Ramsey and Giroud react to Bournemouth draw


Aaron Ramsey and Olivier Giroud reacted to tonight’s 3-3 draw with Bournemouth in an interview with Sky Sports. Here’s what they had to say.

Was it a draw that felt like a win after the comeback?

Giroud: Honest, at the end of the game I felt like we could score the winner. Obviously when you are 3-0 down and you come back with strong character, always playing our game, believing in our qualities … but it’s a shame we conceded three goals like that.

We should not have done those kind of mistakes, so we’ve done well to come back but honestly it’s very frustrating. Hopefully we can learn from our mistakes today.

Frustrating first half. Did you see a way back?

Ramsey: It’s difficult when you start off like that but we had to keep playing and show some character and out there, be brave and do the right things, but overall we’re disappointed with the way we started and to only come away with a point.

Giroud, another goal, not as spectacular. Did it feel as significant?

Giroud: A goal is a goal, the scorpion one was not two goals, so I’m pleased to help the team to score the equaliser, but I’m still a bit disappointed.

It’s nice to be back in the game, but the way we played in the end, even if we were against 10 men, made me think we should have done better. At least we came back, we showed great mental strength.

What message does this comeback send to the rest of the league?

Ramsey: We’re prepared to fight until the end, but it’s going to be difficult now, we’re a few points behind. Hopefully there’ll be a few more twists and turns, we can be pleased with the character but we’re still disappointed.

Bournemouth’s red – was it a red?

Ramsey: I don’t know, all I know was the tackle was a bit rash, I’ll have to look at it again.

A great comeback – but was it two points dropped?

Giroud: Yeah, as I told you we wanted to carry on our run after two wins at home, we bounced back after two disappointing results. Tonight it was a bad start, so we have to focus on the next game and not make the same the mistakes.

At the end of the day it’s an ok point because it’s hard to come back from 3-0 down to 3-3.

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GIROUD you’re a sstxpd idxt for that untimely selfish vain scorpion celebration celebration. It shows exactly where your focus is. before this game it was suuuuuuper important we get 3points anything less than 3points could mean bye bye to our title bid and yet you chose to waaaasste sooo much time celebrating an equalizer???? are you kidding me???????????? Thats the difference between you and SANCHEZ. Giroud interested in vain glory and selfies. Sanchez interested only in winning!!!!!! period!!!! until we get players with that sanchez winning mentality im afraid arsenal may not win the title anytime soon. Players with the… Read more »

Keown's European double.

What like another dismal showing from Xhaka that you will undeniably try and find a way to skate over?


He wasn’t great today and gave away a silly penalty but there were many who were far far worse on the night (Bellerin, Ramsey, Mustafi)

Dan Hunter

I am the first to criticize Ramsey, but he was not too bad today compared to the defence and Xhaka. Bellerin was terrible, getting skinned so easily. Cech was very poor allowing two goals, on the inside and through his legs. Overall, I think we were set up too far up the pitch. We knew Bournemouth to be dangerous going forward, so a more practical approach, with the team sitting back a bit and disrupting the game plan of Bournemouth, all the while making their manager scratch his head because we had not come out the way they expected would… Read more »

Theo's Wall-cot

Don’t forget that he’s only just got back into the team. I don’t blame him for being happy in that moment. Poor ol’ Hector had a shocker though!


Sure there was 70 minutes of utter shite before our comeback. But that user has a point, Giroud’s celebration was ridiculous, it wasted at least 50 seconds of additional game time we could have used. The team did play terribly for 70 minutes and tiredness is no excuse for that (especially considering our 3 goal comeback). But Giroud’s celebration was a joke. This was not a game we wanted to win, it was a game we needed to win to show our credentials. Celebrating after that third goal was atrocious. Understandable, but totally uncalled for. Celebrate after the whistle, and… Read more »


I repeat hollywood players they need to go. Giroud Ramsey Ox Ozil etc and all the others i cant remember right now. Seriously need to sit up or leave. Where was Giroud’s head and focus during that celebration??????Unbelievable celebrating a draw!!!! when the game was a must win. Just unbelievable


We played 96 minutes of which more than two thirds absolute rubbish and you blame Giroud who was easily one of our best and selfless players on the night, scored the equaliser and setup two goals, for 15 seconds of the 96 minutes wasted! The first 70 minutes and even the few minutes we had after the equaliser, with 10 men they looked more likely like scoring that we did! Is that his fault too?


The celebration is just one negative from many positives of his performance.

Did you see he was backtracking to his own penalty box when the score was 3-2 and Dan Gosling got a pass for a big chance?

Although he got dribbled past, where were the actual defenders/defensive midfielders???


