Report: Vardy likely to stay with Leicester


From sources ‘close to the England camp’, the Evening Standard’s James Olley reports that Jamie Vardy is more likely to stay at Leicester than move to Arsenal.

The last week has been dominated by the story that broke last Friday, when Arsenal triggered the striker’s release clause with the Premier League champions. Initially hoping to seal a deal quickly, the Gunners were forced to wait as the 29 year old put off making a final decision until after Euro 2016.

Now, having apparently discussed it with a number of players the word is he’s closer to staying with Claudio Ranieri’s side and signing an improved contract, despite having only put pen to paper on a new deal in February.

It is anecdotal information of course, but that’s often the way these things work. Olley’s report says that Vardy is 80% likely to stay, leaving just a 20% chance of him joining Arsenal.

The delay has been seen by many as a sign the player wasn’t completely convinced by the idea of the move, and that may well prove to be the case.

We shall see. In the meantime, let’s hope behind the scenes the club are looking at other targets, because Arseblog News is aware that right now all of our striking eggs are in the Vardy basket.

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Didn’t we realise a while back that’s a no go?


Just withdraw the offer, he might get injured in france anyway


This news has not surprised me one bit I saw it coming a mile away, but for me, we should never of been in for Vardy anyway, so we now have the added embarrassment of getting binned off by a player who was milling round the non-leagues only but a few year ago, because he wants to stay at Leicester City, a club who 12 months previously were celebrating not getting relegated… what a time to be alive What really bothers me the most about our transfer dealings, is that we never even seem to test the waters with these… Read more »


We were *reported* to have bid £40M+£1 for Suarez, which suits a particular narrative. None of us are privvy to the board level discussions that would have taken place between the two companies…

Andy Mack

Who gives a flying fuck about annoying Liverpoo????
They couldn’t refuse to sell him if he wanted to go, but he changed his mind in the hope (expectation) of getting his dream move to spain the next year. He could have come to us for a year and then we’d be we’d be even more pissed at him.
You’re welcome to pay over the odds when you buy stuff but don’t think we’ all have to be the same.



Dan Hunter

“So still no movement on the Vardy story. Apparently he wants to wait a month until he has a better offer, or he has a blinder at the Euro’s so he can demand more money. Part of me thinks this is fair play, part of me thinks this is a pretty sad indictment on the Arsene Wenger regime. Think about what is going on here… Jamie Vardy, one season wonder, is telling us to STFU and wait. I mean, that’s like being told you need to go home and put on a suit jacket before you can place an order… Read more »

Bould's Eyeliner

And Granit Xhaka decided to join because he wanted to tell le prof that he’s lost his touch?

Let’s not get unnecessarily conclusive from reading about the summer rumor mill…

Jimbo Jones

So I read three blogs a day with a view that I get a broad and balanced perspective and don’t become part of any brigade ever again in my life! (I think my old man sent me to the boys brigade twice as a child.) Anyway I digress, these are namely Arseblog, Cultured Left Foot and Le Grove.

So if life has taught me one thing it is this: Arsenal are rarely are as good as Arseblog or I hope nor is it ever as bad as young Pedro over on Le Grove says.

Vardy is average, long live Arseblog!

Third Plebeian

Le Grove only has one record to play, and its boring.

More than one player over the years — including last week — has mentioned that Wenger was a big reason they signed for Arsenal.

I eagerly await Le Grove’s next article in which he mentions Wenger in a disparaging way just like every single fucking article he writes. When you’re that predictable you cease to be convincing.


Players sign for two reasons: Money and Glory. I am not saying we don’t offer either. We clearly can offer a lot of the former and the potential of the latter. But compared to our rivals here and abroad ? Or put it another way – Hill-Wood said that the reason to move to the Emirates was ‘to compete with Real Madrid’ – the very example he gave. Gazed said we are the next Bayern Munich – and he said it in 2013. Do we compete with RM ? Are we the next BM ? How many of the sort… Read more »

Stringer Bell

Really well said third plebeian. The only word that describes le grove is the one we use to describe John Terry, put an s on the end and you have the whole blog summed up.

