Gazidis says something about Wenger


Ivan Gazidis has said something about Arsene Wenger.

The Arsenal Chief Executive was a speaker at a Vatican City conference on sport and faith entitled ‘Sport At The Service Of Humanity’, and some quotes emerged today about the manager and his future.

“He’s been clear and we’ve always been clear, that’s a mutual decision as to how long he’ll continue,” he said.

“Both need to be on the same page on that. Arsenal is not Arsene Wenger. They’re not one and the same thing.

“In a football sense, he has transformed the club.”

So, there you go. Are you any the wiser about the club’s intentions towards Wenger, or Wenger’s intentions about possibly renewing his deal?

I don’t think so. There are no clues or hidden messages here. This is not like playing side 2 of Dark Side of the Moon backwards at 45rpm and getting orders from Satan to kill all postmen named Paul.

It’s not like that at all.

Other speakers at the conference included Prince Feisal al Hussein, former All-Black captain Sean Fitzpatrick, Douglas Tinwhistle, Marmaduke Phillips – head of the UK’s Olympic Fencing division, and Father Ulick Magee.

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The wankey Ivan Gazidis went to Rome to see the pope!
The wankey Ivan Gazidis went to Rome to see the pope!
The wankey Ivan Gazidis went to Rome to see the pope…..& this is what he said…FUCK OFF!
Who’s that man called Arsene Wenger, who’s that man we all adore…..


“This is not like playing side 2 of Dark Side of the Moon backwards at 45rpm and getting orders from Satan to kill all postmen named Paul.”

Where do you come up with this stuff?

Let out a good chuckle. Hilarious.


Everyone knows that. But the postman’s name was Peter. Not Paul. 😉


I thought it was Pat. Oh wait, that’s the bloke with the black and white cat.


Ooooh Ahhhh Ray Parlour
Ooooh Ahhhh Ray Parlour

He’s a bloody awful postman too, I’m not saying he should be killed, but it would be far more suitable if it was him than Peter who I don’t know from Adam.

The Only Olivier is Giroud
The Only Olivier is Giroud

I once played some of my dad’s records backwards and I heard this voice coming from somewhere far off going “Stop fucking up my vinyl records, you little shit!”. Was creepy as hell.




Excellent. Best comment this week

50 Shades of Gandalf the Grey
50 Shades of Gandalf the Grey

I get an advert in the android version… “West Ham police urge residents to carry this weapon with them at all times” with a picture of what looks to be a lightsabre…definitely needed in that part of London!


I get the exact same ad, except I live in a suburb of Vancouver BC so it says “Surrey RCMP urge residents to carry this with them at all times” (doesn’t have the word “weapon” in it). I’ve never clicked on the ad (because I will never click on an ad) but I think it’s some kind of really bright flashlight, in a really tough and heavy case so if the light doesn’t blind your attacker you can smash them over the head with it.

High Plains Gooner

“Fallen Jedi acolytes HATE him….”


I wonder if Ivan’s speech syncs perfectly with the Wizard of Oz?


I’m half way through checking that out. So far, so good, I’ll let you know.


Leave me out of this!


” Arsenal is not Arsene Wenger. They’re not one and the same thing.” what i read is that the board or ivan or both are definitely ready to let him go. He ‘s transformed the club and they are sitting on a pile of cash. So thanks Arsene we can move on without you.Cause if he stays, Arsene will want to spend the cash on bigger players and I am not sure they want that direction.


You may have missed the joke. Just as well it’s not a nightbus.


off topic, but fuck mourinho


Fuck united too


How can ‘fuck morinho’ ever be off topic?


Because John Terry is a cunt!


Postie John-Paul II

Galtee gunner

Like it or not Gazidis and Wenger both know that the fan base has been divided over whether Arsene should get a new deal or not. My feeling is that they will be cautious and wait and see. Meanwhile i can only assume Gazidis is drawing up a shortlist of replacements. I do find it strange that Gazidis got drawn out to comment on the subject at this point in the season. He is usually so careful with his words


Gazidis is famously full of shit, don’t forget that. He is a regular Peter Pettigrew (seeing as I’m seeing Harry Potter references I thought I’d throw my own in).

Antispuds returns

I would call that divided. The wengerout squad barely represents 1%. Arsenal fan Base is not only in North London you know.

Andy Mack

Even in north London it’s a tiny (but fucking loud) proportion.

Third Plebeian

I no longer care what the hairless Don Draper says.


Gazidis better at least offer Wenger a contract at least. No way he can say that “Both need to be on the same page on that. Arsenal is not Arsene Wenger. They’re not one and the same thing”. Wenger is a fucking legend least he deserves is at least an offer from the club. #OneArsèneWenger

silent g

Ha ha. Ulick Magee. Is he related to Phelim Magroin


The club have been clear for years in saying Arsene decides when it’s time to go. I don’t think that will change, given the loyalty Arsene has shown the club.

Personally, I’m ok with another years.

Bennacer and the Jets
Bennacer and the Jets

Is it important that ivan be allowed to speak? Personally i think arsene can’t stand him, no evidence to go off though

Naija Gunner

Where the hell is fat gunner?


In a dark basement somewhere, hoping Arsenal fuck something up so he can crawl out and complain about it.


Good question but can’t say I miss him


I’ve been wondering this for weeks, I miss that guy.

Antispuds returns

He is some where curing his depression. One bad result by team and he will feel better and start posting


The title of the article should be ‘Gazidis says nothing about Wenger’


I don’t think I’ll bother looking for the Holly Grail in Gazidis message either. I’d be shocked though if Wenger decides to leave to take the England job at the end of the season and there is no plan already in place for his replacement. That would make me wonder why he was giving this kind of speech at the Vatican in the first place.


Fat gunner is busy tormenting our sis blog ‘justarsenalnews’..pretty sure after our next defeat he’ll come crawling back here


I miss rambling Pete.

David Hillier's luggage
David Hillier's luggage

Arsenal is not Ivan Gazidis either