Arsenal 3-4 Liverpool – Player ratings


We were hoping to have much happier player ratings for the first game of the season. Unfortunately, we can only work with what we’re given.

Here’s what we reckon after the 4-3 defeat. 4-3, ugh.

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jack jack jack



For me, the saddest part about today is that even if we bring in Lacazette/Mahrez and Mustafi, which I highly doubt we will, it already feels like we’ve needlessly dropped points. By not getting the business done that we NEEDED to get done before the season, we’ve already cost ourselves points. Senseless. Still love Arsenal though.


Saddest bit for me is being on holiday and the only gooner in a bar, knowing walcott was gonna miss the penalty and then cheering like billy-oh when he scored and then watching us honk it down the toilet and have to put up with a bunch of gloating scousers!

Stuck on repeat...

The saddest part about today for me, is that if we are actually in the market for Lacazette/Mahrez and Mustaf (which I too highly doubt that we are), after today their price each went up as it now even more obvious how important they are/could be for us! So all this fannying around presumably squabling about price is going to cost us even more. AW, if you genuinely are interested in any of them – just pay it!!! You are not going to get them for less any time soon, & especially at 11:55pm on deadline day.


My favorite part is Wenger saying we conceded the goals because a psychological problem with dealing with conceding right before and after half time then directly praising the teams mental strength…. Liverpool were shite, we were much better, we just dont have balls. And by we im taling about our bs team. Fuck this, why would mahrez or any top player want to come to us? Only thing that could convince them is a fat salary, but Wenger would never do that. Im over it, consider this my last post. I have a life to live, i cant keep doing… Read more »

Robert Newsam

Your points are valid & understandable but I think you need to change your name “onearsenewenger” he’s one arse if you still believe he’s the person who can win us the premier league his starting 11 was wrong, his program notes uninspiring (use of word “hope” to win) his dugout reactions awful (head in hands) and post match comments untrue why can’t he ever admit that our overall performance was fing sh** and not talk sh** as usual the first half was even not all us and finally giving euro players extra time of is awful I noticed sagna played… Read more »


It is not he transfers but the lack of mid-field defense that cost us today. Does anyone actually play that role; Is any one tracking runners?


Where is the fabled top quality players that will strenghten our squad??? Oops…i forgot, we haven’t buy them, because we haven’t found top quality players that are (i) available at deep discounts, and (ii) willing to join us. We are still working very hard day and night to find them until we 31 aug 16, 11.59pm, you know – just like we did with Park Chu Yong.


Dont worry if we sign anyone we’ll be the first to know….

Seriously tho, mahrez Lacazette and mustafi wouldnt gave made a difference. The system needs to be taken down and rebuilt. Our squad has great potential, fact. Its a shame we cant build on the few works class players we have

Juxta Position





I love how Xhaka brings leadership and grit to this team. He’s not gonna take any abuse from the likes of Costa and other rather cunty players.

You can see that he is gonna be a very important player for us.


I casted my vote. I was thanked for pooping.

the american

A bit harsh on the Ox i think. He seemed up for it and (albeit uncharacteristically) confident today. Although I too was confused about how he seemed to forget for a few seconds that youre supposed to go TOWARD the ball when its near you in the defensive half


I hope that was a big slap in the face for Wenger after watching how poor Chambers and Holding were. He couldn’t have seriously thought two players that young we’re going to handle the challenge that well? You can see the promise but they can’t be partnered together, one or other + Kos will do fine. Kos + experienced signing would do even better


Santi had 2 assists, no?


need Xhaka and Elneny out there together with Ozil centering them. Then we’ll get a real sense of how this season will go.


It is harsh and he didn’t pick himself- but I thought Chambers had a very poor game. Put us on edge with the dodgy pass in the first half, and he was run completely ragged by Firmino and Mane. Turning him inside out- inside our box, and totally out-pacing him across the ground. It wasn’t until after the damage was done that he was finally given some cover. Have to double up on players like that, I felt for the two of them because the midfield just didn’t help. Holding giving away the silly FK just before half time as… Read more »

Stringer Bell

Just to remind some chambers cost £16 million. He is a liability and I doubt will ever be good enough for us. Feel free to thumb down folks, that’s the beauty of this blog. As for Ramsey in the 10 role, please, another not good enough.


