Sunday, November 27, 2022

Report: Swansea 0-4 Arsenal (inc. goals)

Starting XI: Cech, Gabriel, Mustafi, Koscielny, Monreal, Xhaka, Ramsey, Ozil, Iwobi, Alexis, Giroud

Subs: Ospina, Maitland-Niles, Holding, The Jeff, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Welbeck, Lucas

Arsenal delivered a polished performance at the Liberty Stadium as they beat relegation-threatened Swansea 4-0 to climb up to third in the Premier League table.

Olivier Giroud continued his fine form by opening the scoring late in the first half. After the break, the Gunners upped the pace and own goals by Jack Cork and Kyle Naughton, both created by Alex Iwobi, gave the Gunners breathing space.

Alexis Sanchez’s neat volley completed the scoring with 17 minutes remaining.

First half

As was the case at Bournemouth and Preston, the Gunners were sluggish in the opening stages at the Liberty Stadium. In contrast, the home side, buoyed by the arrival of new boss Paul Clement, were energetic in midfield and quick in possession in the final third.

In the 10th minute Kyle Naughton’s speculative effort on the angle forced Cech into a fine save at full stretch. Not long after, Gylfi Sigurdsson, always a danger in and around the box, fired just over.

It took until the 27th minute for the Gunners to threaten Lukasz Fabianski’s goal. Alexis, cutting in from the left, fired in a powerful effort that forced the Pole down to his right.

Ten minutes later Wenger’s men took the lead courtesy of a decisive finish by the in-form Olivier Giroud. The Frenchman might have scored earlier in the build-up only for Aaron Ramsey to overcook a cross at the end of a lightning break involving great passes by Alex Iwobi and Mesut Ozil. However, after Alexis Sanchez retrieved the situation, the Frenchman was on hand to convert first time from close range after a Mesut Ozil header was blocked. (1-0)

In scoring, Giroud became the first Arsenal player since Emmanuel Adebayor to score in five consecutive Premier League games. There was no celebration by the striker though, who appeared to be struggling with an ankle problem and signalled to the bench to sub him off. Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain stripped off to come on only for the Frenchman to change his mind.

In the dying moments of the first half Swansea had a big shout for a penalty as Ki Sung-yueng hung out a leg and appeared to be tripped by Laurent Koscielny. Referee Mike Jones decided the South Korean had taken a dive and promptly flashed a yellow; replays justified the official’s decision.

Second half

Arsenal turned the screw after the break as they went in search of an important second goal. Twice Alexis Sanchez might have shot but dallied on the ball before Fabianski made a great stop to deny Ramsey after a great pass by the Chilean.

Eventually nine minutes of concerted pressure paid dividends as Alex Iwobi found space at the back post to drill a low shot that looped off Jack Cork and over Fabianski to fall just inside the post. (2-0)

Giroud’s troublesome left ankle forced him off just before the hour mark , Sanchez moved centrally with Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain given the task of patrolling the left flank.

A Routledge snap shot, neatly stopped by Cech, and a chance for Federico Fernandez reminded Arsenal not to rest on their laurels. As Swansea pushed forward they left gaps at the back and the Gunners capitalised finding a third goal on 67 minutes to kill the game.

Alex Iwobi was involved again as his quick feet and cross bamboozled Naughton who deflected into his own net. (3-0)

Five minutes later the ever tricky Alexis Sanchez claimed his 14th goal of the season. Iwobi and Chamberlain combined down the left and the Chilean volleyed home after Routledge’s challenge on Ramsey flicked the ball his way. (4-0)

Danny Welbeck and Lucas Perez came on for the final 12 minutes. Ozil looked happy enough to make away, Alexis Sanchez less so. The latter had a coat put over him as he looked dejected on the bench and he promptly used it to hide for a bit.

Granit Xhaka came close to adding a fifth with a couple of efforts from range as the Gunners closed out the game with ease.

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yaya sanogo's wacky waving inflatable arm flailing tube legs

BREAKING: Harry Kane has been caught licking the transfer window. On our side, 3 points is vital and well done to the boys but I can’t remember the last time we played well as a cohesive unit. It’s been taking us far too long to impose ourselves in games from the start, again, we were fucking around for the first 30 mins. We have no style at the moment and are playing pretty ugly football. I’d put this down to a lack of midfield. I do think Xhaka will be a future starter but he hasn’t been very good. Ramsey… Read more »

Love alexis, but that was a bit silly. Has to be smarter than that. Basically made himself a guarantee in the back pages.

