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Wenger: Oxlade-Chamberlain has it all, but he must believe

Arsene Wenger says the upcoming season is crucial for Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, and has called on the 23 year old to really fulfil his potential.

Not for the first time, however, the Arsenal manager has suggested his issues have more to do with his mentality than his talent, saying that the England international has it all as a player, but lacks the confidence to really kick on.

Speaking after the 3-1 win over Chivas Guadalajara – in which the Ox scored a superb solo goal – Wenger said, “It’s a very important season for him. He has been out for a long, long time.

“He has been injured and did not go to the European Championship, like he should have done if he had been fit. That’s why I’m cautious with him. I gave him 45 minutes, now 70 minutes. I hope I can get him through and fit for the start of the season.

“He has it all, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, power, penetration. It’s difficult what he doesn’t have – that’s why I would like him to get to the level he can go to. Maybe he doesn’t completely believe himself how good he can be and that’s the final step for him.”

The comments are very similar to ones made by the Frenchman at the beginning of last season when he urged the Ox to have more self-belief.

“I think Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain must believe more in himself,” he said in September 2015.

“He must believe more in his talent and that will help him develop as a player. I think sometimes he is too critical of himself. I would like him to play with the freedom and express the desire of his talent.”

Obviously staying injury free will be a big part of that, but heading into the final two years of his contract, it feels like Wenger is telling him to earn a new deal at the club.

Let’s see how he goes, but if he can take some of this pre-season form into the new Premier League campaign, he’ll do his chances no harm at all.

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Hopefully this time he kicks it on and fulfills his potential, we see this every season. Still need a new attacker though.


The right side attack is up for grabs, even if we make an addition in the market, with about 50 club games, there is plenty for someone like Ox to have a big season. Hope he does to.


So, he should play with the handbrakes off then? Just say it Wenger, you know you want to.

Unyoke The Ox

I’ve had this username for around 3-4 seasons, waiting for him to live up to his promise. Let’s hope it’s this year.


Don’t worry, our wonderful fans will make sure he believes in himself…

Dale Cooper

In the words of my hero, Hank Hill, ‘believe to achieve’.

broken red army

and to think you believed we were in for Mahrez


We could have Mahrez and more. Our manager is sadly lacking tactically, in the preperation of players before games and his in game mgt Ild like him to go out on a high but I can only see all of his weaknesses being highlighted this season by the new breed of managers. Those that see players need direction and instruction, a clear structure. Professional players nowadays have had everything done for them from such an early age. Keown henry et al were all highly motivated individuals who you could tell to go out and express themselves they knew how to… Read more »


It’s a bit hard to be confident when you have injury problems lurking in the shadows all the time

Rozza the samourai

No injury would prevent TGSTEL and Balo from believing in themselves.


Before last season he also scored a great goal and then…… Let’s see if this is finally his season


I would like to know what people think of the Mahrez situation. Wenger said we are looking for a player up front and a player at the back. If we bring in Mahrez does that mean, that he won’t bring in a striker? We know we’ve been looking for a striker, so is Mahrez a way to circumvent the fact that he doesn’t quite seem to be able to find the right player, or would he do both, if we could? Didn’t he say we only need one? I’m a bit confused as to how this might play out. Any… Read more »


Don’t tie yourself to the idea that Wenger saying “we’re looking for someone up front and at the back” literally means we’re buying one striker and one defender and then calling our business to a close. If Mahrez refuses to sign that new deal at Leicester (have to say it’s starting to have the encouraging feel of the Nasri saga about it) and a good striker becomes available then there’s absolutely no reason why we wouldn’t sign both. Sure, that may not be the case, but there’s no reason to rule it out either. Wenger’s so guarded during the transfer… Read more »


Do we have a full-time sports psychologist at Arsenal? That might help him unlock his potential. The Ox has been unfortunate with injuries, but he certainly needs to work on the defensive side of his game. When you have someone who has a very high risk/high reward game, they do lose the ball once in a while, so maybe his decision-making needs to improve there (ie, when to go for a safe pass and when to go for broke). I think we need to tie this guy down long-term, no matter what. For me, it’s a positive thing that he… Read more »

Jack Wilshere's fibula

Does anyone else think he’d make a decent striker ?


