Twitter to show goal clips – FA Cup rule changes

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In a couple of somewhat relevant bits, Twitter have announced that they’re teaming up with Sky to show clips of goals in the upcoming season.

The social media platform is trying to take advantage of it’s instant reach by providing action from games to users in the UK and Ireland.

David Gibbs, digital director of Sky Sports and Sky News, said, “We’re delighted to be working with Twitter to bring in-game clips to football fans across the UK and Ireland as part of our biggest ever season of football.

“By expanding our partnership with Twitter, we can bring even more great action to an even bigger audience.”

Of course you don’t have to look too hard to find those clips anyway, and the broadcaster has obviously decided to get on board themselves, embracing the new reality rather than shutting it down. What it might mean for the amateur goal clip providers remains to be seen.

Meanwhile, the FA have announced that a fourth substitute can be used in FA Cup games which go into extra time – but only in the quarter-finals, semi-finals and final.

FA chief executive Martin Glenn said, “With The Cup now adopting a straight knockout format from the quarter finals onwards, the introduction of a fourth substitute in extra time will bring extra intrigue and interest.

“Also, from a technical point of view, it will be interesting to see how managers use the chance to make an additional substitution in such high-profile games and the impact it has on the final result.

“Player welfare and being mindful of the number of games people play at the elite level has also been a consideration.”

It’s an interesting development, let’s see how it’s used this season as we march our way to another cup triumph.


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Wenger thinking of bringing his 4th sub on in the 118th minute.

David C

to be fair, Wenger was one of the only common sense voices actually lobbying for this change. I hope he gets UEFA to get rid of the stupid away goal rule next!


Why not from the start? Good rule but odd that it’s only from the quarters onward?


Games hat finish as a draw before the quarters go to a replay rather than extra time


But those replays can then go to extra time, so why not then?

Oor Wullie

Why not just go the whole hog and start televising all PL matches? Take them away from 3pm Saturday kick-offs so lower leagues not affected. I really don’t get why they still cling to that.

Andy G

Move to South Africa (or, less drastically, stream our TV) – we get at least 8 televised games per weekend – last season I was able to watch every Arsenal game live.


It’s the only reason I’m still on DSTV

Andy G

Me too! Sport coverage is too good to say goodbye to.

Oor Wullie

Ha, that might be a bit drastic! I just don’t get why, when we can pick up thousands of illegal streams in the UK, they don’t just televise them instead of spending loads of resources closing them down every 15 minutes only for the people streaming to just start streaming again after a couple of minutes. Not that I want Rupert Murdoch to make any more money or anything but why Sky don’t pursue this more vigorously I have no idea.


The arrivals of James Tomkins and Martin Olsson are met with rapturous applause in the 106th minute as West Ham and Norwich City see out a 0-0 draw in a 4th round replay.


Brian Talbot never needed substituting.

Next stop, an interchangeable attacking XI and defensive XI

Block 93

Why a 4th sub ? Can see rolling subs in future


Did you see all the other rule changes for the new season as well?

Notably, you can have single-man kick-offs from the centre-spot, you don’t get red cards for accidental penalties, you’re not forced to leave the field of play when somebody injures you with a bad tackle, and a few others. It was on the Sky site.


Off the topic, but the introduction of goal line tech and the spray for free-kicks were real improvements last season (or was it the previous season?), credit to the FA.


I love the changes to be honest. Anything that helps the better team win is always welcome to me


Even more rules for refs to make mistakes with


Great, am sure Asano’s goals will be all over Twitter then!……

Ivan Drago

I’ll stick to using the Arsenalist for goal clips

David Hillier's luggage
David Hillier's luggage

Interesting to see how Sky use this. I doubt they’ll just have all the goals from each match free to air on Twitter, their aim is to get people to pay for their subscriptions to watch their most prized asset regardless of the platform.

As for the FA Cup rule, I don’t see why this isn’t introduced for all matches that go to extra time.

Me So Hornsey

Technology for 4th official instant replay-to-ref guidance on

. Offside calls
. Play acting
. Violent play

is already in existence. In my opinion, these introductions could change the game tremendously and actually help the ref’s job infinitely.

When will the FA be brave enough to do it?


“What it might mean for the amateur goal clip providers remains to be seen.”

“The social media platform is trying to take advantage of it’s instant reach by providing action from games to users in the UK and Ireland.”

Well there you go. It will be naturally limited to those two countries, so the rest of the world will [have to] make do with arsenalist. Please don’t forget about us mainlanders when making those reports 🙂