Friday, October 7, 2022

Injured Bellerin absent for Spain under-21s

Spain under-21s have called up Sunderland’s Javier Manquillo as a possible replacement for Hector Bellerin who is reportedly struggling with an injury.

The Arsenal right-back is due to feature for his country in their two-leg play-off with Austria as they look to seal qualification to the under-21 European Championships in Poland next summer, however, it now looks like he could miss out.

We’re not yet sure of the specifics of Hector’s problem or if it is serious (we suspect not), but we do know he didn’t partake in full training today.

Bellerin played the full 90 minutes of Arsenal’s 1-1 draw with Sp*rs having sat out the 3-2 win against Ludogorets just days earlier. As soon as we hear more we’ll let you know.

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Arthritic Knee

Here we go again?

Mr. G



Don’t post stories like this, they make me unhappy!
Can we just spare a thought for the Spain u-21s though. They’ve gone from Hector to some guy that’s just been dropped by Sunderland. Ouch.

Nacho Cheese Kalevra

It’s November alright.???


In Germany, this is the same: Brandt, Neuer, Kroos, Boateng. All “injured” (for some, it’s serious though) after the announce of their selection.


What more as humans can we take today

The comment that didn't get published on Arseblog News

Does anyone know when that insufferable cuntbucket is due to take charge/office? In one month? Two?

In about 2 months from now…

The comment that didn't get published on Arseblog News

Thanks for the answer


A Different George

January 20.

I think dickhead is a better descriptor

Mourinho started a few months ago.

Democracy is a funny thing. It gives power to the wrong person most of the time, instead of giving it to the person we think is the right one, like it suppose to do.


They are all the wrong person, all that power attracts all the ‘wrong’ people

Of course some are more wrong than others …

The comment that didn't get published on Arseblog News

Even the brightest can be prone to manipulation, and these only form a minority in any one country.

That people (in general) are susceptible to propaganda signals a clear weakness in the (actual) democratic process in my opinion.

Exactly Mate. That is what l am trying to say.

Giovani Rampeloti

Thank God, we now have Jenkinson back and fit to play, but sad for Hector, hope its not serious

David Hillier's luggage

He showed off his bruised ear on Snapchat, not sure if that the injury in question but wouldn’t be surprised if he was forced to sit out a game due to a head injury though


Pardon? I’ll get my coat….


Is this another smokescreen so that our first team players get rested during internationals ahead of that crucial upcoming tie to Manure? If it is, I wholly agree. However if true (but am praying for the contrary), please let it be just a minor niggle, and that Hector can recover in time. Get well soon.


Beyond ridiculous that Bellerin is playing for the U-21s, even if its Spain

Little Mozart

On Snapchat today Hector was showing off a bruise to his right ear. Maybe that’s the injury?

Little Mozart

Hector has updated his Snapchat today to say he is feeling “a bit better”. It does look like a nasty bruise but I’m sure he will be fine, otherwise he would have been sent home.

Someone's something

And this is only the first week of November, three more to go…smh

David C

is he injured or is he “injured”? wink wink 😉

Corporal Jenks is ready, stay positive people. As a Canadian, I’ve had way too many sad thoughts today thinking about Tr*mp’s victory. You just know he’s a Sp*rs fan.


Please consider the emotional state of all US Gooners when posting this next few weeks. We just experienced a national wait for the biopsy results and now we have stage 4 cancer everywhere. We just confirmed that possibly any white person passing us on the street is a crazed racists who knowingly empowered an orange skinned man-baby with a 300 word vocabulary and a penchant to throw fuckin tantrums to hold our missile codes. We majority wise actually voted for the flawed but sane and capable person over a walking breathing racist mouth breather clusterfuck. We cannot take anymore bad… Read more »


Sympathy bro. But given the choice you guys had, it’s not that surprising – HC is not exactly my cup of tea either.
On the bright side, the vote has probably saved Hillary’s life, given the number of crazies with weaponry in the US and the probable reluctance of the security services to fully protect her.


As an American it’s mind blowingly sad. But let’s also remember one he has to do what he said he would do to appease Republicans which will be no easy feat. Two he’s made a lot of enemies, women, muslims, black people, latinos, all immigrants, more than half the electorate that is Democratic as well as the press. It’s much easier to spew vitriol from the stump than it is to govern. This is his problem. On top of this he has no actual policy. If anyone thinks he’s going to do what ever he wants is wildly misled. Let’s… Read more »


Can I wish an impeachment on that guy? Lot of good those street-marching protests in NYC and Chicago will do now… Shame on those who didn’t bother to show up at the polls.

It Is What It Is


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