The players we bought from Southampton have so far not developed positively at all.

Girouds' Hair Wax

I reckon a pound or two or xhaka getting the most bookings this season could be a shout. Looks a good player but why bring him on rather than akpom. More naivety from wenger, sad to say but I’ll be happy once he leaves.


Well, that certainly wasn’t the start any of us were hoping for! For a little while, at the beginning of the second half, I thought we were in for a hiding of epic proportions but Coutinho and Lalana went off, Liverpool slowed down a little (we never looked like being able to stop them), and thankfully some player pride kicked in and we clawed a couple back. But, this team needs strengthening and some key players back on the field.


Maybe you should have used to poo-o-meter today

Petit's Handbag

Lacazette got a hat trick today. Reckon he got a ten. Supporting Arsenal is fun!

Vincent Kompany's Forehead

Ratings seem a bit off to me, but its all subjective I guess.

Ox was great even after the goal, though i didn’t notice the bit about him ball watching.

Xhaka a 5? Maybe he’s short on fitness or still trying to integrate but he did fuck all but give away fouls. Hopefully he can improve on that.


Xhaka will be our new paddy … “I am always suspendeeed!” let’s hope he puts in a real shift when he is on the pitch like the big man!


I really fear for Alexis’ mindset.

His body language was completely off today, allbeit he was playing in a different position.

He just does not seem to have the fight, the energy, the will to make a difference that he had in his first season. He doesn’t seem to react as ecstatically when we we score or get angry when we concede.

And unfortunately I feel it is down to Arsenal’s lack of ambition in the transfer window and maybe his lack of trust in his teammates.


Just find it bizarre how unprepared we were for this game. Granted that Gabriel’s injury was late, but we knew for a while now Per was out for the year. Holding and Chambers still developing, could’ve been loaned out, so how we hadn’t got a CB in before today is just a bit baffling. TV money has been on the rise in seasons past, and is going up again this year, so why aren’t we splashing that extra £5m odd to push deals through early? Add to that the fact we’ve been trying to sign a striker for TWO years… Read more »


The universal theme here is that the players are not ready for the season.
Short of fitness, mentally on holiday etc.

Clearly the man responsible for them has been poor at his job to prepare them.


I have an idea. Why don’t we get the players we want proactively before the start of the season rather than trying to pick up other teams cast offs after a month / dropping points and getting many injuries?

I know it might seem like an odd thing to say and no one has had this idea before me but I think it might really help us.


Arsene said post-match…”we are bitterly disappointed”!!
Well what doee he think we fans think??


Cech is turning into Paul Robinson. Shoot from distance and it goes in. Worrying.

This is all Arsene’s fault.


Totally agree, everyone keeps harping on about buying top quality players when there the ones letting us down. Cheq is the biggest waste of money ever,a complete clown and well past his prime, BFGs about the same, Alexis is certainly no centre forward, Girouds a cart horse,nobody knows where the Ox or Walcott should play but Akpom who can’t stop scoring can’t get in the team.


Being at the game today I’m surprised to see Elneny with a 6. I thought he was wasteful in possession and didn’t look comfortable on the ball. Granit or Santi looked so much more comfortable when they came on.
We have a lot of good central midfielders at the club at this moment we really need to find the best combination, and quickly.

Godfrey Twattschlock

Another shite start to a season. Just like the previous one and the one before. Let’s hope it ends here although I doubt it. For fucks sake, COME ON!!!

