Arsenal TV fixtures to end of November announced


The television schedule for Arsenal matches until the end of November has been released, and there are five fixtures affected.

The games in question are as follows:

Burnley v Arsenal

Original date: Saturday October 1st

New date: Sunday October 2nd KO 4pm (Sky Sports)

Sunderland v Arsenal

Original date: Saturday 29th October 3pm

New date: Saturday 29th October 12.30 KO (Sky Sports)

Arsenal v Sp*rs

Original date: Saturday November 5th

New date: Sunday November 6th 12.00 KO (BT Sports)

Man Utd v Arsenal

Original date: Saturday November 19th 3pm

New date: Saturday November 19th 12.30 (Sky Sports)

Arsenal v Bournemouth

Original date: Saturday November 26th

New date: Sunday November 27th 14.15 (Sky Sports)

This should be everything until the end of November, but the TV companies may dick around with things again because they’re dicks.


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Ducks sake

Hmm we seem to be on TV a lot less than normal?

Usually most of our matches are televised.


These aren’t the only televised matches, they are just the one whose dates of being changed because of tv scheduling

Ducks sake

They are. They can’t show a 3pm game so they have to move it. So these are our only games not including Champions league.


They just know when our season collapses.

Scott P

Looks like a couple more early mornings for us Gunners in the states. I guess I’m still glad that none of them got moved to weird mid-week times because that usually means not watching live due to work.


I totally agree. I rarely get to see a midweek game. Sometimes I’ll catch one of the halves at lunch time if I’m lucky.


Fortunately for me I have a very understanding boss who knows all about my passion for Arsenal, and he lets me take 2-1/2 hour lunches for the weekday games. It’s actually easier for me to see a weekday match than a weekend one because of all the smegging early kick-offs we get, which translate into 4:00 a.m. or 4:30 a.m. here on the West Coast.

At least our new supporters pub has pledged to be open for ALL the matches this season, regardless of kick-off time, so I may just do the 3:00 a.m. wake-up call and drive in for the Spurms match.


I hate when I see Sunday kick offs UK time lol. That means anything from 11pm-3am kick offs Sydney time on a Sunday night/Monday morning. Bloody tough being a fan sometimes but the things you do for love eh


Where will we be placed in the table by the time Bournemouth visit us?!

Hamburg Gooner



That’s the spirit


Actually we will be relegated by then because we didn’t buy a striker.




Fuck me, that’s 4:00 a.m. for the Spurms match! How I hate the early kick-offs.


Once upon a time there were two Gooners and two spurs fans competing over who could catch the most amount of fish.

The Gooners pulled out one fish after another, while the spurs boys didn’t catch anything.

Then one of the spurs boys decided he would go spy on the Gooners to see what’s going on. After a while he came back and said: They have drilled a hole through the ice!


Meanwhile in NZ Bein sport, with no actual broadcasting platform of their own, buy the rights to the EPL, and on sell it to perpetual rip-off merchants Sky Sport

Ponsonby gooner

I hope that bein sports have decent coverage and televise all the afc games- so far it’s unclear what games will be shown, and as you say the cost is more than last seasons plp. Sky here are pretty cuntish


That 16th century picture makes me chuckle every time.


why they always put us in difficult situation with early kick off?


12:30 Saturday kickoffs are awesome. Means the game starts 10:30pm Sat Night in the Eastern States of Australia. Perfect way to wind down after a bbq and beers.