Thursday, December 1, 2022

Gazidis: We have to be very careful about transfers

Ivan Gazidis has again sounded caution about Arsenal’s transfer business, referencing for the second time inside a week competitors that have more money than the Gunners.

Last week, the Arsenal Chief Executive spoke to ESPN about the way the club did business, and said, “We’re making progress in what is a fiercely competitive world, against competitors that have the capability to spend far more money than we do.”

Now, an interview with the New York Times, Gazidis has once more referenced clubs who have more money and said that Arsenal ‘cannot afford’ to make any mistakes with the money they spend.

“We would not be successful if we simply went out into the transfer market and tried to outgun our competitors,” he said.

“We’re run in a self-sustaining way, and a way that we believe in, because we believe it gives us certainty for the future, and enables us to plan our future with confidence.

“That means we can’t afford to make huge mistakes in the transfer market. We can’t afford to outgun competitors that have far more money to splurge on transfer fees than we do.

“So we have to be very careful, very selective about how we do things.”

It seems that being the club with the most cash in world football, boosted by a record television deal that has transformed almost every other Premier League club financially, still isn’t enough for Arsenal to throw off the financial shackles. One might even ask if it’s an edict from on-high.

Of course there are clubs with more money, but when it comes right down to it, we rarely compete with them when it comes to transfers. Fans are realistic enough to know that if one of the top European clubs is after the same player as us, they’ll usually win out, but the frustration comes from the fact Arsenal seem far too cautious and unwilling to use their resources as well as they can.

Pressed on further arrivals, Gazidis said, “We’re still active in the market, as are most other clubs, and if we find opportunities that our manager believes can improve our squad and add something to it, we’re certainly going to take those steps.

“But in terms of this week, I don’t think there will be any radical surprises.”

He also hinted at a greater emphasis on development of young players due to the fact buying from other Premier League clubs has become more difficult.

“In the past, the big clubs could financially bully the smaller clubs — it would be unthinkable that a smaller club would be able to hold on to its best player if Manchester United or Arsenal came knocking at the door.

“That dynamic is changing. And so the constraints within the Premier League are less and less about pure finances, and more and more relatively important become things like how well you identify players, how well you develop players, what kind of sports science you have, your analytics, your psychology.

“All of these support areas around what we do increasingly become bigger differentiators, because the money is not enough to blast the best talent toward you.”

You can read the full interview with Ivan Gazidis in the New York Times here.

We recommend consuming it with a nice cup of tea, a chocolate biscuit followed by a large shot of sweet, sweet morphine.

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Cornelius P. Snuffington III

Fucking hell, just shut the fuck up about it and sign some new players.


I won’t be surprised if he comes out and suggests we start selling off our best players like Sanchez, ozil etc.

If someone who didn’t know anything about football reads his comments he might get an impression that Arsenal is on the verge of bankruptcy.

Cornelius P. Snuffington III

It’s so damn infuriating, honestly. Do they think we’re stupid, feeding us that crap about finances? So many glaring holes, the season just around the corner. I can’t believe we’re going to see Theo Walcott starting at centre forward in the season opener against Liverpool. Forget whether Wenger *can* win the league before he retires, the real question is: Does even fucking want to? I love Wenger. I’ve never been as angry at him as I am right now though. And Gazidis just needs to shut up, if I never hear from him again regarding transfers it will be too… Read more »


The whole transfer philosophy is bass ackwards. As Tim Stillmann pointed out last week, the signing of Bergkamp was revolutionary for Arsenal and played a large role in propelling them to the next level. It was a big money move, a bit of a gamble, and it paid off. Sometimes it is worth taking the risk because the commercial benefits of winning, both in terms of shirts and fans, but also improved sponsorship deals, means it is worth it. Arsenals transfer “philosophy”, as such, guarantees consistency with a hope of success, and it is the hope that kills you. Nevermind… Read more »


Guys…calm down and look at it the other way. What do you want him to say? ‘Arsenal have shit load of money and are willing to pay over the odds for any player. We’re not the only ones reading these statements. The clubs that want to sell to us are reading too. It makes complete sense to say we won’t pay over the odds. It’s statements like these that save us millions and millions even if we don’t like hearing them. We apparently put in a bid (lowball) for lacazette so that’s a sign that we want a striker at… Read more »

Cornelius P. Snuffington III

I would rather he just stop saying anything at all about it, publicly.


I hope he takes your advice. Who are you again?


