Wenger: Alexis frustration is normal


Arsene Wenger says he has no problem with Alexis Sanchez’s angry reaction to Tuesday night’s 3-3 draw with Bournemouth.

As referee Michael Oliver blew the full time whistle, the Chilean striker was caught on camera waving his arms in disgust, throwing his gloves to the turf and mouthing expletives as he stomped off to the dressing room.

It has since been reported that the striker refused to talk to his teammates after the game, although the boss insists he was ‘alright’.

Asked about the incident in his pre-Preston press conference, Wenger sided with his star man.

“Well, what is surprising there? You want to win the games and when you don’t win, you are unhappy – it is normal.”

He added: “Of course [you want to see passion]. Without passion, you do not come back after 70 minutes from three goals down in the Premier League.

“First of all it [the comeback] is exceptional, it doesn’t often happen in the Premier League and you need a special response, which is what happened.

“We wanted to win the game, and we didn’t do that so we are all frustrated. Of course [he is fine].”

Wenger also briefly touched on Olivier Giroud’s decision to celebrate his late equaliser – a seemingly pre-planned reference to his scorpion kick goal on New Year’s Day – admitting that he’d rather the striker had immediately raced back to the halfway line given there were still three minutes of stoppage time to play.

“Of course [I wanted him to get on with the game],” he added.

“I understand both sides, because at 3-0 down in the head of the players the game is lost, but you still want the guys to take the ball and put it in the middle of the pitch.”

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Alexis will sign a new contract. He’s become a much better player at Arsenal than he was at Barca. He is one of the key men here, why would he want to move elsewhere and become a supporting act? I actually liked how him and Ramsey were having a go at each other. Shit was hitting the fan at that point, no one was playing well so it’s actually good to see they’re frustrated and wanted better. Huge credit to come back in 20 mins, shouldn’t have been in that position in the first place, but gotta admit it’s always… Read more »


Will he consider a move to a club that has a better chance of winning titles?
That’s what scares me…


With our current team, one can argue that we were always in a good position to win the title. For Alexis, the problem seems to be the team’s attitude. We have mastered the art of bottling it when we could have otherwise run riot against inferior teams – like Man U and Bournemouth. And yes, Man U is inferior to us in many ways. But their idiot of a manager has a way of making players turn into fighters even when they were pretty insipid the season before… Alexis and Ozil need a team that will put in the work… Read more »


Well Ozil could start by putting in a little more work himself ;). But I agree, we look miles away from the team that beat Chelsea at the Emirates so convincingly

Chris J

Alexis as well. Nowhere to be found on the cross that let to the first Bournemouth goal. Went missing defensively the entire first half. Needs to quit having a tantrum every time a pass is misplaced. No one is bigger than the team.

Heavenly Chapecoense

A short guy defending crosses ? Where I agree with you is that our best players should make us win difficult games not that their teamates spoil things for them. Henry and Bergkamp made us win titles.


It’s not that he doesn’t do defensive work, it’s more that he prefers to press the ball high up the pitch instead of tracking back like Theo does. It’s partly why he’s better up front where that tendency is more useful for the way we play. However ideally, we’d just press better as team in general. We really don’t get close to players in our defensive third, just hoping they spill the ball instead. It killed us at City and Liverpool and will keep hurting us against the better sides


Agree with you but United played one of their best games in recent memory against us. They pressed us (like Everton, City and Bournemouth) and we couldn’t cope with it.

I don’t think it Arsenal of lack of effort. More because of our formation and tactics that have been exposed recently, teams have found out how to beat us and we need to change something, like Chelsea did earlier this’s season.


Agree that we absolutely need to reevaluate our tactics and probably our formation too, but I also don’t think we’re working as hard as the teams around us either apart from maybe City. Not for the full 90 anyway. I’m not blaming the players for that though, I think that’s definitely down to the manager too

joe baker

Let him go if he wants. No player is more important than Arsenal, in fact he is beginning to irritate me. Arsenal revived his career.


TBH i don’t blame him. Must be really annoying if your team mates do not have the same work ethic!


