Friday, October 7, 2022

Southampton 0-5 Arsenal – player ratings

Although the initial team selection caused some trepidation, the lads showed there’s some real strength in depth, hammering the Saints 5-0.

Two goals for Danny Welbeck and a hat-trick from Theo Walcott were the obvious markers, but there was a lot more to enjoy besides that.

Here’s how the players rated.

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A front three of Welbeck, Alexis and Walcott against Chelsea sounds orgasmic.


A good shout, Chelsea had a torrid time against teams who attack them with pace, City and hate to say it Sp*rs. On a side note I would’ve given the bonus rating to Wellbeck’s celebrations.


If only we can have clinical finishes like that the whole season… I think Walcott and Welb should start vs chelski


oh oh oh oh ……


Where’s park chu young, he usually appeared on recent cup ties.

David C

Kind of surprised that it wasn’t mentioned how British this starting team was (Welbz, Gibbs, Walcott, Holding, Ox…). I remember when the media used to slam Arsenal for having no Brits.

Great game by all! Very impressed with young Holding.


With the way Alexis presses and likes to come deep I would be tempted to try
Welbeck Walcott

I know, no Ozil. Sacrilege but it might work wonders

Viktor Lilliestam

That OX performance was so good, might he really have a future at central midfield?


Ox, Jeff and Maitland Niles were bloody superb. Clasie and the rest of their midfield didn’t have a clue what’s going on. If the Jeff changes hairstyles every week and dabs every so often, he might just be worth £100 million.

P/s: it’s only a game against their reserves but credits where it’s due. Big games now in midweek and against Chelsea


Ospina makes me laugh.


If Ospina keeps on doing that Mad Jens moment, I wouldn’t hesitate to call him Locospina.

Rectum Spectrum

One time Ospina got through an entire 90 minutes without having his now customary wee fake injury and lie down, all better once the physio comes on and rubs his back and gives him a wee bit of attention.

It was 1999 and he was sweating on a mortgage application and had forgotten himself.

Mesut & Tie

“It was 1999 and he was sweating on a mortgage application and had forgotten himself”

Is this a quote? Where from?


What a great squad we have! Great to see Theo and Wele back! Oh and Perez is a bit good too, better than that WKD-chugging racist from Leicester!

Leave a Reply

Will you and Shane Long ever sort out your differences Blogs?

Mr. G

No. You see, Shane Long once worked in Greggs in a part time role. And this one time, Blogs asked for a Katsu Chicken Curry pasty and was accidently given a Chicken Bake, which Blogs hates.

Blogs didn’t realise til he got home, and Blogs has hated Shane Long (and Greggs) ever since.

Perfectly understandable too; Chicken Bakes are disgusting!


had to read your name again to make sure it wasn’t Rambling Pete..


I miss rambling Pete! Get a search party going


Was just going to say the same! Miss the Rambling Pete on days like today


Perhaps when Shane’s Long in the tooth.


It’s been going for a bit you know. Thought with both being Irish he could put differences aside. I guess that’s not enough


The Irish are not known for maintaining long standing grievances with each other.

Shire gooner

Of course, don’t you all get on? I know I love all the Arsenal fans, even Piers Morgan naturally. Cough.

Getso gunner

Wellbeck and Walcott deserve 10 each for scoring 5 goals among themselves in their first start since last year (2016)


Our Ox
In the middle of our team
Our Ox
He can pass it like a dream


Our Ox
Found his place that’s what it seems


Our Ox
Midfield might be his new realm…

Now I’ll get my coat !


I’d love to think that he could handle the Santi role, maybe deeper role suits. Give him a go instead of Rambo. Hope he can give same commitment every game now.


That’s what I don’t like about certain gooners. Whenever a player who hasn’t featured regularly in the last weeks has a great game, we can’t simply enjoy it but always have to have a dig at another player, who’s according to y’all obviously not that good. Can’t we just enjoy the fact that this season almost everybody who gets thrown it, is delivering. It’s the same with Perez. Yes, I bloody love how he plays and he’s contributed almost every time when given a chance but is he better than Alexis, Wellbeck, Walcott, Giroud or even Iwobi (considering Alex’ age… Read more »


Can’t we all just enjoy FANTASTIC display like fans of the same team, without taking column inches to moan about other fans not just enoying the fantastic display?

Ironic what?

Arsenal Fan

Our Ox.

so good he makes me cream


Amazing to think that’s a team with 10 changes a=since the last outing! Really impressed by the new talent coming through.