He is a gooner. And who the fuck is Gazidis anyway? Gazidid is just a paid employee at Arsenal who don’t give a fuck about the club for all I know.


Exactly : This didn’t add anything to what he said the other day. Re-telling the same tale brought no value. If you have nothing to say, say nothing.


This strikes me as a Kronke inspired plant. It’s in the New York Times. Hardly the choice reading of Arsenal fans. But the choice reading of Americans, who might be inclined to back Kronk’s latest wheezes with cash if they can be reassured that Arsenal – whom he sadly owns – will keep hundreds of million of £s in the bank as back up.

This boll is is a Kronke ploy.

Gus Caesar

It does make you wonder why on earth he’s said it. Gazidis isn’t stupid, he’ll know how this will go down with our fans and will have spoken to the Comms team before he gave the interview (particularly if what he said in last week’s interview was really an error). He’s obviously saying it for a reason – if it’s to send a message to other clubs, our accounts are there for all to see. Methinks he’s been told to say it…

I am honestly starting to think they just don’t care. They 100% know that the fans will lose their minds when we inevitably don’t make the necessary signings and we subsequently have another shockingly poor season. They know how much money the club makes, they know how global the brand is, they know how to create large revenue streams for the club that don’t necessary correlate to any real success on the pitch. I think the last 10 years has proven that. We haven’t won a league title or European title but we’re still able to make bucket loads of… Read more »


Rubbish. Every other club knows Arsenal are cheap. They are just as in the know as we are. They know we have a manager who always looks for budget signings. It would not surprise me if they are more willing to deal with other clubs and less willing to negotiate deals with Arsenal based on that knowledge. I know I would be. My biggest fear is that players who have considered playing for Arsenal, get wary of what seems to be our growing reputation of unwillingness to spend when its obviously necessary.


Gazidis runs the risk of undermining whatever we are trying to do both with any players we are trying to sign and with the players we already have. The fans obviously don’t want to hear this kind of shit and i can’t imagine the players do either. If we go for Mahrez and Chelsea do which would you pick if you were him, if you read this kind of crap? Even though they are not in the CL next season. He wants to win things they all do. They forked out 30m on a forward, they are trying to sign… Read more »


I read that City are bidding 50m for John Stones. I think thats nuts frankly and i wouldn’t even want us to do it if we had the money to waste. They pissed away 60m on 2 CBs who were rubbish before that. Its like Pogba for 100m. He’s not worth it. We can’t compete with that and i don’t think any of us expect it. It’s obviously sensible to develop young players and sign players from lower leagues too, if you can actually get results that way. We have to be prepared to do some serious spending where necessary… Read more »

Dan Hunter

Nobody is asking for, nor expecting a £100m bid for a Pogba. All I expect, especially in the current market, is for the manager, or at least any decent manager, to identify a list of strikers and defenders, look at their value and add 35-40% on top and sign them. Lacazette would be a small gamble, but any signing is a gamble, but I feel Wenger is a bit hypocritical given the gambles he takes with the likes of Walcott, Ramsey, Chambers and Chamberlain… none of these players has really broken through with any consistency. As for Lacazette, he is… Read more »

Andy Mack

I assume you’re referring to Otamendi (£32m) and Mangala (£40m), so £72m rather than 60m.

gooner 44

running a tight ship,keeping the club solvent.
I thought the target was Winning trophies.
SPEND some Fucking MONEY.
Our seson tickets are sky fucking high
we moved from our beloved Highbury for WHAT?
half the people l see sitting around me are turning up late, with a pizza in one hand and a fucking coke in the other.
Fucking Tourists
Whats happened to the arsenal i’ve loved for sixty years.
We’re fucking being shafted by this current board, l dont blame Wenger.
Blame the Boardroom.

Uncle Jonathans Corn Pipe

I see just as many regulars who come to the game and don’t say a word unless they are chatting with their mate behind them. The atmosphere is gone because the club doesn’t give a crap about the fans, the team is failing, and every supporter can see it. I support Arsene, and fully blame the board and Kronke for not supporting him.

Fireman Sam

You hit the nail on the head: it’s the fucking coke that’s ruining this club


Both will be leaving next year imo as why would they stay at a club that has no ambition? These guys are winners and aren’t going to see top 4 as success

He references psychology in that interview, we are the weakest by some distance. We have no character no matter how much aw says we do. It’s as though he feels if he says it enough the players will believe it


What’s your character like, Greg?
Sure, all these guys who have reached the upper echelon of their field, become highly successful millionaires, they don’t have character. Coming from you, Greg…


I couldn’t agree more. Alexis, Özil and Wenger will all leave next season. Leaving arsenal up shit creek. Any incoming manager will have a mammoth task on hand!