I agree with u ,he had every right to be pissed of, he wants not just to score but win whats wrong with that nothing he wants to be a winner


We’re not meeting his salary demands, and it seems like come summertime, we won’t have challenged for the title in either of the three seasons he’ll have been here.

Given that he’s already visibly pissed off, I can’t see him staying.


I don’t think he will stay either. Frustrated with his fellow teammates not giving 100% and frustrated to be playing for fourth spot. I don’t even want to think about the Bayern clash. Also the $180,000 salary that arsenal is reportedly offering is laughable. Sanchez Unfortunately is as good as gone. I can’t blame him. I wouldn’t want to spend my best years at a club drowning in mediocrity.

joe baker

Give me a break. He is beginning to be bad for team spirit. Have you ever played football?


Yes I have; club, high school, and college. Didn’t always like my teammates but didn’t care as long as they helped the team win. We had players that thru fits and pointed fingers at teammates but if they could back it up on the pitch all was forgotten. It’s called holding other players accountable.Their is not one player that puts in as much effort as Sanchez.


Have you! His goal lifted the teams fight back not too mention his vision does not look good for the gunners!

Santi's Flip Flop

Given the current contract saga that is ongoing between the club and Alexis, I think it is more than fair to be worried that recent (not just this one) expressions of overt frustration will translate into Alexis’ decision to re-sign or resign. I’m sure the club is doing everything in its power to make Alexis and his representatives put pen to paper. However I think the only thing that will keep him at the club is trophies. Without them, or the apparently wherewithal to challenge for them, he will leave in the summer without having signed a new contract. We… Read more »


I have actually noticed in the past 2 months Alexis is much more animated on the pitch with team mates. Plenty of arm flapping going on and gesturing. Not sure what to make of it. I guess it’s not a bad thing, but something has definitely changed with his on field character. Please just sign the contract!


He throwing tantrum whenever the result doesn’t go our way is getting annoying to be honest. If it was Ronaldo, people would jump on him immediately.


well, he wants to win. he wants to be the best. and when you don’t win or you’re not the best you can be, you get frustrated. Ronaldo has a punchable face, that’s the reason his on-field antics annoy me. When I see it from Alexis Sanchez, I sympathise because I am the same in my living room when we don’t put in the performances we are capable of.


agree, his face is indeed very punch-friendly


If Real Madrid went 3-0 down to Bournemouth and potentially blew their title challenge, I’d understand Ronaldo having a bit of a strop tbh.

The Ox, The Ram, Willy & Wally

To be fair – Alexis wasn’t exactly putting in a stellar performance himself in the first 50~ minutes of the game. Although he was undoubtedly brilliant in the final half hour.

Perhaps he was trying a bit too hard, but there was a few occasions where his decision making was poor.

joe baker

Fair comment.he is getting a bit annoying.


He has been really good this season but was as poor during the second half of last season tbf. He didn’t find any kind of form until Wenger switched him to RW in the last matches. It is not like he has always been the star performer in this team. Would of course like him to extend his contract though


Id suggest we gave our title chances a huge blow by losing to everton and city. If we had beat everton and drew against city and bournemouth we would be 4 points behind chelsea. ….

Dale Cooper

What pisses me off about Alexis is he never seems to go thank the away fans. They’re the ones paying to put up with the results, Sanchez gets paid regardless. Same with Ozil. Have some fucking class

The Only Olivier is Giroud

He’s fucking off, boys. We’ve competed with star losses leaving behind squads in worse states of poverty so whatever. Had the pleasure of watching him banging in a few so I’d suggest enjoy it while it lasts.


Alexis is great but he is starting to think he is more important than the club and any of his teammates. It’s turning into a problem. He tends to keep the ball too long and is trying too much to do the difference by himself when things are not turning our way.Senior players like Cech , Kos and Per should calm him down.


Perhaps. Seems more a case of being dissatisfied with the players around him. With the exception of Ozil, doesn’t seem to celebrate much at all when others score, particularly Giroud.


I’ve actually l noticed that. I think I only saw him once celebrating Giroud scoring and that’s about it.

Frank Bascombe

He tends to avoid passing to anyone other than Ozil- if there’s a choice. Seems to resent giving it to Ramsey… Can’t think why of course.

