Sunday, November 27, 2022

Swansea 0-4 Arsenal – player ratings

It wasn’t exactly our most polished performance of the season, but you can’t argue with a 4-0 win away from home.

Here’s how the players rated today.

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alex wan iwobi, jedi master, uses the force to make the other team score goals for him.


Iwobi kenobi

Aussie gooner

Reaction to alexis’ reaction has been way too over the top from some fans. If the biggest complaint we have about a player is that he likes to play, we shouldn’t be too unhappy with that

Scott P

I see what you mean, but he does have at least some responsibility not to put the club in a tough spot and create a spectacle. I’m sure Giroud was gutted to come off with an injury given his form, but you don’t see him sulking around.

I was in a pub in Philadelphia watching the game though, and most fans were laughing at his reaction and taking it good naturedly… Even if Alexis wasn’t!


What striker likes to be taken off when there are cheap goals on offer? He reckoned he’d done all the hard work and wasnt going to be given a chance to cash in.


For me it seems more like he’s showing up the manager and his teammates when you’re being taken off at 4-0 up and gives the media an excuse to try to stir the pot. Just childish really but we’ll be more then ok

igbo amadi-obi

To be frank, it was HIS reaction today that was over the top. I used to commend him in the past for always wanting to play, and for being upset at getting substituted. Today, there was 12 minutes left of a game we were winning 4-0 in which he scored a goal. Covering his head with his coat and refusing to watch the team looked to me like not being interested in what happened once he wasn’t involved. He lost a few supporters today, no doubt.


I’m afraid my guess is that it could be a manufactured attempt, a la Costa, to create a situation whereby he has to be sold so he can go to China and earn a fortune. Let’s be honest and take the emotion out of it. He’s not Charlie George – he grew up in some borderline desert-meets-the-Pacific one horse shithole of a town in Chile. His prime concerns are for himself and for his family and friends. Many of us grew up in 70s Islington, which was no picnic and no place for Generation Snowflake faint hearts. Much as we… Read more »


Why are we surprised? Not the first time he reacts like that, nor will it be the last. This is how he is – or like to be seen as. If his team mates are ok with his behavior, why shouldn’t we be?


10/10 for Kyle Naughton an ex Spud scoring Arsenal


Loved seeing Kyle Naughton’s sad face after he put it into his own net. What a wanker.


I hate Spurs

Edu's Braces

I nothing spurs. Maybe its becuz im (not) a Landoner.


I’m not a Londoner. In fact, I’m Indian.
But, a hate “shit” like any other fan.

Dan Hunter

What I hate most is when the shit hits the fan… that’s the worst kind


Jambon knows…

Edu's Braces

I was impressed with Gabriel and that was before i realised he had ‘discovered the secrete hormone that slows ageing’, and only a 6.5?


Iwobi was really good today. A little too good, in fact. Hopefully Giroud’s injury isn’t that bad. We look good with him and we look good without him. We keep going!

Clock-End Mike

Interesting. I’ve just posted a comment on the match report disagreeing with the News Hound’s opinion that “Arsenal put in a polished performance”. It seems Blogs agrees with me 🙂 Could have been much closer. Our pressure told after the first goal; up till then, Swansea matched us and played rather better than we did, I thought. Our passing, in particular, needs to be a lot sharper; we were too aften predictable and pedestrian. The Ox did well when he came on, I thought, spurring the rest of the team on to be more direct. Iwobi was everywhere good, Alexis… Read more »

Matt K

Great bonus rating.
Even Ki thought it was stonewall judging by his reaction to the ref.
Clearly he’d forgotten that he’d just fucking cheated.


If Sanchez had signed till 2020, we wouldn’t be worried about his reaction


No, everyone would still be stirring the pot and trying to make mountains out of molehills.

Some people just want so badly to have something to criticize a player for. Okay, he was a bit unprofessional for a few seconds today. No, it’s not a big deal. Let it drop.


The Mustafi rating is very unfair. We saw just why he is so important to this team. Apart from his strong defence he dribbles like a forward and plays telling passes through the lines. He solves so many problems for Arsene (offensively) it’s not funny. Don’t mark him down because he’s a more aggressive passer than most fullbacks. That’s what makes him so good.


Mustafi – He’s slightly off pace and some loose passes but your right, he’s just returning from injury.

He has been an excellent premium buy by Wenger. Slotted in right away.

When we recall the difficult first season Kosicleny had with reds and penalties conceded, Mustafi has been a great addition. He also tries to accelerate our transition by passing deep from defense (releasing us quicker). This capability is likely by design by Wenger who likes his Cbacks to also have a creative role.

An Ox-sized Coq

Entirely true…but playing aggressive does not mean you can’t play smart. Sometimes a simple pass to reset and open the field is better.


Also true. But the big problem with most centre-backs is that they are too conservative trying to pass through the lines. I reckon Pep would kill to have Mustafi in his team (rather than that pillock Stones) because Mustafi is so vertical in his passing.