Mr. G

Wouldn’t surprise me either.

I absolutely hate Gazidis. Completely disinterested in anything other than making boatloads of cash for himself and the owner. His sole footballing ambition is for us to finish 4th every year.

Rather than antagonise the fans with nonsense they don’t want to hear, he should just shut his gob and leave anything that needs to be said about transfers and money to Wenger.

Gus Caesar

I don’t dislike him personally, never met the bloke, and probably never will. He’s paid to do a job and part of that job is to be Smithers to Kroenke’s Mr Burns. He gets paid to do it very well (most people would take the job if offered it!). He’s also not stupid, he knows it’ll rile the fans. Which then leads you to wonder why he’s said it at all or, more likely, been told to say it.

Cornelius P. Snuffington III

“most people would take the job if offered it!”

Well, most people wouldn’t be offered it, because only a certain kind of person ends up in Gazidis’ position under an owner like Kroenke. Namely, someone who doesn’t give a fuck about football, to say the very least.


Couldn’t have said that better myself. Shut. The. Fuck. Up. The shit he says is infuriating. Every window feels like this for me; Always about being careful. It’s like we’re building up our superannuation for retirement. And our rivals are spending their weekly wage and actually living their fuckin lives. Fuck being the richest man in the graveyard lol I know it shouldn’t bother me what other teams do and it generally doesn’t. But I’m sick to death of the memes. And the same jokes about my club. And the same bullshit year after year. I don’t want Messi. I… Read more »

Scott P

My greatest fear is that all of this is really coming straight from the owner and when we eventually get a new manager they will be given the same limitations, all of the fans’ current frustrations will remain, and the club will slide down the table over the course of a few years because we won’t have realized what an incredible job Arsene Wenger has done given what he’s had to work with.

We can blame Wenger all we like, but I really do feel bad for him sometimes. He’s definitely getting pulled in two directions here.

Gus Caesar

I agree with the sentiment but, in reality, it would hurt Kroenke to slide down the table so he’d likely invest just enough to stop that from happening. I also agree that people don’t realise the job Wenger has done to keep us where we are but I don’t feel bad for him – he knows the job he’s asked to do and he’s paid £8m a year to do it, he can walk at any time.

Scott P

I don’t feel bad for him on a humanitarian level or anything like that, let’s leave his pay out of this. Obviously I acknowledge on that level he has more than most of us can dream of. But I don’t really care how much you’re paid, this kind of devisiveness has still got to tear you apart when you care as deeply about your work as he does.

Gus Caesar

I might be being unfair here but it sounds like you assume that he isn’t part of the business strategy and that he’s therefore a victim of Kroenke’s stance? I think he knows very well the limitations that have been set upon him and he’s signed contract after contract because he agrees with it and thinks We can still be successful. I don’t think for one moment that he’s being pulled in different directions – the club and Wenger are on the same page throughout and that’s why he’s the Board’s dream man.

Bob's Mexican Cousin

This guy has to be the stupidest man alive


When did my favorite football club turn into a such a damned ‘business’?


He’s either playing rope-a-dope or he’s the dope.


Ha ha what the fuck is going on? Is Arsene gonna come out and rubbish this or allay fears again?

We really are an odd club off the field at times, is anyone aligned on what needs to happen this summer?


the fans need to take the same line as Gazidis too..start saying we need ot be careful in spending silly money to go watch them at the emirates.

David C

I was just thinking about the season ticket holders and fans that have to pay the highest prices in the EPL (and probably the world). What a slap in the face…


Here we go again trying to buy caviar at Lidl, because we’re afraid of getting the wrong type at Waitrose.

Surprise surprise, we have bought 2 senior outfield players in nearly 2 years.


And I have to be careful I don’t kick Gazids in the bollocks…


What is going on here? It seemed as if and Wenger deliberately went out of their way to contradict Gazidis’s first set of comments, then he almost immediately reiterates them. Do I sense the faint waft of a Missourian wig?

sixteen swans over ainola

Fuck off Gazidis you pointless, fetid, sac of slime.

We need players just to compete this season. Either strengthen the squad or fuck the hell out of our lives.


