Report: Bournemouth 3-3 Arsenal (inc. goals)


Staring XI: Cech, Bellerin, Mustafi, Koscielny, Monreal, Coquelin, Xhaka, Ramsey, Iwobi, Alexis, Giroud

Subs: Ospina, Holding, Gabriel, Maitland-Niles, The Jeff, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Lucas

Olivier Giroud scored a stoppage time equaliser for Arsenal as Arsene Wenger’s men bounced back from 3-0 down to salvage an unlikely point against Bournemouth.

Charlie Daniels’ left foot strike on 16 minutes and Callum Wilson’s penalty put the Cherries in a commanding position before half time. And they looked home and dry when Ryan Fraser scored a third before the hour mark.

The Gunners then mounted a stunning comeback. Alexis Sanchez and Lucas reduced the deficit and Michael Oliver sent off Simon Francis for a late challenge on Aaron Ramsey. As the clock ticking down, Giroud nodded home Granit Xhaka’s cross to maintain his fine scoring run.

First half

Facing the Sky Sports cameras just before kick off, Eddie Howe said he was looking forward to taking on Arsenal under the lights of the Vitality Stadium. He sensed his players and crowd were up for the occasion and he wasn’t wrong.

The home side were dominant from the off, closing down the midfield with gusto and breaking with speed. Josh King and Junior Stanislas had efforts before the ten-minute mark and Petr Cech had to be quick off his line to prevent Callum Wilson from getting off a shot as he raced into the box.

It wasn’t much of a surprise when the home side took the lead on 16 minutes. A cross-field ball caught Hector Bellerin napping and Charlie Daniels, left untracked by an absent Aaron Ramsey, stole in at the back post, nicked the ball past the Spaniard and coolly finished low past Cech. It was pathetic and inexcusable defending and we were deservedly punished. (1-0)

Arsenal looked rattled and with Bournemouth’s next attack they won a penalty – the sixth we’ve conceded this season. Not for the first time, Granit Xhaka was the guilty man as he bundled over Ryan Fraser on the edge of the box. Michael Oliver had no hesitation in pointing to the spot and for the second time in five weeks Callum Wilson put Cech on his arse to score. (2-0)

To compound our problems, Wenger was forced into a substitution on 27 minutes as Francis Coquelin, holding his hamstring, limped off to be replaced by Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain.

Arsenal manufactured just two chances of note before the break. Ramsey spun and shot wide on 28 minutes and Iwobi, on his weaker left foot, scrambled an effort off target after a neat cutback by Chamberlain 12 minutes later. That aside, we were abject in the final third. Total shots on target in the opening 45 minutes? Zero.

Alexis and Giroud spent most of their time waving their arms in the air in disgust at the lack of quality service around them.

Bournemouth might have a had a third in first half stoppage time as Stanislas wipped a shot from the edge of the box just past Cech’s left post.

Second half

Arsenal buzzed with more energy in the opening stages of the second half but the pressure wasn’t to last. Giroud might have done better with a Chamberlain cross but couldn’t get enough purchase on his effort and Ramsey was denied by a last-ditch challenge after a tidy dribble into the box.

At the other end, Michael Oliver came to Arsenal’s rescue as he ruled out a Bournemouth third for a handball by Wilson who’d deflected in a shot from Harry Arter. The reprieve, coming on 55 minutes, was short-lived.

Within two minutes Ryan Fraser, the man who’d tormented Liverpool in a recent 4-3 win, beat Cech to score the Cherries’ third. There was a probably a foul on Bellerin in the build-up but it was all too easy for Scot as he bound towards goal and found the far corner through our keeper’s legs. (3-0)

Arsenal threw on Lucas for Iwobi and Koscielny, possibly injured, was replaced by Gabriel. Honestly, at this point it felt like we were throwing in the towel rather than throwing caution to the wind.

