his involvement, in part because he helped counteract Aliser Usmanov’s rival bid for the club. Within 18 months Kroenke was appointed to the board at the Emirates.

Last month Arsene Wenger said he had the full backing of Kroenke to spend money in the transfer window. His comments are unlikely to make the 68-year-old tycoon any more popular with supporters who, frustrated by the passive role of KSE, have repeatedly called for him to quit his involvement with the Gunners.

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Coq au Vin

Where can I buy one?


You’ll need £16,000 if my maths are right?

Bould's Eyeliner

That is correct. And probably an available seller since Arsenal’s stocks are limited in number and are in a special class for specific investments, and they’re only listed semi-publicly (is that a word?). They’re not widely available to the public for purchase as they are for most publicly listed companies, and have a high price (~$16,000) due to the small number.

Third Plebeian

I think the Kroenke’s will look in a lot better light this summer if there is a significant outlay on a few key players. It will do a lot to allay the fear that he’s not willing to invest heavily in the squad and is content simply for us to finish in the top four. Xhaka is a step in the right direction in this regard.

Fosk Goooc

Cant see how he can ever look in a better light. So far he has always been a total parasite. That is learned behaviour.

He has never invested a penny of his own money in the club that can be identified. He has simply taken out.

He has ruined the team over several years simply to protect his own investment. At best if, which is an if, the club spends money he will simply be allowing some of the fans money to be spent on what the supporters expect their money to be spent on when they pay it.

It is a disgrace to those involved – everyone who didn’t show him the door straight away, let alone those who sold him shares – that our great club has been reduced to this. Why none of them thought to get assurances or commitments, preferably in writing, should be a source of great personal humiliation to all those involved. But probably isn’t.

Bould's Eyeliner

You do realize, he buys Arsenal shares with his own money?

Fosk Goooc

Yes. But that is not investing in the club. That is investing in owning the club. There is a massive and crucial difference.

Every single known penny he has spent has been in buying the club. Not a penny of that has gone to the club’s expenditure on the team.

Andy Mack

He’s invested well over £500m and hasn’t directly received any dividend. It’s possible that a portion of the £3m KSE received is some form of dividend (but it would be a crap way to do it with the tax man), but that would be a really tiny return on £500m.
Most of us don’t want a ‘sugar daddy’ owning the club but equally someone like the Glaziers taking £20m dividend per season is equally bad. So at the moment it appears that Stan is somewhere in between but it won’t be known if he’s a good or bad owner for a few more years.

Stringer Bell

Andy don’t take away their csuse. It’s like trying to tell a radical he is wrong with his extremist views

Fosk Goooc

Andy Mack – to me this is missing the point. He may well have invested £500m but the only person who can possibly benefit from that “investment” is himself. He has invested absolutely nothing in the team. Only ownership. They are 2 distinct issues. Once that break-down is made it is clear that to the team – which is what me and you care about – he is just a parasite.

His “investment” is covered when he sells. Obviously to me that moment cannot come soon enough. His ripping us off for £3m a year adds to my total contempt for the leech. That he could have been even worse is not much of a consolation.


Agree with Fosk – Kroenke us a fucking parasite. His interest in Arsenal is how much money he can make for himself out of our club. Needs to fuck off as soon as possible, and hopefully sell to someone who actually supports Arsenal.


Andy Mack – what are you talking about? The shares were £10,000 when he bought them, they are now £16,000. He has made 60% on his money better than any current account.

Andy Mack

Sorry guy, but most of you sound like spoiled kids with some odd idea that the club should be funded by a sugar daddy. For 50 years prior to Stan the club did everything it could to become self-funding and the shareholders only stepped in to help with problem debt or to guarantee (not to fund!) a club loan. For some reason (probably Chavski/$iteh envy) you seem to think the shareholders should be funding the team.
Well most of us that have been around a while don’t want a sugar daddy. We’ve seen what happens to a club when a sugar daddy loses either his interest, money or health and there are plenty of examples of Division one clubs (when D1 was the top league) who now sit in todays D1. To have an owner that manages the club properly and doesn’t take out loads would be sufficient for most of us.
And Stan has made zero profit until he sells his shares. If TV runs away or Match fixing raises it head then the shares could easily dive and he could lose money. It is more likely he could make a fortune when he sell but that’ll only happen when he sells.

Barry the accountant

Yeh but that money doesn’t go into the club… It goes to the shareholder selling the shares you genius.
It’s this twat we need out, not wenger.


No, he buys with his wife’s father’s Walmart money. Then buys a few ranches to house his mates, the other black sheep in the family.


It’s Arsene’s job to invest Stan’s money. Trust me, we don’t want an owner who is out there trying to tell Arsene what to do.

Monkey Nuts

Stan’s money?