Third Plebeian


No to both questions, but I’m not sure why you’ve posted this as a reply to the Wenger factor? None of those things say anything about Wenger. If players don’t come to Arsenal it’s because we’re not offering the money available elsewhere. Simple. The idea that they’re sitting there thinking, “well, the money is all there, but fuck me if I’m working with that twat Arsene Wenger!” ….is ludicrous.


Sorry TP. Either you haven’t read what I said. Or you haven’t understood it.

Godfrey Twattschlock

If only we had Mourinho, eh?


Like it or not, that has more than a grain of truth to it.

Arsenal – Wenger and Gazedis – are full of talk. But when it comes to the crunch…?

“If you want to win the Champions League, Wenger hasn’t really shown he has the pedigree to prevail there. If you want to win the Premier League, and you look at the managers that have just landed, you’d be hard pushed to say Wenger is going to offer you a crack at winning.”

That in particular is true.


utter dross.
Go away you fool.


I think it is pretty much spot on, why are we not in for Lukaku, Aubemyang, and others, they would rather go to another top team. Xhaka going from Mogengladbach to Arsenal is not really comparable. We got Ozil because Real did not want him and we got Sanchez for the same reason.

Andy Mack

We don’t know if the club is ‘in for’ any player, Lukaku, Aubemyang, Messi or anyone. In most cases we’ll never know.


Your arrogance and sense of entitlement, lack of perspective is breathtaking….

King Kolo

I hate how people think Wenger’s early years created goodwill for some fans as if the default is cynicism, hyper-sensitivity and being dismissive. Just because Le Grove or anyone else is embarrassed doesn’t mean a thing is embarrassing.

Mick m

There are many subjects far more worthy of embarrassment for ‘Le Grove’. The name ‘Le Grove’ tends to spring to mind as a starting point.

Third Plebeian

I just think it’s silly how quickly people will jump to the conclusion that it’s because of Wenger or us coming 2nd that Vardy’s not joining. Or, you know, Leicester are offering him a longer and better contract than we’re willing to offer a 29-year-old with one good season, and because he’s comfortable there with their set-up. It’s not rocket science, is it, to imagine scenarios other than “we’re shit and Wenger’s shit and that’s why he’s rejecting poor old us”? Only yesterday people were saying, “fuck Vardy, don’t want him,” and now people are crying because he’s not coming… Read more »


Whatever, massive kudos to Vardy. Whether he’s staying out of loyalty, or because he believes it’s where he’ll play best given his particular style, or he’s happy in the city, with the manager and his team-mates, it’s really nice to see a player not just going where the wages are highest. I had him down as the usual mercenary. Very pleased to be proved wrong. I thought it was a terrible signing. This was partly because I was doubtful whether Vardy’s chief assets – his hunger and energy, which all Leicester’s players had and was the hunger of the underdog… Read more »


I agree,

We are being kept waiting by Jamie Vardy, as he contemplates which club will be best for his career out of Leicester City & Arsenal..

Meanwhile Manchester City look on the verge of landing Aubameyang from Borussia Dortmund despite the attention of Real Madrid..


John C

Maybe Vardy’s better?


“I mean, that’s like being told you need to go home and put on a suit jacket before you can place an order at the local chippy.”

It is, quite literally, nothing like that

Jimbo Jones

Does anyone agree that Jamie Vardy looks like he has been raised on nothing but a diet of crisps since a young age?

Anyway onwards and upwards, this hasn’t quite felt right since day one (well, Friday) and seems a bit of a risk. if it falls through I think we might find something better.


Shit happen as usual for us


Why is it always is left pecking around for scraps?
Aubamayeng, Morata, Ibrahimovic, Griezzman, Higuain, Cavani, Benzema, Lukaku.

And who are we linked with Vardy and, then then the ultimate piss-take this morning, Benteke.

Okay you can’t believe all this crap in the papers but fuck me, it doesn’t half make your blood boil.


