Arsenal’s November record for the last 10 seasons

Arsenal's November record for the last 10 seasons

So, November is upon us, and it’s a month that has been up and down for us over the years, it’s fair to say.

Arsene Wenger insists his team won’t be dwelling on what happened in the past, saying, “We’ve had in difficult Novembers in previous seasons, but we’ve also had positive ones in our history too.

“The most important thing is to not live with the past, we have to live with the team we have at the moment.”

Which is obviously the right way to look at it, but just to have a record, here’s our November record for the last ten seasons.


Played: 5
Won: 1 (1 x CL)
Drawn: 2 (2 x PL)
Lost: 2 (1 x PL, 1 x CL)


Played: 6
Won: 3 (2 x PL, 1 x CL)
Drawn: 1 (1 x PL)
Lost: 2 (2 x PL)


Played: 6
Won: 5 (3 x PL, 2 x CL)
Drawn: 0
Lost: 1 (1 x PL)


Played: 7
Won: 2 (1 x PL, 1 x CL)
Drawn: 4 (3 x PL, 1 x CL)
Lost: 1 (1 x PL)


Played: 6
Won: 3 (2 x PL, 1 x CL)
Drawn: 2 (1 x PL, 1 x CL)
Lost: 1 (1 x CC)


Played: 8
Won: 4 (3 x PL, 1 x CC)
Drawn: 0
Lost: 4 (2 x PL, 2 x CL)


Played: 5
Won: 3 (2 x CL, 1 x PL)
Drawn: 0
Lost: 2 (2 x PL)


Played: 8
Won: 4 (2 x PL, 1 x CL, 1 x CC)
Drawn: 1 (1 x CL)
Lost: 3 (3 x PL)


Played: 5
Won: 2 (2 x PL)
Drawn: 2 (1 x PL, 1 CL)
Lost: 1 (1 x CL)


Played: 8
Won: 3 (1 x PL, 1 x CL, 1 x CC)
Drawn: 2 (1 x PL, 1 x CL)
Lost: 3 (3 x PL)

Key: PL, Premier League : CL, Champions League : CC, Carling Cup.

Thanks to @jimmylovestea who has made this visualisation of the results

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I guess it’s th average points in November compared with the rest of the season. Sure I saw something like we are a point per game lower oon average.

Andy Mack

All the bigger teams have that problem because they come back from (usually) an Interlull break and CL games in eastern Europe to play ‘park the bus’ teams in the PL before they can fully recover. So lots more draws (but yes we have good and bad Novembers).


I’ve mentioned that I’d happily take a draw over all of PSG, Spurs and United because we are the ones with advantage in terms of CL group or league standings. The response was rather split and most of us are confident of taking 6 points against both Spurs and United. On current form yes I agree but Wenger’s record against both Poch and Mou, and counter attacking teams overall doesn’t bode very well. I’d like to be as optimistic as the others but being as someone with a midlife crisis I tend to look at things half full. 😔😔


We’ll do well to get 6 points against both Spuds an Moan U. There’s only 3 on offer for each. Pedantry aside I’d take 4 total from those two games. Would be nice to beat spurs in the league. Feels like we mostly draw these days.


Given we’re at home to spurs, they’re shit as balls and on a poor run, we’ll beat them. Plus, Janssen has a massive arse and we can cope with him.

United on the other hand… They even beat us when they had that Tit Moyes And also LVG and given that record of ours against Mourinho combined with our OT record ill take a 0-0 right now if only to nullify the united gloats if Pogba or Ibra score or assist. *DAB* #cringe although a win would be delightful. Either way, we cannot say 4 points in these games would be a bad result before we play. In hindsight id like to be able to say four points would be a shocker once we smash them both.

akshay sund

In the 2013/2014, Arsenal did really well. During the 6 games, Arsenal won 5 and lost one. As an Arsenal fan I would prefer a win against Spurs and draw against Man United. Also a draw against PSG.


beat psg as well


We are expecting too much of the squad, yeah we should be winning all the games
But considering we have done so good this far, I think a win against Spuds and a draw against both Man Utd and Psg is pretty reasonable


Don’t really buy into this November nonsense peddled by the media. Then again we lose a single game and the broken cannons come out.
December into January is where we appear to lose steam. Hopefully our strength in depth will counter that this season.


Totals: Played 64, Won 30, Lost 20, Draw 14.


not as bad as its made to look then


20 Ls are pretty bad mate


Well from Wikipedia Arsene’s Arsenal stats are P:1135, W652, L219, D, 264.
That’s a win Percentage of 57.4% and loss of 21.9%
Last 10 years Novembers read
Win %= 47% loss %= 31%
It’s not the most rigorous stats I agree but I know I always look at the table and if I see a big team (utd for last few seasons) with a win % of less than 50% I’m happy. Not title winning form. So I’d say these figures probably suggest November is not a shiniest time. As you can tell I do love a number. Would be interesting to compare other months but sadly I have actual work to do.