Someone's Something

How depressing…


Strange game. Not pretty from Arsenal, and most of the comment will be criticism of us, but you have to give credit to Liverpool who scored some really superb goals today. we had a decent first half but second half Liverpool woke up and played really well and we couldn’t handle them at times. Too many important first choice players missing from the starting line up in the end which cost us. Also worrying to see that some of the players out their today struggled fitness wise. Difficult game next week too as both Arsenal and Leicester will want to… Read more »

James Sharp

For once I’d like wenger to gamble on a high priced player rather than our fucking CB pairing


I like to console myself with the thought that this should..should be Wenger’s last season. And then suddenly a shudder runs down my spine as an image appears in my mind. It’s the year 2040. Wenger is still in charge, even though his body has ceased to be. His head however has been preserved in a jar full of water and it’s this unnerving spectacle that appears in our dugout. Tired of perceived non-verbal insolence from his last assistant manager, Wenger has replaced him with a robot, one that has been programmed to be perpetually on silent mode but with… Read more »


The ironic thing is Wenger probably knows more about football than any other living soul, he would be the greatest pundit ever … if only he could get over his desire to manage! However he has done amazing things for English football. Just as a side note I remember back in 1991 thinking “let us win this title and then I don’t give a fuck if we ever win another title for as long as live” … expectations eh! … I bet there were a whole bunch of Leicester fans who deep down couldn’t give a fuck about Saturdays result,… Read more »


As a pairing Coquelin and Elneny add nothing to the Arsenal midfield . Presumably Wenger picked them rather than Xhaka to offer greater protection to the young CB pairing.They were both conspicuous by their absence during the first part of the second half when Liverpool broke through our ranks at will.If Wenger had balls he would have started with Xhaka and Cazorla.As Arsenal were at home this had to be the first choice central.midfield pairing. Ramsey proved that he can have a huge influence upon a game with his Euros performances.That said he also proved that he needs a specific… Read more »

Sideshow _bob

Tbh I really liked Holding. Good first half got blown away in the second which is totally not his fault. I blame Wenger for that entirely. Poor guy really din deserve it. I’m very sure this guy will be a top player in he years to come. Has all the attributes needed to be a good CB Talking about Wenger. Why din he just play Chambers and Monreal or even Debuchy? Throws poor Holding in right away against Pool and then has the audacity to say “We lacked experience at the back” ofcourse u did u idiot. I’ve really had… Read more »

Coq au Vin

Why din u use n apostrophe and a t?


I bang the drum for Joel Campbell enough, but this was a game where they needed him. Not because he was more talented than other players but he never shows the complacency and laziness from some other players.

Godfrey Twattschlock

We’ve all seen him come on so many times and make a difference so why oh fucking why does he not get the regular slot he deserves??? Why do WE as fans not get him when we need him???


Wenger should play striker.

Yankee Gooner

I’d settle for having one of our strikers actually play striker.


Its the first day and I want the season to be over already

Romford Pele


Dan D

Arsene’s chickens all came home to roost today, especially at the back. Disagree with the Granit comment. He was off the pace because he came into a team chasing the game but still showed enough for me to suggest he should have started. Goal aside Walcott showed why he should have been sold and quite frankly I’m not sure what we’re about anymore. We made an OK Liverpool side look great for 20 mins and at home, first game of the season that’s just not good enough. I’ve defended Arsene for the last 10 years but for me, that debacle… Read more »

Far East Stand

Groundhog Day has begun!

Don’t sign players to fill the glaring holes in the squad before the season starts: check.

Turn up for the first game woefully unprepared: check.

Lose opening game of the season: check.

We’ll go on a ten-game unbeaten run now, look like we might finally win the league in early December, fall apart over Christmas/new year, rally a little bit after that, get knocked out of the cups in February/March, fret about Spuds finishing above us, go on a mini-winning streak and sneak into the top four above Spuds.

Brendan Rodgers' self portrait

For all the moaning about not having a striker and CB signed, correct me if I’m wrong but our main targets in each position would not have been fit to play today anyhow based on how the others (Mesut, Giroud and Kos) are being eased back in after the Euro.

Mind you… I will be pulling those excuses out myself in two weeks if we haven’t addressed our clear need in either position.

Wish the transfer window closed before the league kicked off.