Eddie Howe’s players initially maintained the tempo, King tested Cech with a free-kick, but then they began to retreat. The Gunners who’d had no space all night, suddenly had room to play.

On 69 minutes Arsenal reduced the deficit courtesy of Alexis Sanchez’s close range header. The opportunity had been created by a Chamberlain cross which was flicked to the back post by Giroud. It was our first effort on target. (3-1)

Six minutes later Lucas grabbed his first Premier League goal of the season to make it 3-2. Giroud picked up his second assist of the game deftly lifting the ball over the defence for the Spaniard to spank home a Podolski-esque volley into the far post. Surely we couldn’t grab an equaliser?

Just to make things even more interesting, Bournemouth were reduced to ten men with eight minutes left as Simon Francis ploughed through Aaron Ramsey to earn a straight red.

With a slender lead, the home side sat deep as Arsenal pushed for another goal. Naturally, Artur Boruc began wasting time and quickly earned a caution.

The sight of six minutes of stoppage time was greeted by boos from the terraces, nervous about the constant pressure of the men in yellow. One minute into it, Arsenal had their equaliser. Xhaka curled in a delicious ball with his left foot and Giroud rose like a salmon to head the ball home. (3-3)

There was to be no further twist in the tale. In truth, we probably didn’t deserve all three points having been so poor for the first hour.

One point doesn’t massively help our title challenge, but perhaps the way we bounced back will stand us in good stead for the rest of the season. We’ll see.

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A point grasped from the jaws of defeat. Maybe not the result we wanted going into the game but I hope that comeback will give the team a much needed mental boost for games to come.

remember the invincibles

I was in your position about 6 years ago, hoping we would turn things around. Hoping for lessons learnt, but this is Arsenal man. No point being optimistic.


I was soooooo angry with Giroud celebrating that 3rd goal when it was 92min out of 96 4min to go we couldve still won if he hadnt ewasted more time celebrating an equalizer. Team was poor today but they showed character to come back but still a draw not acceptable for Arsenal at this stage of the season.

Marital Monk

My sentiments exactly.


Yeah I was screaming at the TV for them to get back as well. I don’t think he realised how little time we had left


I was like ‘why’s he doing that mincey little run?’ Then I realised. Almost forgivable, considering the week he’s had. Weirder was Gabriel who started trying to guide him back to the centre spot and ended up in the arms of the supporters well after giroud was trotting back!

Holding Rob

Yes! Even though it wasn’t that many seconds wasted, still you don’t celebrate an equalizer against bournemouth like you’ve won the league. Show us only a win is good enough!
Happy we came back in it anyway, today could’ve been a disaster


Showed character? They blew the season (officially) tonight. It’s been over for about 12 years. Wenger out.


it was a very amusing celebration and i’m glad he did it.


Seriously, I think Ospina should be given a start. This is definitely not the Chech we’ve seen in west london.

Thierry Bergkamp

There was a much better defence protecting Cech in West london


Although the comeback was commendable, same old arsenal.


Same old Wenger


Did Giroud celebrating piss anyone else off? Wtf? He clearly had that celebration planned before the game but under the circumstances he scored in surely he’s got to pick up the ball and run back, there were still 5 minutes left to play.

remember the invincibles

Yes. Giroud isn’t exactly known for being smart though is he?


Seriously..That was not the time for any kind of celebration!


So much of this. He had a very good second half 2 assist and a goal but what the hell was he doing celebrating when there was still one more goal needed to score to win the game. Seriously annoyed the shit out of me seeing that.


This must be the most selfish bunch of players we have. I get Ramsey gets sometimes unnecessary criticism but he was at fault for the first goal then he tries to go Hollywood for what could have been our second goal when he had time to control and maybe score easier or pass to someone else even Alexis went mental at him at some point. Giroux we get it you scored a beauty last week and we will always remember it but we had time to go for the win why waste time celebrating????? Very disappointing


Plus: Mustafi’s yakking in stoppage time…


We’ve seen worse… but damm *that celebration* was tooooooooo much !!
Hope to see Kos & Coq soon….


