Wilshere says England snub was ‘final straw’


Jack Wilshere says that being left out of Sam Allardyce’s first England squad was the ‘final straw’ that saw him seek a move away from Arsenal this summer.

The 24 year old joined Bournemouth a few days later, and told the Daily Mail that the lack of England recognition, along with a competitive environment at Arsenal, made his mind up to go somewhere else to play regularly.

“There were a lot of midfielders and the manager brought another one in,” he said. “I’d been injured for a while, and I was thinking I was at a stage of my career where I needed to play.

“I’m 24 and I’ve already missed too much football, and if I want to get to where I want to be it’d be no good coming off the bench in every game.”

And on his omission from the squad he said, “It was the final straw. It hurt not being in there.”

Revealing how the move to the south-coast came about, he said, “It was the Monday and the transfer window was closing on the Wednesday so we didn’t have long to sort something out. But I’d decided that I couldn’t have a season where I’m not starting.

“I spoke to the boss and he said, “You will play”. But I wanted more than that. I want to play week in, week out, be an important player for the team.

‘I’m at my best when I’m playing regularly, when people are relying on me and I’m an important member of the team. I said to the boss, ‘You know what kind of player I am, what type of character I am, I need to play, it would be best if I leave’.”

While you can understand his desire to play, the idea that he should start every week for Arsenal after such a patchy injury record was fanciful.

It was up to him to play himself in contention, perhaps it would have required some patience, but today – with others injured and suspended – is a day when his chance would have come.

It remains to be seen things will go, but it does feel as if Wilshere has one foot well and truly out of the door at this stage.

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Last bloke to leave his studs in Jacky in a match was Mc Nair ( a disgusting “tackle” on edge of the box)………guess who he plays for now?
I do hope we don’t get smashed about today, or at least if we do, we know what to do about it.


How much chance of that with Atkinson in charge? Well I say in charge, maybe I mean pretending to be in charge. I’m sure McNair, Cattermole and the extra from Shaun of the Dead who manages them will be rubbing their hands together at the prospect.


Its like the old saying goes, sometimes you need to take a step back before you can take a step forwards – and I mean no disrespect to Bournemouth when I say that, as I do like that Eddie Howe is sticking to his principles of trying to stay up by actually playing football – not the constant negative tactics you see from the likes of other ‘lesser’ teams. Ultimately I think this was the best decision for Jack to make, because if he had stayed at Arsenal this year, and he didn’t really play at all because of fitness… Read more »


I’m trying to look on this as Wilshere taking responsibility for the situation and taking a step or two down in order to ensure his long term place for club and country.
At the same time it does come across as a little self pitying given his history of injury. I hope it’s all the former and none of the latter.

Mr. G

I’d say both. I figure his decision to move is rooted in the desire to be a regular starter for club and country, but yeah it also reeks of self-pity and a sense of entitlement that, when he’s fit, he walks into the team. Roy Hodgson’s ridiculous decision to name him in the Euro 2016 squad based on ‘merit’, after a grand total of three substitute appearances in the whole of last season, and ahead of someone who had a really good season like Danny Drinkwater probably added to his ego and sense of entitlement. The problem is, in spite… Read more »

Eternal Titi Berg Pat Nostalgia

Jack is more talented than all our central midfielders. Do not confuse talent and form.


I don’t believe that Jack is more talented than Ozil, Santi or Xhaka (that’s who he’s competing with). Plus he doesn’t offer the same defensive stability as Elneny or Coquelin.


Really? I’d say he just wants regular football to get back into contention with Arsenal!!!

Lord Bendtner

You know, given his injury history, I wish that even if he decides to leave hr develops into a fine footballer and goes on to captain England one day!


Not captain arsenal? Therein lies the rub for me, his ego took over at the England snub.

Toure Motors

There’s a whiff of entitlement about those comments.Not nice to have to say that but there is. If you believe so strongly in your talents then you should trust yourself to take opportunities rather than thinking you’re entitled to start


Sounds like Debuchy and at least Debuchy knew there was a younger and better player that he was competing with!

If getting into Sam Allah Dyce was his yardstick, its a pretty poor one and it’s right for Wilshere to reassess his priorities.


Stuff England and stuff international football. Your club should come first Jack.


Can I be the first to say Wilshere is a typical English lad? He’ll play well at times, get caught in controversies for smoking and drinking, be complacent but always mercurial, keeping us on touch with those games where he lights it up. He looks already like a man who drinks too much, look at the lines on the edge of his eyes. A true throwback, but someone who gets caught out in today’s game. Roy of the Rovers, never giving up the ball early enough (still shake my head at comparisons to Cazorla- please, don’t insult Cazorla), being hurt,… Read more »


The injuries have ruined him. He’s looking like Merse did when he was in his mid 30s at Portsmouth. Clearly class but no legs.

