Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Reports: Vardy to postpone Arsenal decision until after Euro 2016

It’s being widely reported this afternoon (Guardian, Mirror and beyond) that Jamie Vardy will not make any decision on his future until after the European Championships this summer.

The Leicester striker is currently on international duty with England, and looks to have paid attention to the words of boss Roy Hodgson earlier who called for complete focus from his men.

“One thing this group of players know and have accepted is that when you are on England duty, you are on England duty,” he said. “It is not a question of you sorting out your future, or diving off for medicals.

“We control all of that and you have to accept there is a good chance that if you say you want to go for a medical that we will say, ‘we are not allowing that and you better bring your people here.’

“We can facilitate, we are not trying to block players’ futures or transfers but … while you are with England we want you to stay focused on us.”

It had been suggested that Arsenal wanted to get a deal wrapped up this week, keen to tie down the striker we need for next season, but that now seems very unlikely.

It must also cast some doubt over the move itself, and maybe also allow other interested parties to get involved, which may well be part of why this decision has been ‘delayed’.

It looks like this one is turning into a saga after all.

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I pity the fool

Oh well… If he doesn’t want to come and play for the greatest team in the universe then fuck him.


We all love to say things like that but in reality it’s not that simple. There is a lot of other stuff. For example, he just got married. Moving to Arsenal would probably mean his wife and kids moving along with him, so you can’t make the decision without their input.

As far as we know, we activated his clause on Friday. Maybe “after the Euros” is too long, but surely you could understand someone not being able to give such a life altering decision within a week?


I’m sure moving to one of the best clubs in the world and almost doubling his pay packet is outweighed by…erm…the endless appeal of the actual city of Leicester.


Its not like Leicester is that far either. A little jog down the M11 and a couple of Junctions on the M25 and he’s at Colney. Its not a massive deal to uproot. He could commute that easily if he likes Leicester so much. Its a tough one. 😉


Initially I was surprised by our offer, but then became excited with the prospect, but now I am not bothered if he does not come. If he does fine, if he doesn’t fuck him. There are plenty of negatives (as well as being a racist jerk). I am sure AW is considering other perhaps more expensive options.


If he likes Leicester that much?
Have you been to Leicester?

This guy is just dicking around. The club needs to get in the case and look at other strikers. He and his agent are playing us. Just like the agent and that prick Walcott gave. Man, that agent guy really has our number…


Giroud did mention wenger was after 2 forwards.
let us hope the 2nd is a big name and vardy is a back up!
perhaps just to hurry the second name along a little?
I’m from sheffield, vardy’s hometown and even the gooners over here by and large don’t want him!


Most news outlets are reporting that Leicester gave him a new contract offer, probably matched our wages. It’s not as easy as people want it to be.


LoL at all your down votes. ‘Get the hell out of here with your reasonable explanation!’


Imagine Arsenal wait for him and he does join after the Euros. I wonder if all these people will still think he should piss off if he starts scoring goals for us then. Just cause he took more than 5 days to say yes, especially when he’s already focused on a summer tournament.

meh as fuck

Imagine we wait and it drags it out and then after the Euros decides he doesn’t fancy us after all. Imagine in that time if Higuain, or Lukaku or Morata or anyone else moves. Even for silly money.

Not saying that will happen. But it would suck if it did.


I agree but at the same time I don’t think this is a situation Wenger’s put all his eggs into this one basket. Not for Vardy at least


The reason we have gone for vardy is a simple case of money. At 20 million in this market it’s a probably a bargain. The fact that he doesn’t really suit out style of play doesn’t matter. This is an appeasement to the fans. Let’s see if this falls through and what striker we sign next. That will show the ambition of the club and it’s ability to plan.
I won’t hold my breath.


I have a bad feeling that is exactly what will happen. All other decent strikers making deals with other clubs while we sit around waiting in vain and miss out. All the other big clubs will spend the money we are unwilling to spend to get what they need. As of this time, apparently City have made a big move for Aubameyang. Tsk.


