In pictures: Arsenal 2-0 Reading


We’re through to the quarter-finals of the EFL Cup after a 2-0 win over Reading. You can watch the highlights if you like, but here are some of the best pictures of the night.

And as requested, let’s have a caption competition. Here’s the picture we’ve chosen for that, leave your captions in the comments below.

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Good to see Gibbs captain the side. #COYG


Nightclub later? No I’ve no chance pulling if we go out tonight. Even him, Elneny, is much better looking that me. What’s the point, I can’t even dance.

Arsene's handkerchief
Arsene's handkerchief

Caption competition:

Boss I’ll only break two of his legs?

(Gabriel discussing revenge tactic with Arsene over the Lucas challenge)


What do you mean two? I know at least five English words!

Call me ishgael

Arsene’s trainers look well class, i’ll have 2 ta puma


What do you mean you just need two more for a threesome? I like elneny I don’t want to kill him…


Caption competition “Gabriel incensed at the referees decision, decided even more violence would rescind his yellow card”


What do you mean you only want these two? What’s wrong with me?


No, shrek.. Donkey has two new friends now


Where’s Gibbs #2?


Gabriel: Mr Mourinho, now that I have you tied up here, I will give you 2 choices. Would you rather die by drowning in a pool of marmalade or choked to death by huge meatballs? Either way, my boys here will fulfil your choice. Boys, you know what to do. I’m going to bathe.
Giroud: Consider it done boss.
Elneny (in his head): damn, i just sanitised my hands.


But nobody told me i needed a beard to come in


“Pen Pineapple Apple Pen”


Gabriel : what do you mean he is from the land of twotankhamun!?


How do you three feel about Diego Costa?


Gabriel: I have a pen!

Cliff Bastin

Mom’s spaghetti


When you call your hoodboys for a group fight…