Think you’ll find it’s fan’s money, not Stan’s. And yes, Stan does tell Arsene what to do … he forced him to sell our players to rival EPL clubs.


Soon get it back.


Now you know where/how the $3M fee is being used!

Snake in the grARSE

Like the man.


I really don’t know where others come off hating him. If you want an ‘active’ owener, look at abramavich. he’s won a some trophies, but looks at the incosistency. Also, all that by putting the club into so much debt. Stan kroenke, he’s not putting money into arsenal. So what? that’s not a requirement. till now, he seems fine. But when arsene goes, how he handles that transition, will really determinehow good or bad he is.

Stringer Bell

Don’t come on here talking sense Harsh, it confuses some.


368k may be two or three weeks wages for one player at Arsenal. On that basis it can’t be too much of a talking point.

Martin Finley

He may not care for football or trophies, But he seems to know how to build a brand and be successfull in business. And though it may not be his intention, His success in building the club to greater heights financially will undoubtedly drip on the sporting side of things.

I think people’s biggest problem with Stan is that he owns the club we all love, but he dont even care about it but only about the money it can generate for him.

It would be easier for fans to get behind a owner whom was a fellow Gooner who loved and was passionate about the club instead of someone who use it as just another business venture.


I’m not sure if I’m reading this correct but you make it sound like “not winning trophies” is excusable for Silent Stan. For me that’s the essence of fandom, you want to see the team you support do well and win things. Sure when the chips are down you stick by your team but that is hardly the case with Arsenal. The resources are there but we know Stan is settling for bare minimum as long as the money keeps rolling. The very fact he’s here for his own benefit and totally unaware of the fans’ wants and desire is what’s wrong. He treats football as a business when it’s anything but. To the common fans at least.


How will ” His success in building the club to greater heights financially will undoubtedly drip on the sporting side of things.” please?

Shire gooner

FFP. Eventually.

broken red army

I love the man. he has so much passion, overwhelming hunger and ambition. he obviously loves Arsenal, football and we pitiful fans. our lovely master :))

broken red army

Carlo Ancelotti:

“It is unbelievable what happened to Manchester United and Arsenal,”

“Both managers, Wenger and Ferguson, have done fantastic jobs for all the years they’ve been there.

“I think the difference now is that the owners of Arsenal and Manchester United are removed [from the club] in America. They are not so passionate.

“There are two important aspects in football – the result and the financial aspects. I think Arsenal and Manchester United are more focussed on the financial aspects.

“One year you can win and reach the Champions League but [for their owners] the important thing is the financial situation. For other clubs, like AC Milan and Real Madrid, the most important thing is the result.”


Well done.

I heard that interview today on talkSport and thought it was fascinating. To hear somebody at the top of the game be so candid was enlightening.

This is where we are right now: not a football club but a foreign businessman’s lucrative asset. And be in no doubt: Stan’s only concern is how much profit we can add to his already successful sporting empire.

broken red army

it is obvious isnt it? and couple of months back I read an interview in which Mr. Stan Kroenke calls Arsenal a “profitable business”. exact words! and went on how he’s amazed by fandom like he never felt like a fan. he talked like fans were some stupid sheep. the whole interview… it was hideous. and as the man doesnt even bother to hide his mentality and approuch you still can read comments here about how he “invested his money” in Arsenal and earned the right to do whatever he wants. and if you go to the Emirates you see all these elders whom have the same answers for you and even dare to say he is ambitious because we have Ozil and Cech… minimal investments for optimum of income is what its called in economics. man I miss Dein. 🙁

broken red army

Dein :)))

broken red army


broken red army

Doin :))

broken red army

no Dein :))))

broken red army

why? :)))))


Oooo – you can’t say the last bit on this site. According to Bloggs, Dein is the spawn of Satan and the cause of all that’s wrong in the world.

The fact that his mate Hill-Wood flogged Dein a load of his – Hill-Wood’s shares – in the 1980s is conveniently overlooked for this purpose.

Having said that, Dein was responsible for trying to bring Kronke in but in fairness he saw him – Kronke – as one of a multiplicity of share owners, just that the Yank would offer some counter to the Chavski Oligarch. Sadly, it didn’t quite work out that way ! Now Kronke has a stranglehold on Arsenal and no good can come of it.

Whatever anyone thinks of Hill-Wood, or Dein, or Fiszman or the Bracewell-Smiths, their were all Arsenal people. Kronke loves $$$$ – and nothing else.


Compared to the news the other day, this is a steal for KSE. Shares at that price puts the value of the company at just under 1 billion pounds. The article puts their current valuation at a little over 2 billion. KSE knows a bargain when it sees one.


Oh Joy ! Sixteen more shares. Couldn’t he buy himself another syrup instead ?


