Video: Kelechi Nwakali scores for Maastricht

Kelechi Nwakali

Summer signing Kelechi Nwakali scored his first goal for loan club MVV Maastricht. Here’s the video:

Decent finish it has to be said, and reports from the Netherlands suggest the 18 year old is making some inroads there.

He’s some way from first team football with us, so let’s hope he can keep it up.

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Didn’t panic, took the goal well. Nice to see. Keep improving, who knows


Yeah nice composure!

Patrick Luke

That’s some forehead on him

Wenga boys

Looking a but like Kanu in the stride.


Not at all.

Someone's something

The way he sent that last defender back to confusionland before slotting home the goal was great!


Oh my!!! The defender was in dreamland I say!!??


Quality finish


Nice finish, but really should have passed to one of the players he had on both sides of him. That’s the sort of thing you get away with if you score…but if you don’t you get an earful, and rightly so.

Cornelius P. Snuffington III

“That’s the sort of thing you get away with if you score”

… which he did.


That’s what confidence and self believe looks like IMO


Utter rubbish. The guy on his left is offside, and the guy on his right isn’t in a better position to attack the goal. Good confidence and the right choices, plus of course he scored.


Nwakali performing great every match, really making a difference in my home town squad MVV. great vision, excellent passing and a very good prospect for our Arsenal!!

Evang. Femi

Shame… Can’t find the video cos of some stupid advertisement. Admin please help

Cornelius P. Snuffington III
Winterburn 87

Love the team uniforms colors

Evang. Femi

Thanks Admin for clearing my browser for me. I now enjoy my news here without advert. Thanks Cornelious for that post