We know we’re after a CF and CB but Gazidis is just reiterating that we still believe in our principles and will not get carried away with emotion and do panick buys.

Not to mention Arsene Wenger has full say in who comes in and out so regardless of what Gazidis thinks, if Wenger REALLY wanted to sign a player he would get him. Again it’s not a matter of if we can sign players, it’s our desire to do so…


Why does Gazidas even have to say anything? I rarely hear chief execs of other clubs in the news talking about tranfers, why does this plank feel he has to keep talking about money and transfers. Shut your face Gazidas and just let Wenger do the talking. Following this club, especially in the last ten years has probably taken another ten years off my life. Thanks


Well, this is not necessarily true if Gazidis is speaking for the owner.

Got my conspiracy cap on now, and I think we might be finally seeing a rift forming between the manager and ownership.

Sir chips

Oh my word Ivan will you shut the fuck up! You’re aren’t helping anyone’s cause here

Daft Aider

time to replace the entire board with a magic eight ball, at least we’d get more consistent quotes from the club that way

Magic 8 Ball

Don’t count on it.


“We would not be successful if we simply went out into the transfer market and tried to outgun our competitors,” he said.”

Are we successful though?

David Hillier's luggage

Sadly, the balance sheets say we’re a ‘success’


How about a compromise Ivan? If we fail to spend money to strengthen the team in areas where it is glaringly obvious, season ticket holders get 50 percent refund on their tickets? Paying the highest ticket prices in Europe and not competing for the players we need because we can’t compete financially doesn’t add up. You can’t have it both ways Ivan. Either invest in the team or give back to the fans. It’s all well and good being proud of our self sustaining model but it’s the fans paying for it. We have two incredibly rich shareholders, one of… Read more »


That’s the thing though. Despite the club “ripping” the fans off the Emirates is bloody full week in and out. Wtf guys? Don’t just whinge around here, do something that actually would hurt them where it hurts most.


It is sad, indeed. Juventas, a club that makes lesser money than us and is far more successful on the pitch, has added 4 new players to their squad and does so every year. But we always say the same thing that there are no players and competition is high.


Do they though?

Cash Reserves – 0 Goals – 1.6 million increase in value over the last 3 years

Higuain – 71 Goals – 43.3 million increase in value over the last 3 years

I’d say thats a pretty epic fail balance sheet-wise


Sorry I meant Cash Reserve increase of 482,404 pounds. My compound interest calculations are shit!


You only need to outgun 8 clubs in the world. Everyone else you just need to match because the draw of Arsenal should be more attractive than most.

So don’t get in a bidding war with Manu, man city, real, barca, Chelsea, peg, juvenile or Bayern Munich… If you do bring your guns out.. For everyone else match the best offer and offer them London and the champions league.


Peg Sayers the wagon… I meant PSG


We know, and about childish juve too 😉


Tie Pose

Art Vanderlay

Neigh on a hundred years of top-flight football suggest they’re reasonably so. No?

He's got no hair but we don't care...

I’m only not going to utter more expletives than a drunk sailor as blogs wouldn’t be best pleased.

But this tool needs to shut the f#€$ up!

He has the most loyal supporters in the world who have paid the highest prices in the world with only 2 FA Cups in12 years to show for it.

Show us respect by at least staying silent you utter moron.

Third Plebeian

Agree. Please shut up, Gazidis. Can’t stand him now. No ambition from this idiot.


He’s really fucking pissing me off now


At the end of the day with individuals like Gazidis at the club, we’re more of a business then a football team. Our objective is to make a substantial profit, not win substantial silverware. Wenger even described us a business last year, you don’t hear any other managers making those comments. Ultimately, this profit maximising attitude at the club will perpetuate unless Gazidis, Kroenke, and Wenger leave our club..How we could do with a proper football man like David Dein still around. The day he left has to go done as one of the most calamitous days in our recent… Read more »


The reason why Kroenke is here in the first place was because Mr Arsenal Dein himself decided to sell his shares. Do you even listen to yourself sometimes.


Dein sold his shares to Usmanov not Kroenke mate get your facts right before you comment.

Andy Mack

But Dein did introduce Kronke to the board.