Also so glad that it was naighton who scored their own goal. He had been acting like a prick throughout the game.

Tom Gun

I love Sanchez and his desire and attitude but today his attitude stunk. He behaved like a spoilt schoolboy who thinks he’s above everyone including the manager. Of course I hope he signs and plays for us for years but today was very worrying, not for mention childish and pathetic. We were 4-0 up and have a lot of goes to come. What was his problem?

Tom Gun

*games not goes!

Dan Hunter

I would worry if he didn’t react this way… to me it just shows how much he wants to do well and how much he wants the team to do well. Not everyone can be an unemotional robot

For fuck’s sake, please do not use this term “fake news” when you are talking about the premier league. Call it “poor analysis,” “hype,” “transfer bullshit,” or whatever.

Clinton running a pedophile ring out of a pizza parlor is fake news, Muslims burning down a cathedral in Germany is fake news, some “mainstream” pundit taking a liking to Sp*rs is not fake news.

OK, rant over.

Bob davis

Great win! Especially with the scoreline down at the Lane. Hopefully Giroud’s injury is not serious. COYG!

Le Jim

Can we get Atom and Humber on the sidelines waiting for Alexis so he doesn’t look so bloody miserable when coming off? ?


Great result. We needed that especially against Swansea our bogey team.
Word on Alexis, such public displays of emotions are simply not helpful to either the player nor the club. Somebody really needs to talk to him. Player preservation is important and he should know that. Such antics overshadow a good win. Other than that, what a great player he is.


It’s really embarrassing to be pouting like that. He needs to sort that out.


Seriously. I understand wanting to play and all but looking mildly grumpy like he did at the beginning of the season is much easier to understand than hiding under a coat. Or maybe the cameras just chose an awkward moment to focus on him, I don’t know.

It feels like it’s beyond just wanting to play, though, and I have no clue what it could be when the team is 3-0 and coasting.


Was it that he was equal with Costa on goals scored and wanted to add to his numbers?
Or is it that he is leaving and trying to make things like this, the reasons for leaving?

non-flying dutchman

It is cold out. I’m hiding in my coat too!!

Admittedly havn’t seen the footage. Alexis I implore you not too act like Payet or that twat Costa. Your better than them, but like them your not bigger than the club you play for.


He’s chasing Costa for the Golden Boot for starters. I think he saw an opportunity to add to his tally. He also got into the central role when Giroud went off and probably wanted to prove he should keep it. But given Giroud might have a knock for the next match we need him rested and recovered more importantly, and he needs to understand the bigger picture.

That’s my guess anyhow.


Good win today. Alexis is a great player and I want him to stay. However, his on field/on bench behaviour is starting to grind my gears.

Mein Bergkampf

Can we not chalk it up to love for the game and wanting to do the absolute best every match? Don’t really see how one would consider it embarrassing… Doesn’t embarrass too many when he willingly tracks down every ball and fights diligently every minute he’s on the field…


A grown man hiding under a coat to make sure everyone knows how upset he is about being subbed off up 4 goals against one of the worst teams in the league? Pretty embarrassing to me.


How are you certain of his intentions?


Unfortunately you forget how full of shit people in this forum are. I bet none of them have ever had a strop because something they’re passionate about didn’t go how they wanted it to.


As good and committed as Alexis is on the pitch his actions after leads a lot to be desired. Showing petulance like he did will obviously result in more articles about his unhappiness and contract situation which isn’t beneficial to side. Whilst I wouldn’t say its deliberate by him, it clearly strengthens his hand in contract negotiations.


Alex Iwobi, you’ll score when he wants!


Maybe Iwobi could become our own-goal-enforcement specialist.


The worst thing about the Alexis behaviour is that most of the comments will be about that. including this one.


I am okay with Sanchez doing that. It’s certain Arsene is expecting it every time he substitute him. It’s not a surprise when you expect it already! So it’s cool! 🙂

Good football and a great win! Made my day!

Crash Fistfight

I haven’t got much to talk about in terms of the game, other than to say “yay” to a nice comfortable win and 3 lovely points.

