Toral: Arteta told me good things about Rangers


Jon Toral says he got good reports about Rangers from Arsenal youth teammate Gedion Zelalam and former skipper Mikel Arteta.

The Spaniard played for the Scottish club between 2002 and 2004, and on his return from a difficult spell with Granada, the 21 year old is looking to get going in Glasgow in the second half of the season.

“I’m really happy to be here and I can’t wait to get started,” he said.

“I know Gedion Zelalem had a great time here last season when he was on loan from Arsenal, so that was on my mind.

“I spoke to Mikel Arteta as well and he told me I would enjoy my time here, so that helped me take the decision.

“He told me how big this club is and how well looked after I would be here. That’s good to know from players who have been here in the past.

“Playing in front of 50,000 fans every week is only going to make me better and help set me up for the rest of my career.”

Toral’s contract with Arsenal expires this June, and it’s likely that he’ll be allowed leave the club, but there’s no doubt he’s a talented player who will go on to have a good career elsewhere.

Good luck to him during the loan spell.

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no doubt they are a big club and that is one hell of a derby game, but the Gers always seem a bit too into the ol’ union jack. got that BNP vibe going, which has always been a bit sinister and off putting.

Crash Fistfight

To add some balance, Celtic fans could equally be accused of showing support to republican terrorist groups in NI.

All stupid in my opinion, but then I also think the levels of tribalism displayed in football are also ridiculous at times in general.

On a separate note, it’s funny that Athletic Bilbao’s policy of signing Basque players is seen as poetic and idealistic and not xenophobic – is there a subconscious double standard at play here?


I had no idea the BNP had exclusivity on the Union Jack Dan. Have you advised ehm, well the United Kingdom?


I’m not anti Union Jack, it’s meaning is basically whatever you want it to mean. But Rangers have a definite far right segment. The clubs policy of not signing Catholic players or staff for decades, ending only when Souness scrapped it, was one of the most ridiculous things I’ve ever heard of in world sport.


Dan, you are talking complete nonsense on a subject matter you clearly know very little about. Of course you have the right to reply however I will engage you no further on this. You have fun making assumptions and throwing big statements around.

Mick Malthouse

On another note, does anyone agree we should go after Payet?


no doubt payet is a good player but he definitely has an attitude problem


No thanks to payet. He does very little when not on the ball, and we can’t really afford a luxury player in the premier league. He’s much better suited to a Continental league.


But we do have one in Ozil??

Lord Bendnter

If Arteta said it’s good, then it’s good


toral said today that he still has 18 months on his arsenal contract


I hope this kid turns it around and becomes another hector bellerin I think he has the potential To do it.

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When Mikel talks football, or how to keep a lustrous noir mane healthy, shiny and lego-like, you listen

J singh

Toral did well at Birmingham last year , can’t understand why he isn’t going back to the championship thought they would of been loads of offers… Or why he has hasn’t had a look in at arsenal. Really think he’s a good talent .