Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Giroud gets two and confirms Arsenal’s Vardy interest

Olivier Giroud was booed last week by French fans, despite scoring a very nice goal, but showed he meant what he said when he revealed he didn’t let them get to him.

The Arsenal striker scored twice against Scotland last night as the host nation warm up for the European Championships, while Laurent Koscielny got the other in a 3-0 win.

Giroud’s first, a deft flick from a Bacary Sagna cross, was a superb:

While his second was something of a poacher’s goal, reacting first when a Dmitiri Payet shot was parried by the goalkeeper:

He then went on to comment on the news that Jamie Vardy is set to join the club, saying he believes the pair can be ‘complimentary’.

“Nice hair, Olivier.”

“I like your jacket, Jamie.”

Zut alors!

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Anyone thinks us buying their top scout has something to do with the transfer?


I like to think David Dein is back to help his old mate, for old times sake. One last hurrah!


Haha it might just be the case.

Btw shout out to Patrice Evra for urging the French crowd to applaud Giroud after the first goal yesterday.


Can any french fellow gooner explain to me what the fuck is wrong with the french booing a guy who has been banging in the goals.7 in last 7 if I remember correctly.Seriously what the fuck did he do to deserve this?


I ain’t no Frog, but I believe it has to do with them being mad at Giroud’s inclusion over Benzema?

Gutbukket Deffrolla

Exactly the same problem a lot of Gooners have with him then.

Vardy with whiskey, Szczesny with cigar

You’re right. Giroud hinted that too.


I believe most of the hate is due to Benzema not being picked.
@Gutbukket Deffroll
Well said.

Merlin's Panini

It’s more down to who he’s not than who he is. Which is a shame.
It’s not Giroud’s fault Benzema wasn’t included. It’s Benzema’s fault for being a blackmaily twonk. France have historically been very volatile mentally and someone like Benzema is best left out, as is Nasri etc.
It’s happened with Holland previously also. Too many egos.
This France squad, although maybe not technically the best they’ve had, has a much more likeable collective character than any they’ve had for about 10 years, maybe more.

Ex-Priest Tobin

Vardy is the new Jeffers with the exception that he’s five times the cunt. Awful signing, Wenger has clearly completely lost it now.

Le Jim

*Wenger signs Messi*

“But the other players are gonna be jealous!!! Wenger’s completely lost it!!1!”

50 million spent, and the window isn’t even open. Cheer up for a change, eh?

Ex-Priest Tobin

You’re right! I was blind to see that signing Vardy is analogous to signing Messi.


Yawn Tobin


Now who’s being five times the cunt?

Godfrey Twattschlock

I predict EPT biding his time until the first shitty game Vardy has, maybe even a shitty spell, and he’ll be right there going “told you so, he’s fucking shit, told you so. And now I’ve been proven right I’ll collect my reward in grovels and increased smugness thanks. Did I tell you all told you so?”.

Then Vardy picks up and EPT melts away until the next mistake, poor pass, sloppy set piece or missed goal.


Tobin try removing your anti-Wenger spectacles and you may just find a brighter world?

Gutbukket Deffrolla

OK, so it’s official then. If Vardy scores a shitload of goals and we win anything as a result you are not to enjoy or celebrate a single moment of it as it would disturb your view of how Arsenal should become successful.


We should get behind the team and stop worring even when your prefered player doesn’t join. Welcome vardy to the best team in the world.


I don’t care if he’s the #9 of my dreams, if he’s a Gunner, I’m backing him. Up the Arse!

Charlie George

What a very important full stop




@Charlie George : You, Sir,and comments like yours are the reason the comments section on here is the best on the Internet.


And I barely slept all night thanks to these bloody cramps!..Yeah, it’s that time of the month..

So basically all that is left is “annouce Vardy!”


Umm …


Let’s give him a chance and see what he does in an Arsenal shirt – then we can make up our mind if he’s a good signing or not!

Clock-End Mike

I think that’s the point, isn’t it? Too many people passing instant judgement. I may have my reservations, but I bet Le Prof has talked to Vardy and made up his own mind whether he can be an Arsenal player. You never know until you’ve seen them play in the red shirt, of course, but it’s always been important to him to add to the team players who he believes will fit in.