If only I could like your comment a million times. Some people just watch the highlights and form their opinions. Ignore them bro.


You’re right, he was one of our better players, if not our best.

But this only came from him, and more importantly, the whole team, after 70mins.
Before that he was not tracking back, and he was not putting himself about.

I don’t think Giroud did badly, and I don’t mean to highlight him in particular considering the whole team’s performance, but that celebration was a joke.
Good performance for the last 30mins, but never ever ever celebrate a draw like that again Ollie.


You sir….you are delusional.


A little foolish, yes, but he was excited. Doubt the celebration accounted for more than a couple of seconds – compared to 70 minutes of dross, it’s not really a big deal.

Bob'd Mexican Cousin

We can be a fickle bunch at times. Leave Giroud out of it, I’m a bit more pissed at the suicidal “defense” we played today and Giroud is the least involved in that effort.

Bob's Mexican Cousin

We can be a fickle bunch at times. Leave Giroud out of it, I’m a bit more pissed at the suicidal “defense” we played today and Giroud is the least involved in that effort.

Nasri's missing chinbone

Ha – you’re an idiot STEVE

Make mine a Swiss miss

Realistic enough from both.
Great comeback, poor defensively.


It’s no longer fashionable be an Arsenal basher in the media, there are some true supporters in the mainstream like Wright, Henry and Keown. A big change from the days of Hansen and Lawrenson


Learn from mistakes, not make the same mistakes.

How many times?

I don’t think we are learning anything. Always the same mistakes again and again.

A Different George

What were the “same mistakes?” I don’t think any of the three goals against us were especially typical of “same old Arsenal.” I didn’t see a naive failure to kill off a game in which we led nor–most certainly–a folding of tents when we go down a goal (or three!). I saw some individual poor play by very good players (Bellerin, Xhaka, Cech, Mustafi), not Squillaci or Almunia.

I am very unhappy with our performance and with the result, but I hope–and expect–the next match will be better.


Good comeback, bad result. Title challenge surely finished. Chelsea can lose tomorrow, but can we win at Spurs with recent performances?

Fifa ratings dont matter

Ramsey wasnt as good as he should have been, but a lot better than he was in previous games. Hopefully he keeps a on improving.
Iwobi was much better than ramsey and should not have been subbed.
Giroud 1 assist, 1 accidental assist from a bad pass, 1 good goal quality wise but very important.
Perez should have started instead of ramsey. Super finish, and he seems to be the only one who wants to cross to giroud. Poor service to giroud in the first half.


Who would have played CM if Ramsey was subbed off? Iwobi can’t play there.


Sorry misread. Agree Ramsey wasn’t that bad, we actually improved when he was switched to CM. Some bad decision making in the end though. Him and Mustafi not looking 100% match fit yet.


I appreciate their disappointment. That’s good to see that they’re not happy with the one point


Mustafi looked rusty tonight but somehow I still knew we wouldn’t lose with him on the pitch. Not good enough tonight but couldn’t see us coming back like that last season

An Ox-sized Coq

Two straight clean sheets…there was no need to change the defense for Mustafi to play tonight.

Why not

I think that was our. Biggest problem. Although it sounded from wenger that something was up with gabriel.


Maybe a bit harsh from Steve on Giroud here in the comments, but if toned down, I agree, this celebration was ridiculous. Don´t ruin a great goal with a cheesy celebration. And certainly not when you are drawing a mid table team and fighting (I know, optimistic) for the title.

Toure Motors

I can’t see this arsenal team challenging for the title


For anyone to currently suggest Arsenal are out of the race, or to state with any certainty they will not win the league is imprudent.

Why not

Completely agree. Literally just over half way. Plenty of football to go. And we see how quickly things can change especially when the top 4-5 are as competitive as they are right now.


Wenger has got the tactics wrong now in all the away matches after Cazorla’s injury. Teams just press us high up and we can’t cope. You can blame the players for their efforts but it doesn’t hide the fact that the tactics are just plain wrong. We started getting in the game when Bournemouth stopped pressing and started protecting their lead. Would have taken a point before the game because of the schedule, injuries and Bournemouth being in good form but it is frustrating seeing Arsenal get outplayed by 11 players who wouldn’t even make our bench.

Poodle time

Settle down Steve. Without Giroud we lose that game.


I saw Giroud playing centre back more than once tonight. He still somehow had time to assist two goal and score once… HEART


Steve has maybe gone overboard there, but I agree I would have preferred him going into the net and getting the ball. Natural reactions speak volumes about what a player is thinking. Alexis at the final whistle is a great example, just totally irate that the game is over and we haven’t won. It’s a reaction I don’t see enough of with this set of players after disappointing results.

