Video: Southampton 0-5 Arsenal ‘On the whistle’


Ok, so it’s not quite ‘on’ the whistle. In fact, it’s a considerable amount of time after the whistle, but given that Gunnerblog had a co-star for this video, we had to post it.

Not just any co-star either: it’s Dave the Dog. He’s a dog, named Dave.

It’s just a shame we didn’t get another four goals so we could have made a ‘Canine-nil’ headline.

Have it at James and, more importantly and belly-scratchingly, Dave.

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Good points as always though the dog wasn’t very excited given a 5 nil win.

But let’s give him time.

Des Lynam

Why is the ex Sp*rs manager in James front room? Martin Jol is looking well to be fair.

Roger Ramjet

Was that porn in the reflection on the window? 😉


Gotta say James, Dave the dog stole the show