Frankly, I was little bit pissed. This is not Camp Nou or Allianz Arena where we have equaled from 3-0 down, FFS its Bournemouth! And that first hour – I can’t remember a poorer first hour played by the Gunners. Bellerin had a terrible day, and nearly everyone was poor (Alexis and the Ox tried).
I am pleased the team showed character to come back from 3-0. But practically we are out of the title challenge and should do well to repeat last year’s 2nd position.


Indeed… Our first goal was our first ‘shot on target’ (in the 70’th minute)


That celebration is, at the same time, the best and the worst celebration all season.

Southland Gunner

I could give you eighteen thumbs up!

Dan Hunter

It’s called a mutation


He probably shouldn’t have celebrated the equaliser. However he wasn’t the only one. He had an absolutely huge part of why we managed to draw that game and with a few minutes going he was deep in our half chasing Bournemouth runs trying to get the ball back having played two full games in 48 hours so if he wants 15 seconds to celebrate an equaliser having been 3-0 down I have no bad words to say about him unlike a lot of others tonight


I get the frustration with him celebrating, I was gutted we didn’t win it the end. But it was 14 seconds from the ball crossing the line to him being back in the centre circle. Yup. I counted. So maybe he wasted 4 seconds. Without him. No point. The deftness of touch to set up perez is sublime. Someone on here mentioned that his top 10 goal showreel would be something special. I reckon his top 10 assist one isn’t bad either. I forgive him.


isn’t goal celebrations time meant to be added on by the ref, as its partly seen as wasting time.
Just as if right on full time a penalty is awarded, time does not stop, but ref allows for the extra time for the penalty to be taken.
If a team scores a goal in added time to take the lead, and they celebrate for a couple of minutes, the ref adds on that time, and its the same rules for a leveling goal.

Smits Mckey

Remember when he DIDN’T celebrate the equalizer against Manchester United?

I’ll just consider this a rain-check on that goal. Had he celebrated that one, no one would have complained.

Also, as someone else mentioned, he assisted on the first two goals. Planned or not (it looked like it definitely was) I think the man deserved the celebration. And don’t forget how a goal like this often feels much more significant in the moment than from an objective standpoint (third goal in 30 minutes away from home in the PL after going down three goals? Bournemouth is no walkover).

The Little Mozart

Personally, I celebrated that goal too, and I don’t think Giroud was wrong to celebrate an equaliser after being 3-0 down.


it’s much the same as the turds who tried to talk down his goal. If you can’t enjoy moments like equalising from 3-0 down away from home, what’s the point?


Arsenal fans have got to be some of the biggest moaners amongst football fans in all of the major leagues in Europe.


What the hell was this?

Nacho Cheese Kalevra

we didn’t lose.
for that i’m grateful.
sort out our individual errors.
we’re still in this.
bless Jah for Lucas Perez


this is fantastic

remember the invincibles

Title has gone. Hopefully Wenger leaves and the banter era goes with him. We can’t defend for his life.


The man has lost he thirst. Time to go.

Lord Bendnter

I am a huge fan of Giroud, but yes his celebration did piss me off. Look at what Sanchez and Perez did when they scored. Still take nothing away from Girouds second half performance


Glad for the point, some poor ref decisions but performance wasn’t good enough…again. Very poor in midfield not for the first time this season.


Time for ospina to take over in goal. Chex has been pretty average.


He made some great saves in the last game


Yeah, I agree, felt he could have done better with both open-play goals (and not the first game this season he’s conceded at the near post, which top goalies shouldn’t do). Even his “big save” in injury time was actually pretty routine, you’d be seriously disappointed to see your goalie beaten from there.


To be honest: The best keeper in the Serie A is still an Arsenal player…


When did we sign Skorupski and loan him to Empoli?