Such a shame.


I’ve always felt Wilshere put his international team above his club, not a criticism but more of an observation. He’s just more passionate about England than Arsenal. If he had to leave Arsenal permanently to be playing regularly for England, he wouldn’t think twice.


Not sure what makes you think like that. Have seen plenty of passion when he wear Red and white.


Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying he’s not passionate about Arsenal, because he’s one of the most passionate in our squad. His passion for England is just higher in my opinion.

Thierry Bergkamp

He looks closer to 34!
If he’s good enough to make it at Arsenal, he will. If he’s not, we move on. There’s been too much hype over him, who’s had too many injuries and one good season.


Plus one!


I really don’t understand Jack and his desire to move away and I think we don’t see him in Arsenal shirt in future. And not because his injuries or abilities but because of this attitude. He wanted to leave the club because he wasn’t sure he can handle the competition. Jack has never been not selected to the team, if he has been fit. He was getting gametime in the begining of the season. And because once he wasn’t chosen to England, he went to somewhere where he can be big fish in a small pond. He would be getting… Read more »


But why you had to wait till the lowest point Jack to understand you really need to start delivering and manage your game and body well? Most of the fans love to see you on pitch but you are no good with 8/10 months injured.. As far as AFC is concerned, I have to be selfish and say that at this point you are not good enough however as someone who has followed you since last 5 years, I won’t be surprised to see you replace Santi in long run.. but only if you work extremely hard on fitness and… Read more »


I just hope he can get enough games at Bournemouth and stay injury free


I think at this point Jack should just shut up, put his head down and get on with trying to show everyone this quality midfielder that he believes he is instead of making very subtle passive-aggressive comments towards the club that has stood by him through all his misdemeanours and injuries whilst paying him a fortune in wages over the years for just a handful of performances.


Your comment is absolutely bang on the money.


Except that’s exactly what he’s done by going to bournemouth. This move is no different to Jenkinson going out on loan to west ham which had gone well and he looks to be great back up now to bellerin. Like CJ he wanted to continue playing regular football in a good premier league team to maintain a level o performance that would be difficult from yeh bench. In my book he certainly has a better chance of staking a claim to the left midfield slot atleast intermittently with the talented competition we boast. The only difference between jenks and wilshere… Read more »


I’ve absolutely no problem with Jack leaving for first team opportunities somewhere else, but his Arsenal career ia finished, he’s not coming back a first team footballer for us. Injuries definitely robbed him of an extremely promising career at Arsenal. What a shame.

Brendan from NY

I watched the Bourne mouth game last week, where played the full 90. He was really rather poor. Many misplaced passes in critical moments. He also seemed to get pushed around quite a bit. We are not missing anything

Brendan from NY

Forgot to add, we have plenty of young midfielders who could do with some playing time in the efl. Jack had many chances. The club needs to be brave enough to cut bait sometimes.


I give him till Christmas before he is injured again.


Ox was getting stick last week for saying he wants to play more, Wilshere now. They both want to improve and show what they can do to get into the Arsenal team, and people have a problem with that now? Wow. Agree that Wilshere could have played today if he stayed but that’s probably only because of Cazorla, Ramsey injuries and Xhaka suspension. I think people forget how little Jack has played over the last few years. How many more minutes has he got for Bournemouth than he would of for us so far this season? The move will improve… Read more »


Personally think he should have stayed on but looks like it was his decision that forced Wenger’s hand on this one.

In other news, who is Jaime Vardy?;)


Who is Jack Rodwell? It can happen to Wilshire too if he isn’t careful.

_Ghost Machin

I’m sorry, I disagree about him having one foot out of the club.

In my view he is the perfect understudy and natural successor to Santi Cazorla- I even think he has the potential to be a lot better.

Diaby will always remain as a warning of the player that might have been. Players like him and Wilshere get hacked so badly that injury is inevitable. However, if he can learn from players like Ronaldo and Messi how to minimise injury, he can still be one of the best players in Europe.


People are reading way too much into his clients, especially blogs. There’s no suggestion of “one foot out the door” from Wilshere in the slightest, nor is there any suggestions of entitlement. He’s simply made it clear to wenger that he wants to get back to his best and that playing from the bench wasn’t how he thought it best. Good on him, I anything it shows he’s not afraid to play in a team o less talented players and push himself harder in this league. Like his loan at Bolton I believe this loan will see him find a… Read more »

Dan D

This is a difficult one for me. Wilshere is technically very good and when he burst onto the scene he looked like he could become a world beater but we all know what happened and I’m not convinced myself he can ever achieve quite what he threatened to. I have long argued with the guy I stand next to (yes stand) at the Emirates that for all his obvious ability there is very little end product from Jack. There have however, been flashes of brilliance along the way (the Norwich goal and pile driver v West Brom). But my problem… Read more »