It’s probably worth noting that we’ve not actually lost any of those players you’ve mentioned to other clubs yet. My word. It’s not even fucking July yet.


I do belive Aubamayeng is going to man city as they are in advanced talks and Ibrahimovic is off to united, I am still wondering why there hasnt been any talk about reus or goytz now the later will be harder to get but still.


Aubameyang to City was dismissed by Dortmund publicly. It’s not even July, so to say all our eggs are in the Vardy basket is premature. I hope he turns us down so we can find a better option elsewhere. He’s almost 30, so a 3 year deal for him is crazy, and I never liked his attitude. If he stays, it’s so he can try and stay in the England team as long as possible because Leceister won’t be in the Champions League next season. All the big clubs are reinforcing their squads while Leceister is facing a fight just… Read more »


goytz sounds like something you’d typically want to avoid. like ‘god, I am sick of this enormous goytz on my neck’ or, ‘jesus, check out this fucking goytz in the arseblog news comments’


If you have any faith at all that we have a serious plan in motion to get any of those forwards, bless your heart. The likely outcome is that the club allows Walcott to grovel back and spends the rest of the summer spinning that it really bid 50 million for Aubameyang really, it’s just… Who pays 55 million for a striker?


Like I said, I’m well aware you can’t believe all you read but listen send me on your PayPal details. I will personally give you €250 for each of the aforementioned we do sign.
I could give or take Vardy but for him to mug us off is another story.
It’s like being turned down by the fat bird. Humiliating.


Yeah but ultimately you wake up the next morning without a fat bird/racist one-season wonder in your bed, and you realise it was for the best.


I will give you mine? lol


Please take mine? Yes?

Al Gilmore

When you get two papers saying two different things…why chose to believe the one that makes you mad?


Because I’m an Arsenal fan and I choose to see the worst in everything and everyone.


One an a half word for you: le-grove

Dan Hunter

Where opinion counts…

Third Plebeian

Le Grove…where one opinion counts.

Snake in the grARSE

George and Gilmore … it’s not July but look at our activity EVERY transfer window. Last year we got Cech and fuck all else despite needing a DM and striker. What happened? Coquelin and Arteta crocked, along with Welbeck, Wilshere et al. We’re only now trying to rectify and it seems like another impending clusterfuck judging by history. And why get mad? Cause other clubs NEVER bumble so publicly.


Yeah, other clubs never mess up in the transfer market.

Brings to mind my mum’s old comment whenever I was being a muppet as a kid: “If only you could see a video of yourself…”


You do realise that new signings can get ‘crocked’ as well. The idea that stacking up your team solves everything isn’t so straight forward. Yes we need a couple of new signings but hey the summer has barely begun.


Sometimes I wish Arsenal fans were more realistic. Aubamayeng, he seems to be on his way to City.. We can’t compete with them. Morata, his record is far worse than Girouds.. Not worth the quoted money. Ibrahimovic, 34 year old who has never played in the prem? wouldnt offer any work rate. Griezman, his release clause is over €100m… Higuain, possibility but would command over 50/60m surely. Cavani, they lost their only other striker… they wouldn’t sell, nor would he leave. Benzema, he is their only striker…why would they sell? sigh. Lukaku. they paid 28m for him.. no reason to… Read more »


Your Griezman argument doesn’t have weight.
Release clause are there, but don’t mean a sale has to be made at that price. Of that list,Griezman is probably the most realistic. Problem is, he’s pretty much a Sanchez.

Madrid also have another striker in Jese Rodriguesz (whom I would take in a heart beat over Vardy).

If all else fails, get another wide player or 2, and play Sanchez up front imo.


I agree. I’d love to see us get someone like Aubameyang, but it’s just not realistic.


I feel it’s not realistic too but then hear that we are in top five or six richest clubs in the world with the most expensive tickets in world football. Where’s the money going if Arsenal “can’t afford” these top players.