Team is a mess. Who does Campbell have to sleep with to be given a fair chance? I’m gonna be that guy and say I’m back to not being convinced by Ramsey. Santi came on and was x5 the playmaker than Ramsey was in the time he was on. Still not convinced on him. Theo, goal aside, brings nothing to the table, yet he will be given infinite chances whilst Joel rots not even on the sub’s bench. Wenger will always prefer his favs. Iwobi shouldn’t be starting. I rate the kid, but he shouldn’t be in our starting 11… Read more »


I must be the only person who wasnt too upset with most of the performance. Sure we conceeded goals in a horrid 10 minute period but lets not forget it was a dominate 45+ nearly all the stoppage time, and once we settled after that 2nd half sting Arsenal were in the game. You take out the dodgy free kick and that belter by Mane and it was a fairly close contest. Its game 1, and already the boo boys are about which will drive me away from the site if I got to read the same dribble each time… Read more »

dr Strange

All of the players get’s a 10. Theres only one failure at Arsenal.

Wenger: big, sloppy, smelly poo zero.


Yes Gabriel’s injury was late and that’s a fact. BUT, Mertesacker’s injury wasn’t late. Koscielny had a european cup. Gabriel anyway wasn’t a player who is first team. He maybe is a good backup. Having that in mind that’s a reason for one CB that we should have boght. Chambers youth is maybe another. And having all that in mind Wenger fucking went for Holding. I don’t have anything against the boy, but let’s be real, he might be ready for the first team in 5 years maybe. Second. We started the season with one right back??? Is that normal???… Read more »


Brutal game. Train wreck that we all were afraid of. Nothing new. Nothing new to say.


Pretty harsh on Coquelin, thought he and Elneny bossed the first half, if anything Coquelin shaded it for me out of the 2, i’d give Walcott a 4 and Iwobi a 6, Walcott did absolutely nothing 2nd half.


I am young, wenger is old so I know I will wake up one morning of one of these coming years and find wenger gone! Now’s that’s THE definition of freedom!


Nothings certain. If wenger dying makes you gleeful I certainly won’t shed a tear if you meet your demise before him. Just saying. “freedom” and all that.


U are responsible for what you understand.. I didn’t read ‘death’ in that comment.


As soon as Scousers came out second half putting young defenders under pressure, we could no longer pass out of defence. Worryingly our midfielders were also unable to control and pass when the panic balls came to them,. Santa’s arrival improved that but too late by then. Coq always seemed likely to get a red and Granit then went into competition with him to get it. It was clear that Coq should come off for safety. Also clear that change get were required to protect defenders. Why does Arsene insist on leaving any change to the “magic” 60th minute? Anyone… Read more »


I do not get the comments regarding Coquelin nor the rating of 5. He created the first goal with a great tackle/interception and won the free kick for the 3rd goal which gave Santi a chance to find Chambers with a cross. He was one of the few players who played aggressively and while he most definitely has a yellow card in him, no red was forthcoming. His partner Elneny, however, was invisible for the whole game, and apart from some brief moments in the first half, he consistently failed to link up play with Ramsey in the number 10… Read more »

Hleb's dancing feet

I strongly disagree with the Iwobi comment.


Hardly surprising. That’s what you get when you confuse pre-season with the real deal. We were energetic the first half and I felt we risked dropping off second half because of that and true enough, we slacked off. Particularly Coquelin was good first half winning the ball for the first goal but seems to me he does his best work next to Santi. The gaffer should have played Santi and Granit today. I would also had risked Koscielny (at least for second half). NO point bubble wrapping them. Not to say Holding and Chambers were particularly poor but the extra… Read more »


Can we get a poo meter for the games? This game, for instance, would be high on poo…


And that’s the metro.:D

Seriously he is his own worst enemy.

I’m not with the fans that think it is that easy to sign players but what Wenger was thinkinh (or not) playing Holding and Calum without at minimum two more experienced Dms/mids like Granit and Santi is inexplicable.

Oh well, at least look on the bright side, had it gone well, he would convince himself we do not need a Cback and that Theo is the business for us.



It says “thanks for pooping” instead of “thanks for voting”


Conceding 4 at home is unforgivable. We went into the game asking two kids to play at CB and then didn’t offer them any protection. What a shambles.