🙂 View: ‘Seasonal’
Not: ‘Weekly’




I really don’t understand the criticism of Cech. Every other season we have had keepers commit howlers and having several stinkers. I don’t think he had any right to save any of the goals today, if he had it would have just been a great bonus


I agree – basically
But I’m afraid it won’t be enough to be consistent and “very good”. That is the level of top 4…
No more and no less…


He’s certainly not the best keeper in the league but I think he had a good season. I don’t remember us conceding such few headers and goals from dead balls as we have had this season. Especially considering we are not the biggest of teams that had always been our weak point. I think the problem is more than we concede too many chances to the opposition more than Cech himself.


Cech is a world class keeper who’s also pretty much useless at penalties (since he joined Arsenal).


Please. Cech is not the reason we are dropping so many winnable points. And Ospina, though decent, is hardly the savior we’re looking for.

Mustapha Kacka

Too much wrong with that to be happy with a point ! Well done Ox & Perez as for the rest ? Have a hard look at yourselves !!!


Lucas needs to play more. Play the guys who give end product. Unfortunately this doesn’t apply to Ramsey who hasn’t done anything, but with elneny gone and now coquelin, he’s going to have to really step up and stop fucking around.


He is an average player and he can’t help it. I wonder what Wenger sees in that guy…who knows


Blogs has long dreamed of a Ramsey/Xhaka partnership. I actually thought they began to click as they got more gametime together later in the game. Ramsey didnt do to badly once the team managed to throw their horrible ways out the window and actually play some decent football.


Alternatively: he started to look decent as Bournemouth started to drop deep to defend their lead, and he magically had a bit of space to play in. He struggles, big time, in tight spaces.

Stringer Bell

Interesting Sanchez reaction to Ramsey. He was furious with him against palace when instead of putting him through he put it in the stands. Think he knows Ramsey is no more than average squad player. Lacks so much.

Stewart Robson's therapist

Not as interesting as your obsession with Ramsey and your vindictive vendetta against him after every single game.

Southland Gunner

He is right. Deal with it.




Honestly though when was Ramsey’s last good game for Arsenal? I think he has done ok from the bench when the opposition have been tired once a game gets stretched but he is no more than a squad player. He really slows down the passing in midfield. When our passing game is slow we really struggle

SA Gooner

Ramsey should never start an Arsenal game. He is a decent option to have on the bench. If you watch the second goal, you will see that he was off side from the time Giroud received the ball. Had Giroud or Lucus passed the ball to him it would have been off side and no goal. He can be very frustrating to watch and the issues that he ends up causing for the team does not necessarily come through in the stats. I for one believe that he is passed his sell by date and am really surprised that Wenger… Read more »


We are at our best when we attack with quick tempo. When we slow down,we are not at all a threat and we tend to concede goals. This match is a perfect example for that.


Two assists and a goal from le ?. But it’s still 2 points dropped. Our defence was shit tonight…


mustafi still unbeaten in arsenal colours

Lord Bendnter

Very good refereeing but wth that goal that was given when he threw Bellerin off the ball! Wth!!


Sorry mate…Ballerin was shit tonight.


That as maybe but it was an identical shove to the one Xhaka did. Yet good old Niall Quinn states “he has no one to blame but himself” to a “well he could have been stronger there” fucking laughable!!

aussie gooner

To blogs, who always seems surprised and unimpressed that Ramsey is used as a “lightening rod”for criticism. Here’s a little taste of why. Go and watch the game again and watch us piling on the pressure while 3-2 down and watch Ramsey twice trying to be the hero. Once by trying a ridiculous volley when he could have brought it down and once with a shot from way outside the box. This is all at a time where all we needed was to put the ball in the box and let the forwards do their thing. (As evident by all… Read more »


the exact same criticism could be labeled at alexis and giroud tonight too, and ox, they all took shots from outside the area when others in the area calling for the ball. its odd that so many of our fans say we don’t shoot enough from outside the area, but when Ramsey does, they can’t wait to blame him for doing it.


