Report: Ligament damage ends Bellerin’s November

Bellerin: I want to be at Arsenal a long time

Hector Bellerin looks set to miss the rest of Arsenal’s November fixtures after picking up ankle ligament damage in last weekend’s North London derby.

The right-back travelled to Spain to partake in his country’s under-21 play-off with Austria but was yesterday replaced in the squad by Sunderland’s Javier Manquillo having struggled in training.

The International Business Times, who earlier this month broke news of Lucas Perez’s ankle injury, now claim that Bellerin will be ruled out for up to four weeks. Should that prove true he’ll miss the trip to Old Trafford in nine days time and subsequent games with PSG, Bournemouth and the EFL Cup quarter-final with Southampton.

Bellerin recently missed the away game with Ludogorets with a ‘minor’ ankle problem picked up on the eve of the game. Could it be that he pushed himself too far and paid the price? It looks like that.

In the absence of the Spaniard, Arsene Wenger will have to choose between Carl Jenkinson, Mathie Debuchy (LOL) and Ainsley Maitland-Niles.

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Ohh fuck!


Loads revolver ..

** hello darkness my old friend

DB10's Air Miles

That actually made me laugh out loud on the train. Nice one!


Yeah, fuketh thou, November!
And Arsene, don’t put Ramsey in front of Jenkinson again as this will mean a red card for Jenks. If it’s a problem against ludogorents, it will be a disaster against a better team.

Bob Davis

Shit! What a fucking month November is.

Does Jenkinson have the mental strength to play against Man U?

A big test for the young man!


As I look at this comment the likes and dislikes read 8 – 2, which is a terrible omen


Well played


I’d switch Montreal to the right. Love the Jenks, but not ready for the likes of ManUre and Psg yet.

Sideshow _bob

Why would you mess with Monreal? Jenkinson is a pretty decent replacement and I think people are forgetting that even Mustafi can play RB if required like he’s done for Germany


Even though thats true, I’d not brake the Kos-Mustafi duo if there are other options avaliable.
What I would do is give Jenkinson a chance against the Mou-boys who will be unlikely to offer too much threat with him probably parking the bus again and lacking truly dangerous wide players the make counter-attack working; and should Jenks does well, he gets PSG too; if not, then reshuffle somehow.


Good think we have debuchy….


Keep Mustafi at CB. No point messing his partnership with Kos, and also Son did him for pace on the weekend so I think he may get a bit more exposed against pacy wingers. Jenks should do the job fine?

yaya sanogo's wacky waving inflatable arm flailing tube legs

stop fooling yourself, you may love him but Jenkinson just isn’t Arsenal quality

Did you watch him play for Westham last season?

Bob's Mexican Cousin

Very reassuring Bob. Thank you


I remember in one of his best games vs Bayern he completely nullified Robben. He may not be the most consistent quite yet, but it’s not beyond him to pull out that sort of performance. Also I forgot how good he is at crossing compared to our other right backs of the recdnt past.


Monreal is too left footed to play comfortably in the right wing. Jenkinson is a really good player. Why would Wenger play a left back in the right side when we have many right back options available? This is not FIFA btw.


Just playing devils advocate here…how about Coq as a right back? We have plenty of cover now at midfield and he’s played there before

igbo Amadi-Obi

I do not buy the idea of switching Nacho, but Messi and Robben, two very left-footed players, operate from the right. The same principles should apply to defenders. I think. But we have options in Jenks and Holding anyway.


That principle can’t be applied to defenders. That is applicable only for attacking players who like to cut inside like Messi, Robben and of course Sanchez. Cutting in would be of any advantage only while attacking. While defending, the defenders should be staying in the wings mostly.


Can Mustafi cover RB? If so Monreal, Kos, Gabriel, Mustafi works for me. Wouldn’t be particularly inclined to play Maitland or Holding in a game against United.

If not, Jenko (Debuchy?) will have my blessing.

Edu's Braces

I think he can but the one aspect of his game i haven’t been in love with is his pace, he could get seriously exposed especially against united who will be working on the counter. Also don’t like breaking up a CB partnership that’s working. Just my opinion.


Mustafi has enough pace in my view. Jenkinson was pretty poor against ludogorets, him facing a Rashford or a Martial could end disastrous for us.


Everyone’s been saying how deep this squad is. Now we’ll find out. Despite our good start the true test of this year’s team will be how we overcome injuries, rotate and maintain early performance levels.

Kampala gooner

Yeah. It’s unfortunate we are losing all these guys but it’s time for those that have been claiming that they have been over looked to turn up.


