Saturday, December 3, 2022

Reports: Arsenal make bid for Deportivo striker

El Confidencial are reporting this evening that Arsenal are set to hijack Everton’s deal for striker Lucas Pérez.

The 27 year old has reportedly been a target for Ronald Koeman but the Spanish publication says that a ‘surprise’ bid from Arsenal has emerged and that the player is keen to move to North London.

The report states that the Gunners watched Pérez last season, with good reports, but no contact had been made. That apparently changed this week when Arsenal came in with a €20m bid and given the choice between the two clubs he’ll plump for North London.

He began his career at youth level with Atletico Madrid and has since played for Rayo Vallecano, Karpaty Lviv, Dinamo Kiev (loan), PAOK, and most recently Deportivo.

Known as ‘Lucas’, he played in Deportivo’s opening game of the La Liga season, scoring a late winner from the penalty spot in a 2-1 win over Eibar, and last season got 17 goals.

He’s hardly the world class option people would like, and this does sound a bit of a strange one, so we’re erring on the side of sloppy.

Update: On the back of new information, we’re making an adjustment to our poo rating, making it a 3. We were tempted to go for 2, but let’s see.

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Van Doorn

I think at this point my only option it’s to click on that full poop bar.


I don’t know, this rumour is so underwhelming I’m afraid it’s true. Either that or the tabloids have learnt not to link us with any big name players…


Yep. Lose lose


His agent was just making up story to increase bargaining power while making substantial wage increase, just like the others.

Bennis Dergkamp

Think this is a solid decision. A round peg in a round hole. I know AW hasn’t been the most assertive this summer, but frankly this guy looks mobile (unlike Bony), is available (unlike Lukaku/Griezmann), is reasonably priced (unlike Lacazzette), has some goals in him (unlike Walcott), has some assists in him (unlike Walcott), has some fight (unlike Walcott), hasn’t mentioned Japanese people (unlike Vardy). I know he’s not actually Griezmann, but maybe he’s more like Griezmann than Walcott. I want Greizmann, but I’ll settle for this.


By all accounts he is a fairly decent striker.


I can’t remember the last time we bought a player that we were ‘linked’ with in the media. Our transfer M.O. is to keep a lid on any deals until they’re ready to announce. When the BBC start talking about a deal I start to take notice tbh. The only time we divert from this path is when an excitable friend tweets a behind the scenes photo from the photoshoot (Xhaka) or someone paps the new guy inside the Emirates (Sagna).


so I did 10 poops!


So it’s made it to the BBC site now – might have to rethink my poops!


Sooo there will be silence for 2 weeks followed by a ‘hes not for sale’ announcement from the ceo of deportivo before everton launch an audacious bid for one pound more and inevitably sign him. The papers will report that we have been snubbed, starting a fan meltdown over a player we never even wanted.

Thierry Bergkamp

Take a chance on Sturridge? Depending on what the medical team (who are clearly useless) make of his fitness.


The guy is emotionally fragile and physically delicate. We need more committed players with a warrior mentality like Kos and Sanchez. I suspect Xhaka will deliver that too.


So we are going from Vardy and Lacazette to a player from Deportivo. Wow


Since when was a player’s current club an indication of his quality? Could name a hundred players to make it that played for mid table clubs or worse.


No, no, no, I want that other doggie in the window – the pretty one that must be good because it costs a fortune.

broken red army

it costs a fortune to get those players because of their quality… you are really mocking someone for prefering a known striker like Lacazette! with fans like you no wonder Wenger feels no pressure even after these many years of medicority.


A lot of people love the security blanket of paying more for something because they think it means better. It doesn’t.

broken red army

a club with this huge fanbase and money resources should do all they can to “secure” success. while at it go mock Juventus Bayern Real Madrid Barcelona Man Utd City Chelsea… they also buy good “secure” quality players. but then what do I know we have way more 4th spot trophies than them combined.


Barcelona and Real Madrid buy players from smaller clubs, they don’t just always get them from Man U Bayern and such.


