Facebook paying Arsenal to use live service


Facebook’s attempts to gain a foothold in the live video streaming market has seen them enlist Arsenal, and other football clubs, to use their Facebook Live service.

The Wall Street Journal reports that Facebook has ‘signed contracts with nearly 140 media companies and celebrities to create video for Facebook Live’, and ‘likers’ of the Arsenal page on Facebook will have seen it in action this season.

You can watch live streaming of the pre-game warm-up, for example, and other behind the scenes footage. Arsenal Broadband Ltd, which operates the club’s digital & media services, is reportedly being paid around $349,000 over the duration of the contract to produce this content.

Other clubs on the Facebook roster include Barcelona, the highest paid at $1.03m, while great rivals Real Madrid will earn $917,000. Manchester City are being paid $221,000 for their use of Facebook Live.

Facebook Live offers the ability to live stream video from your mobile, directly to your friends timelines or to certain verified pages.

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Personally a little disappointed with the amount we got compared to RM and Barca.
no, we may not be as a big of a club as them globally, but in terms of internet use. Arsenal fans have had many online interactions and I would go as far as to say our fans are the most internet savvy of all the premier league teams.

This would lead me to strong arm another 100-200k out of them… but then again I would have kept Joel Campbell, got a striker/CB weeks ago, oh and I don’t have an economics degree.

Juan Cornetto

I personally have searched “Arsenal Transfer”, “Arsenal newsnow”, “Mustafi” or “Asian babes” about 200 million times this summer from a number of different devices and IP addresses so that must have pushed up our share of use a bit. Maybe that last one didn’t contribute towards Arsenal all that much.

Arsene's Zip

My searches for “up the arse” might have contributed a bit though.

Third Plebeian

I tried that search, and it turns out there’s porn on the internet!


That last search term came back to the club within the Google Analytics terms of what Arsenal fans are searching for. That’s why we signed Takuma Asano

Pav's shoe

I thought he was a bloke 🙁


Maybe work towards getting a economic degree??


I hate it when other companies use our negotiating tactics.
Arsenal: We want $350’00
FB: We’ll give you $349’000
Arsenal: Deal


How did you measure this?


personal experience, which seemingly others feel they agree on.

we were one of the first PL teams to have our own youtube style player, along with man city have the most active YT pages for uploads/views not to mention the numerous podcasts that we have available. and also the unofficial youtube channels being bigger than other clubs.

not to mention the fact that arsenal fans have been known to ‘hijack’ polls.
I dont believe we went into our secret fan room and organised a ‘hijacking’ I think we are just more active online and on social media perhaps.


Not 100% accurate but https://interactive.twitter.com/premierleague is interesting.


I know right! This is the reason we don’t have any new players because we don’t have any money to spend

Third Plebeian

“Arsenal fans have had many online interactions”


I don’t know why, but this made me laugh.


OMG OMG OMG oh wait it’s fucking silly sorry misunderstood

the only sam is nelson
the only sam is nelson

where Arsenal’s live video feed goes, thousands of angry pitchfork-wielding gooners go after, demanding expensive signings and clicking ads all over the place, presumably

Cyprus Goonatic

Brilliant! !!! Another 350000 for the transfer warchest….
Oh wait …….

Injury Crisis FC

Two or three of the handful of sp*rs fans must be coming here just to downvote our comments, poor things.


Fantastic news, hopefully our 600 employees finally get paid this month

St. Cathorla

Makes you wonder how long the staff had to starve for Ozil & Sanchez. Humble sacrifices for a humble club.


Brilliant! Literally spat my coffee out on reading this … LOL !!!

Frustrated Gooner

Pfft! That’s not even 3 weeks of Walcott!


Hahahahaha, the sarcasm pouring out of frustration is comedy gold.


Soooo… In that context, is Poldi employed? I imagine that’d be the perfect job for him @Arsenal #aha


Why do I consider this non-news? Maybe because it doesn’t sound very exciting…


Good to hear that as usual we are in the top four! ?


As long as it’s not replacing Arsenal Player, this is trivial


Maybe wenger is interested in this but not me, I will be interested in a new signing

Godfrey Twattschlock

So the new striker, winger and central defender is coming when?


When they prove they are top, top, top class. Soon.


I’d take a Metro defender story at this point…

Third Plebeian

Ok, so there was once a defender who lived in a big, big city…

Scott P

And cared very much about his appearance…


Thanks who is this new prospect?? 🙂


Can he also play upfront?? 🙂

Third Plebeian

No, Paul, see the way this works is…uh…

Never mind.




Dick Twatter. Nice touch.


So this is what our negotiating team has been busy with the last two months!


It now looks like we have a new defender coming who can fill in up front as well!
Very excited about the season COYG!


And dont forget he will be like a new signing.


Eight days and counting Wenger – the closer we get to deadline day the more I suspect nothing will happen!!!


This is THE signing we all hoped for


Well this mornings blog was a depressing read – good points made about silent Stan killing the club, but depressing all the same!!! Billionaire owners are ruining the world of football – get rid!!!


So little news that I just amused myself by reading the comments policy again!
This was the wrong week for me to take off work..:-(

dial up

Lame fb, lamer Zuckerburg.