Putney S.

What bullocks. Wasn’t it home against Bournemouth that Sanchez jump Giroud and they had a snuggle?


I very much doubt you know what alexis sanchez is thinking. Maybe he tries to do to much when the team is playing shit, but if he played as shit as the rest he would be getting hammered for not trying to push them on.

Blitz Bailey

I feel for Alexis, in my job we have this one guy on the crew that is allways shirking his duties, sneaking off for a smoke or just dragging his feet, and he pisses people off, but he is related to the boss so what can you do. Now imagine having the entire team be like that except you 😛

Vault Dweller

Tell you what’s weird, this “we are not worthy” attitude that seems to be creeping into our fanbase. Alexis may well decide to move on to a team he feels is better placed to win major trophies; but please just give it a rest with the “you deserve someone better than me” mindset that some people are throwing about.

I can’t wait for the Alexis/Ozil saga to end frankly.


You have to understand the fanbase’s frustration though. Why aren’t we that team better placed to win trophies? Why does it seem like we’ll come up short again? It’s not a “you deserve someone better than me” mindset, it’s a “why aren’t we better FFS?” mindset!

Big Sheezy

This team has no heart. Coming back from 3-0 doesn’t show heart. Heart is kicking their ass from the opening whistle. Sanchez is already gone.


I wonder what would give Sanchez more reason to stay at Arsenal. Wenger going or Wenger leaving?


Sorry guys. Meant staying og leaving.


Alexis is right to do that…
The other players Must also contribute more to the team…he alone can not do the job

Putney S.

People be talking about Alexis like he is a fucking saint. We’ve all seen him disappear and have bad games too.

The Lungs of Ljungberg

“pre-Preston press conference” – I see you enjoyed yourself there, News Hound 😉


I reckon he’s off. We’re already playing catch-up in the title race and come the end of the season, l think we’ll have to sell him.

It was fun while it lasted.

Stewart Robson's therapist

I surely can’t be the only one thinking that this has been blown completely out of proportion. “Footballer frustrated at not winning football match” is hardly shocker of the year.


To be honest his behavior is perfectly normal and justified. Those of us who work in teams should be able to relate especially since the performance is at the end judged as a team in the end and not individually at the end. Football is more or less the same as good as Sanchez is at the end of the day he Will be judged collectively by what the team will achieve. It’s very frustrating and hurtful knowing or even feeling that someone is not doing their fair share, I have reacted and seen others react much worse in such… Read more »


We have the team to win the Premiership but unfortunately we have a manager who lacks any tactical or motivational skills. This is the truth of it.

For Arsenal and Sanchez to be successful Wenger has to go..

I will be thankful for what he has done all those years ago but I will be happy to see him go – we desperately need a new direction..

Chris J

You may be right about Wenger needing go in order to keep Sanchez, but Alexis is not christ the savior. He is a great player, but still only 1 player.

joe baker

Thanks he is just one player. I thought Charlie George leaving was the end of the Arsenal but it was not.


did u have the same opinion when we opened up chelshit ?


AS: “Arsenal Inc. dont wanna win and dont wanna pay. Thanks for all, I know the way out.”


Based on the video, it looks like Sanchez is more pissed at the ref for blowing the final whistle when we were building up another attack. Completely understandable, as we might have scored the winner given a little more time. (Looks like a Bournemouth player gets a yellow for protesting at the ref, too.) This is another case of the media (The Independent story) twisting the knife in our collective ability to see doom where there is none; how quickly we turn on player and manager and team at the slightest provocation. Sanchez is a fighter, and he doesn’t enjoy… Read more »

uncle D

This is evidence that a lot of people who call themselves arsenal fans today are numb skulls!! What are you on about?!! Carzola is injured and the team has improved just like others this year! The Premiership is no child’s play now, it is in fact the toughest league in the world. Sanchez will leave because of you moaners not his teammates or management! Bile bile bile most of you spill everyday. Miserable ****s


The team has “improved”, but we have less points after 20 games than we did last season. With Chelsea, Spurs and Liverpool away to come.


yes that is true but the league as a whole has improved as well. So id consider the same result as last year an improvement.