Are the majority of those PL losses been to big clubs in November or teams towards the bottom of the league?


People say it’s going to be a difficult month for us but i say it’s going to be a difficult month for our opponents…COYG!

Petit's Handbag

Any idea when we last went unbeaten in November??


does ring a bell


The answer is in your question.


Hi Fabulous.
Ever time I feel a bit down, I just imagine Jose in his hotel room …..
Perks me rite up!

Andy Mack

You know that he wears a gimp mask and high heels when he’s alone though?


Shank, cheers mate. Arsenal doing well and Mou made to look the actual tosser that he is really does keep the dark, depressing days away.


Any update on Danny Welbeck?
Was he ahead of schedule a little while back or is he expected back in the new year. He would add some huge depth to the squad going into the Christmas schedule.


If I remeber correctly, he is ahead of schedule but it means that he should be available in January. He was expected to be back in March at first.

Le Jim

I think he’s expected to be back in the New Year, which was ahead of schedule. Pretty sure he got injured in May, and was expected to miss 9 months 🙁


Interesting, but doesn’t show who we played or the state of the squad in terms of injury during those times. The teams during those times were very vulnerable to a few injuries as the squads were nowhere near as strong as we have now, I’m sure we’ll put up a better showing this year.

abdul amadu

arsenal can beat any team in november


Beware the ides of November.


This is vicious circle folks. Critics will say that its period between Nov till Jan that does the most damage and knocks the wind out of us. So even if we have a decent Nov, it would not matter.
I think even from blogs point of view, personally I would have preferred if such posts were never published as it just increases the nervousness. We have played 3 big games already and results were “acceptable” within the circumstances. There’s no reason to be pessimistic. Nov like Dec and Jan is just another month. We never in past decade or so had this bench strength and balance. I am positive. COYG!!


A bit of a media storm if anything, however, my birthday is in mid November and there is definately a re-occurring pattern of playing either or both of Man Utd and Spuds around that time.

Almost seems too often to be coincidence. I’m actually more confident about the Man U game as we seem much more cohesive and solid away from home this season. I do expect the boys to be totally charged up for the Spurs game though so looking forward to both.


Not as bad a as I thought to be honest. Then again, that season we went about losing 3 PL games in one month…ooof.


How did we manage to play 4CL games in 2012-13? That’s too many CL games for one month.


There’s the November test followed by the December one. After New Years we have the January, February (hold your hats) and March tests.

If the squad can pass these, we’ll move on to the warmer weather round with spring tests in April and May.

It’s quite the gauntlet. If only other clubs had the same hill to climb as our boys to win the league.

Damn media…


So as long as we can get through November, December, January, February, March, April and May intact we may have a chance.

I totally agree with that analysis.

Stewart Robson's therapist
Stewart Robson's therapist

I can’t honestly say that I give a damn. This is merely the latest statistical anomaly for the media idiots to play on, in an attempt to disguise the fact that they’re largely incapable of actually analysing football. No one actually cares about this “November – month of doom” stuff, which has only been running for a couple of days but already feels tired and endless.

It is because I like our current squad that I am far more interested in talking about the present and the future than endlessly banging on about the past.


Can we have February and April record comparison as well?

Victoria Concordia via Gaborone
Victoria Concordia via Gaborone

Look Stats are stats….and besides, I remember us having a dodgy backline filled with the likes of Squillaci, Djourou and other clowns like Almunia….you really have to contextualise those results looking at the state of the squad back then…

Tom Gun

I may be wrong about this and I’m sorry I don’t have the time (or quite frankly the patience and inclination!) to do the wonderful stat analysis, but I recall from the glory decade of Wenger’s reign we used to struggle a little in November then. It was usually the blip month before we had a great second half to the season and didn’t suffer from the February to March collapse.


So it was never any better even before we started leaking key players in 2010 onward.

We did well last season in the top 4 mini league. Again there were those pointing to ‘statistically’ how poor we have been in that competition.

We did well winning back to back FA cups. Again there were those pointing out before how we coud never win a trophy anymore.

If you have the limiting mentality that history will repeat itself, you don’t make history.


We have one of the most complete teams with excellent choices this season. Wenger has bought well in Mustafi, Granit, Holding (and the unfortunate) Lucas even.

PLayers that use to be insipid in Walcott, Gibbs, Ox etc are now stepping up, youth players he has promoted in Bellerin, Iwobi Coquelin are starting to improve further. Most importantly the squad understanding is improving day by day.

We have it in the squad to grind out positive results in NOvember. Its up to the players.

As I said, if you burden yourself with history, you don’t make history.