Arsene’s 20th anniversary – the best of the press


On 1 October Arsene Wenger will celebrate his 20th anniversary in charge of Arsenal. Over the course of the last 10

Over the course of the last 10 days, there’s been a number of fantastic articles written about his time in charge of the club…so you don’t miss out, we thought we’d link to them here.


The Guardian’s Ed Arons – “Twenty years of Wenger: where are the Arsenal manager’s rivals from 1996 now?”

Amy Lawrence on top form – “Arsène Wenger: 20 years at Arsenal – an incredible journey of joy and frustration”

Arsène Wenger’s 20 years at Arsenal – in pictures and his own words

The Guardian’s Barney Ronay – “Arsène Wenger should have won more but English football owes him a lot”

David Dein and Pat Rice talk to The Times’ Oliver Kay – “20 years on, how visionary Wenger transformed Arsenal”

Cartoon satirist David Squires on “Arsène Wenger’s 20 years at Arsenal”

The Telegraph’s Jeremy Wison – “Meet the other Wenger – Arsene’s brother reveals the Arsenal manager’s untold story”

Fever Pitch author Nick Hornby for ESPN – “Arsene Wenger’s early success at Arsenal excuses his years of failure”

Can you name every player to score for Arsenal during Wenger’s reign? Try here. 

“The Wenger Revolution, Twenty Years of Arsenal” – a new book by Amy Lawrence and Arsenal photographer Stuart MacFarlane.

Hungry for more?

Here’s The Goonerholic in majestic full flow – “Twenty isn’t plenty”

And finally, our take on the top 20 moments of Arsene’s 20 years. 

If you’ve come across any other articles that we’ve neglected to mention, please do share them in the comment section below. 

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I don’t think i am emotionally/mentally prepared for when this man is no longer our manager.


It was twenty years ago today,
Arsene Wenger taught our club to play
We’ve been going in and out of style
But we’re guaranteed to raise a smile
So may I introduce to you:
Arsene Wenger’s brilliant Arsenal team!


As much as I’ve criticised him in the past I’m inclined to agree. Regardless of his dodgy decisions or his good ones, he’s our Arsene and that’s as simple as it comes. What he’s done for this club when you look at the big picture is massive, he revolutionised not just our playing style but the club’s entire approach to how it perceives football and the professional footballer should be on and off the pitch.

Not only is he an excellent manager but he seems a really excellent person too and that’s rare in football. Shit, it’s rare in general.


I thought BBC Sport’s feature was uncharacteristically interesting.


There’s only one Arsene Wenger…salute


the recurring theme is how he inspires respect and loyalty in his players…George Weah said he would break his neck on the pitch just to win a game for Wenger who treated him like a son and an equal…Wenger is a humane, intelligent and classy man…we will miss him when he’s gone and I do hope England don’t get him and go with Alan Pardew instead, as I just can’t imagine Wenger coaching Rooney…just wouldn’t be right…

Andy Mack

As you say, it wouldn’t be right for AW to have to coach Rooney but with his language skills I think he’d learn the appropriate grunts and groans to be able to communicate directly with him 😀


I honestly doubt Wenger would pick Rooney for his squad.


7amkickoff did a great write up about Wenger in his own words. Worth a read:


Magnifique, thanks for linking.

David C

Read the Jeremy Wilson one first with Wenger’s brother. Really good article!

Thanks for sharing the links, haven’t read a few of these.

Rob Fuller

It has been an absolute privilege to have had Arséne as the boss of my beloved club. I remember the George Graham era fairly well, times were different then, football was different then. Our knowledge of the club and the players was different then, limited, one dimensional.
Since the birth of digital social media, we’ve gotten closer to the players, to the pundits and journalists and the managers, we’ve gone behind the scenes at the club, we’ve witnessed, stage by stage, a progressive move from a majestic, historic ground to a shiny new, space-age football amphitheatre to be proud of (despite the horrid name and uber-commercial aesthetics)- and I defy anyone to argue that the Wenger era has been the best in our club’s history. What he achieved in the first half of his tenure was nothing short of miraculous – what came in the second half was more conservative, frustrating, leaving us wanting more but after 20 years we’re still left satisfied and proud – an era of two halves… reminds me of a certain recent game of two halves against a certain club in West London with a certain player (c*nt) we all love to laugh at – Wenger’s tenure has been a game of two halves – thankfully, much like said Chelsea game, Arsene’s Arsenal did so well in the first half that the second half, despite being less impressive, has still left us laughing, beaming proudly, proud to be a Gooner! Thank-you Arséne Wenger for 20 years – when your time is finally up as boss, I hope the impact that has, isn’t too much of a negative one.


