Bournemouth 3-3 Arsenal – player ratings

Bournemouth 3-3 Arsenal - player ratings

3-0 down and it looked as if we were going to get nothing from that game tonight, but three goals in the last 20 minutes got us a point in the end in a 3-3 draw – read the report of that crazy match here.

Disappointing despite the comeback. Here’s how the players rated.

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Another note on Xhaka – really must work on corner delivery. At least three of his corners didn’t make it past the first defender which for a professional footballer at his level is not good enough


He looked tired after about 90 seconds. Couldn’t lift his legs….Which is strange because he absolutely came alive in the last 20mins and produced a nice early cross for Giroud.


The whole universe said we have the world class players to win thropies.
But do we have the world class manager to manage them? Up thumb for yes.


Wenger couldn’t motivate or inspire my over 40 league team with free beer and wings. Tactically I don’t think he would bring anything to the table either


I do not think we do…Wenger is expired full stop. He is currently not the moses that will take us to the promise land.

Teryima Adi

Really confusing, Arseblog. Our players always confuse you.


Sorry to hijack this comment, but are we or are we not going to talk about the fact that Petr Cech is done and will eventually end up costing points rather than gaining 10 of them?


Agree. It’s time for Ospina to take over.


I think the next penalty we concede, Cech should just close his eyes and stand still. He can’t do any worse than he has been doing.


The idea that we’re dropping points because our keeper isn’t saving penalties is more than a little absurd, no? If you’re regularly giving away penalties, that’s a pretty good indication that you’re going to be struggling to pick up maximum points from every game, even if you have Manuel Neuer in goal.


To clarify, I never expect the keeper to save a penalty. If he does, I consider it a bonus. I think it’s time for Ospina because Cech looks slow and labors to get down low. I feel Ospina would have saved both of the goals today.


I’m not sure we’re at “done” quite yet – but there are two fairly persistent problems: conceding goals at the near post & penalties. (The latter he barely seems to try for – but surely could be improved on the training pitch?) On the other hand, he has kept us in a lot of games. On good day, he really shouldn’t be troubled as much as he has been recently. We have defensive problems – and they neither start nor end with Cech.

Cazorla's Both Feet

I don’t know… I don’t ever really expect a keeper to save a penalty


Plenty of examples of keeper’s who do, on a fairly regular basis. Jens Lehman is a perfectly appropriate example of a keeper who prepared for his likely opposition penalty takers and who – as a result – saved more than a few of them. Cech was frequently compared to Lehman when he arrived, but – as yet – he hasn’t shown quite the same intensity or desire.


The problem is with the manager folkes. You don’t need to look far and wide to find it.


I seem to remember a Peter Cech that was angry and shouting and a bastard you hated to have against you when he was in Chelsea. Now he is more like mr nice guy or santa claus. You want him to fucking scream and point and shout. Maybe a lack of confidence in him self, that makes it harder to have an opinion of others off course. Like to have an experienced keeper though. Tough.


I do not doubt Cech’s desire, however it is a possibility that since he is now older and has practically won everything there is to win, he is probably more relaxed. Perhaps a younger keeper who still wants to succeed and prove himself as one of the best will put in better performances. Again, I am not doubting Cech’s ability or desire to win, they are just points that could factor into his slight decline.

#YOLO Toure

Totally disagree about his motivation & desire. People are right in that when a keeper saves a penalty, it’s a huge bonus – when teams win penalties they’re expected to score them. The issue with Cech is his near post. He doesn’t seem to know where it is at the moment, and it’s not just something that’s happened this year, it’s been an issue for a while (I’m thinking that Zarate goal for West Ham at The Emirates). Maybe it’s down to that now he’s a bit older, he doesn’t have the reflexes to get down as quickly as he… Read more »


Are we actually going to blame keepers for not saving penalties now?

Johnny Traktor

Cant believe what I see here. Cech is done and done, because he didnt have magical moment for last ten games and because he is not saving penalties (and because he isnt showing desire to catch the penalty, whatever that f*** means).



I think Ospina should start. Chech has been dissappointing this season. Put him on the bench to keep him awake

occam's hatchet

Submitted some kneejerk votes. Now everything is hazy, and it’s just stuck on “processing.” Apt.


