Video: Ramsey and Mustafi post-match interview


Aaron Ramsey and goalscorer Shkodran Mustafi gave their thoughts to Sky after the frantic, but ultimately hilarious 2-1 win over Burnley this afternoon.

Here’s what they had to say.

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It seems to me that the most egregious of all the decisions in the match was the 7 minutes of injury time, especially with Arsenal having played for almost half an hour already with 10 men. In the blog today there is reference to Jon Moss coming up with this figure. How would the central official come up with that number? I always thought it was the fourth official? Or indeed a separate timekeeper? It seems odd that a sport generating billions of dollars wouldn’t have an really accurate mechanism, at least for coming up with the number of minutes to be added anyway.

Does anyone ever bother to later verify the figure arrived at by the officials?


if they did, they would invariably be off by 20-25 minutes. I think the statistic is something like, in any given 90 minute football match, the ball is only in play for about 60-70 minutes.


that said, setting aside that standard problem with footb all timekeeping, in a half with a goal, subs, a red card where the player argued the toss, and that twat of theirs who injured himself hauling down Mesut in the agricultural style, 7 minutes seems about right.

Dan D

Yesterday was Arsenal captured in a 30 min spell… dominant, silly, frustrating, oh no, angst, hope and delirium.

But we also saw what’s now becoming a typical Arsenal in that first 45 mins again – lacklustre.

We didn’t do anything wrong par se but there was once again a lack of intensity. Burnley could have played at that pace all day long.

So while you have to say fantastic, yet again to keep on going right through to the very end I can’t get away from the fact that if we started games the way we play the second half we might actually go in at the break ahead with the game virtually won, certainly not needing a big 2nd half to pull a rabbit out of the bag or start to work a side who have had easier than they should have had for half the game.

Not always as simple as that I know and love the 3 points and many aspects of this team but that is a constant annoyance for me right now.

Apologies if off topic, late to comment this week as had a commenting malfunction yesterday.

José P

Not a mention of ever so well, Watts up Ramsey?