Midfield Corporal

Lukaku is an achievable target from that list, however he’s going to cost about £50m, which is well within our budget. But my worry is anyone we go for now will feel second best to Vardy. It seems big players like to be wooed and made to feel special, so knowing Jamie Vardy was the preferred option is a blow to their precious egos.

Eternal Titi Berg Pat Nostalgia

If it wasn’t for his injuries, I would go for Sturidge before Lukaku and Morata.


If it wasn’t for him being so old, I would go for Pele.


Lol every summer, one main target with no contingency


But Arseblog… You said he would join… You’ve lost my trust.

Giroud's bulge

Bowie changes everything. It’s not always a bad thing.

Once Gallas was our number 10/captain.

Blissful change.

dan hunter

Le Grove would not have made such an error… think about that next time

Third Plebeian

It’s easier to have a big old moan, isn’t it? That’s about all that goes on over at Le Groan. I prefer sites where there are topics considered other than “Wenger’s shit” day after fucking day. ZzZzzzzzzzz….


I wasn’t sold on us buying Vardy but it worries me that we’re missing out on option A. Especially if option A was a £20M guy with one, admitted very impressive, season under his belt. Very clever summer needed from le Prof.

Lyn Clarke.

In Arsene we trust? We have to man, there isn’t anyone else. I remember the day we got Mesut Ozil it was brilliant.
Ibrahimovic has gone,he hadpse been sign
But please not do not wish for Benteke, he was woeful against us in the FA Cup!

Easy as JVC

This is almost a relief. Something just doesn’t feel right about this whole situation. I refuse to feel annoyed by this as I think there is a much better solution out there. I think this transfer was a sponteneous decision that we could nip in and grab a 20+ goal player for the bargain price of £20m. No harm done, took a shot, didn’t pan out. Now I think we will accept that it’s going to cost double that to get what we need. Can’t fault us for being pro-active. Onwards and upwards. The only looser in this experiment is… Read more »


Careful now, that almost comes across as a rational assessment of the situation.


Down with this sort of thing.

Midfield Corporal

I have it on good authority our preferred target is Ched Evans! However he’s weighing up an offer from Darlington.

Giroud's bulge

Not a funny subject.

Mick m

No it’s fucking not.


“All our eggs are in the Vardy basket” ???
I actually just felt my blood pressure go up.


The fact that we are getting around by that agency makes my blood boil. Surely if we knew how they act around renewing contracts that they would be much worse at actual transfers.


I’m not sure why we rate Vardy so highly – maybe because it’s a cost effective solution for the striker requirements?

I wish we focus on getting Mahrez or Miktarian and get a deal done quickly.


Do your magic Jack!


It’s hardly surprising, we are talking about Arsene after all.


famous for his inability to attract top players..


TBH the only top top players he’s been able to get to play for us were unwanted by their clubs. Talking about Cech,Sanchez,Ozil.


Unwanted by their clubs, possibly, but not unwanted in general. Signing those three players is a coup and a draw for other players that want to play with world class footballers.


Ozil was a last minute deal to balance the books for the arriving Bale. We had the money (reserved for Suarez) and we needed an impact signing…I don’t think Ozil had options.

Sanchez had options e.g. Liverpool, but we were rightfully the top of the pile. I wonder how might have fared if other the other big boys were in for him…

Cech, was a most fortunate situation. He certainly wanted us, but not for Wenger. More so a combination of location (London) and standard (better than Tottenham, Palace and West Ham)

Fake Empire

Dennis Bergkamp was unwanted (not Wenger’s signing, I know), Henry was unwanted. So what?
Pogba is wanted at the moment, 80 mil. minimum, I’d guess & there will always be some other team willing to pay more. Does it mean you can’t get similar quality for less? How much was Kante? Was he wanted or unwanted? What about Xhaka? Hector? Wanted? Unwanted?

Eternal Titi Berg Pat Nostalgia

Ibrahimovich and Yaya Touré were unwanted at Barcelona. It is very tough to attract top top strikers these days. There are not too many. However Liverpool always manage to have top strikers (Suarez, Torres). They do not have that quality striker anymore but Sturridge is not bad at all and they will manage to get an even better CF.