I find it quite a stretch to think he has had no contact prior to activating the clause to think about this.

I would hope someone has let him know if he drags it out Arsenal will also be looking at other options.

And I hope that’s true, for the sake of avoiding a last minute stopgap.


Maybe he should just go and get his fuckin shine box instead.

Midfield Corporal

I’m pretty sure the M1 links Leicester to Hertfordshire quite easily.
I get the feeling Vardy has an over inflated opinion of himself, hopefully this delay will give us a cooling off period and we can find someone who doesn’t seem such a nasty piece of work.

Charlie George

Really? You think she’d rather stay in Leicester?


We’ve been here so many times before. We cannot afford to wait around until after the Euros, for this pikey fairground operator turned footballer to say ‘yes’ to a truly sublime offer for a 29 year old, after, in reality, one good season in the Premier League. If we wait, and he say’s no, then we are left with our Johnson’s in our hands, with no striker, the start of the season just around the corner, and we will be trying to buy a decent player in a market where all of the players will cost a bucket especially if… Read more »

Eternal Titi Berg Pat Nostalgia

I do not wish this to any player not even Tottenham players but if the guy tears his cruciate ligaments during the tournament then his looming very bright future will be jeopardized. Hodgson needs to take this into consideration. Oh, not that I want us to sign a new player with torn cruciate ligaments even though we sold a couple of these to other teams.

Andy Mack

Yes it would be bad but he’s not long signed a contract with Leicester for a load of money, so although he wouldn’t move onto a mega contract, he’d still be OK.

Giroud's Buldge

In ironic ironicism fan who hates Vardy also uses racial slur.

Pikey is offensive mate, knock it off.

Roy of the Ravers


(Like A New Saga)


Am I the only one who thinks this isn’t Vardy making a decision but the contract negotiators’ ?


Mate he got on the plane without phoning Arsenal. For me, it is one of two things (possibly 3 things); 1. He is posturing to get a better deal from Arsenal. 2. He was never genuinely interested in joining Arsenal, he was just using our interest as leverage to get a better deal from Leicester which is where he has wanted to stay the whole time. (3. extremely unlikely, but maybe not) He genuinely thinks there are bigger clubs out there that would give him a deal, and thinks if he delays the move to Arsenal, see’s how he gets… Read more »


This guy has the same representatives as Walcott, they have Dick Law bent over a barrel.

They managed to get Walcott a contact worth over a 120K.

Take a moment to let that sink in. Theo Walcott, on that sort of money, a guy who touched the ball about 12 times last season.

This lot probably back themselves to easily get whatever demands Vardy wants out of Arsenal.


This may sound crazy but I think Arsenal fans will understand, when I heard we were signing Vardy my first though was ‘can’t be true, Wenger doesn’t sign players that ugly’

I can’t think of many he’s signed in the last 10 years


Gervinho was pretty fucking ugly!

Anonymous Kumquat

And, God bless his soul, Gabriel’s certainly not going to feature in the next Calvin Klein commercial.

Le Jim

Between football, sleeping, and waiting to sleep, he wouldn’t have time, anyway 😉

Vardy the arse

He just changed his Twitter profile picture with him wearing Leicester’s new jersey, and the header picture to them celebrating winning the league. He’s just playing with us


I can’t see the benefit of rescending our offer to Vardy if he wants more time, other than to send a message. I think the smarter play would be to continue chasing other targets while ignoring the situation with Vardy. If we can get another player, then either choose him or give Vardy an ultimatum. This way if we’re not successful elsewhere there is still a chance with Vardy. If we are successful elswhere, we don’t need Vardy. Win-Win. We desperately need a striker, letting our ego (WE ARE THE ARSENAL) to get in the way of a potential signing… Read more »


If he really wanted to join us he’d have jumped at the offer. And it’s not like he has to choose between man utd or Liverpool and Arsenal. It’s between Leicester and Arsenal with all due respect to Leicester. Add to it that it’s Theo’s agent it makes it all the more complicated. They probably want a couple of other teams to come in as well or Leicester to improve his deal which has reportedly been already offered. As they’ve done with Theo time and again, they’ll wait till the last moment to get the best deal. We should start… Read more »


Leicester just won the premier league, I think they deserve a bit more respect. If it was anything but a tough decision for him, I’m not sure I’d even want him to join.