TR7 > CR7

“Silky smooth at times, his ability to nick the ball away from the opponent and stride on reminds me of another French midfielder.” I miss Flamini too Blogs.


I think the French midfielder’s name he is referring to starts with a D.


Diarra? Whatever the f*ck happened to him though


Well Diaby or Vieira…?

Heavenly Chapecoense

Emmanuel Petit, everything said by Blogs true about him but some physical elements people have in minds.


Haha. It could easily be Diaby in all seriousness. Similar stature n close control, Oh how I miss that guy.

PS:Diarra was a solid player too and is still playing well at the moment, he was picked for France at the euros you know.


I suspect Mustafi played because Arsene sees him as a real leader who would organise the young guys around him. Maybe midfield is the best position for the Ox because he’s always on the ball and doesn’t have too much time standing around on the wing thinking, thinking, thinking.

Reality Check

Ox the boss.. best performance in an Arsenal shirt


Surprised Ospina has such a low readers rating at the moment (6.5) – with one obvious exception (which he got away with) – I thought he was great tonight!


I disagree. He made a couple of good saves, but often looked uncertain, kicked weakly and went walkabout.
Luckily most of the team were utterly brilliant and the saints weren’t.

A Different George

Well, I’ve said this before: Ospina often looks unconvincing, but it has been a long time since he was at fault on a goal. Very good with the ball at his feet and good distribution–though, I agree, not great distance. I think Pep would pay us a lot of money for him.

Kwame Ampadu Down

Chesney would have been slaughtered on here if he’d given that performance…..
(I’m not saying Ospina should have been by the way…)

Gary Baldy

I seem to remember the last time he played Southampton at St. Mary’s, just over 2 years ago, he was.
It was his last Premier League start that season. He had a similar walkabout moment for their first goal on that New Year’s day fixture.

Still that is in the past. I think Ospina looks a little bit ‘ heart in mouth ‘ on occassion but is a great shot-stopper so if the defence does it’s job positionally he should be able to play to his strengths, crosses from set pieces aside.

Gary Baldy

When I said ‘ the last time he played ‘, I meant Chesney, just in case nobody remembered the horror show that day and the smoking in the showers . . .

. . . sorry to bring that up again. It won’t happen again. I promise.


Lucas with great assist and 2 key passes, one to Welbz for the 3rd and the other to Alexis for the 5th. Great vision.

Lula da Gilberto

Agreed completely. He has played much but he looks to be a really astute signing. The assist for the first goal (I assume the hardest to score) was just excellent. Hoping there is a cheeky shout for him to play in the league because while he loses the ball a bit his tracking back yesterday was pretty good too.

Gary Baldy

Agreed, Lucas looked an instant fit when he came on in the League Cup and when he set Özil up for a couple of goal in the Champions League, he looked good for all of the 15 odd minutes he came on for that night. I think Lucas will get more and more game time and peerhaps be more of a starter next season. His work rate is up there with the best and his awareness and team play is fantastic, he isn’t too selfish but he can equally take a shot and work the keeper or score. I was… Read more »

Iain Irwin

Is there any better left back cover than gibbons in the prem ?


That’s an easy one: no, no there isn’t.


I actually think he is better defensively (one on one with a winger) than the aging Monreal due to his pace. Monreal gives more going forward though. But then again, sometimes he is out of position. My vote’s for Gibbo as a starter… but well, that’s not my job.


I like Gibbs.


Ospina was tip top, as an outfield player today, was it three take ons he attempted and completed? In his own box. On the iffy sight I had to stream it on the commentator seemed concerned about his tekkers but I loved it ??

Iain Irwin

“gibbo” auto text 🙁


Is Ox our Cazorla replacement?

Jk, but he will really be in contention for a starting place in central midfield if he keeps performing like that.

Liked our 4-3-3 formation as we could outnumber ston in midfield, wonder if we will switch back to 4-2-3-1 when Ozil returns.


I agree about the 4-3-3, and I think Ozil has shown this season, with his great forward play and running in behind, that he can definitely play in a roaming role in a front three, especially if the other two are quick, mobile players (Alexis and one of the boys who started tonight) with whom he can interchange positions. Especially while we only have Ramsey and Coquelin as dedicated senior central midfielders (but even when others returns, imo), I think it makes sense to play a midfield 3 comprised of Coquelin flanked by two from Ramsey, the Ox, and Iwobi.… Read more »


Agree 100%. Think we are putting ourselves in an unnecessary disadvantage in some games with the 2-man midfield as our form looks more like a 4-4-2 when defending.