The whole team just didn’t gel today. Sleeping for the first goal and one of the clumsiest penalties to give away for the second. Truth be told, we orchestrated our own demise.


Giroud’s Morecambe and Wise impersonation too good to resist sharing with the world – musta seen em on TV over Christmas for this first time!

Va va voom

It’s not about the time Giroud’s goal was celebrated, it’s about the mentality that a point is good enough. This mentality has been the difference between winning and 4th place. Also getting the ball out of the goal and running to the halfway line immediately has a psychological effect on the other team that can help us nick it, rather 10 men of Bournmouth came closer to snatching it in the end because we looked satisfied with the draw. We seem all these years to be satisfied with playing good football alone. The question is is that mindset a factor… Read more »


Thanks bro…you precisely summed up the actual problem.


Why take Lucas out before the game, and why take Iwobi out of the no 10 spot and put Ramsey there?


The problem was that’s just what he did do until Coq went off! Then Iwobi moved back to the centre and Ramsey went deeper. Looked better then although Iwobi could not get passes away as he wanted too much time or tried to be too clever – still looked better than Ramsey had though.


I am really disappointed we didn’t win, but also really happy we didn’t lose. Lucas Perez looked really good when he came on, cracking goal. I know circumstances played a part, but that 4-4-2 towards the end of the match looked really intriguing. We could be 11 points behind Chelsea tomorrow. Sucks.

Cliff Bastin

Agree that Giroud celebrated like a doofus but let’s be reasonable. Correct me if I’m wrong but the ref is supposed to add 30 seconds to the clock after each goal, right? We didn’t drop 2 points because of that celebration.


But the referee didn’t add 30 seconds on to the end. He actually blew his whistle just before the allocated minimum of 6 minutes added time.

Cliff Bastin

Yes but that 30 seconds is not the reason we dropped points. Bad defending (1st goal), bad decision (penalty), bad ref(3rd goal). We should applaud the 2nd half comeback without the benefit of a halftime hairdryer.

A Different George

Are you saying the penalty was a bad decision by Xhaka or by Michael Oliver? I thought it was clearly a penalty. I also think the red card against Bournemouth was harsh (though not ridiculous, a la Mike Dean); on the other hand, the push on Bellerin could have been penalized–a little inconsistent with the standard set by the penalty decision–but, again, not ridiculous. (The red card was certainly inconsistent with some of the things Oliver has let go in recent matches.) And Oliver was decisive in negating the handled goal. So, certainly as compared with some other recent horror… Read more »


As good as Michael Oliver is compared to that monumental thundercunt in charge of United v West Ham last night, the moment he blew up with five seconds remaining (WHILE WE WERE ATTACKING) pissed me off every bit as much as each goal we conceded. Annoyed with Giroud at the time but what followed put it into perspective. In hindsight I just find the worst timed/best choreographed celebration of the season more funny than anything.


Wenger is only part of the problem. The main obstacle to us achieving the type is success a club of our stature should, is that bloodsucking cunt Kroenke!


I’m afraid that this season’s showing confirms that Arsene Wenger is not able to take the club any further.
He has strengthened the squad over the last few years but in actual fact our league performance continues to decline. I will, of course, support my claim with some evidence please see below:

2013/14 season = 79 points
2014/15 season = 75 points
2015/16 season = 71 points
2015/16 after 20 games = 42 points.
2016/17 after 20 games = 41 points.

A clear downward trend which cannot be allowed to continue.

David C

you’ve put a pretty big spin on this… You have to look at what place we are finishing recently to see progress. Bottom teams are all much better; I believe all EPL 20 teams are in the world’s richest 30 clubs so all teams can buy good/great players now. Therefore, all top teams are achieving less points. But let’s not get distracted from the real issue: if someone could be so kind as to explain to me the difference between Xhaka’s penalty and what Fraser did to get the ball off Bellerin for the 3rd then that would be great… Read more »

Matt P

yawn. Excuses, excuses. Champion teams minimise excuses, we maximise them.
We are just not good enough, despite a huge amount of spending.
Is it the players, the manager or both?