Don’t know what the story is behind the scenes either. Leicester won based on an incredible team spirit and togetherness. It wouldn’t surprise me to hear that players entered a pact to stay together for one more year and have a bash at champions league as a group. Maybe he doesn’t want to be the first guy to break.

Midfield Corporal

You’d have thought this agent might have learnt his lesson with the Walcott situation. All the prolonged negotiations may have earn him and his client a lot of money but it left very little goodwill. I don’t like Vardys Character, his racist behaviour or his diving, so hopefully we’ll look elsewhere.


Totally agree. An offer like that on the table and he can’t be arsed to jump at it? How about fuck right off? I don’t like the idea of the vardy anyway


Football writers player of the year. He’s been sensational this year, scored all manner of goals, he’s a relentless beast and he’s come from a humble background. He did a stupid, racist thing, but that doesn’t mean he’s a racist, uneducated maybe. I hope he joins, he’s a winner and I think him and Sanchez harrying defenders is mouth watering


I’m not really interested in the racist incident but he’s 29 and had one good year. Don’t think he’s worth the money. Mahrez is a much better option IMO

Midfield Corporal

I don’t get this argument that racism apologists trot out when they say just because you say something racist doesn’t make you a racist?? Yes it does. If you rape someone it makes you a rapist, not someone who just made a mistake. However, there are varying degrees of racism from the ignorant casual racist to the hateful KKK lynch mob. In my opinion Vardy is a decent player with major character flaws, hence his late development. Suarez apart, I don’t think there is a player I haven’t wanted us to sign more than Vardy.


In my view getting vardy only covers for welbeck. I say pursue and buy another striker if a good one is available and if vardy decides he does want to come then have him too. The last thing you want is another Suarez/higuain scenario where we lose out on both.

Toure Motors

We should look elsewhere….


Yeah, agree. Who does he think he is? Robert Lewandowski?


I always thought if we were going after a Leicester player it would Mahrez first.

So, it would be great if we switched out attention to him or Miktarian.

I would be more excited about either of them than Vardy.


This move still doesn’t make sense to me for a multitude of reasons and at this stage I think I’d actually be pleased to see the move fall through. I do believe that there is better talent for better prices out there. Transfer rumours seem to be going around of Janssen for £12m (to Sp*rs) and I really cannot see why we wouldn’t be going for someone of that type instead. A young striker who’s had a successful season in a reasonably competitive league for a price in that range seems like a far more sensible buy. I’d very happily… Read more »


England fan: I do not give a toss whether your team succeeds or not. I want them to go home after the group stage. That is all.

Also: Vardy is a cunt. Go after another target.

Stringer Bell

I hope he ponders long enough that we sign someone else. With all due respect I don’t think he is an upgrade on Giroud. Would rather risk a younger player with potential than a player clearly punching above his weight.


If he really is waiting till after the Euros, we should look elsewhere.


Surely Arsene can’t hang around for the duration of the Euros for him. He was the reasonably priced, quick, easy option for us and now he’s playing it out like he’s Lewandowski.

the only sam is nelson

“duration of the Euros” and “duration of the Euros during which England are participating” are not the same thing, don’t forget…


That is very true. “duration of the Euros” is about 30 days and “duration of the Euros during which England are participating” is about 45 minutes. It’s not a long wait afterall.


I’m still really hoping that Vardy will sign that thing. With Santi and Ozil proving the support, it’s great that he can show and prove he is not a one season wonder.


If I were Arsene, I would pull the plug with this deal on general principle

John C

Yeah because we all know how decisive Wenger is when it comes to transfers!


Oh I don’t know, he seemed pretty decisive when the Cech, Ozil, and Alexis options came around.