This is what I’ve been thinking on too. Very unsure about the Vardy move for all reasons discussed, but I just keep thinking about how from what we can glean from interviews, statements, and actions Wenger is no fan of racism or bigotry of any form yet is a huge fan of player character. I have to think he has had a good long conversation and think about it and understands the situation and player far better than I do. I certainly hope this is the case, as I will have a really hard time supporting someone who would make… Read more »


Vardy + Giroud = Wright + Smith ?


Yeh well it’s certainly not Henry and Bergkamp, they are more in the mould of Ozil and Alexis now though. If they are close to Wright and Smith I’ll be chuffed mate, but doubt we’ll play a front 2.


If both Giroud and Vardy at in form, keeping one of them on bench won’t make any sense. Also Vardy is much better CF than winger as proven by that boring England vs Portugal match. So if Vardy and Giroud both start they have to play as strike partners.


We don’t play 442 any more though..

Gutbukket Deffrolla

Ah, but now we have a potential strike partnership… who knows what Wenger has in store for us?


Giroud and Vardy could play together, but that’s probably not the plan. They’re so different that it looks as though Wenger is preparing his Plan B already for next season. Giroud to help break down the teams that bunker in, Vardy to threaten the counters on the Barcas and Bayerns, and the possibility to change things up in mid-game by replacing one with the other. No question, in an open game, Vardy will be an inviting target for Ozil and Xhaka. While I admit that I would not have considered a bid for Vardy, for various reasons, this move signals… Read more »


Well played Olly!


I cannot get over the number if people decrying Vardy as some kind of racist venomous beast man, because he once drank a ton of piss in a casino and referred to a Japanese man as a Jap. Fucking nonce-sense. What else has he done?

Brit, Aussie and Iti are clearly also racist termd then? Yank, Frog, Kraut and Kiwi are clearly terms only Hitler would consider uttering.

Ludicrous. Pack of drips.


People fucking amaze me. He called a random man if asian ethnicity (which by the way in today’s world doesn’t even mean he wasn’t born next door to Vardy himself) a Jap, repeatedly, loudly, and proactively, while out in a casino on the piss with his mates. Stop fucking defending what doesn’t deserve to be defended. Vardy himself didn’t defend his actions, so why are so many of you trying to do so for him? He was at best a racially insensitive dick, at worst a racist, you can argue what constitutes what with sociologists who aren’t blinded by the… Read more »


It’s amazing isn’t it? The man hasn’t passed a medical yet but halfwits are already polluting Arseblog with this idiocy.


btw thank you for your comment Goonero. We’re a multicultural fanbase and I think you speak for a lot of us.


Well I can only say what I think is right but it was disturbing seeing how many people were defending Vardys actions and making him out to be some kind of victim. It’s good to know not everyone thinks that way.

Gutbukket Deffrolla

What we KNOW is that he accepted that he had done wrong, apologised, and then completed a racism awareness course designed to teach him where he went wrong and how to avoid making the same mistake again. The idea of making him do that course is so that he will learn from it and become rehabilitated. That you are unwilling to allow him the benefit of the doubt since that time says more about you than it does about him. Oh, and nobody here is defending anybody for pushing anybody else off of any train, so stop trying to put… Read more »


No it is not “EXACTLY like racism”. There is no equivalence between actual racism, and the stance of those who take a hard line against it.

You cannot oblige other people to give Jamie Vardy the benefit of the doubt. You cannot oblige other people to accept his apology as heartfelt and genuine. You cannot oblige other people to forgive racist behaviour as quickly as you do.

And suggesting that those people are themselves guilty of a type of “racism” only exposes your weak grasp of the subject.


Me saying people shouldn’t defend racially provoked behaviour and pointing out that you actually can’t call French people frogs…this is like me being racist to people who want to defend racially provoked behaviour and call French people frogs…this is the argument you’re going with? I mean I could tell you why you’re wrong but I feel like the effort on my part would not be rewarded. I’d just advise you to rethink your argument, maybe finish highschool if you can manage, read up on the subject material and find a better answer, preferably one that makes actual sense.