David C – it is ironic that you are accusing me of spin, given that is exactly what you are trying to do in your comment. I am simply stating some clear facts and you are ‘trying’ to put a positive spin on these negative but unquestionable facts. And if you think the ‘real issue’ is a poor referee decision in today’s match, then you really are on a different planet. The real issue is why Arsenal are underperforming this season. All that any football fan wants is for their club to maximise the potential of their resources. With the… Read more »




I think you nailed it here.

I don’t expect us to always win the league but the main problem with arsenal is they don’t seem to be using all the resources available to them to go after the championship. If maximum effort = 4th place then fine, but it looks like they think half assed effort = winning the league.

Look how under prepared we were for the first game of the season. At a top tier club, how is that acceptable?


2013-14: Finished 4th
2014-15: Finished 3rd
2015-16: Finished 2nd

Points alone don’t tell the whole story. Having said that I’d like us to cross the 80 point barrier this season. Simply because no team has won the title with less than 80 points…

Coq au Vin

Beg to differ on Ox’s set-piece deliveries. His corners were rubbish.


Massively better than Xhaka’s corners who should be embarrassed that he couldn’t beat the first man.

A Different George

We always hear about how every professional should be able to beat the first man on a corner, but I think that oversimplifies. Yes, every professional (and indeed, really poor, really old, amateurs like me) can easily float a corner high above the first defended. But great corners are those that just barely go over that first head and come rocketing into the area. If you try to do those, you will sometimes miss. If you miss often, you are rubbish at corners. But the cliche just makes it seem that a good corner is simple. The same with “he… Read more »




Should there have been more rotation for this game? We really were 2nd best for a large majority of that game. Only 3 changes to the Palace game on less than 48 hour turnaround. Fatigue was definitely a factor.
Press us with high intensity and energy. Run and Chase down everything. Arsene needs to find the balance to counter that because it looks like the blueprint to stop us.
I’m sure today was jusy a one off from Hector. Probably partied the night before. He is still a young man.


Ramsey was fully at fault for the first goal ,he looked and saw that Daniels was over there and said fuck it I will leave it for bellerin to deal with , he is indicative of everything wrong with arsene’s teams for the last 8 years or more , no responsibility. And that tool giroud doing his scorpion celebration for the equaliser when he should have been looking to take the ball back to the centre , what more can I say, this team will never win the league they have no back bone.


OK. I can see Ramsey not tracking; don’t forget Ramsey is playing the number 10 at that point, so the question is where is Iwobi? and also where is the pressure to stop the cross-field ball … and then after that Bellerin is at fault and Cech is beaten at the near post. In other words, almost half the team is at fault.


Bournemouth played 31st,we played 1st,fatigue clearly an issue and then Chelsea gets to have even more break. This is just not right.


Mustafi magic worked again, we still haven’t lost with him on the pitch.


The magic was Monsieur Giroud. And how could a foul be given for the penalty but a foul was not given before their third goal?

Matt P

3 years ago I thought Ramsey was on the verge of joining his compatriot Bale as the best British player… disappointing he is


It is a shame, but why pick on him? The team as a whole was poor for 70 minutes, not alone one player.


The point is that Giroud’s celebration INVITED criticism.


How did Alexis only get 5.5 he was brilliant as is he every time he plays????

A Different George

I agree–thought Alexis was terrific all game. I also think Iwobi did much better than Blogs does until, as apparently always, he runs out of steam and is substituted (Iwobi, not Blogs). Same with Koscielny–I didn’t see much wrong there. Mustafi looked terribly rusty, with his timing always a beat behind.

This was surely a team for Theo to play against, as we saw when Lucas came on.


Probably an unpopular opinion, but this whole diva-like behavior of Alexis is starting to get tiring. I get that he is a world-class player who wants to win, but publicly sulking when things don’t go his way or he is subbed early, throwing tantrums when asked to pass rather than shoot, has got to stop.