Also i think our biggest problem is not having anyone being able to do what cazorla does. Cazorla playing the whole first half of the season and we could easily have 3-6 more points.


So it’s a case of us not being able to keep up with the league, let alone improve upon our results, right? If that’s so, then maybe we should look in the mirror and examine why we’re in that position. And I don’t buy that ‘we’re missing Cazorla bollocks’. If the team is entirely dependent on one player, then that’s not a very good team. And if Wenger has created a system that overly relies on the ability of one player then maybe he should take some responsibility for that as well. Not pointing any fingers, just saying… Feel free… Read more »


“So it’s a case of us not being able to keep up with the league, let alone improve upon our results, right?” The better you are to begin with the harder it is to improve. Its easy for a small club that suddenly got that much richer to add a few players that will make a significant difference. For that to happen to us we are talking about players that cost 40-mil+ And i only Chelsea has been significantly better then us this season. I do think one player makes that much difference. All the other big clubs are more… Read more »


I somewhat agree with you that teams are not at their very best when one or more good players are missing. It would be crazy not to, but that wasn’t my point. Is it really the case of us not being quite at the top or the team completely falling apart as soon as you take out one key player? Or is it just a case of us not being good enough in general? Because, and this might be the frustration talking, but solid performances have been few and far between these last few seasons, even with Santi in the… Read more »


Also worth mentioning is the fact that Conte and Klopp have turned their teams into title challengers within months. We can bemoan lack of attitude, this, that and the other, but the bottom line is that Wenger has been building this team for over four years now and we’re still talking about a fourth place finish. You can make up excuses all you like. You can blame injuries, referees, lack of conviction on the part of the players, but when you step back a bit, you’ll see that it just doesn’t add up. Maybe Ozil and Alexis are tired of… Read more »


Is there any green in our eyes?

“Of course (you want to see passion). Without passion you do not come back after 70 minutes from three goals down…”

Yes. But you can easily go three goals down (with no shot on goal until 70 minutes) – without passion.


He doesn’t appear to have the demeanour of someone who is happy at the club.

I can’t see him staying beyond this season.


I really pitted him, such a brave fellow doesn’t deserve to be under Arsene wenger…. It’s clearly that Alexis and Cech are the key to arsenal’s position now… I really hope they stay rather let Mr Arsene just leave.


I actually agree with you…bitter truth many are unwilling to hear

not a dick(advocaat)

Love that passion and animation. Don’t think there’s anything to be worried about.
Gosh, when i play with my 7 a side team, i get equally frustrated and disappointed when we loose or don’t put our chances away.


You should Boss… I love what UpNorth and Mexida said. And that is the problem.


I can’t see him renewing his contract. Alexis is best suited in workaholic teams like Liverpool, Spurs or Atletico. I saw him loose the ball against CP and tracket down his man for 50 meters and recovered the ball. Compare that the lack of effort from Ramsey last match where he sees the threat on the left, have ample time to run in and cover, but choses not to. We’ve seen Alexis urge his teammates to press higher and with more intensity several matches, but without response. I think he realize that Arsenal under Wenger will not win any significant… Read more »


Sanchez will leave & we will be left with players who have no respect for us fans, no passion for the game,but only cares about their looks & hairstyle.


The problem is that some crop of players he is playing with are not up to scratch, more especially people like Ramsey and Chamberlain.

Teryima Adi

The bottom line is that there is no player bigger than Arsenal. Long after Alexis and the rest of us are gone, Arsenal will still be here. Be that as it may, there are still some players that need to learn a good work ethics from our Duracell bunny, Alexis ‘the Hitman’ Sanchez.


If we should have to ‘sell’ him, then I don’t see the huge panic. The likes of a Greizzman or Mahrez can suitably replace his high energy. I don’t agree that anyone is necessarily not replaceable. We have the money now to compete and buy the best. Wenger has been SPOT ON with his higher purchase deals – Alexis, Ozil, Mustafi and Granit. If Alexis refuses to sign and extend, its just business/economics. We will just have to sell, get the most and buy the replacement(s). The only ‘set back’ would be continuity because he has become familiar with the… Read more »