I’m not a native speaker so my understanding might be a bit shifted, but how exactly is thinking that all french are frogs racist? It is offensive and stupid, but like if I’m white european how do you imagine I can think french are different race? I just don’t get it. Or it would be racist if I would not be wihite? It would be racist if the reason for the behaviour was that the guy is japanese. But vardy being vardy and a footballer (hope I’m not being racist here!) and drunk, my bet would be on him trying… Read more »

Dial Square Charity XI

Most of the arguments here are because people don’t agree with what constitutes racism, bigotry, xenophobia etc. (or don’t know the difference). What he said was derogatory and rude (although I don’t know enough about the context – there may have been a reason for him to feel disgruntled), Not trying to defend him, just saying that it is hardly Racism with a capital R.


Exactly my thoughts, thanks for confirming/clarification. It looks like the word got so worn out that it’s often used with connotation that has very little to do with the original meaning.

Godfrey Twattschlock

Honestly Gooneroo, who gives a shit?

Crash Fistfight

Outside of all the stuff about him being a racist (I don’t think I can add to this debate) I completely agree with the ‘square peg in a round hole’ argument. Personally, I can’t see why Arsene would be a fan – he has not shown he’s going to be able to play as a fulcrum to our attacks (unless Arsene has seen something different from the rest of us) or that he can be effective against packed defences that he’ll have to contend with as an Arsenal player (and for everyone saying he can help us play on the… Read more »


I tend to think the reason we are going after Vardy is so we can really throw some cash at a wide forward. Maybe go after Greizmann, or someone else who is undeniably a top wide player. I absolutely agree with you that Vardy had a statistically improbable season and he is unlikely to repeat that performance. But if he and Giroud can both bang in 15 and we sign another star out wide, I think it will be fine if he is not as good as he was this past season. 20m does not get very much at Striker,… Read more »


Jamie Vardy is as much of a racist as John Terry, Luis Suarez or, more recently, Paul Gascoigne in that each of them uttered an/several insults pertaining to race. That does not make them racists. I don’t care about that incident in Vardy’s life. What I do care about is the constant cheating, falling into defenders and the hypocrisy to claim that the referee was wrong. He is an odious man who only cares about winning and not the way it was achieved. I would rather not win anything at all if it meant cheating other people from their right… Read more »

Gutbukket Deffrolla

Fuck that. I’ve been waiting all my life to experience the glory of winning something in “the right way”. We have won numerous trophies since I became a fan of Arsenal, but I’m still waiting to experience the euphoria of doing it the right way. I have noticed, however, that when Leicester romped their way to their Premier League win largely as a result of Vardy’s odious cheating, not one single Leicester fan felt ashamed about winning it. After half a century of supporting Arsenal and wanting to see them win honourably, with no cheating of any kind, I have… Read more »


It’s my view on life that differs from your’s. If a bit of corruption or underhanded tactics gets the job done because ‘the rest of the world does it’ and you are happy then that is your prerogative.

Football isn’t tribal for me. I chose to support Arsenal because they attempt to do things the right way: reach for perfection through technical growth and mental fortitude. The 2013 FA Cup was special because of that. Special teams are remembered for that.


At least Vardy undertook some kind of education about racial issues and apologised. Football fans in general can’t ask for more than that, although the stigma might follow him around for a while. Unfortunately that’s how it works for people who shout drunken racist abuse at strangers.

We’ve had plenty of turbulent “characters” at Arsenal that most gooners won’t truly demonise Vardy. But don’t downplay or minimise what he did. That kind of behaviour is not cool and never will be, whether you like it or not.


Fair dos, if Vardy genuinely ranted and raved in a sustained outburst of blatant racist nature then I take back any suggestion that it’s not a big deal. As I heard the story, it was one comment “in passing”. Who fuckin knows? Not I.

New Day Rocks

Brief analogy here. If someone commits a crime, is convicted of that crime and goes through the rehabilitation process, citizens are entitled to either give the benefit of the doubt regarding whether the rehabilitation was successful, or to withhold it. That’s how our society works, like it or not. I believe a sensible approach would be to look at that individual’s behavior to form an informed opinion. Personally, I have my doubts. Vardy is still a violent guy, despite a conviction for assault and the associated rehabilitation process (that’s the “what else” that he has done). He may well still… Read more »


Our usual rivals are still building from the foundations with new managers and players coming in.
Our build is nearly finished and we are just putting the roof on!
There was only one team above us last season and it looks like we are nicking their star striker.
A good plan I would say.


Is Jamie Vardy the oldest player Mr. Wenger has signed?

If it is, that’s radical to some degree.


Kanu was 39 apparently. 🙂


Davor Suker?