John C

And he wasn’t when he nearly signed Ronaldo, Messi, Ronaldinho, Ibrahimovic etc etc and a whole host of players he almost signed, so stop being facetious as you know full well Wenger’s famous for his transfer indecision.

Syakir Rusyan

These examples u gave are all irrelevant. There are so many factors that decides a transfer and blaming it on the manager for being indecisive is just a shallow assessment. Transfers are complicated its definately not like me going to the store buying cigarettes and suddently questioning whether I should proceed on buying it or not.and since when that is it known that wenger is indecisive? Hard headed maybe course prudent yeah but indecisive? N ure examples of players are dubious aswell like ronaldinho? What? since when were we evr in for him. As far as I can remember it… Read more »

John C

It was not a Wenger dig, I was highlighting the irony of the comment.

The fact that many on this forum have a limited grasp of the English language is not my problem.


And the trolley dash 🙂

Dark Arts

Jam!……Jam!…….walk on.


Jam should never be told to walk on.


Chat shit, get jam.


It’s alright England will be out in a weeks time anyway, hardly a saga compared to what we’ve been though before.


Pull out of the deal, let him stay at Leicester, and then when they finish in the bottom half he can think about what could have been


Arsene definitely needs to be working on a Plan B in the meantime. I don’t think it’s unreasonable for Vardy to ask for more time under the circumstances but it certainly doesn’t improve our chances of landing him. Indeed, this seems a lot like a case of second thoughts.


Please say no. Just can’t see him really as an asset. His strenghts are running in behind defenses with pace but thats impossible if he is playing for us. They always sit back against us.


Except in all those important games where we lose, like against Bayern, Barcelona, and so on.


We can’t buy a striker just in case we come up against Barca or or Bayern. We need someone different to Giroud, who has pace and plays in between the lines. Giroud is a classy player when things are good for him. The way he sets up play is a joy to watch and not many strikers can do that. But we also need an Aguero or a Suarez type who is explosive but also a great finisher. There are not that many but Aubameyang is one I would love too see in Arsenal shirt. I don’t know why Arsene… Read more »


Didn’t sign who at the 2010 World Cup?

Suarez or Aguero????


Yeah, but I don’t really think Vardy is a one trick pony. He makes his own chances because he fights for every ball, both Wally and Giroud could learn from him. If it were me I would break the bank for Vardy and Lukaku, then sell whoever needs to be or can be.


Didn’t see who at the WC 2010? Clearly not Aubameyang who plays for Gabon?

matty t.

Tardy Vardy’s making me mardy.


…but if he signs you’ll get a hardy?





He's the soup

…give him a red cardy


So very barmy.



He’s a year younger and has scored more goals consistently throughout his career. BUT, he’ll be over 2x the transfer 🙁


we can afford it…

Bendtner's Ego

Believe he already turned us down.


I’m not sure if he turned us down, I think Real asked for a shitload more money and we said no, Napoli said yes.

Andy Mack

Higuian could have made it happen if he’d wanted to but he was more interested in earning more money at Napoli.


Chat shit then fuk off with bang


Good, if he gets injured during the Euros then we don’t have to commit. Saves the risk of committing now and watching him disintegrate the first time he runs out for England.


The very fact he’s mentioned in the same breath as Arsenal means that the second he steps foot onto the turf at Euro 2006 his leg will explode.


mmmm, time travel.


mini Suarez bid/deal happening again ? would be a terrible shame if that turns out that way for AFC …


To paraphrase George Graham, “If you have to think about joining the Arsenal, then it isn’t for you”.

Daft Aider

On the one hand the player has the right to take his time, on the other hand we should move on,
given it’s Theo’s agent and the shit he’s already put us through with Theo, I would stay well clear now of anyone with this agent……….