Giroud, Ox and Alexis were all selfless today. They ran around and did their best to make things happen. Ramsey’s shots were incredibly unlikely and he had better options. Once Ramsey plays anywhere near Alexis’ level and shows the same level of selflessness as far as I am concerned he can shoot all he wants.

Kay Em

@Eduardo, just watch how we conceded the first goal. Iwobi goes infield to do Ramsey’s job for him, because Ramsey was unwilling to chase and win the ball back. Ramsey saw that Bellerin had moved to the centre of the defense. He also saw that 2 Bournemouth chaps were in the position that Bellerin and Iwobi had vacated. But instead of providing cover he kept his position and as he is wont to do started pointing fingers. He is so frustrating sometimes. And then he goes and picks up a quarrel with Sanchez soon after. He should have been on… Read more »


Wow, couldn’t have put it any better. Agree wholeheartedly!


Bournemouth are a tough side. Considering the new look midfield, we did ok as a team. Wenger has nothing to do with individual errors. This is a wake up call for Bellerin and Xhaka for their mistakes.


Bit harsh on Bellerin. He had an absolute stinker but anyone can have one bad game. I don’t think he needs any wake up call. He has been superb this season.

A Different George

What’s the matter with you–you’re supposed to believe that whatever happened last has always happened that way, and will never change in the future. Yes, Bellerin was awful tonight. Yes, he has proved this season that he is the best right back in England, and among the very best in the world. Yes, he will probably be very good for the rest of the season.


It baffles me the way most of us try to protect or rather pamper the players like if they are babies.We tend to forget that these players are professionals, paid millions that most of us can only dream of. They should fucking put up a performance. I am not here to praise any of they when they don’t do well. The honest truth tonight, is that Ramsey is average. He should have been changed instead if Iwobi. Bellarin was shit tonight. Giroud celebration was childish. I don’t think Sanchez is happy with few players and that could contribute to his… Read more »


I dont think anyone is pampering Bellerin I absolutely think we all agree he had a stinker. But from that to say he has to somehow “wake up” considering the season he has had is bizarre.
I think Iwobi came off instead of Ramsey because he looked tired having played against Palace and not because he was any worse than Ramsey


If he does leave I doubt it will be because Ramsey won’t pass to him. More likely we won’t meet his demands and someone else will.

Fireman Sam

Exactly. If Sanchez goes it will be for one reason only: money


Any chance we can have an ‘Arsenal’s annual decline’ video in 21 languages too?

In all seriousness though, should have won that game. Was a well fought draw but we won’t be winning any leagues with these performances


The comeback is admirable and demonstrated aspects of resilience, but I can’t help but think this season is already pretty much over..

Fireman Sam

Over because we are top of our champions league group? Over because we are in the FA cup? Over because we are 3 points behind Liverpool who are second in the premier league? Over because we are three games behind Chelsea with 18 games remaining?

Crash Fistfight

I know we were pretty shit up to the last 20 minutes and I know we were quite lucky to get the draw in the end, but how the fuck does Michael Oliver give the penalty (correctly) in the first half but allow Bournemouth’s third goal to stand?

I think Michael Oliver is a good referee btw, but I think he deserves criticism for that.


Yippee, but… Fuck.

DieHard Gunner

Go to sleep in the EPL and even the one team that wasn’t suppose to beat you will. The fight in the end was good, but why are we always putting ourself to the sword?


Massive point gained.Not easy to play after 48 hours, trail 3-0 and come back to draw.The players must be shattered.


It was good to see the fight to get back to level terms but after we got there we totally stopped putting pressure on Bournemouth like we had won. As a team fighting for the title and you have momentum on your side you need to ride that wave until you are leading then can take them on the counter. And worse yet they were playing with 10 men.

