Wenger confirms Perez and Mustafi signings


Arsene Wenger has just confirmed that Arsenal have signed Shkodran Mustafi and Lucas Perez.

Speaking to Sky Sports after the 3-1 win over Watford, the Arsenal manager said, “We have bought two players, you know. Mustafi and of course Lucas Perez, we’ll integrate our team now. We have a good little break, we can help them join the squad.

“Perez, because he’s not in the Spanish national team can come straight away, for Mustafi we have to wait because he goes away with the German national team.”

And asked if there might be further arrivals, the Frenchman indicated that the club’s inward business, at least, was done.

“I don’t think so,” he said. “First, we have a very big squad now. We have spent a lot of money now, and we had to work very hard to get these two signings done.

“I was expecting it to go to Tuesday, but Ffrtunately it unlocked quickly on Friday.

“We have no plans for anybody else now.”

Official announcements must be imminent now

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Oh boy! A good day indeed! On and onwards!


Is this the first time that an official announcement has been preceded by our manager’s public declaratioon?


I genuinely can’t recall any other situation like this one. He’s usually silent until the official statement. Surprising, but then again, he was in a very good mood today (for good reason).


If I remember correctly, he did something similar with Elneny back in January.

Karma is de-Bitch-y

He did same with Ospina too 🙂

Stringer Bell

So other than Elneny and Ospina is this the first time he had ever done it ?

alexis' shorts

Yup, after those other times he did it, this is definitely the first :p


Did it with Adebayor too 😀


There is no point pretending he hasn’t done it before imo.


Yes it is…


I think you may find it isn’t…let’s move on.:)


I didn’t see it.

Gooner for ife

Now thats looking like a good team. Sanchez was immense today. !

He wants his own song

An encouraging first half display, a win and two signings? It has been a good day!

Welbeck's hi-top fade

3-1 win over Leicester?


I wish we’d won 3-1 at Leicester.

Unyoke The Ox

I love that smile.


About time he’s had an smile like that. Ozil signed for us after last one I remember




Very rare for Monsieur Wenger to confirm on our signings before official announcement on the home page.

Welcome to The Arsenal, guys!

Bob Davis

Excellent news. I hope they play against Southampton! Be great to go on a winning streak and lead the table!


With these guys, we’re guaranteed a top 4 place. Still don’t think its enough to win the league.
Can’t wait to see how Perez fits in. First half today showed what a fluid front 3 can do. With Perez, Alexis and to a certain extent Theo; we have 3 good finishers that can interchange during games and make Ozil happy.

Was hoping for madness, but oh well…


Just goes to show that you can’t please ’em all…

Patts gone

Would you bet him on what he says? He says we will finish somewhere between 2nd and 4th. Do you expect 1st 5th or 6th? I don’t get why he’s downrated.

Stringer Bell

Maybe because before today’s game he was not happy that Wenger was starting santi in the middle. I guess people tire of the endless negativity.

Patts gone

So its downrated because you became obsessed with him. Although what he said now is logic and fair. Its not called negativity if its fair and logic, its called honest and realistic. Maybe ideas should be published even more anonymous to be received fairly. All considered I think the fact that you dont want to face the reality that again we cant be champions is the reason of your endless frusrtation not the one saying that truth out loud.


Welcome to arseblog. We have alot of them here. Bet the guys down voting my comments never watched lucas perez before.


No, I was happy with Wenger starting Xhaka and Santi together as a pivot as defensively there aren’t that great. It showed in the second half after they changed formation and wenger had to bring in elneny and Wilshere to balance that out.
But hey…logic is negativity in your world.


Patts gone where?

Stringer Bell

To bed hopefully ?

Patts gone

@Stringer Bell Thats all you have against reason? Being a little clown 😀 while at it laughing. To your mom’s bed :))


Lol. To be fair you had it coming mate


Had what coming?


This whole thread is rubbish.

cazorla's smile

so unlike arseblog comments.. who are you guys?