There was a moment in the second half when Maitland-Niles was dropping back from CM to fill in at RB and tracked one of their players back into our RB position to make a challenge and I genuinely thought ‘wow…’ that’s exactly what you need from a CM. Given the ‘expectation’ vs performance he was my MOTM today but that’s not taking anything away from the rest of them. It’s when the unknown turns good that you have to stand up and say well done. I know he’s played a few games now but not like this. Credit to Holding… Read more »

djourou's nutmeg

i know people will say im a negative douche but, even if im delighted with everyone’s performance today, please remember it is only one game. maybe it’s not the best to think everyone who played today is the next someone, just as when we lose its not right to say they’re crap. i hope they keep it up though.


I’d say you’re a negative douche but that would mean agreeing with you.

And after all, you said it first…

Public Elneny Number One

Today could only have been better if Wycombe had beaten the spuds. Shitcunts.


Nah… Let them continue on in these earlier rounds and spend some energy doing it. I’m only disappointed they did not have to replay, nor get some players suspended. :p


Ox tonight reminded me of saul/koke from atheltico. Stong, good vision, brilliant range of passing and quick. …Something which ramsey lacks


Last time the Ox played that good in the middle was against Bayern. I will definitely try a CogOX/Cox combination against Watford. Ramsey will be the casualty…reasons?
Cog is better technically, more positive passing/forward passing, faster on the run/does not slow the game down. Does not cover the entire pitch With little productivity (Ramsey particularly does that every game he plays and get on the stats sheet with little or no real productivity)


Although it was only one outing, I have say that was one of the best games that I have witnessed Ox play in an Arsenal uniform. Moreover, it would indeed be interesting to see how he fits defensively in the middle with Coquelin as Ox is one of the best athletes in the squad and I was really impressed by the way he pinged the ball around the pitch and moved from a deep lying position to a more forward one while maintaining discipline. What was even a more pleasant surprise to me was how Ox tackled, tracked back and… Read more »


Would that give us a Coxlis Chambelin ?


Away fans were absolutely superb. 15/10


Maitland Niles, take a bow. Some of the best conducting I have seen ever. Xabi Alonso, Pirlo, Busquets, he can be like them in 3 years. The Jeff, uff, he’s got this ‘Glide’ mode, what a pleasure to watch him move through people. Wenger calls him something special, I say he’s going to be a vital cog in a coupla years if Arsenal intend to continue playing this fluid style. Ox, well, he’s pure class through the middle when he’s focused. Oh Perez, what a fantastic little buy. Such a hardworking, creating, fits-anywhere-forward kinda player. I see him gelling with… Read more »


Spot on.?


Awesome display all-round.


Lucas is the new Bergkamp & deserves more playing time, Maitland-Niles didn’t cost millions, so won’t get a chance in the premiership…he was superb in the midfield & made such telling tackles in our box….take note Xhaka, stay on your feet! Obviously Welbz & Wallcott will take the plaudits, but seen it from them before every now & then, but those on the fringes were brilliant. Play them on form, not on what they cost Wenger!


Yeah, Arsenal is known for the fact that players which haven’t cost millions didn’t get any chance. Latest examples are Bellerin and Iwobi who just can’t get a game in the PL. it’s a pity.


How can anyone cram so many misdirected ‘opinions’ into one short para?

Sure Arsenal only give Prem game-time to big money signings… like the average left-winger we bought from Monaco that time for a few mil? Although, in fairness, Arsene stupidly tried to turn him into a centre-forward.
Suffice it to say, the man probably knows a little more than you about talent and team selection.


And another thing Ray: Lucas certainly looks like a great buy and the makings of a real fit in this team. But Dennis? The undisputed God of the through-ball? I suggest you give yourself a 4 hour YouTube dose of the Great One’s highlights reels (you’ll need the 4 hours!)… if Lucas proves to be even close to Dennis on average day, we’ll all be singing his name – but easy on the sweeping comparisons mate – there can be ONLY one DB!


maitland niles was MOTM for me! what an assured performance. He really has something about him that makes me think he could be a beast in the holding midfield role. so composed!

Romford Wele

Bonus rating: 10/10 for a few quid on dat guy Welbz to score first a week before your wife’s 30th.


When they play like this, it makes me sad when they only display 2 minutes of extra time. That was a real treat to watch.


Are we not going to talk about or rate #saltbeck celebrations?