Real and Barca shed great talent on a regular basis for the new flavor of the month (mostly real) and Chelsea were just plain daft, yet doing it out of respect for a man we know is a consummate professional.

I don’t consider those situations the typical ‘unwanted by their club’.

And they’re players just a bout every other club on the globe would be more than happy to have.

Fake Empire

Did you read the article? Where exactly are ‘we talking about Arsene after all’? Seriously, some of you are much worse then some vegans.


What’s that got to do with anything?


Really? You forget Delph decided to stay with Villa, seemingly rejecting City, before then doing the worlds biggest U-turn and joining them. This is all just posturing for a better deal imo. Walcott’s agent proving yet again that he is an obnoxious c*nt.


If I sign Vardy I kill Akpom.


Ummm… come again?

New Day Rocks

He’s paraphrasing the statement Wenger made some years back, believe it was in reference to Szczęsny.


We didn’t sign Alonso as it would kill Denilson. FFS

Jeremy O Dwyer

It’s probably fairer to say we didn’t sign Alonso because Benitez wanted to sign Gareth Barry as his replacement, but Villa wouldn’t sell Barry, so Benitez decided to keep Alonso.
If there’s a crazy person in all that, it’s Benitez, for looking at Alonso, looking at Barry, and deciding ‘You know what, I’d prefer Gareth Barry’.

New Day Rocks

My bad, thanks for the correction. That’s even better

Red side

Thumbs way up for this !!! Difference is Wenger said to granit come here to play wonderful football and to vardy come here to watch wonderful football and then he s spoke to Wilshire and he’s said the bench seats are very nice and we got good treatment room


If this is truly the case, I would both dislike him (for turning down Arsenal) and respect him (for staying loyal to a much smaller club). There are very few footballers these days that show that kind of loyalty to anything or anyone.


Hmm, I think I’d disrespect him more for exploiting the whole situation to get a better offer from Leicester and then pretend it’s his love for the club that kept him there. If he stays then brace yourself, the Leicester fairytale crap’s about to go through the roof once again…

the only sam is nelson

he only signed a new contract in February – by when people were already starting to accept that Leicester Fosse were going to be in the European Cup places if not Champions. So I don’t think that too many folk will get drawn into giving him a hero’s welcome for being loyal when all he’s done is taken a page out of the Rooney playbook and held his manager over a barrel whilst fucking them. Or “avin’ a party” as you might put it.


We don’t know how the situation was “exploited”. All we know is that Arsenal made a bid above his release clause, allowing us to talk to him regardless of what Leicester wants, and so far he hasn’t accepted. That’s it. That’s the extent of our knowledge so far. What we can say for certain is that, no matter what Leciester do, they will not rival Arsenal in terms of salaries, so he won’t be staying for the money. Our salary level is now on par with Chelsea, which is something the likes of Leicester (or Spurs, just had to throw… Read more »

Midfield Corporal

Fans and the media have short memories when it comes to players shafting their clubs for better contracts. Mr Liverpool Stephen Gerrard was going to jump ship to Chelsea before some Scouse gangsters had a word, Mr Chelsea JT was going to Citeh before he got a huge pay rise from Chelsea. Love Vieira as I did, his decisions to stay with us every summer and spurn Real were always rewarded with pay rises. Leicester fans will just be happy he stays regardless of any improved contract (however if he doesn’t prove his worth and show he’s worth the contract… Read more »

Redcurrant Wonder

Looks like he prefers being a big fish in a small pond. Let him stay in Leicester and be a local legend..might even get a statue one day. When you consider that his major attributes are to chase everything down to make life hard for defenders and exploiting space with his pace, he won’t be doing that in 2-3 years time. He’s got another 1-2 years at the top before he’ll be playing in the Championship!


It’s hard to predict how well players handle aging. He will no doubt slow down a bit, but work rate, aggression and finishing shouldn’t be affected, and they’re also very important. It’s not as if he scores most of his goals from counters (only 4 last season according to the stats article).