He wants to win and only recently he is doing that, would u blame him, he’s a winner, if other team mates had he’s energy we wouldn’t be having this conversation


I get that he is disappointed at his team mates, and he is emotional. But wouldn’t it be better if he went back to the dressing room (hopefully acknowledge the fans that showed up) and then hash it out later on. Throwing a hissy fit at the end of a game is what people like Gallas did, not something you expect from a classy player like Alexis.


if this was his first season at Arsenal, I would kind of see him being more careful about showing his disappointment on the pitch. However this is his third season and he is now 28 years old. He’s probably fed up of being nice, calm and collected and sees no change, so is getting to a point were seeing the same stupid mistakes and results happen is infuriating. I do not see him renewing his contract, and I don’t blame him one bit.


His passes are shit! What are his accuracy stats for the last few games? And if anyone is knocking Girouds assist for his goal, they better be breaking the door down for that shit pass he gave Giroud for the wonder goal.


Alexis can do whatever he wants. He has the ability to back everything up on the pitch. Even when he is not at his all time best he still hustles and digs in, he’s a workman like player. Plenty of arsenal players could take a lesson from Sanchez especially a certain welsh player


On a day when the teamed sucked for 70 minutes, picking on Ramsey seems unfair. Let’s see what he can do, in a preferred position, alongside Xhaka in a run of games. If he proves to be a disappointment then I am with you.


Everyone was saying his best position was at no. 10 and he never gets a chance there. He got a chance yesterday and in the cup and was absolutely dreadful and now apparently it is not his best position. It’s starting to become like Rooney at United. Anywhere he played he was poor and people were complaining it wasn’t his position.

Block 93

Looks like we’ve avoided relegation this year, gooners. And with 18 games to spare. Buzzing.

Matt P

I think we will be doing well to get 4th


Just a few words, just not good enough for a team like Arsenal.

These are vital games that they should have win. And the worst of it, letting in three goals.


Oh I so miss santi’s corner kick deliveries!


If there’s a goal in stoppage time then the referee is supposed to add more time on top of what was already allotted. I don’t see the big deal about his 20 second celebration.

But of course Mr. Oliver blew the full time whistle when 5 minutes and 55 seconds of the minimum of 6 minutes were up. Add it to the list of decisions he got wrong tonight.


Giving up 3 goals against the cherries is unforgivable. It’s not the refs fault or anyone else’s fault. And giroud should have retrieved the ball from the back of the net and got on with it. Show a bit of class. Bournemouth deserved a point at the very least.


Unless I misread, Gervinho wasn’t saying that’s why we lost but was just highlighting it as a very valid point. If a minimum of 6minutes has been added on and there is a goal scored within those 6minutes, the referee should not be blowing up after 5minutes 55seconds.

We obviously didn’t concede three goals because the full 6minutes wasn’t added on, but it’s still a valid point…


Notice how Arseblog always wants to convince us with Ramsey’s stats. About 90% of those passes were backward. He is not a starter.


Yeah lol. And don’t forget the 10 ball recoveries, what a hero!
If Blogs gave him a 4 then he must have been really shit.


He gave him a 4. Hardly doting, is it?

Ramsey had 74 passes (93.7%), 29 forward passes (93.6%) – so much closer to 50% than 90%.


Thanks for the stats James. You have confirmed what everyone was suspecting – most of Ramsey’s passes were backwards.




I don’t think pass completion stats tells the full story. Ozil and Sanchez might have much lower numbers but they try to speed up play and play incisive passes. It doesn’t account for how he loves to dwell on the ball and unlike Sanchez who can do this sometimes, to then play a very simple pass once he has given the opposition time to get back into position

Matt P

Stats in all walks of life are overrated / overused.
They are a useful tool for analysis, that’s all.
As you say, a high ‘passes completed’stat does not necessarily mean much.
In football, I think they are useful across a season but I don’t place much store in them game by game.

Bob Dole

Think dropping Gabriel was a pretty awful decision by Wenger. Fatigue maybe a factor for Koscielny but we improved when he came on. We’ve had a couple of clean sheets in a row and I can understand why Mustafi came in but Gabriel has been solid at the back since he’s come in. Can’t help but feel if he started it wouldn’t have been 3-0


Wise after the event but surely Ramsey starts at 10 ahead of a 19 year old iwobi ( who was knackered after Sunday)
I mean does Rambo not play no 10 for Wales? Thought he does …..
Also I thougiht the ox deserved a higher score…… The perfectly timed challenge in the box was a sign that his defensive duties are improving


perspective everyone. tired team. except for final 20 minutes… um? confusing game indeed.