Arsene-al fan


Martin Haze



Cech 33….

broken red army

Lehman Cmpbell Kanu

broken red army

Henry not Kanu

broken red army

I believe its obvious Im drunk :))


Fair play! 🙂

Snake in the grARSE

Eboue was 37 when we signed him.


Still not official. I’ll be positive once I see the announcement on official website.

Even though Vardy is not what I’d rather see signed, he could do for us what van Persie did forUnited. won them league on his first season.

Gutbukket Deffrolla

Yeah, if we do actually get Vardy I hope he will be “Been there, done that, BUT NOT WITH ARSENAL!!!!!!!!!”

Indian Gooner

To those people who think Vardy just cannot thrive in our system of play.. Let us accept the fact that Wenger knows better than all of us and if he thinks Vardy is the guy to go behind.. then who are we to doubt it..Let us instead get behind the player if he is to sign.
I personally would love to see Giroud and Vardy play together..they would definitely compliment each very well..

Indian Gooner

I also hope we sign Henrikh Mkhitariyan!
He is an amazing player!
Come on Arsenal..Let us make the most out of this Transfer Window..




Oh that guy. Wenger has obviously decided it’s ok to ‘kill’ Ramsey and Wilshere with these midfield signings. Back to the carling cup with you, boys


I would not be surprised if a midfielder was sold, we’ve got Coq, Elneny, Xhaka, Wilshere, Ramsey, Santi, and Ozil. Are Coq, Elneny, and Xhaka fighting for 1 place? If two of those play together, like Coq Xhaka, or Xhaka Elneny, it will leave 4 players fighting for the last place, with Ozil the winner. 1 can be shifted out wide, but what we really need is a really good winger, not a midfielder out wide. And who knows, Vardy will probably end up playing wide.


Not an offense, but to be honest:
We are the ones who pay Wenger’s bills…
(That doesn’t mean we “knows better” of course, but Wenger made serious mistakes too…)

I think this is an interesting article given the fact that we were the team with most posession last year, while Leicester had the 3rd less.

Gutbukket Deffrolla

No idea why you connected your first paragraph with that daft whining article (Yes, they were fucking warm-ups, and no they don’t tell us Hodgson has already fucked up England’s Euros.) As for your point (?) about possession, I think we all realise that if possession won matches they’d take away the goals and make the pitch circular. Then the team that got the ball first would always win, as you can win possession figures by passing the ball to one player and then have the other ten players form a circle around him with their arms linked together. Any… Read more »


“… then who are we to doubt it…” I don’t like servility. And the point was: Vardy seems to be suffering when his team dominate posession. (Just like England did against Portugal). And yes – we learned that posession is far from enough, but will our team change it’s character because of Jamie Vardy? I doubt it. And as far as Wenger’s serious mistake concerns: We were the only team last year (in Europe) that didn’t sign any outfield player, while we did have one of the most goal-less season in a decade. Our desperate search for a potent striker… Read more »


I’ve long thought Giroud gets a lot of flack from fans, and unfairly so.

Gutbukket Deffrolla

Yeah, about 1 in every 6 fans from the look of the responses to your post.

Armchair Expert

A lot of people were commenting about Vardy’s age (29, will be 30 in January 2017), so out of curiosity I decided to look up the age of other strikers that we are linked with or some people would prefer over Vardy. Higuain: 28 (will be 29 in December) Ibrahimovich: 34 (!!!) (will be 35 in October) Carlos Bacca: 29 (will be 30 in November) Lacazette: 25 Icardi: 23 Lukaku: 23 Morata: 23 Batshuayi: 22 Dybala: 22 Janssen: 21 Let’s look at some other unrealistic targets just for the sake of comparison: Suarez: 29 Messi: 28 Cristiano: 31 Cavani: 29… Read more »


I remember a distinct lack of pelanties this season.


