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Granada confirm Toral exit

Granada have confirmed that Arsenal have recalled Jon Toral from his season-long loan, a decision that paves the way for the midfielder to spend the second half of the season at Scottish side Rangers. 

The 21-year-old, who signed for the Gunners from Barcelona in 2011, returned to Spain in the summer but has found regular game time hard to come by. In total he played 267 minutes in La Liga.

A statement on Granada’s official website reads:

“Granada CF wants to wish the best of luck to a player who always defended with absolute professionalism and was scored a beautiful goal against Osasuna in this season’s Copa del Rey [see below].”

Nice touch by them.

It’s understood that Rangers are eager to push through a deal for Toral in time for the weekend.

After the win at Preston, Wenger admitted that he backed the move. “We work on it to see if it is possible, yes,” said the boss.

“Yes [it will benefit him], because he has played games there [for Granada] but at the moment he doesn’t play and personally I think it [Rangers] would be a good transition for him.”

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A man has no name

Why not keep him in the squad since we’re currently lacking in central midfield. Can’t see any point in him going to Scotland…its not step forward after playing in the Championship for two seasons and La Liga for 6 months. Simply give him a chance or let him leave permanently I think.


Probably because he couldn’t get any game time with a struggling Granada team…

Mr November

Gnabry couldn’t get into the West Brom side either and now look what he’s doing. If you’ve seen Toral play the past couple of years then you’d know he could play for some tinpot La Liga side and also that he’s too good for the Scottish Premiership.


we really are struggling to keep hold of our academy players. gnabry for me was one of the best players in our academy even before his performance in olympics . i always thought he would be a wonderful player. similarly i think toral could be a solid player if not a standout player. he is bery unselfish , and will do as he is asked , extremely professsional. we should atleast give one chance before we send them out for loans. loans are not the best way to know a players potential. now i hear zalelam is moving to dortmund.… Read more »


Coquelin was not playing too much at Charlton either before he came back and became the lynchpin of our midfield in January


He was there for a total of 5 weeks and played in 7 games…

Giovani Rampeloti

Coq was playing in Charlton, thats why he didnt wanna comeback to sit on the bench


Because he’s not a central midfielder? He’s a number 10, finishing it’s his principal quality.

I think Toral is a very good player, he didn’t play there cause Granada bought like 30 player after him without any plan and that’s why they are having a terrible season.

I love lamp

I don’t think its as simple as saying “He’s a number 10”, that’s very narrow thinking. Players have skill sets and physical and mental characteristics etc which mean they are likely to perform better in certain positions than others within a certain team structure and style of play.

Also I’d like to point out that Jeorge Bird lists Toral as being capable of playing as an attacking midfielder, deep-lying midfielder or on either flank.


Jeorge Bird doesn’t know everything. Toral doesn’t have all the assets to play as a central midfielder, and as a said, for him, closer to the goal, the better. To put it into perspective, I see him as a type of Gaston Ramirez. And also is pretty odd to think of him as a option there when you already have Maitland-Niles and even Adelaide who are well integrated into the first team and can play there better than Toral. And then you have Zelalem, who his finally perfoming this season and for me played really well with the first team… Read more »


Probably worth keeping around…seeing as we’re having a midfield fitness implosion.

Olivije ziru

Why we don’t keep him until the last days of January and then loan him?# We have only two players in CM position right now so it would be logical.I always saw him as the future Arsenal first team player.


I suspect that the deal from Rangers is only on the table if they get him ASAP as they need him also. Worst case for the player is us holding out to the end of the month and there being nowhere for him to go and him without game time.


I know loans are good for development. But when you buy a player they get given time in the first team to settle and grow in confidence etc. Loan players have to move leagues and teams every year and show their best quality very quickly. Add to that they are young players. It seems a bit harsh to judge a future career on that. I dont know where im going with this, I just feel the loan thingy isnt best for every player and some will slip through the net.


One of the smartest comment on arseblog for ages.

Inspector norse

I know britons dont like it much for some reason, but still the english league really needs b-teams the young ones need it. loans are still an option but the best way to develope young talent is not always to kick them out on the road and tell them to get experience, for many that experience are best gathered inhouse.

Shaka Zulu

The loan system is fast losing value. Teams don’t like to develop players for other teams. Chelsea have 144,000 players out on loan with no break throughs.

Inspector norse

I think loaning players can be very beneficial, but maybe not at the age of 17 with no senior level experience. Getting sent on loan at that age with the mission of getting experience is a hit and miss game more miss than hit sadly. having played 2-4 years on lets say the third or fourth level of the league on a safe and nurturing Arsenal b team that would be a good start. At the age of 19-21 after having gathered some experience at B-team level would be a good time to go on loan to a stronger club… Read more »


Just what i was thinking Chris


Doubtless he’ll find the views of derelict Clyde shipyards a pleasant change from the Alhambra and the Seirra Nevada mountains. He must also be bursting to try the local Tapas dishes of deep fried confectionery and Buckfast.

But seriously, if it gets him game time, best of luck to him.


If he makes it back to the first team his shins will be ready.

Lord Bendnter

My only concern is Santi. Solve his position and we win the league. I firmly believe with a fit Santi, the league would have been in our hands. None of our current players match what Santi was doing for us in that position. If Wilshere would’ve been here it would’ve been better. Here’s the toughest decision. Do you buy a younger player to slowly take over Santis position and role? Or do you wait till the end of the year and see how Wilshere slots in there. It really is a tough one. Some managers wouldn’t give a about Wilshere… Read more »

uncle D

I think giving the chance and staying fit Lucas can fill the gap left by Santi 60-70%. Plus Wellbz is back and can hopefully give Sanchez and Giroud something to think about, which will have a chain effect all round the squad and and will even make Arsene dye his her just for his loyal fans that want him to go..?

Mate Kiddleton

So lemme get this straight, you’re suggesting a striker/winger can fit the role of a deep lying playmaker?

uncle D

I can’t remember Santi singing as a central midfielder! It’s his creativity we miss the most! You genius you!


One thing i like about this player is he knows how to find the net from range. Not many of our senior players have that. Many shoot from distance but usually more hopeful than anything. And the fact he can actually move with the ball and make space for himself is an added benefit. Hope he does not become another Barazite!! Full of talent yet never got a chance.

Bryce Hauver-Reeves

Have you seen any arsenal games with Xhaka or Ramsay or Alexis or sometimes even the Ox and hell Kos even almost scored last season. Oh and Elneny


Shame he couldnt follow up last years efforts at birmingham. Was geniunely one of their key players and thought he was making strides forward to get into our squad. Scored some cracking goals too.

The granada move never really made sense after that. I thought it was probably a move that put him one step closer to a permanant exit back to spain. Would of rather seen him follow up with another year in the midlands or elsewhere in the championship. Wouldnt of had a shortage of suiters.

uncle D

Good luck to the lad! Seriously good luck

Shaka Zulu

Teams don’t like to develop players for other teams. They only take loanees for injury covers

Bobby P

Or if they are better than what they already have


Jon has been loaned out twice now. His manager at Brentford is now in charge at Rangers and has made Jon a top target. At Birmingham he won the Fans Player of the Season, Players Player of the Season and Goal of the Season. There’s a very nice piece in the Express from his manager at Birmingham, Gary Rowett, which praises his skill and his personality. I don’t know what else he’s supposed to do to get a chance at Arsenal, he’s the one young player coming through who I really think is good enough, and I don’t think his… Read more »

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