So now security has become a bad thing? Like… Securing first spot we last did in 2004. LOL

The Doff

Lmao at people coming on here just to find reasons to rant. Stop it gosh, it’s bad for your blood pressure. FREDDO did never say security is a bad thing. He says that the concept of paying more automatically meaning higher quality vs. paying less automatically meaning lower quality is a misconception. Same applies to buying from bigger clubs vs. buying from smaller clubs. Of course you can find a good player for a cheap price at a small club (e.g. Koscielny), just as you can find a Falcao. Nothing wrong with the argument as far as I can see.… Read more »


“people love the security blanket of paying more for something because they think it means better. It doesn’t.”
Sorry Doff boy but I read that as buying expensive players and having more security quality wise is not better. So come off his thing and think before talking garbage trying to be someone’s clown. I have Master of Science in Civil Engineering by the way.


I think pointing out falcoa was a pretty good example of how shit expensive players can be. Imagine if Adsense bought him a few years ago. You all would have been happy for about 70 minutes of the first match, then Wenger out an spewing vitriol about how terrible of a decision he made


“Since when was a player’s current club an indication of his quality? Could name a hundred players to make it that played for mid table clubs or worse.”

Exactly – remember when we signed Sol Campbell?


Not at 28 fella. If they’re true quality they are already snapped up by then.


This is getting tiring. Sick of ‘journalists’ literally making up stories daily. Really glad the transfer window ends soon.

Me So Hornsey

Get rid of Joel Campbell as you only see the potential in him to be a perpetual journeyman.

Replace him with an actual journeyman.

Makes perfect Wenger logical sense. I think this one could happen folks.


Too much hatin’ bruv. Too much


Looks an energetic, mobile and committed chap. Could be really good for us


After reading a couple reports and watching a YouTube compilation, he looks like a relentless Vardy type of striker, but without the thuggery!


I feel like every day between now and deadline day the possibly number of poos should double to reflect our transfer competence


Rather this guy for €20m than throwing stupid money at Lacazette. It’s better than nothing.


why is this getting downvotes? He’s coming off a good season at Deportivo and is cheap, there’s literally no point in spunking stupid money on Lacazette who we all know he won’t take us to a league title.

Putney S.

For some reason a lot of fans are convinced Lacazette is world class. I agree with you though, he’s not worth it. If he was that good, to justify his huge price tag, other big clubs would be interested in him and they are not.


I saw Lacazette play against us in the Emirates Cup and tbh I wasn’t impressed…I don’t think he’s cut out for the PL…Lyon think they saw us coming…the money I hear being branded about for him is just nuts…


I assume a lot of fans signed him on FIFA. I know I did, by 2019 he becomes pretty much unstoppable.


Well, that makes sense.
Obviously Arsene also plays FIFA, has spotted this and knows his contract’s up before 2019.

broken red army

thats midtable mentality for you. you can only put 11 players out there on the pitch so what if Lacazette costs 2 or 3 times more. you want to buy 3 of this guy? field them on as our main striker? Arsenal have the money. accourding to FFP we could spend more than €300 millioms which shows we have had an insanely good financial blanace and of course cash reserves. the very top players of course cost more money because there not many at their level. any other club knows that even with way lower budget because they have bigger… Read more »


Lacazette is utter dross and throwing money just for the sake of throwing money is stupid. He’s out for 3 months anyway so glad Wenger doesn’t have the same stupid mindset as you, imbecile.

Putney S.

At this point I think Wenger’s life goal is to spite the fans by signing a cheap and unknown player, just so that he can say in a presser “Look, I am sorry he didn’t cost £55 million, so he can’t be good.”

Mr. White

Hope this one comes off. He’s a good player from a few times I’ve watched him and I reckon he’ll do well for us


Better than Walcott.

Seaman stains

Unfortunately that is not setting the bar very high!


A plank of rotten wood is better than Walcott


This comment is the reason we need a “two thumbs up” button.


Be fair to Walcott. If he was playing in La Liga and as Deportivo main man he would be their star. Have you seen this boy’s goal videos? Although everyone looks great in mix video. He doesn’t. Awful goalkeeping and defending is the first thing that comes to mind watching it. Higuain or Lacazzete may be better than Theo. They are. This boy on the other hand… At least watch this guy before comparing

Yankee Gooner

Sounds like a moneyball-esque analytic: “sure, Perez is relatively inexpensive, but he has a high Better-than-Walcott.”

Gunner Cadz

Don’t know much about him, can we compare some of his irrelevant football manager stats to Giroud’s like they do on TRANSFER CENTRE.

but seriously, anyone know what type of player he is? can he hold the ball up in giroud’s absence? can he beat players? is he a poacher?