Aside from that, one for the cricket fans out there: is it just me, or is Jack Cork a doppelgänger for Steven Finn?


Now that you mention it, sort of, yes.

Getso gunner

What a Spurs can do, Arsenal can do better


I have to disagree with you on that. Spurs are greater bottlers than us.


What the fuck? We didn’t give away a penalty?

Wenger out.


I like Iwobi’s new “billiards” scoring method – one step on from Rabona and Scorpion? 🙂


…and he’s only twenty years old! 😉


A gem, Iwobi is… Yes. Unearthed another one, Arsene has.

Nacho is the monreal

What was Alexis upto?
He needs to be told that he is merely a player, can be and will be replaced for the team

The Gooner7

Ramsey is an engine. Nobody mentions when he plays so good. Just blame him for everything. Come on Rambo.


Maybe if he did it in other games other than 20th placed Swansea…


As far as I am concerned, he is still a mediocre player and the opposition today is not a yardstick for such measure his effectiveness.


Ramsey played well today and I agree, if he gets disproportionate stick for poor displays, he should also be singled out for excellent ones like today. Unlucky not to get a goal or an assist and we improved a lot when he started getting forward, brings real fluidity to our play. Still needs to work on accuracy though


I thought Ramsey was average at best. Very sloppy in the first half; competent but nothing better in the second.


Good away win. Very encouraging


Finally. We will win the league. This year is our year. COYG
Why was Sanchez so sad again?


Iweobi was exceptional today. He was the man of the match for me.

Alexis dog..

Alexis iwobi.. Is a beast

gooner of Oz

Ppl nagging about Alexis’s passion seem to have forgottn our last title winning squad. Almost all of them were behaving like he does these days. Because 1 they wanted to contribute more themselves and 2they damanded teammates to do the same.
So its ok. And not a big deal. No matter what Metro says tomorrow.


The Metro, aka The Bollocks as so memorably christened by The Tuesday Club RIP


Alexis Sanchez has to remember that no one player is bigger than the team. His expression of unhappiness when being changed was needless. He should know better.


COYG. Good win guys. Alexis need to chill. Love him though. #toughlove


What a dynamic performance from Iwobi! The best young player in the league by a country mile. And a shout out to Giroud. That’s nine goals in nine starts for him. Prolific.

Edu's Braces

Watched the match in a Spanish bar. Arrived early but didn’t have to request it, i could see a nice stream working on one of the 8 tv’s. Other 7 were getting ready for Barca. Picked a nice spot and got a pint. €2, it was always going to be a good day. Hour in the place packs out. Turns out the place is very hip, my shorts, tshirt and hangover beard began to stand out in a sea of Michelin Man jackets, white shirts and angled facial hair. So anyway my tastey little spot is facing the Arsenal, 2… Read more »


I miss Rambling Pete… least his stories didn’t have a point to them ; )

A Different George

I was thinking exactly the same. Which reminds me of the time . . .


Punch the micro dog first mate

Wizard of Öz

Great performance today!
I think Özil was great, hope he’s motivated by what Wenger said, and he signs the contract!


I usually don’t go around saying this, but what is going on with Alexis! This CR7-like selfish (not a good selfish), the club is not going anywhere without me attitude won’t do him or anyone any good. If it once you can sympathize, he almost does it EVERY time he gets substituted nowadays. Even though he’s an awesome player, he isn’t bigger than Arsenal.

Campbell's forehead

I agree. I understand he wants to play every minute and I love that but he’s making a habit of it now. We were coasting at this point so it was for his and the club’s benefit that he was afforded a rest.


Ronaldo selfish is a bad selfish? Alexis is bad? Superstars who carry their teams need to be this kind of selfish. Just look what each of histories selfish strikers have won for their teams. Henry is considered our best ever by most and he was the most selfish striker to wear our red and white.



No need for the petulance. We all know he wants to be on the pitch 100% of the time but this is getting silly.

The good thing is IF there should be anything more than in game frustration, we have (will have) options in market with Greizzman and Mahrez possibly available end of season.

There’s of course also Payet but I wouldn’t bother. He’s 29yrs and shows poor attitude.

Otherwise, hopefully Alexis cuts it out. He certainly shows the most appetite on the pitch for us and he’s back to scoring again which is very positive surely.