Giroud was in his own half in 14 seconds after scoring the goal.
Please don’t blame him, he got 2 fucking assists and a fucking goal ffs.


No one’s blaming him for the lost points. We’re taking exception to the ridiculous attitude he revealed when he trotted out that inane celebration with 5 minutes to go when we were only drawing a game we really needed to win.


Wow – criticizing Giroud for a gloriously absurd joyous slapstick celebration… and back in place before other team ready to re-start. Seriously? You boring killjoys need to have a good look at yourself. Life is about special moments. Here and then gone. Enjoy what you can and stop whining like pathetic little brats. Thanks 🙂


Oh, getting a draw away to Bournemouth after being 3-0 down is a ‘special moment’ is it? Well, good to see we’ve dropped the bar so low.


I’d rather focus on the attitude he showed in the post-match interview – that was not a man happy about drawing the game. Wanting to celebrate an equaliser in stoppage time when you were 3-0 down isn’t the same as celebrating a draw against Bournemouth


Bellerin had a shocker..His usual brilliance hides the fact that he cant cross despite getting in on numerous occasions. Today he was poor at all aspects. The first goal was completely his fault(Ramsey and Iwobi were out of position) But the Fullback can see everything from there, all he had to do was shout Ramsey and Mustafi into position. Mustafi’s worst game. Kos was subdued, don’t think he said anything while he was on. The whole back four was given fits by championship level attackers. Xhaxa, Coq and Ramsey were a disgrace up until Coq went off. With Ramsey deeper… Read more »


Excuses, excuses. The title is truly gone. Anyone expecting Chelsea to lose 3 games need to get their heads checked. I said it that our bottling acts against Spuds and manure would bet us in the ass, but the positive fans brigade came after me. We are closer to falling out of the top 4 than winning the league.
Wenger needs to leave.. tired of this team bottling at the merest hint of pressure.


Oh Trez, that’s awful! What did the positive fans brigade do when they found you?

Matt P

Spot on. But there’s plenty of cunts here who can’t see it. So sick of those who seem to think Wenger is bigger than the club, and untouchable. Well he fucken is not. He’s one manager in a small part of our history, we’ve had greatness before him and we’ll have greatness after him. And he delivered greatness over 4-5 years of his reign, Like all of us, in whatever we do, he should either leave or be given the boot if he isn’t meeting expectations. I have little sympathy for him or the team. After all, they are all… Read more »


Perhaps your expectations are unreasonable


We’re doing almost exactly as well as all the other top teams apart from Chelsea

Matt P

We are one of the greatest 4 teams in English history, we have huge resource and money and we have failed to deliver enough success in the past 10 years


It’s a waste of time posting on here when everybody is like this

Matt P

Man it is so sad how deluded and brain washed with Wenger so many Arsenal fans seem to be.
Great, keep him on for another 2 years and another 2 years of mediocrity
Man have some of us got low standards
It is pathetic frankly


Anonymarse – Do you think we will win the ‘doing well apart from Chelsea’ trophy? Can’t wait for the open top bus parade, woohoo!


I think its not that easy to do what chelsea are doing, which is why only chelsea are doing it. A little while ago they were playing shit and we were flying. Remember we destroyed them. Also it annoys me that so many people whine and bitch every time we lose a match, because wenger hasnt delivered a trophy for the last 10 years while he was trying to compete on a shoestring budget. Keeping us in the top 4 was an achievement and he sacrifficed a lot. I agree now thats not good enough. He has assembled a very… Read more »


Also you have to look at what were up against. All the best manaagers in the world. Teams that can spend whatever they want. The whole league is strong too.

We played 2 games in 3 days and we werent at it at the start of the game. Bournemouth are a good side and they punished us. It was an impressive feat to get it back to 3 3. For me that is just what has happened here.

Dan Hunter

I think it’s far worse the way some pro Wenger fans show disdain towards fans who voice their opinions about the ineffectiveness of Wenger is far worse than using the word ‘cunt’ to describe certain fans. Done people just have it coming

Matt P

And plenty of fans seem to be almost taking top 4 for granted. I am not. I think we’ve got a serious task to get top 4.