I think when a new signing finally holds up their arsenal shirt it’ll be like Per lifting the premier league.


At this point, I don’t care who we bring in, just have someone who canrepresent the club in case Giroud gets injured…


I’m suprised to have seen no real links with Carlos Bacca as of right now.

I recognise his age – he’s 30 this year – is a bit of an issue but that didn’t put Wenger off Vardy. We know his price is £26 million because West Ham agreed a fee for him but he told them to do one. He has a skilllset which is distinct from Giroud and is proven in both La Liga and Serie A.

No brainer for me really.


I watched him play Barcelona last season. He was very good and seriously highly rated here in Spain.


Yes! I think he’d do pretty well with Arsenal. Good finisher, runs off the shoulder of the last defender, great touch and ball control. I think he would gives us a diffetent option up front! He’s better than Bony on loan and for £17million… think thats a bargain in today’s transfer market.


That one just slopped out of nowhere


There are actually quite many reports of Arsenal scouting him for a year or so. If these reports are true and not agent talk, this guy seems (speculation) to have been a plan B to whom the club has moved to now.


I’m sticking to an Andre Pierre Gignac loan deal on deadline day with him being 3-4 weeks from full fitness.


Never heard of him. Therefore seems very likely.

Off-topic, but what the fuck is the EFL cup? Is it what the league cup is called this year? (Could they actually not get a sponser for it? If so, that’s quite funny.)


A world class name doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the right move, whether the player will gel with the team, whether he can replicate the same results. I’ll just be happy if we get a good player. Welbeck’s signing underwhelmed me at first and I love him now.. whatever happens, let’s just support the damn team, shall we?

Also, I added chocolate syrup to my coffee and that effectively makes me better than all you cupcakes. Deal with it.


Easy! Why bring a gun to a knife fight?

A Gorilla

That would be very mourinho – though he’d probably take a knife to a baby shower.


Nah, he’d just park in front of the door so nobody can get in.

Ducks sake



Certainly within our price range


We were looking into him last season, a very hard worker, not an out and out striker, not and out and out wide man either, but very much similar to welbeck in work rate and actually may be a better finisher.

He has 17 goals, in a small team therefore he is not any slouch, if he can provide fifteen goals i would be happy


Not quite Griezmann is it

Beezus Fuffoon

Griezmann’s available then is he…?


Even if Griezmann was available and willing to leave Arsene would never buy him. If Wenger didn’t sign Griezmann him 2 years ago for £24m then he’s sure as hell not paying 3x that now along with much higher wages.

I was kinda hoping we’d use the Vela situation as a way to get Griezmann back then for under £20m, but of course hindsight is 20/20. Since he was more of a LW Arsene probably thought he was too similar to Alexis.


Alexis and Ozil are leaving next season. It’s blasphemous that we haven’t managed to find a world class striker to get the best out of mesut. Say what you want, but wenger messed up big time this window.

As for Lucas Perez, he’s not world class but he’s talented. Fast, versatile, skillful. He has shades of Arshavin and Griezmann(not as good). Normally a wide forward, but he did well last season. Scored 17 and assisted 10 in LA liga. Still wouldn’t take us to the next level, but he is slightly better than what we have.


Those are 17 goals and 10 assists that would have won us the league last season. He would definitely do well with Arsenal and with Ozil feeding him passes. Not World Class but what really defines world class, anyways? Messi? Ozil? Higuain? Pogba?


Sounds like a lot of goals/assists for someone playing up front for a team almost relegated.

cazorla's smile

That’s almost as many as Mahrez… putting things into perspective


Was hoping someone would point that out.


‘panic-buy’ button officially activated!


At this point we may as well take him, purely from a numbers point of view. But this would be underwhelming, just like the teams management


At this point we could bring out Dean Ashton from retirement.. love that man! Also Ian Wright can still do a job.. doubly love that man!

Little Mozart

This sounds like the usual agent japery to try and force more money out of Everton, and yet it’s just Arsène Wenger enough to actually happen.


Never heard of him in my life yet I’m desperate for him to sign. That says everything really.