Aminu S.O

it would have been better if you say sanchez, perez and giroud because because of his aerial threat and presence in the box.


Giroud will not be first choice if perez settles in. Wenger bought him as a CF, not as a wide player

Aminu S.O

i totally disagree with you, Giroud will always be the first choice with the current crop of players we have as long as he is fit because he offers something different. i would have loved a situation where Wenger will adopt french tactics in which Perez will play as Griezman.


No Wenger has tried out Theo and Alexis as number 9. Shows he never rated Giroud as a first choice option


They are like new signings


Good transfer period in the end.

Next prayers to the injury gods

Armchair Expert

Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy?

Lord Nicki B

Caught in a landslide. No escape from Mustafi

Hoochie Coochie Man

Open your eyes. Lucas to the sky and see.

A Gorilla

I’m just a poor boy, mohamed elneny


He’s just a poor boy Thomas Rosicky

The Doff

Özil does easy come, easy go
Passes high, passes low

Perez's Pears

Anyway Wilshere blows doesn’t Mertesacker to me

High berry

Caught in a landslide no escape from reality ?


Theo come, Theo Go… Shoot too high, shoot too low… anywhere the ball goes, doesn’t really matter to me.. too-ooo meeeeeee


Archive this thread. Brilliant.

Mesut O'neill

Van Persie
Will not let him go
Let me go
Van Persie
Will not let you go
Let me go
No no no…


Mumma, just got Shkodran
With Koscielny by his side
Harry Kane’s mouth open wide…

Stewart Robson's therapist

Just look at the smile on his face. So wonderful to see. Even though many of the problems this summer have been of his own making, I couldn’t bear seeing him so deflated and miserable after the Liverpool defeat. I don’t think I’ve ever seen him look more like a beaten man.


Now we just need to move Walcott, Wilshere and Ox along to other teams, either on loan or permanently.

Gnabry, Iwobi and the Jeff are much better prospects.


Why so many ”thumbs down”?? Wilshere, i’d keep but the other two, well…….


So. we’ve spent a 100 million. We bought our spine, essentially with mustafi, xhaka and perez addressing key ”spine” issues. What now do people complain about? We’ve spent money and filled all our gaps. Fabled world class striker?

Good Omens

Well obviously we complain about Value Added Tax on the signings vat, has to be something.

Patts gone

Great news! Mustafi I know he was in Germany squad last 2 tournaments and captained Valencia so he is a good addition no matter the cost (I really dont get when some fans argue about how much a player costs we pay top money to watch our team so we deserve watching top players and top players cost top money) On the other hand I have no idea who this Lucas Perez is. Ive only seen like 20 minutes of Youtube videos of him. In Deportivo video he seem to play as a forward and in other ones as a… Read more »


Whatever he will be wherever he will play doesn’t matter for now so long he will get for us few goals and assists.


He’s can play as a striker or a winger.

Andy Mack

He was a MF that became a winger and last season moved to CF, so he’s flexible.


He was used in the MF until last season when used as CF. He scored 17 and gave 8 assists as a CF. Will def play as CF at Arsenal

Andy Mack

Although that’ll be his main position, he’ll also play as a winger when he needs to get ‘match fit’. AWs done that with most CFs as being a lone striker needs that level of fitness, however it’s just not possible with HFB.


I welcome you guyz to our lovely team Arsenal,,big up to Ozil and Xhaka

vusi m

With the current squad plus Mustafi im confident that we can win the champions league

Patts gone

Im afraid its not sarcastic


Get. In.


Three points.
Strangely we still don’t look fit enough.
£100million really doesn’t get you much.
I’d rather the club gave the cash to me so I can go on a boozed up hooker expedition.
You could then all slag me off on social medial when I spend £50million on a one-night stand with some fat bird with a wonky eye.


Do you want another pint?

Bob Davis

You need help.