He’s not as injury prone as van Persie or Falcao, so he’s not likely to fall as fast as they did. Again though, this sort of thing is hard to predict. It really depends on the player.


Yeah, this was never going to happen.


Somehow Wenger’s charm doesn’t work on Vardy?

What went wrong?

Le Jim

Wasn’t racist enough.

Le Jim

Well this is fucking worrying. First of all, what a twat Vardy is to let things get that far, make a verbal agreement, get on a plane without phoning Arsenal, and then backtracking. Secondly, it’s fucking unacceptable that a 29 year-old, possible one season wonder, is the our only striking target.

What was shaping up to be our best transfer window in ages could well go tits up, if we don’t get a striker.


That is IF this is from Vardy. But likely more from his agents. Similar stories and statements were thrown around during Walcott’s renewals and in hindsight he was never going to leave. But you never know it could be true. But if all our eggs are in this basket and seeing how quickly we have moved in the transfer window so far, it shows that Arsenal are calling Vardy’s bluff or they think it will all go through. I just can’t believe that we are not not going to sign a striker/goalscorer this window. We can’t be outdo ourselves surely.

The Granite Coq

It’s actually a blessing in disguise this racist twat didn’t sign for us.

But what angers me is the way this overhyped cunt agreed to sign and is now backtracking by leaking it to the papers.

Lyn Clarke.

Yeah especially as he is being touted as great player but we have just one year with him. Arsene said he would never buy on just one competition yet he bought on just one season. He was really good but he had that partner Riyad Mahrez, both of them would be great but, but just the one not do good!!


Plenty of the summer still to go, no point panicking just yet or thinking the club is run by the worst transfer closers in history.


Racist twat.

Jack Tuffney

How come other clubs don’t conduct their transfers like a bunch of amateurs? Makes us look stupid.

Andy Mack

We don’t actually know what the situation is with this or any other thing AFC or any other club are doing transfer wise, but if you’re happy making judgements from a newspaper story, have fun.

Isaiah Rankin

Given how well we (England) normally get on in major tournaments, Vardy will most likely be home in less than two weeks’ time, meaning there’ll be plenty of time left this summer for AW to sign an injury-prone central midfielder from a Ligue 2 reserve team. DON’T WORRY GUYS IT’LL ALL BE OKAY.


It is quite interesting this situation. Wenger is usually very persuasive but charming a European in his mother tongue is probably easier than charming a comfortable northern 29 year old who probably grew up following Utd. Have a feeling that if this *was* Man Utd, he’d have signed already. Arsenal and Vardy just seem socially incompatible.

Dan Hunter

Socially incompatible? Come on, he’s staying at Leicester over coming to us – that is an embarrassment


As long as we sign another quality striker I’m totally fine with this. Did not want him at Arsenal, tried and tried to make myself feel okay about it but I couldn’t.


It might not be such a big deal. Signing a player just before heading off to a major summer tournament is a bit of a risk, since they often come back crocked from internationals. At least this way we should hopefully sign someone who is fit for the start of the season.

Not Mark Strong

Well, although I respect him for remaining loyal to his club, all I can say is fuck him. He may have flopped bigtime anyway. I hope le prof is looking elsewhere, realistic targets may be Morata, Lukaku, Chicarito, Lacazette. Dream targets are Griezmann and Aubameyang, and if worst comes to worst, there is Ighalo


This really is a dumb move by Vardy (if this turns out to be his decision). It makes very little sense and shows great lack of ambition.

Midfield Corporal

I agree with your point, but it’s amusing how we are blinded by our love of our club when we say that he shows a great lack of ambition by staying with the League Champions instead of joining a club that last won the league 12 years ago.
Still I’m putting a cheeky fiver in Leicester to go down this year!

Andy Mack

Even Leicester fans know they got a fluke result this year and they’d have been ‘over the moon’ if they’d only got the Europa league’ places.

dr Strange

Good! Let´s go for quality instead!


I’m 80% sure that I think this sentence makes little sense.