Yeah there is no way that Wenger wasnt approached by the agent, told it was a slam dunk if he hits the release clause. Then the player has an offer he waits to se ehow the euros go so that if he does well he can get a bump on the basic or pimp himself out to some other team.
Now its getting depressing and insulting.
Vardy isn’t worth 20m and isn’t fit to wear our shirt.
The fans by and large dont want him.

he’ll be another franny jeffers

Lets double down and get in lukaku

Neil #2

Lukaku or Morata…. (but I understand that Lukaku wants to back to Chelski, and Morata wants to play for that whinging twat Mourinho.

Mesut O'neill

What is this obsession with Morata?

Surely you want a striker who can score more than 7 goals?

Neil #2

true, but he appeared in 34 matches, played only about 1400 minutes — so often used as a sub. In that time, 7 goals 8 assists. I don’t think that we can judge him by goals tally alone given that he wasn’t a regular starter. He’s a physical player with good control and pace imo … and he does well for the Arse on Footie Manager!

(just joking with that last bit)


Do you understand that in the same way that all those gossip rags understand that so and so is interested in so and so? I’ve seen that Lukaku wants back to Chelsea in some papers but I cannot understand why, they never played him, let him go, and now they don’t have CL football, makes no sense

Daft Aider

I nearly bought a Jeffers 9 T-Shirt,


I actually brought a Jeffers no.9 top…I was 15 and naive. I listened to this the box bulls hit at the time. Il get my coat.

Daft Aider

He “seemed” good at Everton to be fair, something dodgy happened there, maybe it was Rooney dressed up as Jeffers…….

Jack Wilshere's fibula

Yea. Fuck him. I like principles. ?


It’s possible that he isn’t the only player we are looking to sign up front, which is why we’re willing to wait. I thought this whole thing was a bit too soon and non-Arsenal to be true

Woolwich Peripatetic

£20 million for a player with a British passport who scored 20+ goals last season IS a bargain – we’d almost be daft not to put in a bid. Those 20+ were rather flukey (his xG was closer to 15 depending on whose model you use) but even if he’d scored 15 goals in the league it would still represent a bargain.
On the other hand, I can’t help but feel that a cheeky £100 million for Kane would really ruin a lot of days for Spurs and anyone else looking to buy him.


I would absolutely love us to steal Kane from Tottenham. The last time we stole their best player, we won the league in their shithole stadium.


No way we should wait (at least) two weeks perhaps even longer for him to decide. If this was Neymar or Pogba I’d be inclined to wait but this is a guy who in my opinion isn’t good enough for Arsenal and has a questionable character,

The fact he can’t decide now shows that we would be better off looking at other targets.

We are The Arsenal, why would we wait for a 29 year old with one decent in the Prem?

A Different George

If he was Neymar or Pogba you’d be INCLINED to wait? Does that mean you might not? I know “we are The Arsenal,” but it’s great to have some general concept of reality as well.


If true (big if), then fuck him. No half-hearted players thanks


For those of you who a) believe this sort of bollocks saga, and/or b) are worried about the outcome of it, here you go:

Daft Aider

We shouldn’t be gullible enough to believe that really is Vardy,
as someone has obviously swapped Messi with Vardy there……………………


His head is too small. Someone call the Men in Black. Looks like Xhaka’s body.


Jack, do your magic.

Daft Aider

let’s hope he doesn’t take that to mean “get injured”

Neil #2

Arrrggh. Hopefully Arsene/Arsenal are working on other targets. Tricky, this.


Nobody really knows what’s going on and for arsenal to be cool and not say fuck off, which we are gud at (mata and Luis) comes to mind, I would think he has given his answer to arsenal and only just wants it concluded after the euros so it won’t look like he is in a hurry to leave Leicester, this way he still remains in their good book

Mesut O'neill

Let’s sign Michael Ricketts while we are at it.

Signing Vardy is not smart, it blocks potential purchases of a player who is better, suits our system and has pedigree at a consistent level.


My gut response is “fuck him” I never wanted him anyway. I realise how immature and maybe short sighted that is but with all the talk of Ian Wright he could just be another Rickie Lambert / Charlie Austin.

I’m glad so many of you share my immature and short sighted opinion.

Arsenal really can never do anything the easy way.