Leave my sister out if this…

mustafi ten something dodgy

and your sister has never once charged me £50m

Andy Mack

You could get the one night stand (etc) for under 5k but obviously we’d moan less if you spend more!


A good day for us finally. Perez was good all season for Deportivo scoring many goals as a central striker in a struggling team. He can also play on the wings. I follow la Liga and in my view he’s better than Ox and Walcott. He’s played in Greece and Ukraine so he should adapt fairly quickly to the PL. Come on!


And amazingly he’s learnt English on his travels which is a big bonus!


Has anyone else noticed he runs the same way Podolski used to? I think it’s the way they hold their arms. Very distinctive.


Good to see these signings, hopefully people will calm down a bit now. We have a very big squad now and with a match day squad having just 16 players, there’s going to be some very good players not even making the bench. It could turn out to be the biggest problem the manager had this season is keeping everyone happy. Then again saying that, our injury record will probably have a say in that at some point!


Mustafi will solidify our defense but perez will not add much value, chamakh v2.0


Have you told Arsene?


You sound pretty sure about this. I’d rather wait till I see him play before I make a judgement.


Still can’t believe Wenger spent £35m on a “defender”
He has never spent huge sums on average players, especially a defender.
Xhaka and Mustafi must be really really good.
Most journalists keeping tabs on La Liga are convinced Lukas was destined for something bigger.
Feels great that the long summer has finally ended in such an exciting note.


Good win, good news. We now have 4 (maybe 5 with Chambers) competent CB’s – our back line shouldn’t be causing us too much grief this year. Lucas Perez, however, throws a spanner in the works in my opinion. I understand we needed to sign an attacking minded player but small, agile, technically gifted players are not something we particularly lack. I’m assuming Santi will occupy the CM role with Xhaka/Coq but where does this leave Rambo, Ox and Iwobi? I would hope that they take precedence but that would mean we just spent £17m+ on a squad player. Not… Read more »


Perez played as a striker last season, and did pretty well. He was Deportivo’s standout player last season. He’s also about 5’11, though he doesn’t really do aerial balls.

I’m pretty happy with him, though I’m intrigued to see if we are genuinely interested in Gabriel Barbosa


A defender, Mustafi worth 35 million pounds?? Surely don’t expect Wenger to spend so much on a defender…

sixteen swans over ainola

Chelsea needs a defender. Liverpool needs a defender. Man City sure-as-hell needs a defender. And we’ve not only got a 24-year old German international, but a more-than-promising 20-year old (£37M for the pair). Seems like pretty good business to me.


Not just a German international, but a World Cup winning German international.




Ahhh the ‘panic buys’ as the idiotic media will invariably coin them.

The man who refuses to pay 1 quid over for Suarez or spend much last summer is somehow we are led to believe prone to ‘panic buy’.

Panic buy is paying ridiculously over the odds in mid window for a player like Stones at 47m when Mustafi cost 30-35m.

Media pundits who never managed a big club or worked in the transfer window know it all.


Now atleast i wont have to put up with the deadline day madness

Andy Mack

Are you sure about that?


And relax!!!


Spend some time doing a barter deal with an IT provider Bloggs?


Great news.

Now sell the Ox.


I was legitimately halfway through making joke about how he’ll avoid the answer and do his usual parlay… then he just up and said it! Madness.

Think us gooners needed this weekend badly. Xhaka was superb, great to see ozil and Alexis smiling. COYG


Excellent news, but we’re we planning on replacing Campbell? Think we could really use anither good winger. Alexis walks into this team obviously but the other wing is more difficult to pick because the quality isn’t necessarily there.


Gnabry, Iwobi,Walcott, Ox… I’m content.


Perez can play there and he is better than both Walcott and Ox


I thought Xhaka was very impressive today…some of his passing was unreal! Good day ??


Exactly it was too accurate at times! Like Pirlo would envy


The chips from Theo and Ox said it all really.
Alexis tried one at the end when he really should have passed to Theo just to make a point imo.