And they’re taking it for granted because of Wenger!


Top four! we will be lucky to finish with a Europa league spot. And if I’m Sanchez or Ozil I can’t see any reason to spend my best years at a club that is swamped in mediocrity

Jim wall

Well said I have being slated for saying same thing wenger will get us in top 4 every year and most fans are happy thats not good enough the money fans pay to see them city chelsea or united fans wouldn’t tolerate just top 4 for 13 years get in a young manager with hunger and he will pass that on to team look how chelsea and Liverpool have improved


Twilight zone game, half expected William Shatner to come on as a sub and score the winner in the dying moments. Where to begin: Wenger’s selection was baffling as he started Iwobi but not at the no 10 position despite the lad looking so damn good there against CP; Xhaka really has to learn to control his body when defending as he is clumsy/goofy at inopportune times; Bellerin was likely playing injured but he appeared as if he was a victim of an alien takeover; Alexis genuinely seems to dislike some of his teammates and appears especially disgusted with Ramsey;… Read more »


You were a little hard on Alexis. For long stretches of the game he seemed to be the only Gunner trying to win.


By shit passing and losing the ball? I thought they were over generous.


When we get pressed, and don’t have Santi, Coq shouldn’t start.

Iwobi is ahead of Ramsey at 10, and Lucas should start on the wing before Ramsey.

Can Ramsey and Xhaka have successful starts together? Let’s find out!


A really strange game this one. I’ve often said you never really know which “Arsenal” will turn up but this season we’re seeing a lot of both showing up in the same game. You wouldn’t think a team with one of the best keepers in the league, one of the best back lines, TWO defensive midfielders and wingers that track back would be so defensively poor but here we are. Great comeback but we didn’t look like champions tonight. Now we’re here hoping Sp*rs get something from Chelsea to even give us a sliver of hope. We basically could be… Read more »


Praising Ramsey for a 94% passing accuracy is pointless when his passes are riskless, short, sideways and backwards in nature. I would prefer ramsey with 75% passing accuracy and actually contributing a created chance or scoring a goal with some of the opportunities that he has been presented with. He is one of the most frustrating players to watch because we all know he has the talent… he just doesnt know how to get the best out himself. We cannot continue to play him when nothing comes from his presence.


What a total and utter nightmare. Arsenal will be lucky to take any points from the Manchester clubs and Liverpool and Chelsea are light years ahead. Not to mention that Bayern are thanking the football gods for drawing arsenal. They will crucify us.

Matt P

Thumbs down galore for you son just for telling it like it is.
Must be a whole lot of Arsenal propoganda trolls on this site


What is so frustrating about Giroud for me was on display this match. He spends so much time standing around especially when crosses are about to be served instead of making those runs that Sanchez and Perez do to get in front of people and then throws his arms in the air when he doesn’t get the ball, doesn’t work that hard defensively, tried to do constant one touches instead of receiving and then passing (like he did with Ramsey) or shooting off of the touch (he has a strong shot, but never shoots from outside of 12 yards). It… Read more »

gooner of Oz

Officially just another Arsene Wenger season. Wake me up when Simeone (or anyone else with tiniest passion/ambition/ideas left in his chamber) takes over.



For f*ck’s sake, give it a rest. Like Wenger, hate Wenger, I don’t care, but if I have to read or listen to one more football watching simpleton, who’s apparently never had an original thought run through his brain in his life, complain about a lack of passion when his team loses, I might just have to pack it in and drive my car off a cliff.


He singled out Simeone so I get what he means by “passion”. Younger Wenger had that though. A manager who sits on bench instead of shouting on his 11 when they badly need some motivation is way off the passionate manager modern football demands. Even most cool headed successes like Guardiola show much more fire by the touch line.

gooner of Oz

Rashwho let him be mate. Or else I’d be blamed for his well planned suicide. ?
PFo Wenger is a man oozing ambition passion and tons of ideas. He just needs some time. Get a holliday or sth. Chill out mate ?


Games are decided by the finest margins. Tough night, sloppy. Lets not overreact. 7 pts in 11 days. Relax. Btw- chelsea are flying high, but have squeaked out some pts by fine margins too. An injury to costa or kante or more likely a suspension, and they can go on a skid too.