Cannot believe how real Fans appreciate his involvement in the Club. Owners who ok Invest to bring the Club forward (ala Roman, Citeh Owners) are a Boon. But this guy is just an invester(Parasite) was Arsenal does not need, as we are self-sufficient(Wenger ensures we are!)

Jeremy O Dwyer

I could be wrong but it seems like stan staying out of things and letting the club run itself is what the club itself wanted/wants.

Whenever anyone at the club talks about how the club is run they seem pretty united (ugh) in wanting the club to be a self sufficient entity, spending what it earns and not reliant on donations from an outside source.

I can understand people wanting us to join the sugar daddy clubs but it seems like stan’s hands off, not pumping the money in stance is what the club itself wants.

If Arsenal didn’t want to be self sufficient, had wanted to be owned by someone who would pump their own money into the club, my guess is that they would have courted that kind of owner.


That would be fine if true, but it isn’t.

For a start he takes 3.5 million a year out of club funds, for which he is responsible, Arsenal have the highest ticket prices for any sports club in the world, for which he is responsible, players have been sold to rival premier league clubs for which he is responsible, and I’m pretty sure that he stops Wenger from buying a lot of the players he wants.

People say that Wenger is stingy with Arsenal money, however it doesn’t make sense that before Kroenke arrived, people were saying that Wenger was wasteful with money (Arshavin, Nasri etc.) and after Kroenke arrived that he is stingy, yet making out that the arrival of Kroenke had absolutely no influence on Wenger’s sudden change of personality….. Yeah right!!!!!!!!

Robert Cowburn

Silent Stanley is his name. period guys.
its good, end of term report; BUT could do better, Economics is the Game Now.
He has taken 2×3 million GBp ,maybe another 3; Out of the Club, but i do believe we are building.
i could not watch some of the later games because it was Banana Football, maybe the bus was parked and we did not have a player to even beat a man, BUT the team rules, and A.rsene rules the team.
control freak he may or not be, another big BUT, HE AS A MANAGER DOES HAVE A VISION, its not about 1 season its about a period of time. Missing it already, we got Xhaka, a No 9 is a must, and maybe 1 more defence.

Fosk Goooc

Think you mean £2-3bn from The Arsenal, not £2-3m. Without putting anything into the club.

That’s £2,000,000,000.

Andy Mack

He’s referring to any actual payments (which may or may not be some form of dividend), not to a potential payday when he sells up.
So £2-3m is correct.

Fosk Goooc

Right. Let’s cut to the chase for all those giving me the thumbs down for my other posts. We’ve signed Granit (& Elneny in the last window). Let’s assume we get the Napoli defender for between £15m-£20m. Now say we then turn round to Bayern Munich & put in a world record bid of 110m Euros for Lewandowski (about £85m). Its perfectly possible they may accept. Now assuming he does not get injured (a big if admittedly), regardless of what the other clubs do given our existing squad strength we could, probably should, win the League.

Now obviously that is quite the outlay. But we are making a profit of £35m pa approx. That goes up by £50m next year on the back of the TV deal. Assume someone pays us £20m for Walcott. We could of course sell a couple of other players as well. We are about £40m short, probably less given the deals Arsenal seem to do (“you want 2 packets of crisps?”). We would still have five times that in the bank put aside for our stadium repayments (some of which are not due for another 12-15 years as far as I can work out).

We can sell squad players to pay Lewandowski’s wages, the others wages are probably covered (plus some) by those leaving us (especially if Walcott is sold as well – I’m not particularly arguing for this, I just think it’s going to happen).

Do you want the board to turn round and say “Arsene let’s do it”? Or maybe “here’s a clue Arsene, why don’t you do this”. Maybe the manager plans to do this. But if we do not sign a truly world quality striker, given the rest of our squad I do not think we will win the League, or do significantly better in Europe. We will just remain tantalisingly close. Let’s not mess around and try and make do with Morata or Lukaku or ….

I appreciate there’s a lot of “if’s” and assumptions, but they are all realistic. Not Football Manger realistic. Realistic in the real world. Maybe Lewandowski would be £100m.

We need to do it now though. Stick or twist. Don’t you want some dynamism at The Arsenal? But let’s try. Somebody needs to lead. It won’t be the syrupped one though. He doesn’t care. But do you think the block might just be that we may have to reduce the money in the bank to do this, and the parasite simply wont allow this to happen. Even though we would not be any less “self-sufficient”.

And guess what if we win more we might even make more money. Who’d a thought?

Stringer Bell

Keep assuming you will go far

Andy Mack

He may do well on FIFA!!!


Lady nina Bracewell Smith, David dein, Granada holdings and Danny fizman should take the blame for the current ownership structure.
Arsene wenger is the only real Arsenal man there is out there. Let’s pray to God we get a successor who shares his ideology.