Alexis: ‘No problem’ to play against United

Alexis: 'No problem' to play against United

After his two goal salvo against Uruguay on Tuesday night, Alexis Sanchez says there’s no problem with his fitness and that he’s ready to face Manchester United on Saturday.

The Gunners travel to Old Trafford for an early kick off, and Arsene Wenger will have to decide if the forward’s hamstring injury on top of travel fatigue might keep him out of the starting line-up.

However, as you would expect with Sanchez, he’s up for it. Quoted in La Tercera, a Chilean newspaper, he said, “I travel to London today. Iā€™m training on Friday and travel the same Friday to Manchester to play on Saturday at midday.

“There are no problems to play.”

All of which sounds good, but let’s see how he is when he gets back and is assessed by the medical staff. It would be a nice boost ahead of what is a big, big game.

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Monkey nuts

The league has to take priority over PSG so I would expect him to start the game on Saturday if he is in 1 piece.

David M

absolutely, especially when you consider Bayern Munich, Bayer Leverkusen, Real Madrid and Juventus are all in 2nd place in their groups. It would be just our luck to win the group and then see that as our potential opponent list


To be fair – I am not bothered about playing a big team in the next round of the UCL. What bothers me is how we consistently get drawn against Barca or Bayern. I would love to see us have a go at the likes of Juve or Madrid, Athletico, just basically any other top European side other then Munich or the Tax Dodgers because its so boring getting knocked out by them, there’s nothing new about it, I think that mentality effects the team as well and we’ve developed a sort of mental block against them.

I’d love a big tie European with someone completely new.

Lord Bendtner

Were we expecting him to say anything else?
This is a man who would give his 100% to the team even if he was limping.
He defines dedication and love of the game.
Others should learn from him

Dann Gunn

Like you. šŸ˜‰

Lord Bendtner

I like (*borderline love) you too šŸ˜

Vincent Kompanys Forehead
Vincent Kompanys Forehead

Learn to be a dumbass?

His dedication is admirable but can cost both his club and country in the long term


would rather have this than danny sturridge who seems to self diagnose himself regularly

Someone's something

Ofc he’s ok. The lad could go around with an open double fracture, with bones sticking out of all kinds of weird places, and still say he’s ok. Can he even feel pain?

Does he feel anything at all?


Not actually sure if Alexis is human…


I’d prefer Sanchez to be on the bench against a team below top4 on Saturday. Cech, Jekinson, Gabriel, Holdings, Gibbs, Coq, Ramsey, Ox, Iwobi, Jeff, Giroud will do just fine. I 8-2 see another 8-2


Your pisstake didn’t turn out that funny man. nice try


No Shaw, no Smalling, no Bailly, no Ibra, no Fellaini, no Rooney..

Maureen better wear 2 pairs of underpants on Saturday…

Stewart Robson's therapist
Stewart Robson's therapist

I fear that he will play someone speedy on the left wing (Rashford, Martial) to exploit Carl Jenkinson’s weaknesses. Having said that, Jenko isn’t nearly as bad as some would have us believe. Hopefully it’ll turn out OK.

Bendtner's Ego

Except Carl is fairly quick.
Always was (he’s got a motor like Ramsey).
It was the mental aspect (positioning) that got him in trouble, especially after he had a long layoff due to Sagna playing every match.

He’s just not Bellerin fast, but few are.

A Different George

My issue with Jenkinson–not his fault–is that he does not click with Theo in the way Bellerin does. I think Theo will be spending more time covering back then he needs to do with Hector, and I don’t think we’ll see the little interchanges in attack that have helped create so many chances for Theo. Obviously, Alexis and Ozil–and Theo himself–are part of the reason for those chances as well. But Bellerin definitely plays a role.


Did anyone see Wenger’s press conference this morning – I only caught the end. Did he if Sanchez is going to play this Saturday?


He said they need to assess him and something about him being honest about how he is feeling. so basically i think alexis will play some part in the game. lets just hope he doesn’t get injured. tbh i would even consider resting him against or coming off the bench against P$G just in case..


Cheers for that. Shame about Bellarin though. He’ll be missed just as much as we’d have missed Sanchez.


‘Tis but a scratch

bob davis

Is it worth taking a risk with Sanchez, look what’s happened to Cazorla?

I’d play safe and just let Sanchez sit this one out.

Let Giroud lead the line up front.


I hope his fit enough though and all the players can contribute positively to winning the game on Saturday …COYG

Appropriately Vague Yet Meaningful Comment
Appropriately Vague Yet Meaningful Comment

Damned if you do, damned if you don’t.


I can see Alexis sprinting up and down the plane all the way back from Chile.

Scott P

Everyone in economy class flipping out because of the turbulence caused by his powerful strides…


What airplane? He’s going to sprint back across the Atlantic, his legs churning so fast that he hydroplanes above the water.

Always a Gunner

I will still want Sanchez to play this weekend and srest for the games against PSG and Bournemouth.I prefer Giroud Play against against a physically strong back 4 team like PSG.


If Carl will start, then Ramsey will be starting ahead of Theo

Tasmanian Jesus

Action Man


Please bring him on in the 70th minute. Giroud should start, this so feels like last season when we listened to him saying “he was fit”