Getso gunner

Mustafi maintain His unbeaten run but realistically title challlenge is over


Mustafi may still be unbeaten in an Arsenal shirt but he was shit tonight. Along with a good few others like Bellerin, Xhaka (cross for Giroud’s goal excluded), Ramsey and Cech!

Should be happy with a comeback point but feel we should be beating teams like that in a professional manner.


I love him a lot, but we will not win the league again with Arsène Wenger in charge of the Arsenal football club

Fireman Sam

I guess logically United should fire Mourinho first though right (as they’re doing worse than us and have spent a shitload more)?


Mourinho is in his 1st season at manure (fuck, I am justifying him, it came to that??). New club, he can get a bit of time to settle. Arsene, as much as I respect him, has been here for 20 years, and even though the season was good until few weeks ago, usual problems from the past are again showing, and we don’t seem to grow past them.


It was good to see the fight to get back to level terms but after we got there we totally stopped putting pressure on Bournemouth like we had won. As a team fighting for the title and you have momentum on your side you need to ride that wave until you are leading then can take them on the counter. And worse yet they were playing with 10 men.

Kevin of j town

I really want to understand why the shove by Xhaka is a foul but that on Bellerin that led to the goal isn’t


It’s the “magic” of the box Kevin.


I’d play Ox in the central role rather than Ramsey and start Lucas in the wings more often.


Specifically Ox in the Cazorla position and one of our 3 defensive midfielders along with him.

Lord Bendnter

I don’t think Arsene would sign a contract extension if there’s no trophy. And if Eddie Howwe replaces him I will not complain

Crash Fistfight

No thanks. He’s a good prospect but I don’t think he’s ready for a job as high profile as Arsenal just yet.

We fucked up in not getting other managers when they were available. Now we’re choosing out of Eddie Howe, Ralph Hasenhuttl (who we hadn’t heard of 5 minutes ago) and Max Allegri (and I’ve no idea how good he is).


I’d be happy with Tuchel. Think he has potential to become better than Klopp.

Crash Fistfight

Tuchel’s not exactly pulling up trees at the moment. Not sure about him, either.


Bournemouth are the new Reading

Dan D

People will talk about great character to pull it back but for me character is playing from the off. It’s easy to show character when there’s nothing to lose and I simply cannot forgive the opening 70 mins. It was woeful. Great, we didn’t lose but I can’t help but feel angry about what I saw tonight. It was the most Arsenal like display and we’ve seen it before, over and over again. Some great quality last 20 but as I said, too teams don’t start playing when the fane is basically up. The talk should be of how we… Read more »


Totally agree.

Moral high ground

Just had a massive WTF moment after the game. Henry watches the 3rd Bournemouth goal 4 times and they never mention the clear foul on bellerin. Seriously?! Atrocious punditry. A really really clear foul. Having said that hector was dreadful tonight. On top of everything defensively his crossing was awful although I often think it isn’t very good. Mustafi played like a poor mans vermaelen. Not for the first time this season. Well done the front players though.

Tony Hall

Well that was a right fuck up … I can’t wait for the old *mental strength* line to be trotted out by the boss. Sure we clawed a point back but we have still dropped two more, likely to be 11 points behind the leaders after the Spurs/Chelsea match and pretty much consigned to the fight for fourth place for yet another season. So yeah congratulate the team for snatching a draw from the jaws of defeat if you want. The reality is several of the team *stank* in that match. Can’t wait for whatever excuse is going to be… Read more »


Should never have been 3-0 in the first place. Bellerin was blatantly fouled just before they scored their third. Xhaka did the same foul earlier in the game and the ref gave a penalty for it.

Monkey nuts

Think we might be aiming for 6th this season.


Off topic but I’m starting to think Henry is turning into the new Ian Wright of match analysis


Mustafi still not beaten but seriously we weren’t prepared for Bournemouth’s speedy quartet. Bellerin vs Fraser Re third goal was total switch off.


Also I think this was Bellerin’s worst game for us since his debut. Hopefully it’s just a one off for him but he really didn’t seem on the ball.