Hopefully Perez will make them live on the bench

Larry Grayson

This is all a smokescreen so Wenga doesn’t have to spend money repairing the arses.




Will someone please spare a thought for the click baiters out there who have made many a coin from Arsenal fans this summer. They have no-one to provoke now.


Wait for the “Arsenal defender deal abandoned”
“Reports say Alfred Bogbucket is no longer on his way to Arsenal despite other reports saying….”


I’m really enjoying these ham-fisted critiques of Lucas Perez from some people in the comments. As if any of you have seen more than one, maybe two, Deportiva de La Coruna games. And if you did, it was probably a bloodletting against Real or Barca on beINsports. I’m sure you have binders full of data and analysis about this new Perez fella. The goal was always to fish for an accomplished striker who could spell Giroud for 10-15 starts a year. Preferably someone in the Jamie Vardy mold who is pacy and excels on the counter attack. Mission accomplished. Can’t… Read more »


I think most fans want to see a world class striker. It’s clearly a gap since we sold Van Persie


We didn’t really buy a world class striker since Bergkamp.
Henry, Anelka and van Persie weren’t world class when Wenger bought them.

Aminu S.O

now that we have concluded our transfer businesses in a way; what is left for wenger is to find the right balance in the team to know which player plays a particular match as every match comes with its own tactics and he should learn not to stick with the same players for all matches.


Perez is no improvement on Girioud and I doubt we will be able to compete with the two manchester clubs. 4th place finish again this season


You don’t know anything about Perez.

And you clearly don’t know what place we finished in the league last year.


Erm we finished second because the other teams like Chelsea were very poor. It was our best chance to win the title and we choked big time


What do u know about Perez? I know he aint no Griezmann!


May as well not watch the rest of the games this season then, if you know what’s going to happen?


Do u honestly think we will be title contenders?


I don’t see why not, but very difficult to predict whose going to challenge in such a competitive league. Can’t make any judgments after 3 games, but I think our squad is looking very strong.


Look errrrr…he was not meant to be a replacement for Giroud, more for Welbeck, or to change things up, or to be an upgrade/arsekick for Walcott, but I think we may even have better than that!
Time will tell….but a great gamble at minimum cost.


Mustafi is a good signing. No complaints about that


With today’s result and the 2 signings officially confirmed, it’s been a good week overall


Good news! Really like Perez based on few sightings in La Liga but I saw Xhaka top of this list lol..http://soccersurgery.net/inaugural-poo-poo-list-5-worst-summer-transfers/


The biggest poo poo about that article is that it got written and published in the first place.


Happy about Mustafi, one for now and for the future, now just hope we can rotate the defenders acordingly to give Holding some chances and rest players to avoid burn them out.

Cant say much about Lucas Perez since i dont follow La Liga (prefer the BuLi), so i will save any opinion on him after he plays some games for us


Soon we will be able to play with GPS (Giroud, Perez, & Sanchez) in the attack. As long as the GPS can help drive the ball into the net and we are winning, I’m content. Good win, shout out to Xhaka-Fantastic today, welcome Mustafi

Andy Mack

Not ‘SPG’ (as in Vyvyan Basterds Hamster… look it up)..


Mustafi is an excellent backup for Holding.

I hope Mourinho gets punched in the throat

United needed an extra time winner against Hull! So to he’ll with this “Manchester clubs are unbeatable” mentality….with Xhaka, Mustafi and Perez we shall be better……I will hold my judgement till the end of the season..
for now I just want someone to punch that c*nt Mourinho and the video goes viral on YouTube..I will die happy

Arsene Used To Know

Great weekend all round. Happy with the play and the players. Mustafi and Lucas will improve us. Hopefully, we can now get Sanchez and Ozil to sign their contracts. Wow being an Arsenal fan is such a roller coaster and that’s why we love this club. CYOG!!