Comparing the unrealistic targets? That’s simply make no sense (that’s why they are called ‘unrealistic’)! Only Lukaku has Premier League experience? Alexis, Özil, Santi, – none of them had when they joined us, but still they are our best players year over year… “…upwards of 60 million and we know that we are not going to pay that much…” If it is only the amount of money that is count – and not the value that you can get for that – then we have to protest against our board and manager not support them! (even if I don’t think… Read more »

Gutbukket Deffrolla

Lets face it though. Most of the players on his list are unrealistic for various reasons (the most common ones being that the player is actually happy where he is, or that we’re only Arsenal, not Bayern/Barca/Real Madrid etc etc), but they are the names that keep turning up here alongside such comments as “Wenger just splash the XX million and get him NOW” I wouldn’t like to speculate on likely prices for any of those players, but I do believe that the PL clubs are now seen as potential cash cows to any club in Europe looking to offload… Read more »


As per Sky he said that Wenger wanted to sign at least 1 or two strikers.
Seems like Wenger is damn serious this summer. 🙂


Hope so


Why there is that Cunta in the list ? even he is free, i won’t take that Cunta


We should buy him so we can stop him from playing. It’s the only way 😉


No need, Gab has him in his sights, as does Jamie.


If we do add mikitharyan (not sure about the spelling) alongside vardy, granit and the Roma defender, then I will bet a lot on finishing top. The mik guy has got some serious skills on d go, everything Wenger hoped gervinho would be

The Night Fury

i have also been looking forward to any news on Mkhitaryan to Arsenal this summer. the guardian wrote an article in January about Wenger rebuilding the midfield this summer with Xhaka and him. so far Granit, done. if we can add Mkhitaryan i’d be over the moon! i believe he will be this summer’s Debruyne.


The style of play question is a good one but I can only assume all the analytics we keep hearing about has concluded that Varsdy does fit into our system, next years system.

Dr Zebra
Mach iiii

Vardy will fight like Giroud up front. They’d make a great partnership. Also, he can play alone too! Alexis – Vardy – Campbell Ozil Cazorla Wilshere Yes please. He makes the team much more versatile. So what if he’s a little scruffy with a bit of bad news paper reports; and mind you infinitely better reports than Suarez – if he chooses Arsenal, he would be leaving all that behind. Thing is, he was the top scorer in the EPL, and if you look at the by the numbers, he was one of the best strikers in Europe. United have… Read more »


Signing mharez in a part exchange for Walcott….. In my dreams!


I’d be happy to give them Walcott as part of a deal for Vardy. He would fit right into a side like Leicester who don’t like having the ball, given he can’t play anyway. And we’d have 140k a week off the wage bill.


Giroud says in the Sky interview exactly what you want to hear. The guy is a top professional, who never moans. Even though he is not as clinical as he could be, I like having him at Arsenal. Announce Vardy, sign a centreback and we are ready! August can’t come soon enough!!!


Another forward would be nice as well … in fact I’d probably take that over a CB if I’m honest


This is definitely a ‘the jury is still out over the decision,’ if it is indeed true. On the other hand, you can’t help but wonder, that if indeed we are to sign him, and he is definitely not someone for the long term, then firstly are we going to sign some more attackers, and more so, is it an indication that Walcott’s and possibly Campbell’s(sadly) time at Arsenal is nearing an end?


Please tell me Walcott.s time is up at Arsenal

Clock-End Mike

Le Prof has already stated that Walcott will be an Arsenal player next season. And I may be in a minority, but I believe that’s the right decision.


Does anyone else think this might not be our only striker purchase?

With Walcott on the way out and dat guy injured until February again, wouldn’t you say we need two? And is not Vardy more like what we wish Walcott could be and what Welbeck offers?

I have a sneaking suspicion, which is code for blind maniacal lunacy, that we might also get someone else

Can you imagine if we ALSO brought in Lukaku, Higuain or something of that ilk

I’ll keep smoking the crack, fine, and I’ve got plenty for everyone. But a man can dream…

Dave A.

Might get Vardy + one younger striker to nourish for the future (Janssen perhaps?). Not the world class striker I’d have like us to sign, but if he can repeat what he did with Leicester is good


Agree… i don’t think Wenger will buy another striker, Vardy will be the only one in this transfer windows

Gutbukket Deffrolla

How does a few people wildly speculating that “Walcott might leave” suddenly turn into “With Walcott on the way”?


Mostly because he’s been shit for years and we mostly want him to leave, so sure, some positive thinking maybe…
Or perhaps let’s say… D
I don’t want him to play for the first team. So let’s sell him whilst someone would buy and recoup something for a fairly poor 10 year investment.

I don’t wish him ill, nice guy, but I’m done.

I don’t think I’m in the minority at this point



This signing makes no sense to me.