That moment when you realize some of them Tottenham plays in the england squad are to blame. Jack can’t convince him alone while been ganged up by Tottenham and man utd players. We should also try signing lukaku or go hunting in south america.


I would rather go hunting in South America than getting the one dimensional and over hyped Lukaku. Has he set the Premier league alight or is he really better than Giroud? I am worried with what Wenger is trying to do. How many seasons are left in Vardy for him to pay 20m?


Do you honestly think the sophistication and nuanced charm of a man like wenger is going to work on someone like vardy? He’d have been better off phoning him up and offering him a box of WKD and a years subscription to NUTS magazine.

This whole thing smells like it could be a bit of strategy to get mahrez.

Le Jim

I’ve seen this theory being thrown around a bit, but can someone explain why all this would assist us in getting Mahrez?


The flip side to this is that rather than upset the Leicester fans he wanted to hold off on the announcement before he left so it at least looks like it was a tough decision and he had to take “weeks” to mull it over because he loves Leicester so much blah blah blah.


It’s also the perfect excuse if he flops at the Euros ?


Fuck off vardy

Ex-Priest Tobin

I told you all he’s a cunt and we shouldn’t try and sign him.

2016-2017 = the year we've been waiting for???

Let’s get Mahrez then and play Alexis as a striker. Ramsey/Iwobi could share the job on the left wing.


Do you feel as a gooner it is humiliating for us to get rejected by Jamie Fucking Vardy?

I certainly do.

Reminds me of a Sheffield Wednesday humiliation.

Dial Square Charity XI

Not at all. Imagine you work at some relatively small company that just had a major success. You have a salary that lets you do pretty much what you want and you’re nearing your retirement. A major company comes along and offers you job with higher wages and a house in a different city. Do you leave just to make more money? To become “famous” for a couple of years? Or do you decide to stay put. Some people will go, some people will stay. Perfectly reasonable in my opinion.


Perfect analogy — exactly the one I had in my mind. It would be much easier to stay put, even if the money was far better and the new company was hot. For me, I would never leave my cushy job in the city where my children are growing up.


Go get Mehrez…


I’d rather have Merguez.
Ok bye…


I quite prefer Meringue.


Honestly, I don’t think we should have gone for him in the first place. I only saw him as a cheap replacement to Walcott, when the latter was supposed to become a striker. Wenger, if you really want the title in your final year, splash the cash on a striker you deserve. Come on, we didn’t spend sh*t last summer, surely you have some cash reserves.


Mahrez is more valuable, easier to attract


Secure Mahrez deal then tell Vardy we are now concentrating on other forwards….mug !


really don’t care, we should be aiming higher.

Frank the Gooner

Would be very Wenger-esque to rescind the offer now. Sounds like Vardy had committed to a degree and is now going back on his word since Leicester has come to the table… I say drop him and bring in Lacazette for 35 million.


Splash some cash on Lukaku.


Oh well. Time to look elsewhere.
Lukaku anyone?


My gran is still available. Slightly racist but that is more to do with her age. ?


Naaa…not in this life…the guy is no good.


Not sure why we haven’t gone for Lacazette, he has pace and can finish. Younger too.


Although we don’t get our first choice transfer but I’ll be more than happy if we get higuain or morata in his place. Don’t expect aubameyang or greizman or benzema or cavani to change clubs. So morata will be a good deal. Lukaku can be an option if he doesn’t go back to chelshit.


Chuba will get his chance yet.


It’s likely to be his last big contract, he’s got at least two parties interested in him. I think a lot of people would do the same.

Godfrey Twattschlock

Fuck it! Just pinch that Mahrez fella and then we’ll have some Ibrahimovic up top for a season or two. Khedira perhaps? Who was that Wolfsburg chap we were linked with a few days ago? Take em all!

Bosh bosh, job done!


Bendtner’s former-Wolfsburg, pal 😉

Godfrey Twattschlock

Well if all else fails, we might lure back TGSTEL. He scores when he wants!

