Thursday, January 27, 2022

Video: Arsenal 6-0 Ludogorets – extended highlights

Thanks as ever to our pal Arsenalist, enjoy the 6-0 win over Ludogorets again. Goals from Alexis, Theo Walcott, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain and a hat-trick from Mesut Ozil did the job.

If that’s not enough, check out our player ratings here.

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Looking good. Nice to find that we’ve a 20 goal a season striker who’s been nicking a living as a 2nd rate midfielder for the last couple of years. 😉
Nice to see a wee bit of Lucas too. Obvs stepping up to the plate to be king of assists now that spot has been vacated..
Fingers crossed regarding our favourite little Spaniard, no?


***Advisory note***

Make sure there’s a box of tissues close by before playing this video…


I’m going to put this on a perpetual loop for about the next fortnight. Stunning stuff!


Stunning stuff.
Will be interesting to see how Pep responds to his first managerial mini crisis?
I’m hoping for a Mourinho style breakdown, with Mourinho trying to upstage him.

Malaysian gunner

Imho,Arsenal are still trying to walk with the ball into the net. The Ludogorets team
is athird rate team. Arsenal will face a much tougher test against Boro.
The Boro players know the gunners style and will try to hit on the break.
This is the 7th game the gunners have won in a row. Obviously at some the winning run
has to stop. Its better the gunnersdraw/lose in Oct before starting another winning
run against the big teams in November.



That’s not better IMO and with all due respect. We take 3 points where we should. Game by game approach is better management of our current form.

Trixie Bird



Yep. Losing games. That’s a great tactic that I’d love to see




Possibly the stupidest thing I’ve read on the internet today well done!


You must be Djorou


That’s wicked of you all the way from Malaysia


I realize that some people just have to go out of their ways to be negative, but you have taken it to a new level of idiocy. Give yourself a smack in the head and clear out the cobwebs.

Honestly, all six goals came on medium to long range shots, and you think we were trying to walk it in? What’s the matter with you?

And why on earth would it be better for Arsenal to lose?

I’d be amazed if your IQ had as many as two digits in it.

Cliff Bastin

Nitpicking time! Walcott scored a great goal but needs to calm down a bit with his impossible-to-reach cutbacks. Perez did 2 perfect ones.

Who am I kidding COYG

rishi opel

I really enjoyed that. A great win.

Got to keep the momentum going. I hope Lucas and Elneny start on Saturday!

Gudang Bedil

Is the video posted on Vimeo? Because I can’t access it fron my country (Indonesia). Shame. Anybody have alternate source?

Gudang Bedil

Thank you SEAn brother


Really great performance. Shame the Guardian seem to be the only media outlet who report on the nature of the performance with gusto. A couple of small observations…did you notice Alexis’ piss taking ballerina 2000 degree turn before the 3rd goal? Very funny. Defensively we need to tighten up quite a bit. I think we may struggle with good aerial players but let’s see. If we attack like this, who cares. On the subject of attacking I still think we can be a little more ruthless. This seems churlish after a 6 nil win but there were a couple of… Read more »


The no look lob by Alexis for the Ox shot that was saved… Amazing Sanchez

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