Spending money on a player is not that much of a risk. Most players you spend say 30million on will have been vetted to some rudimentary level. They are typically a. footballers, b. proven athletes, c. not injured, d. not near retirement, e. not youth team players, f. experienced to some level in a top 5 league g. Alive h. Not a cat You can buy them and if it doesn’t work out you can sell them. To not recoup 25m on a failed signing of 30m is not a reflection on the player it is a reflection on the… Read more »


The thing is. Even if that risk fails, Arsenal have a shitload of cash to compensate for said risk. It’s not like we only have 75m quid and if we spend it all, we will go into financial meltdown…


Well thats it – A business man must know that Arsenals share price is greater than cash reserves + Asset value. It is bolstered by prestige, good will, projected incomes and buy not improving your product by buying players you run the risk of damaging those factors. How long before incomes drop due to Arsenal not being on the telly as much or not qualifying for the champions league… if season tickets start to be unrenewed there is no guarantee that the waiting list will want to buy tickets that they had signed up to 6 years ago but that… Read more »


I just cannot understand why. I used to brush aside comments about the board and higher ups wanting to keep all the money for themselves as hogwash, but with each passing season, it does seem to be clear that it is the case. We make SO much money it is unthinkable to say that we can only afford to spend 30-40m a season on transfers. Damn near impossible.


Ivan gazidas has nothing to bring except commercial deals and a nice suit. Wenger put a necessary philosophy of austerity at a time in point. Clubs where going under left right and centre But the dynamic has changed and now that austerity looks ridiculous because cash reserves are not impressive when the high transfer fee model is obviously working. If Arsenal went out and dropped 120m on mahrez, lacassete, a centre back all on 5 years wages then the club could tell supporters to shove it up there arses if they didn’t win the league. We’d have nothing to moan… Read more »


I follow economics somewhat and unless you’re only subscribed to mainstream reporting, then you might be aware of the school of thought that there’s a bit of an economic shitstorm around the corner. Lots of money-printing (debt) with little productivity to back it up. Too much money chasing too little returns in almost all fields of investment. I wonder if Wenger with his touted economic wisdom is aware of all this and thinks more money in the bank will put the club in a better position should the worst happen. Just a thought.


Even if that is the case, surely the club knows that investment grants more success, therefore more money to keep you afloat in the so called shit storm. If you want to be successful on the pitch, you have to spend money. That in turn brings in prize money which can recoup the funds spent on transfers…



Petit's Handbag

We’re currently on a level with West Ham and Everton for competiting with players. The difference is their owners would love to be in our position because they would get the Lacazettes and Mustafis of this world. We have champions league, we have history, we are a big club. No other English club can say that yet here we are again making excuses. It really is not good enough.

Giroud's Abs

It’s almost like he’s trying to make us fans hate him and the board even more. I know, I didn’t think it was possible!


Correct me if I’m wrong bit I think he is saying stuff like:
– in today’s climate/market, a small club like Leicester could say no to £40m to Arsenal or ManU for one of their players and, that wouldn’t have happened in the past.
– some clubs will pay £80m for a 29 year old striker. Or £100m for a midfielder. Plus the considerable wages and lengthy contracts.
In today’s climate RVP would have been sold for £70m


that’s the modern market though. so you either get with the times or fall behind. Arsenal have the resources to get with the times, but make up excuses for falling behind.


What BS man, this is the most public statement that this is no longer a football club but a company looking for the best return for its owners. Absolute travesty!


It kind of confirms (if anyone needed further confirmation) that the board and owner are happy for Arsenal to simply collect the profits. Where is the ambition? Where is the desire to improve the squad? Our approach is to react, to plug holes, to do the bare minimum and cash in. These statements and the board’s ambition do not align with the fans and even Wenger’s. The dream was for Arsenal to dominate Europe, where has that gone…

Monkey Nuts

Well done Ivan. Going the youth route produces what exactly? One first team player every 5 years and half a dozen championship players every other year! I don’t think that’s going to make much difference. If we can’t compete to win more than a couple of cups then please take your massive salary and fuck off. And take Stan the con with you.

John C

“That dynamic is changing. And so the constraints within the Premier League are less and less about pure finances, and more and more relatively important become things like how well you identify players, how well you develop players, what kind of sports science you have, your analytics, your psychology. “All of these support areas around what we do increasingly become bigger differentiators, because the money is not enough to blast the best talent toward you.” This is a load of bollocks, it’s about ambition! We couldn’t convince Vardy to join because we couldn’t demonstrate to him that his career prospects… Read more »


I bet the shareholders are happy!