Rob F

I read this morning that wasps the size of pigs had killed a goat herder in madeitupistan, shocking! I’m so glad I live in the UK! ……but what shocks me the most, is how so many of you believe every single thing you read, then go on the rampage about Wenger or certain players! Seriously need to calm down, wait for some solid fact based info, then react!

The biggest worry I have overall is that most of you are probably old enough to vote too! Scary times!


Probably a blessing in disguise. I had reservations about him but if he joins I’ll definitely support him. I sincerely hope our transfer team have a plan B, and C even. If the last two seasons are anything to go by (Benzema, then Bitey Racist the season before), it really doesn’t bode well does it? And why isn’t Icardi mentioned at all when we’re talking strikers? I think he’s absolutely top notch, along with the rest that’s consistently mentioned of course.


I guess Vardy just didn’t want to take step down. He wanted to stay with a club with ambition.

Crash Fistfight

Not sure ambition is the problem.

A 5 year old thinking they can play in the NBA is very ambitious, but it’s highly unlikely to happen.

Patrik Ljungberg

Attention seeking and pretty boring.


No: realistic, actually.

Ten years ago a player like Vardy would have walked over hot coals to join a club like ours. Arsenal used to mean a huge club with ambition to be the best in Europe. Now all we stand for is ugly corporate commercialism. And our manager is a has-been who can’t win big trophies any more.

Wouldn’t you think carefully before joining us?

Patrik Ljungberg

Sorry, but a step from Leicester to Arsenal can never be a step down. It does not matter how long and careful I think about it.


I have. Leicester have just won the title. We haven’t in 12 years.

Patrik Ljungberg

Then you might want to consider supporting Chelsea or Man City instead of the Arsenal? Think about it.

Godfrey Twattschlock

Maybe what you need, FG, is a crystal ball where you can predict the winner of every season and adjust your loyalties in accordance with that.

Andy Mack

With a foresight he’d pick the second place team every year just so he could have a whinge!


I always felt rather underwhelmed by the link with Vardy. I’m not saying it would be a bad signing as I think he’d provide a good alternative to Giroud, but I always felt as thought the money could be spent better and I think we’d be better served to spend a bit more money on someone who we envisage as a longer-term option. I realise that these players seem few and far between, but there must be a couple of players other than the usual Morata, Lukaku and Aubemeyang types that could provide a solution. I’d quite gladly see Giroud… Read more »


Seem to me the best striker deal in the market is Ibrahimovic. He’s a free transfer. Sure he would need a ridiculously massive contract, but that would be offset by the lack of a transfer fee.


Absolutely..500K per week on a 34(5) year old with attitude problems? Thanks but no thanks.!!


@Blackburngeorge is that you?

Jack Wheelchair

Something the fans knew all along after he traveled to the Euros without signing….and told to ‘pipe down’ the other day by Arseblog doesn’t help!!


Am I the only one who things this report is utter crap The England camp is in lockdown from Club matters, the media have nothing to peddle until England’s involvement is finished in regards to this deal – so they produce this click bait. Guarantee in the next 24 hours… no 12 hours there will be the “Vardy deal back on” bollox. Probably because of some equally bull story about him falling over a blade of grass trying to win a penalty in training, an got a booboo.. but Wilshere sat him down, put a Sesame Street plaster on the… Read more »


Oh you’re not the only one at all. Like you said, expect a steady diet of these non-stories.

We’re one of the most confidential clubs around when it comes to transfers, but stories involving The Arsenal get the most clicks, page-views and social media shares. What the fuck else are the British press gonna do except produce plausible-sounding guff from “anonymous” sources all summer long? As if “anonymous England players” preparing for a major tournament are gonna be the source for reliable gossip and risk going against Roy Hodgson’s explicit instructions. What a joke.

The Granite Coq

Racist cunt, just have a look at his smug face when he was boarding the England plane. Just another over hyped one season wonder we’re better off signing some real quality.


But if he signed for Arsenal you’d tell us how he was misunderstood and that last season proves he’s a late developer at the top of his game.