This has been fantastic and I’ve read em all. I especially liked the Telegraph one with Guy Wenger. Here is the big difference between Ferguson and Wenger. For the media, celebrating Fergie was about loving his successes – his team building, the way he motivated his players, the rivalries and the trophies. With Wenger, it is and was always about the man. If you’re noticing a distinct improvement in the quality of writing, it’s because there is no better muse in world football than Arsene Wenger. And the way we love him for his personality, quirks and his way with words, the media shares that with us. Wengers footprint will be cherished for generations and it makes me teary-eyed thinking of when he’s gone.


Fuck the media. Always hating on us and Arsene but loving Cuntinho. Us and Arsene have too much class for them anyway. #OneArseneWenger


Wow, that article with his brother is amazing. Very insightful. I love to read stories like that.

Antispuds returns

And one bad result, we get the banners out


The bloke on the Arsecast (who I found initially really annoying) said Wenger changed the shape of English football for many reasons, but the main one was that English teams started to really believe in foreign coaches and the rest is history. Wenger Vanguard legend!!


Has anybody else just been constantly on the verge of tears over the last week reading all these wonderful things about this wonderful man?


Titles would/have been good but Wenger’s legacy is MORE than mere titles.

He’s brought a style of football to the game that is definitive to Arsenal.

He has elevated the quality of the English game to being one of the pioneers to usher in the higher technical quality of the continental (French) game with the atheleticism and directness of the English.

All this done with achieving a MINIMAL standard of 4th or better even during the seasons we were bleeding key players.

In between he master minded not only a move to a bigger stadium that would guarantee the club a long term stronger financial position to compete with the oil rich clubs, but he also created the confidence to attract the financial investment in the first place through his prudent management of the club, early successes and his excellent mind in the transfer market to this day.

He has also overseen the development of many players from Henry to Fabregas and recently Iwobi.

Yet many still lack the humility and question his ability. They said he is an idiot for starting Alexis and persisting in him up front. Do they not remember Henry, Toure, Santi, Arteta and RVP all switched to different role successfully by Wenger?

Granted it has been a reign of two halves but in recent seasons following back to back FA cup wins, we have been steadily progressing upwards again. NOthing is static. Unless you listen to the press pundits, history doesn’t need to repeat itself and it hasn’t unless you are backward thinking.

Unless you confuse the George Graham years with somehow synonimous with success in Europe when in truth, we have never been a force on the continent by ANY stretch of the imagination until Wenger had us consistently in the top table of the competition EVERY SEASON.

Yet this is some how still not good enough.

Its as if we have some people who like to take things for granted because they feel things can only go upwards when Wenger goes. The reverse as we have seen from some big clubs recently is also a big possibility.

Opinions are good, nothing wrong with them but when they poison the atmosphere and become negative in effect, they are poison.

I suggest a bit of humility will go a long way.


Just a big thanks boss for the achievement et the investment…


So, how did y’all do on the goal scorer quiz? I got 71 but managed to forget Arteta and Ox (amongst others)!

Arshavin's fake moustache
Arshavin's fake moustache

He’s a role model. A great. A hero. I don’t know why but I really do get emotional about this man. There’s something inspirational about him that I can’t understand.
Perhaps it’s his class in the face of the bad times and the pressure. Perhaps it’s the effect he has on most who’ve played for him. I don’t know.


Great to see so many deserved tributes to the great man. I found this gem of an article the other week:


Next England coach………..are u havin a laugh??!!!