“Stevie Bould’s *yellow* army”, went the chant 🙂


Got to laugh now at some supporters panicking about the team selection, before this one. So many negative comments!
Loved how we pressed them, dominated, and tore them apart. Great squad.


I will fully admit my eyebrows went up a bit when i saw the team sheet – a midfield three we had never seen get a first team start (or even two in combination) before was my worry – and to me those very three impressed far beyond expectations.


Wenger certainly will have even more of a selection problem in the attack with so many options now. Assuming Sanchez and Ozil are assured starters that leaves Iwobi, Walcott, Ox, Giroud, Perez and Welbeck competing really for two spots only. The problem is going to be keeping the ones that aren’t playing sharp enough to really contribute when called upon. It’s a great problem to have though with so much depth and talent there. It is good to know that Ox can do a job at one of the two holding mids should Ramsey or Coquelin go down before Elneny… Read more »

Elliot Ness

Bonus Rating: 10/10 for Welbz’ memeful celebration.


Since its the theme of the week i have to mention Maitland niles clean tackling again…Even in our own box The guy did 4 or 5 extremely neat tackles from awkward penalty giving away positions. He’s almost too composed at times. Rotated the ball well and he and Ox surprised me with there physicality…Same with Jeff…He seems lightweight but than you remember his age..The boy will grow into something special..
Holding again was brilliant, i think Long stretched him once in the whole game.
Im Loving Lucas’s growing confidence…well worth the money already.


Amazing how cohesive the team was given its novelty. Maitland-Niles & Ox were so quick & calm in midfield. They made it look simple.


With WW beating Scousers and our WWWWW scorers, the newspapers could just have put a GIANT W on the back pages if Wycombe W could have held out. After the stick I was getting from Spuds fans last week, it’ll be nice to point out their 97th minute winner!


thats it brilliant tactics keep bouldy on the bench Wenger in the stands lol seriously have we got depth of squad best squad in the prem for sure

Per Motorcycle

Maybe Wenger should get himself sent off more often


Why didnt u get some warm up time today Per?


What did Theo get from his wife for the hat-trick? Spousal incentives work!


So many positives!! Today is the perfect example of why we are the greatest team on earth! Fuckin deadly!! I love the fact that I can’t wait to see the likes of Lucas….Jeff..Maitland Niles..Holding..Theo get back in..the Ox Ping…Welbeck settle…what a squad!.Happy Daze…if we trip up on the way…so be it!!! it makes the win at the end of all this even sweeter!! 🙂


those developing players that starred are the same players that Ramsey keeps out of the team, week in, week out


Good stuff. Thoroughly enjoyed that match, maybe even more so since I wasn’t sure what to expect.

The only thing I didn’t enjoy (or understand) was Alexis coming on, but what can you do.


10/10 for Blogs. With so many youngsters one would expect a Chu Young Park mention. great to see the system updated??


Was an assured performance yesterday even when Satan had the ball they weren’t really threatening particularly in the 2nd half where they were forced to shoot from almost the half way line! Welbz & Theo scored & finished well and their young keeper obviously helped. But I was really impressed with the spine of the team – Mustafi, MLN & The Jeff they kept the ball moving & were strong in tackles. Ox was superb and his long range passing was superb, I’d like to see him in that role in a premier league match. I think Mustafi could be… Read more »


Man, I hate it when I’m having a kick about with my mates and the devil decides to interrupt

Dan Hunter

HAHAHAHA … he’s ended up popping too many balls because of his love of heading… the manager says he hasn’t ‘mastered the art of heading’ as yet… one for the future


Very surprised the way arsenal played. Chamberlain should start in midfield alongside coquelin in the upcoming fixtures.

Jos Boy

Pardon the digression but, how many players have scored hat tricks for us this season across all competitions? It occurs to me that we may have the most number of different scorers.


I think Sanchez, Ozil, Walcott, Perez, theres a hatrick heroes wall at the emirates and theyll need a new wall now, they did not leave much space


You should have given the bonus rating to Steve Could for making the first substitution before the 65 minute?


That stupid autocorrect – Steve Bould

Rich Pickings

Truly excellent performance from our midfield trio – and each with a double-barrelled surname! Arsenal Gent will be waxing lyrical about that.

Great to see the Ox really live up to his potential and boss a match – time to renew his contract!


Should we play The Ox instead of Ramsey against Chelsea?

Gary Baldy

Yes. He has certainly put in a proper claim with that performance. If he keeps his confidence and his passing, then Chelsea will have two playmakers to try and contain, with Özil and the Ox.

OO Yeah !

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