Fireman Sam

How dare you express a positive opinion in this comment section sir? It’s not the done thing.

Next you’ll be pointing out that Bournemouth are actually a good team that beat Liverpool a few weeks ago so a draw is not the end of the world. Tut!


Chelsea have a proactive manager he makes changes and pulls and tugs. Conte holds his players accountable.Wenger just sits on his hands and hopes for the best.

Yankee Gooner

Used all three subs by the 62nd minute and switched us to a 442, but yeah, sat on his hands


To be fair, that’s unusual. Wenger normally does nothing at all until the 60 or 70 minute mark. I think today’s (slightly) proactive action was largely down to the level of crap piling up and the recognition that this was potentially a season defining game!


Yeah Conte is a freakin genius. Tell me again how badly his invincible team best us earlier this year? Please….


He lost that game then made some changes then went on 13 game winning run.
Why are you talking like a numbnut?


Maybe I’m being too overly optimistic, but I was at the game and for me the come back was fantastic. We gave them a round of applause at the end which I Felecia was deserved by that point.

Ex-Priest Tobin

So turns out I had a point when I criticised Giroud’s showboating celebrations before the match, eh Blogs? 😉

Pires' Left Foot

Some perspective needed, I believe. It was the 2nd game in 2 days. And I know people will revert saying that these are professional athletes, who are paid mega bucks to perform at the highest level. Yet, one can only imagine the stress and fatigue from giving it all for 90 minutes, knowing that each and every move will be dissected. I get tired just thinking about it.


To say that focusing on Giroud’s celebration is misplaced is itself misplaced. We’re not morons–no one is suggesting that Giroud’s celebration is the reason we dropped points tonight. What we’re taking exception to is him pulling out an idiotic and self-aggrandizing pose for the cameras with 5 minutes to go when we’re dropping points to a team that (judging by the league table) we should be beating, and when our title challenge is hanging by the merest of threads.

Yankee Gooner

what’s worse: celebrating an unlikely, last minute equalizer or throwing your hands up in the air and scowling every time you don’t get perfect service?


Wojciech Szczesny ♡


I blame Ramsey

Murat Yilmaz

John Terry you’re a cunt.


First goal was Ramseys fault…he should have been helping Bellerin Thought that xhaka penalty clumsy but could easily have not been was on the edge of the box. Third goal Bellerin got bowled over worse than the penalty. That should have been a penalty. The Ramsey selection was bizarre. Why not start Perez or Ox on the Right? He gave no cover whatsoever Thought Check could have done better but that was some horrible defense. What’s Mustafi doing so far up the pitch for the second goal? Gotta blame the manager for games like this where we play so… Read more »


Those arsenal players need to take responsibility for their ineptitude sometimes,not always the managers fault.


As I said before, Wenger is brilliant buying a team and developing, whether he can get maximum efficiency or indeed intervene appropriately to get the most out of the team is the question mark. Agree (albeit with some hindsight) that Ox or Lucas may have been better options on RW particularly as if he said Bellerin was struggling a little and not 100% Also not convinced if using Ramsey he is necessarily better next to Granit or Coquelin (who in any case both struggled to impose themselves early on) Coquelin has been in and out of fitness of late and… Read more »


Hopeless. We’re done.

Bellerin and Xhaka can have a generous ‘0’ a-piece. Two pieces of irresponsible and bone-headed play.

I’ve never once said or thought it, but, and not that anyone should care, I think it’s best if we part ways with Wenger at the end of this season. Maybe we eek out a cup somewhere, well the FA anyway. Wenger deserves to ride off while there’s still some sunset left.


Bellerin really had a shocker and what was Xhaka thinking about for the second. On the other hand, that was some goal by Lucas. He really should play more often. Hope Wenger doesn’t give him the Joel Campbell treatment,

Matt P

Bellerin was poor today but I really like him and he’s been good in most games


How on earth are Gnarby and Campbell shown the door? Would have made for better competition between players especially Walcott and the Ox. Also would have given us a much deeper bench, especially with the inevitable onslaught of injuries that seem to hijack every season. Really gutted to see Campbell go. Thought he was starting to come into his own.