Goondalf de Gea

Can we get a gagging order against Gazidis? I’d rather live with the small glimmer of hope that this summer’s window will end on a positive note than hear this chump talk about us like we’re a mid table club


uh oh spaghettios 🙁


Just read the full transcript. Actually very measured and quite interesting about the kind of things that convinces players to move now that most clubs can afford silly wages. didnt seem like it contradicted other messages when taken in context.

Stringer Bell

How dare you interrupt the flow of wisdom by reading the whole interview and looking at it in context. Did you realise we know what we’re talking about ?


Why can’t you just keep quite Gazidis? Is it a ploy you are playing with Arsene? In other seasons Wenger says there’s no money, Gazidis says there’s enough to spend. Why have they reversed roles?

Mick Champness

Cnuts the lot of ’em


One thing is for certain – Wenger and Gazidis arent on the same page. Maybe this is truly going to be Wenger’s last season. Maybe all this while we’ve been blaming the wrong person in terms of transfers.
Gazidis needs to get lost. Speaking like we’re west ham or something. Is this how he intends on being on Bayern’s level? This club has got no ambition or whatsoever. Can’t wait for the day someone gets us off Kroenke. I’m sick and tired of all this.


Blog are you an arsenal fan at all. Always publishing doom m gloom.

matty t.

Yes, Blogs is actually a madman who has written a daily blog for fourteen years and recorded thousands of podcasts about a football club he is not really a fan of at all.

Ten runny poos on you for such a ridiculous comment.


Or just the news, as is stated at the top of the page.


If you were following Arseblog, you’d have known how supportive he is of Wenger and Arsenal players.


Fuck this shit, volume 2: a giant middle one to the fans

Ragnar Goonerbrok

I personally think that these comments are part of certain internal tension in the club. My guess is that Kroenke doesn’t really want to achieve more with Arsenal – as we can see in his other business, he is ok with things just being ok. Wenger on the other side may be feels that this is one of his last chances to do something big with Arsenal ( may be even the last chance) and is prepared to spend to improve the squad, win the title and, in the worst case scenario, simply leave a better side to his successor.… Read more »


Maybe get rid of plastic face Stan get the Russian in at least he wants us to win trophies and wants to spend

Monkey Nuts

Lets play fortunately with Arsene and unfortunately with Ivan. Fortunately we are in the market for top, top quality. Unfortunately we can’t afford top, top quality. Fortunately we need to buy a striker. Unfortunately he’s rejected us. Fortunately…


No guys, stop asking Gazidis to sign some top players; what if we win the league by mistake??!!


We will be able to compete financially with clubs like Bayern… (five years later) NOT!
Worst not joke ever, Ivan, bad taste!
Anyway all teams know we have cash, we know we have cash, the market is crazy, so talk like that will not influence player prices by any means. It can only irritate fans, so I do not understand why this talk is really necessary.


Bloody hell the season hasnt even started yet and im seething at all this nonsense. It is a bloody football club Gazidis.

Maybe it is all smoke and mirrors from the board while Wenger does his thing in the market. I donno anymore.


“Now we are in that stadium, the first part of our vision has been realised… Now we are at the stage where some of the commercial deals that were tied into the construction of the stadium, and enabled us to take that first big step, will be renegotiated…. Very clearly, it will push the club forward and put us into the top five clubs in the world in revenue terms, which will be a fantastic position to be in.”

Ivan Gazidis, 2012


This whole ‘competing with Bayern Munich’ thing is brilliant isn’t it??

I’m sorry but only the paying fans can change this shit. Every time you renew your season ticket, buy a shirt, buy the shitty food and program at the ground, you are endorsing this cartel.

I’m dreading when spurs get their stadium finished. They won’t fuck about giving their fans the hard luck money stories, they’ll be piling in to start winning things. The Arsenal lie will be exposed once and for all.

So on with the thumbs down lads, I know the truth is hard to take 🙁


I thumbed you down purely for your assumption that people would thumb you down.


Fans in this blog seem to be on happy pills most of the time.


We’re a laughing stock in the transfer market,home fans embarrassing and a team that lacks some serious bollox when push comes to shove.same shite different year.


Well that kills my week.