DB's first touch

I noticed today that Mustafi also had a tendency to go down a bit early trying to make blocks and tackles, instead of staying on his feet, allowing the opposition to dribble around him. Koscielny bailed him out of such situations a couple of times. However, thats the kind of thing that will improve quickly as he keeps getting sharper with more match time following his return from injury.


Every time I comment it takes ages for it to go through moderation – meaning I miss out on those sweet sweet internet points. Really need the validation, so please!


Iwobi is so strong on the ball. He doesn’t get pushed off easily and he has really tidy feet. Giroud is no Plan B although I thought in this game, we may have been served better with a bit more ‘mobility’. BUT he has had a fantastic streak STARTING games. Alexis is hungry always. This is a positive. IN any case, IF it is an issue, there are options to replace in his position from market (Greizzman or Mahrez). But it looks more a case of a player who wants to play every minute and win. Gabriel as expected did… Read more »

Maasai Gooner

kindly give that boy (17) some whiskey, I’ll pay for it. I do hope that performance will help boost his confidence before goal. he has looked short of it in the past.


Think you might need to take it easy with the whiskey yourself.
You do realise that boy (17) was one of our best players today?

emmanuel ndiokwere

So, how on earth will a coach no longer have the right to substitute a player if such is for the benefit of the player and the team. I’m becoming exasperated with Alexis unbecoming tantrum whenever he is substituted. I know he is a superstar and perhaps Arsenal’s best player but somebody should advise him to show greater humility and respect for the manager.


Own Goal: 10/10. Two goals and two assists today, not bad.

Da Oli G Show

I like Owen Goal a lot when he scores for us, but I can’t stand him when he scores for the other team.

Mike Rutch

Owen Goal… you wouldn’t catch me making childish name gags.


We should try to get Owen in this transfer window.


Always great to get the comfortable win. Second half was very good.

I want to hug Alexis…..while he is hugging is dogs.


Ozil definitely looked a bit rusty, but good to have him back. We all looked slow and a bit low on energy in the first half, but much better second half. Giroud did score, but didn’t do much at all other than a five yard out tap in, bad miss on Ramsey’s cross before that and really didn’t get involved at all. I do think we are stronger starting with Sanchez up top and bringing Giroud in as we’ve been starting way low on energy too often of late which we were not when Sanchez was the striker.


OG hattrick! ⚽⚽⚽


Very unfair for Özil, but well, no assist, no goal, he was surely bad. Oh, wait, the most passes, 3 created chances (more than anyone)? Who cares?


Nooo….. do not say that. He just was not that lucky today.
Big up the whole side though for a job done. On to the next match.
The league is ours to win. Now Wenger get us Payet to help Ozil, and thus the whole team, in the absence of Cazorla.


Payet can stay the fuck where he is. He’s a prima donna and would probably be a dressing room cancer.


All things relative Alexis mate, I had money on giroud first goal scorer and 3-0 win. Maybe other people are bothered you even scored at all, did you ever think about that with your hissy fit? I doubt it. But maybe I had a little tantrum cos you cost me my bet and I’m not on 200k+ a week. Get some perspective you loveable sulker.


Sanchez wants the golden boot at the end of the season.. This game was an opportunity for him to nail down some more goals.. So understandably he’d be annoyed..


Don’t be mad at Alexis.
The guy loves to play and score goals and he’s wearing the Arsenal jersey, so that’s fine by me.


Good to give credit to the ref who, for once, was actually doing his job. A difficult call correctly made. also 10/10 to old Lady Luck for the 2nd and 3rd goals.


Loved that part when Iwobi absolutely beasted Naughton…He was class in the 2nd half


I thought Ozil was class every time he touched the ball. What I don’t understand is why he was so often playing deeper than Ramsey.


I think that was because Wenger told ozil to play deep in second half,at the halftime and Ramsey to push forward,because ozil did not have much of the ball in first half and Ramsey did fuckall with the ball when he had it.


Xhaka is integraring into the team in a fine way now. Some of his long range passing is exceptional.
We need more from Ramsey though. I know he’s still finding form after injury, but he’s lucky other central midfielders are injured atm.
Gabriel filled in just fine bar one cross field bone head pass and Monreal did well at both ends despite getting the shit kicked out of him.
Keep going boys. 3 more pts next week!

Brendan from NY

Given we only have two fit central midfielders and more depth up front, i think arsene missed an opportinty to experimemy, sub off ramsey or xhaka and put ox, iwobi, or ainsley in there.

Shoot, maybe we could have even put alexis in there…. hehe…

Zim gooner

Alexis is just fine. Wouldn’t be Alexis without that.


Not convinced about GRamsey midfield. I actually thing Ozil may be pretty well suited to the Carolla role helping play it from the back.

Funny how with Mustafi we seem to.leave.big gaps and have to make last ditch tackles but in the end it ends up being effective. Not sure.if it’s coincidence or not but you can’t argue with not.losing with him in the lineup.

I’d love to see more of Welbz when he gets fit. He’ll give us yet another dimension.

Liverpool and City dropping points. Now if Chelsea could drop a few#$!*

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