Wenger: Giroud reaping benefits of hard work


Arsene Wenger has praised Olivier Giroud’s reaction to being dropped and underlined the importance of persuading the striker, along with compatriots Laurent Koscielny and Francis Coquelin, to sign contract extensions.

Giroud has four goals and two assists in his last four starts for the Gunners; a timely reminder of the qualities he brings to the Arsenal attack after several months spent on the bench as back-up to Alexis Sanchez.

Facing the press ahead of Arsenal’s trip to Swansea, Wenger drew attention to the 30-year-old’s mental strength in the face of adversity.

“When you face the situation he faced, either you feel sorry for yourself or you say, ‘I have a challenge I have to take on and work even harder’. That’s what he did.

“He benefits from the fact he has worked very hard and as well from the fact he is fresh at the moment where some other players have already played many games and sometimes need a little breather.

“He has very interesting qualities that can give you variety in your offensive game. We are a team who prefers to play on the ground, then when we don’t pass on the ground we can go as well in the air and he can still help us there.”

Wenger also touched on how the commitment shown by Giroud, Koscielny and Coquelin could help him nail down other first team stars.

“Generally I would say yes [it encourages more players to sign], because the squad has a great spirit and I believe as well that the players will want to stay together,” added the boss.

“It’s important that we have a stability in our squad and they are part of that. We are of course in the process of negotiating with other players, as you know well. We want to keep a good stability and that is what is needed at the end of every season.”

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Notwithstanding Oli’s goals and assists, Arsenal did not look convincing in any of those four games. Cripple Palace were so poor it was embarrassing, we scraped past WBA & PNE & drew with the cherries.


Problem is if we Sanchez and Giroud on the pitch at the same time we don’t have a plan B. I help can’t thinking our play looks slow and predictable. We lack any urgency and only play to Girouds strengths as desperation kicks in.

chippy's chip

Giving him some crosses would help.


Perhaps we can consider:
Giroud up top with alexis playing just behind him so giroud can drop back n play vary between his flick ons n headers, n attacking inside the box. Ozil on the left with licence to drift into the middle (like germany).
Coq to cover the left midfield when the opposition is attacking us to make up for ozil’s lack of tracking back, while alexis still keeps our midfield safe with his track backs together with xhaka’s closing downs.


Really believe our most effective lineup is Sanchez up top with Giroud coming on as a sub.

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Yeah hard work AND watching Alexis!


Giroud has improved tremendously.

he isn’t just one of the most effective in strike rate for us ever, but he also acts as a node to bring other players into the box (fast assets around him). His first touch can also be sublime as amplified by some exquisite first time shots at near post and as example the assist to Lucas or Jack several seasons back.

That said, he has also been improving his ‘speed’. He has better mobility now around the pitch which in part is due to a more efficient positioning (much like the often derided Per)

This comes with experience and he is on the apex of his game.

Because he doesn’t rely on pace, he can carry on for another good 2-3 seasons allowing the likes of Welbeck and perhaps the Jeff to step up in that time frame.

Not a bad return for a player bought for 12m from Montpelier.


Giroud has always been this good.


Where the hell is rambling Pete? I’ve missed him


Has anybody seen him?

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He probably said it like it is, got moderated and just cant be arsed anymore!