I’m bored of getting Arsenal being linked with anyone. I’ve never heard of this guy. And at 27 it says a bit about him. If he was good, the top 4 in Spain would be sniffing about surely?
I don’t know what to expect between now and deadline, but just know that Jonny Evans and Perez calibre players ain’t cutting it for me


How old was Vardy last season? Would you not have said something similar about him then too?


Yes, but in general, it doesn’t strike me as a high percentage strategy to buy little-known, not-so-highly-rated players from mid-table clubs in hopes that they might just “do a Vardy”.


Well he doesn’t have to do a “Vardy” just as long as he doesn’t do a “Walcott” I’d be happy!


If he does a Koscielny or a Giroud I’ll be happy enough.


Ibrahimovic would have been the best option. Experienced, hungry, no transfer fee, perfect for letting Danny develop in his shadow over the next 2 seasons. And despite the fact he’s a c*nt he would have created a lot of excitement among the fans. And we would probably have 1,3 or even 5 points more right now.


Far be it from me to defend Wenger but some Arsenal fans are near impossible to please. If these reports are true, we’re looking to sign a guy that was recently linked to Barcelona; a player that Steve Walsh loved, the same Steve Walsh who discovered the unknown Vardy and Mahrez and Konte. You know the same players you all were begging Arsenal to sign. This is a player that Arsene’s being following for over a year with qualities similar to Vardy, yet all this fucking negativity. Who knew Koscielny before Arsene signed him? Give it a chance before all… Read more »


Yeah, though this moneyball, we’re-cleverer-than-the-rest-of-you-lot-at-scouting approach would feel a lot better if this Lucas guy were just turning, say, 24, rather than just turning 28. He might be good, but, even if he can replicate his form from last season for us (a big if–he’s basically had one prolific season in his career, he’s never played in England, and never played for a big club), it’s unlikely that his ceiling is a lot higher than what he’s produced so far, and it’s doubtful that that’s going to be enough to get us anywhere close to winning the league (and if… Read more »

occam's hatchet

This makes sense. Having loaned Campbell, we need a lefty. He’s not the CF that we still need, but he had a great season. If you’ve never seen him play, here’s the obligatory youtube comp of his 17 goals and 10 assists last season.


Decent player, I’d happily take 15 goals and 10 assists from him, reminds me of Eduardo with some of his touches and finishing.


Honestly I’ve grown tired of watching clips of every player we’re interested in (which is every player in the world). We don’t sign them anyway, and its taking large chunks off my data


He’s a good player, not an out and out no9 type, plays wide or second striker a bit. But in a market where Bolasie is £30m+ he’s a real bargain. 17 league goals for a team that won 8 games and he carried them a bit. If he can adapt to PL quickly he’ll be quite an exciting signing. very Arsene/moneyball type of signing. I’m all for it.


Never seen him play, but based in your description sounds like a Yarmolenko type.

Have I ever mentioned on this board how I would be happy with Yarmolenko as our striker? Sure I’ve mentioned it once or twice.

Maybe a dozen times.


Not as skillful as Yarmolenko. Clinical though. Can play as a lone striker.


Whatever happened to our interest in Yarmolenko?? Are we waiting for someone to sign him so we add him to the endless list of players we ‘almost’ signed?? I’m quite surprised we’re not linked to him considering we’ve been watching him for years

Sideshow _bob

I have no idea about this guy but if Wenger buys him then he must be “Quality” (atleast I hope so). I don’t see any other striker available. Hypothetical question but if given a choice would you sign this guy or Bony on loan for the season? ? I’ve really reached a point where I just don’t care if we get anyone or no *I’ve become so numb I can….*

Oooh aaah Ray Parlour!

He’d be very welcome from me. Not the great solution, but definitely a useful addition. I’m just not seeing it happening though.

Gervinho is Driving

But is he injury-prone?


If it’s a stranger one then it’s gotta be an Arsene Wenger classic signing.

Petit's Handbag

Do you know who would be great….Griezmann. Throw it all at him. Forget the winger, forget the centre back. Just throw it all at Griezmann, literally everything. €100 million, Walcott, Kroenke’s ranch in Texas, Aaron Ramseys groomer. Remember we signed Ozil and everyone forgot the shitty summer? I’d love another Ozil.


Ramsey’s groomer. Ha!