No, he wouldn’t

A Gorilla

Potentially, but he hasn’t got that instinctive finishing that you expect from a striker. Theo seems to have the finishing these days, it’s the rest of his game that’s complete rubbish. Ox’s general play and Theo’s finishing would be a nice combo

A Gorilla

A far better combo would be Mahrez and a long term contract


Theo’s finishing??? Where have you been watching Walcott, on FIFA?


No, I’m pretty sure he’s been watching all the goals he’s scored down the years.

A Different George

Theo’s weaknesses are his ball control, his judgment on picking out a pass, and his decision-making in general. He makes great runs off the ball (very good judgment there) and is usually a fine finisher–if it gets that far.



Strong body, super talented, can dribble and has an eye for the goal. Time is also on his side.

It may be difficult for him to practice the central striker position with the Arsenal however. We will always have specialised strikers who would outperform him at this stage.

Frank Bascombe

I and no doubt others on here, have witnessed this kid light the entire ground up. He’s got the ability, it’s just a matter of harnessing it and producing it on a consistent basis. Which, as others have pointed out, is difficult when subject to long-term injuries. I hope he manages it for himself as much as the club to be honest. He appears to be a genuinely decent fellow. Up the Gunners!

Fucking OX

We all know how good he is, but the time is now. #nowornever


Would absolutely love him to be consistent and injury free, he’s a powerhouse at his best but he’s got to produce goals and assists in a wide right role, his record of that is very poor. Could well be his Last season with us though, hope not and he has a solid season


Same for Walcott. If both haven’t got a good season it’ll be time to sell them


We would certainly regret it if we sold the Ox after this season, or even in this window as some people would like it. He is a star, always has been.

Maybe you want to join these other clubs selling players for peanuts and buying them back for nuggets.


Wenger sounds more and more like master Oogway from kung fu panda with every passing day.. “You have to believe”(in oogway’s voice)…


“Penetration” and “power”


For a player who’s been at arsenal this long, you would expect him to improve his passing skills.


*whispers* ‘could he be the one’


If we can get Mahrez and give Akpom a chance upfront, I will take that over buying just Lacassette. Akpom can put them in the net if you have players like Alexis, Ozil and Mahrez playing behind him. Akpom is a better striker compared to Theo. He has a Physical presence that Theo lacks, in combination with pace and skill. He can only become better with game time. That’s just my opinion though.


I’m no Arsene Wenger here, but from what I’ve seen he doesn’t quite look ready yet, and I’m not sure anyone would be satisfied with that solution. If he does a Coqwobi just come back here and tear this comment to pieces:)


“i’ll be back.” *Terminator Voice*

A Different George

I think I prefer going fully retro and buying L’Eighttrack, rather than settling for Lacassette.


If the Ox can stay fit and get a run of games under his belt, I think we will see an explosive player that can be a game changer. He has shown glimpses of his potential and I really hope he can kick on to the next level and prove all the doubter wrong.

Ox Sans Box

Me without the mental box baby! LANS!


Let’s not forget his really solid performances for England before he got injured the last time. I love watching him play.


Patience is needed, he’s still pretty young. Now back to Walcott ummm….

Colin hockeysocks



Nice point jarnik, I concur. Akpom could just do a ‘coqwobi’ and come out tops. I wrote an article on the possibility of that actually happening. Plus getting mahrez and the whole pack of Alexis, Ozil and xhaka behind him could just see arsenal unleash a star in the making especially considering his age and potential. My point is: enough of the loans. I can’t really see loaning him out again as a viable option for making him better. He has not exactly hit the ground running since his loaning expeditions started. Scoring only a handful of goals all through… Read more »


Coquelin, Campbell, Bellerin, Iwobi.

Plenty said they would never be “arsenal quality”

Ditto Ramsey and Theo before they turned 23yrs.

Ox is on the cusp of realising his massive potential. He could be the next massive thing this coming season. The common assumption/mistake of the average layman is that everything stays static. But players improve…alas.


The OX. Is a complete package, without being injured For chuba I think he has quality feet to lead the line, but he might do a balo if he nets 20goal a season. Chicken brain.

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