Sunday, August 7, 2022

Video: All 91 Goals 2015/16

Ok, so there were lots of goals we didn’t score last season, but there’s nothing we can about that now.

Let’s just enjoy the ones we did tuck away in this video from YouTuber Alexis17.

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its amazing how often giroud is involved. i know he gets a lot of stick for missing some sitters, but he definitely scored and set up some important goals.

it’s hard to pick a favourite, but i love watching the 2nd goal against bayern when bellerin intercepts the pass and plays a perfect pass to ozil.

Arsene-al fan

107 goals the year before.

So the solution is obviously, we need more goals. We need to buy more attacking players plus the Ramseys, Ozils etc contributing more.

Elneny aka Tutenkamun

Giroud isn’t the shitebox people say he is, is he?


Neither has he been as good as some think. He should be doing better.

Third Plebeian

I think that’s pretty clear. But no one’s using this video to argue that we don’t need another, better striker this summer.


“He should be doing better.”
I don’t think he can do better than that, he’s a very good player and he usually tries his best, but has his limits and is not a 30-goals-a-season player. And that is not his fault. If Wenger thinks he’s good enough to be Arsenal’s first choice striker, then what can he do?


Oh no sir. This Youtube video will not be used to glorify Giroud. While all the “Welcome to Arsenal XXXXX” videos give the perfect representation of what a player can do.

Friggin idiots some people.

Giroud is great at what he does even with his limited abilities. Walcott was supposed to be the guy who created chances, scored goals without the responsibility of getting the team into it. He shat the bed. Giroud gets the blame.


They bought get the blame. Show me a top team that has its first choice striker go 15 games without scoring?? I wait…


To be frank for most of us it’s a lack of cover when it comes to Giroud. Absolutely in no part his fault or a question of his abilities. He’s a good striker but every year there’s a dip in form, or injuries and that is really in no way his fault. If there was a backup striker with different qualities to Giroud, which we absolutely need next season I’m pretty sure the title fight would be on till the end.

The Only Olivier is Giroud

Can’t believe it was the beginning of this season when we had that stint with OG (Own Goal, not Olivier Giroud) as our top striker! Feels like so long ago already…


While I get frustrated by Ramsey I have to hand it to him for that flick against Spuds. That’s the stuff that earned him the title of Welsh Jesus.

Third Plebeian

He rose to heaven in May 2014 and we’re waiting for the second coming. We love you, Welsh Jesus! Return to us!


Giroud is great in the box, but he needs to be served. Our problem is not having a striker who can create chances. This is also why Walcott is no longer considered an option, he wastes the ball to often, and we can’t afford two of these in the striking lineup. There’s Alexis with his “high risk – high reward” style, also wasting possession too often, so we need someone who can both create for himself and consistently finish their chances.


Someone in the Pires mold, basically.

Bould's Eyeliner

there’s no such thing as a striker who creates constantly, consistently, and doesn’t waste possession. We spent years talking about how wasteful Suarez is and he’s part of the best front line in the world right now. Henry and the Invincibles, the current Barcelona, Bayern, these teams all create(d) chances prolifically and squander less due to their clinical teamplay. There’s no striker alone that can just be the solution, so please for the love of god let’s stop pining for things that don’t exist. If there were ever a fully proficient one man striker, then the closest thing would probably… Read more »


And while Ibra is brilliant on his day he will go into sulky child mode and be terrible.

Lord Bendtner

Sanchez, Ozil, Giroud clearly our top three players with regards to goal scoring/creating

Hats off to Campbell, didnt have too many starts yet scored quite a few

It was clear towards the end we missed Sanchez’s finishing

My favourite goal has got to be Flaminis second against spurs. Takes lots of balls to play as a CDM up front smashing the ball into the goal while saving the world and the world’s future in your spare time.

Lord Bendtner

That last goal belongs to Arteta, not O.G.
I will not listen to anything else


It belongs to Arteta and his hair!


We scored more last year. We desperately need a 20-25 goal striker in the league.No point in having all the midfielders in the world when we don’t score enough.

Bould's Eyeliner

Except midfielders can score too and our midfield has been short as hell all season due to injuries.


Name one midfielder we have capable of scoring 20 goals a season?? No that’s too much…name one apart from ramsey that has scored more than 15 with us??
Alexis is the only player we have capable of scoring 20 in the league and that’s not even certain. How then are we supposed to win the league?? We’re not solid defensively and don’t have a lot of goals in the team.


it almost seemed that every other goal was a giroud goal or assist


Which would have taken his score sheet to 45.5 goals this season. That would have been sweet!

Georgy Charles

Right…I’m guessing you didn’t quite read what he said


The 4 bits you potentially struggled with were possibly “almost”, “seemed”, “every other”, and “goal or assist”


6.47 Ramsey goal against Villa – Ozil’s feint to give himself more room for the pass to Ramsey is my favourite piece of skill from our player of the year!


Struggling to get behind England with so many Spuds in the team along side Vardy and Stirling and Joe Hart is a knob too imo.

He's got no hair but we don't care...

Off topic but…With so many dirty sp*rs scum in the England team, I’m going to find it very hard to support them in the Euros.
Seriously, is anyone watching the turkey game? Rose, Dier and that other thug Alli are a disgrace! God only knows how many yellows or reds they’ll get!


I’d like to see one of all goals conceded by spurs…


Just watch their last game against Newcastle. The Toon scored about half of all the Spuds goals conceded in that one.


How in G-d’s name was Campbell so far down the pecking order/held in such low esteem by AW? He scored, he set up others, and he chased back on defense, he had good movement. What am I missing?


Nice video except there was a mistake on the last one; that was Arteta’s goal!

American Gooner

Goals against Man City, Liverpool, Bayern, Leicester, etc but I thought Giroud was just a flat track bully…?

Lula da Gilberto

More. More goals. Thats the solution. Your welcome everyone.

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