Sounds good to me. Honestly can someone give me the name of a world class striker that is available and whom we have refused to place a bid on? Lyon bloke could not break into a team that dropped Benzema and had ginac…. That’s not a guy you spend big on.


Juventus second striker. Morata went back to real. Juve signed Higs from Napoli… Meaning a young striker who started for Juve last season is available I would think. Bid 25-30m on Paulo Dybala and get a number 9 for a decade.


Is the only reason that most fans on here don’t rate Lacazette that highly really just because he didn’t make the French squad ahead of Gignac? I’ve said it many times before but I’ll say it again (because apparently it still needs saying): that is a very, very dumb reason to not rate a player. Deschamps had worked with Gignac before, and he’s a very similar target man type player to Giroud, the type of player Deschamps obviously wanted to spearhead his attack. Besides, it’s not like Deschamps is some all-knowing, all-wise final arbiter on footballing talent. Maybe, you know,… Read more »

Gervinho's Island

Let’s be having you !!

When Arsene says that if he finds the player he will do it. What he doesn’t say is it must be a player that we don’t know much about prior to his arrival.

In that case, no wonder it takes forever to find him. It seems every signing we make ( with the exception of 3 ) must be procured from left field.


I read a headline today that read:

“Giroud to Score 30 Goals, Solve Arsenal Striker Crisis”

Not sure if there’s any truth to it, but it still lands fewer poops than this report.

Who the F*ck Are Sp*rs.

So snatching Everton targets is where we’re at now? Gotta secure that fourth spot somehow.


From what I’ve seen Koeman’s got an eye for a useful chap.


Griezmann__ Lacazette __ Perez __ or Manolas choose the best and is possible only with a pinch YES valuable precious

Wenger's cheque book

Why aren’t we going for Lukaku?? Let Everton have this guy.


I no longer follow up this rumors from crooked media

spot a looker

He’s a handsome little focker


Shopping at Woolworths yet again

Merlin's Panini

Woolworths? Don’t think so mate. Do you remember the price of their pick n mix? Nice and all but criminally expensive. This guy is, by today’s standards, relatively cheap. I don’t know anything about him. If Koeman is interested he might be good seeing as Koeman seems to have an eye for a good player given he lost practically his whole team to Liverpool and still only finished two points behind them, then finished three points above them last season. However he could be total crap. Like shopping at Wilkinsons. At this rate though, a punt on someone is better… Read more »


He is very good. Linked with Barca at some point. Seen one bloke say he is better than Walcott. I think we know by now just about anything is better than Walcott.


Oh a spurious link to barca! Well fuck me he must be amazing then. No players are ever linked with them are they


He sounds like a striker version of manuel almunia

Da Oli G Show

The Spanish Vardy, without the racism. If it happens, he would be a good pickup. This guy scored 17 goals last year with 10 assists after being moved to striker. He is at an age where he should be able to step right in and produce while still having a few more years at peak. Barcelona were sniffing around, thinking about going for him. Walsh at Everton was trying to get him. What’s not to like? That we didn’t instead buy someone else who isn’t for sale? I hope we get this guy. Especially since if this one falls through,… Read more »


We have to appreciate Wengers masterclass here. Always has a plan B that sort of always fits the Arsenal way. I think this escapes us at times, that not just anyone can play for Arsenal. We have a reputation to protect so Zlatan Pogba and the likes are never going to fit in at a club like this. I genuinely think he was in for Griezmann but got scuppered by Chelsea. His plan B was Laccazete whom he rightly refuses to overpay for. Now for £17million he is going for a player very much in the arsenal mould and one… Read more »



Yes that old elusive plan b. So evident in everything he does


What is overpaying for Lacazette? 60 million, maybe, but if we had bid 45 million 6 weeks ago there’s every chance they would have at least strongly considered it. In this market that hardly sounds like overpaying to me (just like 25-30 million isn’t massively overpaying for Mustafi, but we dithered and the price went up). What’s worse, paying over the odds for a player who may not be Arsene’s dream signing but is probably good enough to significantly improve our squad and help us challenge for the title, or signing “bargain” players on multi-year contracts and giving them very… Read more »


Ohhhh Arsene Wenger’s magic, he wears a magic hat, and when he saw the Premier League, he said I’m having that!


Cadena COPE, Marca & El Confidencial all adamant that Lucas Perez to Arsenal is a done deal. -> This is very promising.

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