Gutbukket Deffrolla

Giroud and Vardy as a striking partnership? Haha

Beauty and the Beast.

sixteen swans over ainola

When it comes down to it, like him or not (like Wenger or not), isn’t Vardy a significant step up from Walcott? If our problems this season has centred on our failure score goals, signing someone who contributed 24 goals and 6 assists (in this league) seems a pretty intelligent idea. The only reservation I have is that he only functions well as a centre forward and we like our players to be (a) highly technical and (b) flexible. During the 2014/15 season he only scored 5 times out of twenty-odd starts. But then he was asked to play all… Read more »

broken red army

Im least intrested. even disappointed


Look what Vardy did to Costa!!
I am warming to him…


Thanks mate, this video make me believe that Vardy is belong to us… snap that Cunta !!!!

Gutbukket Deffrolla

That foul was almost identical to Dan Smith’s foul that destroyed Diaby’s career. No, I definitely cannot see that as a reason to warm to Vardy and I will not celebrate it.

I want the diving to win penalties Vardy, not the psychotic leg-breaking Vardy. I hope Wenger can get the difference through to him if and when he arrives. Little cheaty = yes. Big cheaty NO.


No it was not.


and has he broken any legs Gutbukket?

Godfrey Twattschlock

Costa for his love of feigning fouls is an exception. Had that challenge snapped his Achilles he’d actually have something to cry about for a change. In a way Vardy did him a favour.


” psychotic leg-breaking Vardy”
Wow! His level of abuse seems to have risen somewhat!


Happy if he is a replacement to Walcott. Meh if he us the solution to our striker problem. I hope to be proved wrong though. Now buy Mkhitaryan please.

The Night Fury

all the arguments i’ve seen against buying vardy are just plain ridiculous!!!

why are we even debating this??? from the fan base who will start shouting “anyone signing is better than giroud” after two games into the season is finding fault in Arsene putting in a bid for one of the highest goal scorers in the PL last season.

you lot have the guts to be nit picking in this current market of scarce top strikers and our atrocious scoring records from the past season. it fucking unbelievable really!!!


Sign da ting.


Never listen to a Scottish commentator. They sound lobotomised. The bloke was prattling on about how France needed a ‘world class’ striker instead of Giroud. Sounded like some sections of our fanbase. Out pops Giroud and a superb flick finish to near post like the one Ramsey did (which should have been our best goal this season) Then a second. That really shut up the Scots geezer. 7 goals in 7 games for France. Much like the same clap trap some people like to repeat about how Morata is ‘world class’ when Giroud has scored at least double his tally… Read more »


Afternoon lads! What a whirlwind 24 hours this has been. Would love it if we sign Vardy, can’t lie. There’s a good reason too. Now, he scores goals. Correct. He can assist a few too! But also, he’s a warrior. He gives us some well needed backbone up top, won’t be pushed about, will get stuck in, and we have a huge lack of that “will always try regardless” in the team anyway. I don’t care, we really do. He’ll give it his all every game and that’s a huge thing for us! Xhaka seems to have the same mentality,… Read more »

Clock-End Mike

I think Olivier probably said he and Vardy could be _complementary_. Though they might say nice things about each other, too, I suppose…


I think us nor winning the title previous season is not solely Bcz of Giroud’s performance… If we see his whole season He scored 16 goals and provided 6 assists … Sanchez-13 goals and 5 assists…
Walcott-5 gaols and 3 assists..
Among The three players who we are expected to be goal scorers… Giroud haD the best season . Still he faces the axe more than any other player.. I think it’s quite unfair… Giroud is an asset to arsenal and we will be foolish if we let such player leave us for some shit German club


With reference to Vardy calling an Asian a Jap…

I’m from India… for a long, long time, people from North of India would call the south indians as “madrasis,” even though south India had innumerable cultures… and the northeast indians are called “chinkis” (a term for chinese) from the rest of the country

If the above could happen within a country, then one can understand what Vardy may have meant (but, only if they want to).


Giroud scoring 2 good goals maybe the thought of Vardy joining has made him go up a notch but 7 in 7 for Giroud appears even if he scores a hat trick they aint happy! maybe its the Arsenal/French ccontingent who also Boo him at the Emirates after only being the top goal scorer with a measly 24 blah blah blah Pffttttttt

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