Arsene obviously rates Jenkinson highly else he would have moved him on, instead he’s been picked ahead of Debuchy.

So for me Carl will get the nod.

He needs game time and would certainly benefit from a run of games. Who knows maybe he performs so well he gives the manager pause for though when Bellerin is fit again.


I’m beginning to hate november

Kampala gooner

Just beginning to hate November! Well at Arsenal it seems once Halloween is done elsewhere on the first day of the month the remaining festivities take place at Arsenal. Man Fuck November.

Edu's Braces

He wasn’t even properly elected. Fuck you November.


Worst November ever. Please my Arsenal, at least beat United to bring some much needed joy to everyone, because everyone, minus United fans, loves a sad Mourinho.

Edu's Braces

Worst November ever? Where have you been the last 10 years?


I have hated November a long time……even though it’s my month of birth…


Jenkinson has good PL experience after West Ham where he did well. He can do a good job.


Step up Corporal Jenkinson.


Yes, I 8-2 bring it up, but it’s time for some revenge Carl.


Last time I checked ainsley maitland niles played at right winger not right back


That’s correct and cm in the u-23s. However he played rb in the first epl match.



Samuel Stanley

Why do we always have such rotten luck ? : / Bellerin is irreplaceable .. this is going to affect our game in a bad way .. I hope Sanchez doesn’t play on Tuesday


If he was already carrying an injury, we gambled with him for the game against the Tots? Gambling on fitness, Wenger has had no luck. He should have rested Bellarin and told Spain he is injured and can’t travel. We would have had him fit and ready after a rest after the internationals. Bellarin and Alexis both have an all action and both played pretty much all our games plus internationals so far. Germany is an exception, all other national managers including England’s don’t care about the players health. It’s the clubs that spend all the money I’m buying, paying,… Read more »


Bellerin was rested for the Champions League game


Rested or border line injured? But rushed back, in hindsight? that is if this injury is an aggravation of the previous one.


Don’t forget Holding and Mustafi can play right back

Nacho Cheese Kalevra

It’s November boys.
Fucketh !!!


Must have been in the terms and condition of the new contract… The Arsenal way.


Time for the corporal to step up. Coygs.


Id play cpl jenks on the right n have a midfield trio of coq xhaka n elneny. Coq n elneny to sit at the base of our midfield.

Giovani Rampeloti

Is that news for real? u gotta be shitin me!
FUCK balls!


Wake me up when November ends


I tune out thanks to the shitstorm over here and what do I see? Sanchez and Bellerin injured.

Now waiting for the boils and the locusts and the whale to turn up.




Great lad that Jenks, but not at the level required to be in our starting 11. Play Mustafi on the right and put Holding in the middle with Kos. I do not trust Gabriel.


Oh cheers injury gods, it’s hard enough as it is!! Shit blx wank tits arse fuck…


fuck off

Cheeky arse

Sad news, but jenko is more than capable imo. No where near as quick as bellerin, but equally reliable

George the Gooner


Lord Bendtner

Wake me up, Wake me up….when November ends

Granit's Gran

What about Rob Holding?


Surely it’s time Debuchy earned his wages.


Jenkinson is at the level of Senderos, Stepanovs, Cygan and Chambers I am sorry to say..

Lord Bendtner

So much hate being thrown at Jenkinson. Give the lad a chance, remember how we fell in love with our Coq


Jenks will step up for Manure I’m sure of it

Ozil's left foot

Rob Holding suit up kid!


Ah fuck, you really couldn’t make this up ! Time to dig deep lads and show this team really does have the quality and character to keep winning, whatever nonsense November throws our way – COYG’s !


Novembers annual ‘up yours arsenal!’ We shouldnt be surprised.


And the November curse strikes again! It’s unfortunate timing but thank goodness we have Corporal Jenks back. Get well soon Hector.


Fuck, why does it always happen to us?

Naija Gunner

I think We should sacrifice morinho for November gods

Evang. Femi

Shhhhhhhhhh,,,,, don’t appease gods with a taboo. It will cause more mayhem. A rat has more value to the gods than that name u mentioned ….


This and Alexis are horrible news ; but as we will be forced to play Giroid, having a good crosser in Jenko could be beneficial.


Jenks FTW, as long as he doesnt do the offensive more than defensive i think it should be fine.


Put me in coach…
I’m ready to play today.. –Debuchy


Is debuchy still alive?


People don’t despair. Holding can play there!?


Pls wake me up when it’s all over, when November ends and the gods are gone again