Crash Fistfight

Hmm, not so sure about that – Messi is pretty good and he isn’t overly selfish or petulant (a la Ronaldo getting annoyed when someone else instead of him scores a goal).

gooner of Oz

??? ffs dont run a Messi Ronaldo fangirl fight here on an Arsenal blog. Any mature football fan knows how good they are. Great players with awful fans that even sometimes make others wish these perfect players never existed. Just fucking enjoy the game. (specialy now when youre blessed to not be a Real/Barcafan). Really ?


When you scored more than you play, consistently, on each season, you have every right to be selfish. But alexis doesn’t.

Campbell's forehead

So is that 2 assists for Iwobi then?


Clean sheet.

And we managed to rack up the goals which could be important.

Two goals from Swansea players and an assist from Routledge. Goal from ex Spurs Naughton.

We struggled to fashion out clear chances but were rewarded for the pressure we asserted after the break.

Another lazy myth broken. All those bleating on about Giroud better off coming late in to score. Well he scores before the half this time.

Only issue is whether those around us will shed points. Spurs beat an abject WBA.

We’ve done our part so hope we get some ‘positive’ results to come.

Vincent Kompanys Forehead

Great game

Love Alexis great player isnt that selfish on the pitch but throwing hissy fits is unprofessional to say the least. Especially in the context of a fellow teammate who was out for a long time would be getting minutes.

That coat fiasco drew away attention from the teams success and made it a me me me thing. Not good for team cohesion

Dick move and i hope one mert or kos has a word with him because wenger wont


The way I look at Alexis’ behavior today is that it was extremely selfish. He had to be only concerned about getting another goal for his total. He couldn’t be worried at that time about the team winning because the game was over at that time. He really needs to start thinking about the team, not just himself. That’s what you have to love about Giroud. Perhaps he was thinking about his goal total and a new possible contract. Not a good attitude. Really upset with Alexis today. Really want “team” players on the squad.


We need Alexis to sign on the line and quick. Then when he takes his bat home when he’s subbed the press won’t have a field day the day after. A lot of great players sulk and throw the dummy out when subbed so I’m not over concerned at the moment about it. I’m more bothered about the contact extension!

gooner of Oz

??? ffs dont run a Messi Ronaldo fangirl fight here on an Arsenal blog. Any mature football fan knows how good they are. Great players with awful fans that even sometimes make others wish these perfect players never existed. Just fucking enjoy the game. (specialy now when youre blessed to not be a Real/Barcafan). Really ?


Not fussed about Sanchez’ behaviour and not really sure why people are giving it attention. A goal for him and a good performance all round. Only negatives from me were Giroud’s potential injury and yet another slow start. We really need to start games quicker, with more intensity. Better teams than Swansea will take advantage if we don’t


Rather than clap the crowd should bark whenever Sanchez is subbed to make him feel better.


I think Alexis is jealous of all the attention Oli is getting, so he’s throwing hissy fits to remind people how important he is. Sad.


Really lethargic first half again and we are lucky Swansea didn’t make us pay. To me we seem such a different team when Sanchez starts up top in our energy level overall and how we play. His movement opens up so many other options for Ozil to come in behind as a withdrawn forward to fill the middle up top and gets Sanchez on the ball in dangerous positions more often. We seem to have much more energy on defense in the attacking half with Sanchez leading the line which gives up more opportunities on the break and more energy… Read more »

Clock-End Mike

Great result, clean sheet too. Delighted by that.

Not sure, though, I’d describe it as a “polished performance”. Certainly not poor, but much of it was predictable and pedestrian. Swansea did well first half especially, but switched off defensively after the first goal, and our pressure was enough to make the difference. Our passing for much of the game was not sharp enough.


Alexis wants the team to win, and he wants the golden boot. I’d wager if Wenger had a quick chat with him and said, ‘I want to put you in the right place to do both every season’ that’d go a long way to settling that contract situation.

Yankee Gooner

How pissed off is Alexis going to be when he’s subbed off in front of 18,000 on a rainy night at Guangzhou R&F?


I can see both sides here…it’s obvious we don’t have the same tenacity when he is not playing so we need to protect him…however look at the big boys elsewhere..they tend to go the 90…even in a 4-0 jazz. These super players are yhe most competitive and wanna be always involved…and score! Both don’t we all so this post is a waste of time…have a great Sunday

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