February TV fixture schedule revealed


The Premier League, along with Sky and BT Sports, have decided which games are going to be televised in February.

For those of you looking to book travel etc, there are two changes involving Arsenal games.

Chelsea v Arsenal

Original date: Saturday February 4th, 3pm

New date: Saturday February 4th, 12.30 (Sky Sports)

Arsenal v Hull City

Original date: Saturday February 11, 3pm

New date: Saturday February 11, 12.30pm (Sky Sports)

So, there you go folks.


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I’m flying in for the hull game and my heart was in my mouth when I saw that!! Thank God it’s still a Saturday


Hopefully with our new found mental strength, the early Saturday kick off will no longer be an issue for us. Would love to be 3-0 up at Chelsea by half time again!!

Alexis, Atom & Humber
Alexis, Atom & Humber

Be it 3pm or 12.30pm, we are either gonna smash the chavs at the bridge or smash the bridge at the chavs.


Damn these 6:30 am game updates! (Central time USA)

Scott P

Yeah man, they just made us lose 2.5 hours of sleep! Although I’m 1 hour closer than you, in Eastern Time.


You start drinking two hours earlier… don’t see the problem really.

SF Gooner

In San Francisco, CA the bar doesn’t serve until 6am. The horror!


I know the pain but for me it is still better as I am in EST but problem comes when we have matches in weekdays like today at 02:45 PM


Yeah, Mid-week matches (when you don’t live in UK) are the worst. Especially if you forget to set the DVR! Even worse when you get on facebook and see the result before you leave the office. Even worse when that result is not good! But I don’t mind waking up early for the games. Gives me the chance to do other stuff with the rest of my day.




No matter the time of the game, even if we are to play without floodlights at midnight, one thing is for sure; The Bridge is gonna fall.

occam's hatchet

Hate early kickoffs.