Angry Wenger warns Chile over ‘suicidal decision’ to play Alexis


Arsene Wenger says it’s absolutely essential that Arsenal’s medical team get access to an MRI scan of Alexis Sanchez’s injured hamstring and warned the Chilean national team that they risk a suicidal decision playing the striker if he’s not fit.

The striker has not travelled to Colombia for his country’s crunch World Cup qualifier but could feature against Uruguay on Tuesday if he recovers sufficiently from the problem.

The reigning Copa America champions are currently seventh in the South American qualification group for the 2018 World Cup after an abject run of results.

Speaking to beIN Sports about his star man, Wenger confirmed the muscular injury and outlined his concerns: “I got a text last night (to say) that he has a hamstring injury.

“The team from Chile has travelled without him and they kept him to try and get him fit to play Uruguay for the second game on Tuesday night.

“I believe that with a hamstring injury. We have to get access for our medical staff to the MRI scan to see what grade it is, how bad it is and make absolutely sure they don’t make any suicidal decision that could harm his future for two or three months.

“That is absolutely important. It’s a grey area between the national team and the club team and of course they look at their own results which I can understand but we have to preserve the health of Alexis Sanchez.

“He always wants to play and that’s where it is a more sensitive case because he’s always ready to play even when injured.”

Any serious injury at this time of the season could see Alexis miss a huge number of games. Let’s hope a sensible resolution is reached.

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F*cking hell. Morons.

Wenger's Medulla Oblongata

Hopefully sanity prevails. Can’t have a knackered Sanchez at this stage of the season.

Eternal Titi Berg Pat Nostalgia

What does Giroud think about letting Alexis play on Thuesday ?

Figuring out whether you meant Tuesday or Thursday is the most I’ve ever used my brains in a long while

David C

my 3 year old made up a great word: Lasterday. It means the last time he did something or saw someone. It could have been a week, but he’ll ask my sister if she remembers playing with him lasterday?

ok, I’ll get back to work now.


Mine liked the word “tomorning” for tomorrow morning.

King 14enry

Fuck this, I’m going to Chile to find our Alexis and bring him safely back to London. Who’s with me?!


I’m coming with you. I’ll bring the tools

Kampala gooner

U might need a straight jacket to achieve getting him back to London.


Count me in if ticket is free 🙂

Arsenal's Vardy

Saving Private Alexis.


Saving Alexis’s Privates, more like


We should start kickstarter project for funding to bring Alexis back.


Can we sue the Chile football federation if he plays and gets a more serious injury? I mean this in all seriousness.


We could just offer to have them cover all his wages for however long he’s out — AND pay substantial damages to AFC for any game we lose while our top striker is incapacitated. (Plus offer a class action lawsuit, on behalf of Arsenal fans worldwide, for the ’emotional pain and suffering’ they’ve had inflicted on them. 😉

Le Jim

What a bunch of twats. Combined with the big oaf who went after Lucas’ ankle, this is even more infuriating.

Godfrey Twatschloch

It was with the feeling one would watch ones own toddler being attacked by a lummoxy 6 year who doesn’t understand he’s actually causing permanent harm. “What? NOOOOO!!!”. The fat oaf should have had a bop right on the nose by the ref for that one.


He’s going to play. We all know it.


Arsene to the Chilean Football Federation: This is War! <– if Alexis were to be risked for the Uruguay qualifier instead of resting him.

Yorkshire Gunner

Doesn’t Sanchez have a responsibility too?

Dan Gunn



Let’s face it.

He’s gonna play.

Then he’ll be out injured till February.


Just in time to play in the next internationals. Chile don’t care if he gets injured.


Hmm, interesting that its hamstring rather than calf now.

If thats the case its usually two-three weeks minimum, that would mean he’d miss United and PSG. And thats best case scenario.

Campbell's forehead

A hamstring injury is generally a 3 week lay off. I know Chile vs Uruguay is an important game but it just seems ridiculous they would risk playing him with that sort of injury. I have my fingers crossed it’s not that bad, we need him against Man U but I doubt that he’ll make that game.


It isn’t an important game it’s Chile vs Uruguay

I don’t see any “Arsenal” in that anywhere.