Oli was very good tonight, without him we wouldn’t have a point, so I’m slow to point the finger even if I do think the celebration was ill timed.

Tony Hall

I really thought this year after all the investment we had a good enough team to challenge for the title yet once again we manage to bugger it up. On paper chelsea’s team is not better than hours yet could be 11 points in front if they beat spurs.
It is just the same story year after year, running out of excuses now !

Teryima Adi

It was a shambolic show our boys put out in 70 minutes. There is still a lot expected of this crop of players. I can’t see us winning the league.


Credit to Bournemouth. They were good value for the lead. Great to see that kind of football from a team that prioritises survival.Huge blow for our title hopes. But it was still a stunning comeback. Thierry on the analysis was funny, doesn’t matter how much we need the cunts to win, he was having none of it. My favourite bit of Henry analysis so far :0)


Mustafi was poor but he was thrown into a game against tough opposition on the up. Why wasn’t he eased in like Ramsey? For the first 45 it looked like we didn’t win any headers — Bellerin especially. He had a classic game where a young player who’s had his first ‘serious’ injury doesn’t want to aggravate it, especially after running so hard vs Crystal Palace. Giroud really had a sulky first 45 but came out like someone had sent a rocket up his arse for the next — really impressed with his workrate in the second half. I’ll never… Read more »


Tactical indiscipline is rife in Ramsey. I think he upsets the balance of this team no matter where he plays. They’re are better midfielders plying their trade at lesser clubs, think glfi sigurdson for example. Arsenal would get a big fee for him in the summer, I think he should go. Also, he is the most dribbled past player I’ve ever seen! “Ye know”.


It is absolutely ridiculous that some people think that Ramsey issues about “hate”. Honestly, Ramsey is a good lad but doesn’t have the quality to play in Arsenal. It has nothing to do with hate.


IMHO, Bellerin had the roughest night. Also, I know Cech came to us with an incredible reputation, but I just don’t think he has been so superior to prevent Ospina from playing more. Other than the penalty goal, I think the others certainly could have been stopped. First one went past him on the inside post, and the second through the legs. Not looking to anger people, but I just feel his best years are past him and AW should give Ospina more games. This might have been a perfect night to rest Cech just 48 hours after his last… Read more »

David C

was thinking the exact same thing about Cech for a lot of games this year…

I would rate him as a good player for us since he’s joined, was hoping for great!

I still trust him because of his experience, but I don’t think we’ll see as many years out of him as we all expected. I hope I’m wrong of course.

Malaysian gunner

Great mental strength?Wenger has been saying this all the years.His predictable passing game is easy to counter. That’s what most teams do: let the gunners indulge in their passing frenzy and that’s why they conceded an early goal to Howe. In retrospect,he shd have left years ago. I’m afraid Arsenal wont be able towin another epl with him in charge. The epl is the most difficult one to win in Europe. That’s why for all of Guardiola’s dominance in Spain and Germany,things aint going his way. Maybe he could win after one year. Wenger’s passing game always comes unstuck a… Read more »


Believe it or not that is the truth. There will be no joy until he goes…a bitter truth!


There is a lot of character and heart in this squad. … It just seems the table and the chance to react in a game isn’t enough to ignite that. Time and again this squad must be put on the ropes and provoked prior to a knockout punch to fight back. It’s why you can’t help but love Sanchez. His tenacity and passion. The guy ran into the dressing room after warmups. He wants to not only land the first punch, but land the knockout. This squad tends to avoid the knockout given the depth & level of talent, but… Read more »


Our race for the top 4 is on. Seen enough over the past years not to feel disappointed, just apathy really. Time was once, if everything else in the life sucked ass, I could still look forward to an Arsenal game, back when we had proper quick, fluent and an attacking game. Granted we will get thumped heavily sometimes but not least because of the insipid and boring football we play now and still we loose games we should win even with this new pragmatic approach. Hell the only thing which remains now is ball retention that too against lesser… Read more »


Agreed Meletios, felt the same for years. Sadly, I’m just waiting for the old fart to go. The only silver linings are games like this tonight, Giroud’s scorpion, and St. Totteringham day last May.

Fred De Greate

koscielny was’nt at his best.There was no communication in our defense,rely bad.


the team did well to come back and get a draw. ..However that was a shit performance. …totally shows what this team is made of. .expect consistent from March when there is nothing to play for but top 4.


giroud got us the point when we could of come away with nothing


Title challenge is over, we may even end up below spuds this season ?


Nothing short on what we deserve, not enough fight grit determination or passion.