He’s been below his high standards since he came back from injury, I think, but I agree this was his worst performance for us since Dortmund away, by a mile.

Vincent Kompany's Forehead

Fair play to Bournemouth they played with pizzazz, style and were more physical, an Arsenal on steroids style of play if you will. Michael Oliver is my favourite ref, takes no bs and gets most of his decisions right, can have no complaints with that card against Xhaka. Xhaka had a terrible disciplinary record at BMG especially for someone who wasnt a specialist defensive midfielder, he’s more calm here I reckon but still prone to dumbassery, so should work on that. Reckon Sanchez should’ve been rested this game and Perez on at the start instead of Iwobi with Ramsey in… Read more »


Again, our defending is just a shamble. I blame Ramsey for the first two goals, The first you can see he see the run from Daniels, but doesn’ care, the second he has the ball, do a stupid one meter pass and they break from that.
The main issue is in my view that we have no decent structure, too little defensive dicipline in midfield and play with too high risk.
2 points lost…..


Was it Ramsey he gave the ball away for the second? I haven’t seen the replay but I didn’t think it was him (but if it was, that just compounds my feeling that he had a terrible game, yet again).


2 points lost. Poor mentality by the boys. Title is out of reach.


Celebrating an equalizer from 3-0 down vs bournemouth with 6mins to go says a lot about our lack of winning mentality…good we didn’t lose but soooo unimpressed by the draw.



Lord Bendnter

I worry about Sanchez not signing an extension when he realizes that some other players are not up to his pace. Today we saw very tired legs and our defense and midfield showed that. Smart move by Eddie to get his team to keep a high pace to take advantage of our tired legs. We were chasing shadows. But when Sanchez scored, our tired legs were gone. So why are we like this? Why were we not like that in the second half? What would we do without Sanchez? I was surprised that Giroud started I thought we were going… Read more »

Lord Bendnter

*first half


Agree, and I agree that, for all his late-game heroics, Giroud shouldn’t have started, as we’re so much faster and more mobile up top without him, and against this high tempo Bournemouth team we really needed to match them for pace. Giroud is great in late game situations when we’re down, so why not use him like that as the default, the exception being when we’re playing against teams (e.g. West Brom and Palace) at home who we know are going to park the bus.

gooner of Oz

Sanchez had the face of a man that just wants out of a nightmare. Dont expect him to extend his contract. To be fair he deserves to be celebrating Leagues and even CL trophies and definitely not draws or CL qualifications.


If I am Sanchez, I will not sign a new contract. Imagine playing in a team with weak players like Ramsey…of course you wouldn’t win anything and at the same time very frustrating. Wenger has lost its thirst. That is the simple truth. He was even shown during the game when we were 3 zero down , seating as usual with a smily face. That explain why the players are always tired and lack “mental strength”.


Xhaka is a COMPLETE and utter MORON.

Please sit this Slow Ogre Simpleton Buffoon on the Bench. Please. Carling Cup for Xhaka

Crash Fistfight

All kinds of stupid, here:

1. Cazorla is injured, Coquelin is injured and Elneny is away at the AFCON
2. There’s no such thing as the Carling Cup (it hasn’t been called that for years)
3. We’re not in the EFL Cup until next season

You’re basically saying that Xhaka shouldn’t start a game until next season because he made a mistake to give a penalty away, forgetting that the defensive organisation amongst the rest of the team ALL GAME (even in the last 20 minutes) was non-existent.


No, it’s not a mistake, it’s multiple mistakes over multiple games. Also, to call a BLATANT shove in the back, in the box, a “mistake” is shortsighted and, well, Stupid. Just as stupid as the foul itself. The guy needs a talking to. If he is going to be the enforcer that we, admittedly, need (although I think Coquelin is FAR better), please conduct your enforcing outside of the box. The last 4-5 games have seen glaring, costly mistakes from him. Not to mention how slow he plays. I think that he will get there eventually. But now he needs… Read more »


I’m so bored with most of the comments now. An expected outpouring of misguided anger. Cheers to those who actually seem to enjoy football, no matter the result.