Agreed completely.


I suspect he is not coming. We need to look elsewhere. Given the transfer debacle of last summer I wonder if Wenger has the guts to walk away from this and pay a lot more for a better player. Does he want to win the league or does he want to be true to his long standing transfer philosophy, can’t do both. He has to choose.


Oh, Jesus Christ. Fuck this.

Just buy Higuain for 80M.


Why invite jesus to fuck vardy into submission? You think that will work?


Withdraw the offer and move on to other targets. Let’s not come across as the desperate party here.

Me So Hornsey

I think maybe he’s delaying the announcement, not the decision.

Me so Henry

With Welbeck out, however, we defo need another striker. What if he backtracks and accepts Leicster’s improved contract?

Me so Henry





Then we should feel happy to have dodged that bullet. I am sure Lacazette would probably cost just about the same and score just about as many goals. Both will be underwhelming, but if its bodies we need, then there are bodies out there. If we truly need more goals, then we need to outbid City for Aubameyang.


Makes sense, although what is a bigger distraction? The announcement or lack thereof?


Fuck Vardy, trying to make us become all Arsenal by delaying our transfer plans until the last minute when it becomes a clusterfuck supermarket sweep. That’s what we usually do but we’re changing our ways!


This decision is fine with me. Didn’t really care if he was here or not based on one good season. Maybe he has a great euro campaign or maybe he sucks or gets injured. At the end of the day we as fans are not privy to the real information or story, just the click bait crap. So I’m not going to say anything nasty about anyone involved until the season starts.


You know who else had a great Euro campaign? Milan Baros. Won the Golden Boot. A lot of good that did Liverpool. The only way for Arsenal to rescue this situation now is to withdraw the offer, free relief that a bullet was dodged and move on to other targets.


It’s based on England survival in the Euro’s…. so we have to wait about 2 weeks (if that)

No problem.


There was a time the lure of The Arsenal would have been enough for a player at Leicester. Quite sad really.


Walking away from a Leicester team who won the EPL at 5000-1 would be very difficult. I imagine the team spirit in the Leicester ranks is a drug that even the Kingslayer Jamie would find hard to give up.
But if he comes here in three weeks we should welcome him with open arms. A natural goal scorer is not to be sneezed at.


Not sure I want him but surely if he is delaying then it must be because he wants to say yes. Surely ‘no’ is easy and means everyone moves on and he can remove all the distraction. I see no possible reason for the delay other than the answer is yes but the announcement is being delayed by one party or other for reason’s unknown.


If its the same agent as Walcott, this could well be brinkmanship… which is stupid when the agent knows we have walked away in the past.

We make it clear to him that this hasn’t gone down well at all and we don’t mind publicly withdrawing the offer, thereby making Leicester think twice about their 4 year deal.

See how twitchy he gets then.


The problem is Wenger fucking loves transfer sagas like this. I wish it’d go away but you know it’s not gonna.


I think he thinks he is better than he is and after one good season he is believing all the hype.
Forget this guy, it is an absolute privilege to play for Arsenal. He will be sick when we move on to someone else and he finishes at best mid table with Leicester. There are so many better options out there than this guy.


All I can think about is franny Jeffers ?

Red side

Blah blah pull the plug Wenger


I think we may have dodged a bullet here. This whole thing just seemed like some shit Liverpool would do. You know, sign a mediocre English striker for way too much money, then look like utter dildos.


so true


The issue as I see it is that all of the “other” targets are off playing in these tournaments as well.

And so we wait….

*wipes tear*


Or he forgot to add Eurotraveller to his mobile phone contract. Easily done.

We're not the American army...

Vardy will say no thanks and we’ll be faced with no new strikers. The clubs ‘magnificent’ PR team will then spin us the returning Sanogo and Akpom as new signings….and nobody will be surprised.


It’ll be his own fault if he breaks his leg at the Euros and is out for a year stuck on ‘only’ £70k a week. IMO it’s a silly decision from him, let’s go get Morata and tell Vardy to do one.

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