Cech: Winning makes it easier to keep Ozil & Alexis


Petr Cech is hoping Arsenal can put together a winning run that makes it easier to persuade Mesut Ozil and Alexis Sanchez to commit their long-term futures to the club.

Arsenal’s two highest earners have both stated that they are happy at the Emirates and open to extending their current deals but with wages an underlying issue, there remains a chance that big-money offers could lure them to pastures new.

“I think for us it is important to show them how much we need them in the team and to show them how much we want to win,” Cech told the Evening Standard after Saturday’s 4-0 win over Swansea.

“Then obviously it will make their decision easier. If they see that we are competitive, everybody is ready to win things together and they know how important they are for our team, then this will make their decision easier.”

Laurent Koscielny, Francis Coquelin and Olivier Giroud all penned contract extensions last week, while Hector Bellerin and Emi Martinez did the same in November.

In addition to Ozil and Sanchez, Arsenal have another four players with contracts ending in July 2018 – Carl Jenkinson (expected to leave on a permanent basis in this window), Kieran Gibbs, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain and Jack Wilshere. Two players, Wojciech Szczesny and Yaya Sanogo, are out of contract this summer.

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To be honest, it is sick that the rest of the players have to prove themselves for these two to stick. So un professional.


Would you stay at a company if the rest of the team is below par or not showing growth in moving forward?

Bould's Eyeliner

Maybe it’s the weird language barriers, but time and time again, I feel like these footballer’s words are deconstructed beyond recognition. He’s basically said, oh hey we have two excellent players on our TEAM. It’s our job to function as a TEAM. The rest of us need to do better as a TEAM so that our TEAM stays intact. It’s a team sport, not a diva competition, and he more or less said as much.

What is good or bad about this, even? He’s said the most neutral thing possible. “Football is a team sport.”

Poodle time

You might lead by example and pick up the rest of the company (team) and be those players that push the team (company) forward.


Yeh but if a rival company comes in with a major salary increase, and can show they want to be the best and offer the rewards and career goals I am after, I wouldnt hesitate to take the gig.


Both have now said they are happy and comfortable in London, so just the figure for their salaries to decide on (and possibly Arsene’s contract to be signed).

Theo's Wall-cot

Scz’s contract ends this summer!? And Roma ‘allegedly’ want to pay us £16m for him? Sounds like we need to make our minds up fast on what we want to do about him!


Priority one should of course be resigning Sanogoal for the next decade. Get it done Wengah

Scott P

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I know you care about these things, so thought you should know. Thanks!


No doubt top end players want us to be able to do things and win things

We need to close the partnership on Chelsea first never mind even thinking of winning anything.

Spurs have to play a wounded City next. The following week Liverpool have to play Chelsea so something will give.

We need to concentrate on beating Burnley (Barton) and Watford first.

Then we get a shot at Chelsea. Should we come away with the win, we will still need to follow that up with one against the Saints the week after.

It would be literally pointless to make up ground beating Chelsea and shed the advantage the next game otherwise.

Next 4 games will be crucial in clawing back some advantage and give us a good shout at winning things.

Mesut O'neill

Do you have to say the exact same thing on every post?


I agree… mid Feb we know if we got a genuine chance at title OR we default to the fight to finish 4th and by default, ahead of Spurs.


Firstly, we should stop creating this fuss about the contracts of these 2 whenever something happens – regardless of if we win or lose, it is connected to them. We have a season to win, I don’t care who stays or plays, if we end up at 4th place anyways which we’ve been doing without these 2 too! You can pay 100M for a player and if you end up not playing CL that won’t make you a big club! If we win the season and these 2 leave, I’m sure we’ll have other stars wanting to play for us which isn’t a bad situation to be in (though at a higher pay & might take time to settle again). Worse case scenario would be ending up at 4th place and these 2 leaving. So either ways winning this season is more important than just 2 players in the squad! Arsenal will live on!
Also club needs to look to future, Arsene isn’t getting any younger and if club wants to bring in a young manager as a long term option, we should look to keep Arsene in the system as a director or something and bring in the new guy & groom him. If the club wants to bring in an established manager (which I doubt) then having Arsene around may not be the best thing to do and these guys do not stick around for a long time anymore. Winning this season would once again help in getting these guys into the club!
So forget about all contracts & distractions, let’s just win the season and things will fall into place automatically!