Achieving consistency provides us with the opportunity to compete at that level and try to win it every year, and that’s obviously a good thing. But that’s not our objective. Our objective is to win the major trophies, and to put the club in a position where it can consistently compete for the major trophies. And I would add, very importantly for us, to do it in a way that’s consistent with our club values. We believe, fundamentally, in giving a chance to young players. We believe, fundamentally, in playing aggressive, attractive football. We believe, fundamentally, that we should conduct… Read more »


“That dynamic is changing. And so the constraints within the Premier League are less and less about pure finances, and more and more relatively important become things like how well you identify players, how well you develop players, what kind of sports science you have, your analytics, your psychology.” Fuck off Gazidis. 1) Identify players: Leicester have done that way better than us. 2) Develop players: Coq and Bellerin aside, I can hardly think of players we’ve developed since a young age. 3) Sports science: Ha fucking ha. Our injuries show that the sports science department is shit. 4) Analytics:… Read more »

Yankee Gooner

Analytics = 3mil/year to Kroenke enterprises


Don’t know the fantasy world Gazidis is living in.

Wizard Of Ozil

Football is becoming more and more unforgiving. If we can’t compete financially then we are in real danger of falling further behind our rivals and even being over taken by other clubs.

The self sustaining model is useless for the future of our club is we drift off into obscurity. If we truly can’t compete then it’s time for the owners to sell up and let someone with the financial power take over and help us compete before its too late.


It’s essentially going to take us not being in the top 4 and winning fuck all for them to realise it isn’t working. By then it will be too late. It doesn’t really paint a good picture for our top players either does it. Saying we can’t be competitive in the market. So many contradictions coming out of the club at the moment.


We have to funds to buy the best players
We definitely have the funds to compete in the transfer market
We can spend money on the right players
Just because we have the money doesn’t mean we should spend above market value.
Leicester have shown you can compete without spending big
We have to be very careful with transfers
Transfers are bad
Transfers are the worst
Transfers take drugs
Transfers kill kittens and puppies


He doesn’t know what he is talking about…

Paul The Rochdale Gooner

As a fan for 35 years it pains me to see how the club are so stuck in their ways! every other club makes their intentions known each summer, clubs like Utd at one time were smaller then Arsenal but they have overtaken us due to their intent to win the big prizes! with that comes the money from companies wanting to put their name on the team shirt! it is no coincidence that Real, Barca, Utd, Bayen and Chel$ki are big draws because they spend money to ensure success and in return earn even more. When will Arsenal understand… Read more »


Kroenke out!
We need a minimum of a striker+defender.
Lyon want €40mill for Lacazette, Roma want €44mill for Manolas.
You can’t tell me we haven’t got €84mill Ivan.
In fact if we really had the desire we could also pay the €60mill Wolfsburg want for Draxler as well this summer.
FFS just put it right on the pitch and stop fannying around


Yeah Gazidis, we have to be careful with transfers cause if we don’t make anymore we ain’t gonna get in the Champions League anymore then we won’t have a problem with not making signings cause no one will want to f***ing play for us. Bring back David Dein.


There are two different things here. One is the issue about when the time will be right for the club and for Arsène to say the time is right to make a transition. And that’s a conversation that I keep private between myself and Arsène that’s periodic. But I think more important than that is the fact that the actions that we take, the decisions that we make, are all the same irrespective of the time frame that we might be looking at in terms of a transition. Let me give you an example: this year we’re investing over 20… Read more »


Im not one for splurging on players that are no better than we have. Lacazette is worth no more than 40m,Lukaku wouldn’t be a massive improvement on Giroud etc. But we should be throwing 80/100m and trying to land Griezmann/Lewondowski. At the very least it would show intent. How long do you think our best players are going to hang around when they hear or Chief Exec saying we can’t compete with the bigger spenders. F**k that,we are Arsenal. We bit our lip in a tough few years and we have been told we are out the other side. Time… Read more »


Lukaku would be an improvement on Giroud, scoring more goals than our paceless striker at a worse team than Arsenal. And can create his own chances something Giroud is uncapable of


Nobody with a first touch like Lukaku should be worth 50m. I did say he wouldn’t be much of an improvement on Giroud. Perhaps slight one.


I hate to say it, but the ‘future’ they seem to be planning for is utter obsolescence. The negligence of a club that has failed to ,along with leadership, to admit the limitations of the squad, and that the game has changed, will see us fall out of the top 4 this season, and that isn’t a bad thing. The only thing that could force positive change is a negative result now. Otherwise we’ll have another 3 seasons of the same shit. When you’re sitting on £250 million in cash reserves and you’re pleading poverty, it takes some pretty limber… Read more »

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