Love my Gunners always.

gooner of Oz

If you are not sad when you dont achieve then I’m afraid you’re never gonna. And that is the case not only in football but life itself. It’s called passion mate.


Life itself? Yeah, think you’re mistaking passion for stupidity. Calm down. Plenty of us who enjoyed the comeback even if we are sad at the draw and first half performance. Some of the BS (anger at Girouds 21 second celebration) is the ‘outpouring of misguided anger’ as the OP statement.


It’s not about the “21 seconds” that he wasted, but more about his thought process in that situation. Clearly a draw at Bournemouth is not good enough and with 5 minutes left to play he should be thinking about grabbing the ball and running back to try and score a winner, like the rest of the team seem to be doing. Instead, he starts to celebrate. Now that means one of two things: 1. He thinks coming back from 3-0 down to draw in a must win game is a great result and he’s thinking that’s job done, which shows… Read more »


Gio, or 3. He just scored the equaliser after being 3-0 down and lost his head for 21 seconds as did a couple of other players who celebrated with him.

I cannot believe after coming back to get a point after playing very average for 60mins, this is the main discussion point of this thread. I mean, I know people get passionate and worked up over results for many reasons – but this is beyond daft.

Anything on his weak mentality or selfishness where came up with a goal and 2 assists? You’re psychological profiling prowess might come in handy.


The reason it’s become a talking point is because it was so absurd. If it was a normal, passionate celebration that wouldn’t be half as bad I don’t think, as you can say the player was caught up in the moment. But because of the celebration he did, it does seem like he was more concerned about showing it off than running back to try and nick a winner. It was very strange.


Gio, we will have to agree to disagree. I think what’s strange is if people can’t get lost in the moment after coming back to 3-3. Planned or not, I would not begrudge someone for doing something out of pure joy that had zero impact on the result. He was back for the kick-off after the goal without any delay…how he celebrated is a non-issue. The fact it’s become a talking point and people are focused on it – is baffling. What’s the point in watching a match if you can’t enjoy moments like that – just wait for the… Read more »


Ha, I think it’s more about the context of the season than the result as a one off. On its own coming back from 3-0 down to draw at any club is something to celebrate, sure. However, the fact that we were 9 points off the top and not winning a winnable fixture today would have ended our title hopes, going 3-0 down and performing so terribly, and ultimately only getting a draw, despite the comeback, is hard to take. We still lost 2 points at the end of the day. The familiarity of it all doesn’t help either, we’ve… Read more »

Dan D

Is it anger or just passion and realism.

If you are OK with that tonight, fine, totally your prerogative but I love my Arsenal and that for me isn’t good enough. No where near over 90 mins.

So call it anger if you like, I prefer realism and haven’t personally read any over the top comments tonight.


Nothing surprises me with this lot.
No doubt they’ll be selfie celebration pics up shortly…..
i really wish the club would ban all player social media.
Just do your jobs and shut the fuck up.


a player shouldnt be playing on credentials
I think we missed the stability provided by muhammed elneny


We actually improved when Ramsey was switched to CM insted of the Coq. Both started in wrong roles.

eugene de sanker

I do agree. Mohammed elneny is very calm and almost like a slower version of Gilberto silva. He breaks attacks and his passing is accurate too. In my book an unsung hero of sorts!


There is still nothing to write home about, still the same problem that has bedevilled Arsenal for the past 11 or more years now. You can never see some of the major teams in playing so poorly like we did in first half. I could also not understand the change of one of our best player (Iwobi) and left Ramsey who was so poor in the first half and even contributed the first goal. I have never seen Bellarin so poor in a game. Credit though to the team for the effort to get a draw. In all honesty, this… Read more »