Campbell's forehead

Important from the perspectives of Alexis and Chile – not a personal point of view.


Holy shit this is the equivalent of Wenger kicking a shoe at Chile’s face


On the players part, it will be stupidity too to play knowingly that this may keep him away for 2-3 months if injury gets aggravated.
And then he would not sign a contract because we could not win the league because he was not available for quarter of season.


The Chilean FA is clearly run by a bunch of brainless idiots…. I hope they don’t qualify.


Yes and Arsenals history with injuries is impeccable.

Venus Pinewood

I have air miles to donate. I must say you bunch of worry worts really cheered me up. Fuck thought I was neurotic.


If he is injured and he does play then well…. he is a cunt. Or a fucking idiot. Or an Idiunt.


What did you say about my Alexis?

Irish Gooner

I love Alexis but jesus hopefully he has the cop on not to play in this game. It would be the height of stupidity. Its his call basically…


If Alexis plays, shows his commitment to Arsenal. Hope he doesn’t play.


F*ck Chile National Team!!


Sampaoli is off. The new better not buck the trend!


I think Alexis playing will be dependent on how their colombia game will go. If they win, he may not be rushed for the Uruguay game. On the other hand, if they lose, we all know him together with the Chile FA will make his name the first one in the team sheet. So fingers crossed Oooooospina does us a favour and lets Chile score a goal of two. Taking one for the Arsenal

David Hillier's luggage

Just had a look at the CONMEBOL fixtures, Chile don’t have another game until mid-March, Alexis is definitely playing against Uruguay – they could’t give a rats arse if he was injured for next two/three months, he’ll be fit on for their next game and that’s all they care about. Clubs like Arsenal should play hardball with small minded associations like this and demand appropriate compensation for misuse of injured players. If someone at Arsenal figured out the financial cost of losing someone like Alexis for three months (I’m sure we could show that having such a player missing could… Read more »


I pretty much agree with you, but the only problem is that Alexis probably wouldn’t. I doubt he’d sign a new contract if we did that.

Bob Davis

He clearly wants to play every game he possibly can. Even if it means playing through the injury barrier. Hope he doesn’t get injured! Can’t believe we’ve lost Bellerin…


While the Chile FA do seem like a bunch of hopeless short term thinkers from this article, I think a Alexis is an experienced footballer and should know what is good for his health. If he agrees to play for Chile while nursing an injury like that I think he should be sold at the nearest possible opportunity.


I think you are all forgetting something. Le Prof said it, he said Alexis always want to play ball whether he is hurt or not.Hell, he doesn’t like to be subsituted and u r talking about benching him? If his legs are dead and dragging on the pitch, Alexis will still want to play


Can’t even turn to football for good news. November, why you so cruel?


Right I am digging up my Gran…defcon1


I fucking hate international fucking break

Alexis Sanchez

Y’all should calm down. I’m fine!

Vincent Kompany's Forehead

I suspect Sanchez, much as i love him would make the stupid decision to play, I don’t its entirely the Chile management urging him to play

Jack Kaye

Sanchez should not have travelled to South America if he was nursing a hamstring injury. If he plays whilst injured he will more that likely be unavailable for a considerable time – probably 3 months. The blame lies with Sanchez for travelling, Arsenal for allowing him to travel and for Chile playing him.


Can only imagine the Chilean manager wants to play mind games with the opposition as is often the case with high stakes international games. Makes no sense whatsoever to play sanchez no matter what grade tear it is. If sanchez really has a tear in his hamstring then that is just another example of how FAs and fifa treat players like pieces of meat and there’s nothing anyone can download about it. Thats not what anyone needs to feel, especially when football is usually an escape from the reality of things like Trump treating the public… Like a piece of… Read more »

Naija Gunner

Fuuuuuck November…..

Naija Gunner

…. Had to get that out mmmmmmmn

Thierry Walcott

If he plays knowing very well that he shouldn’t be playing, then sell him to cash-rich Juventus and buy Griezmann…This ain’t Football Manager and I’m obviously saying hi from the other side. Hello


I’m chilean and if he is really injured, he’l not play, and this is bluffing over Uruguay.


But if he’s fine and plays, Uruguay is considered the Stoke team of southamerica, if you know what I mean