Friday, October 7, 2022

FA reveal full details of Arsene Wenger ban

The 2-0 win over Sutton United in the FA Cup last night was the first time Arsene Wenger had been on the Arsenal bench for a domestic game since he was sent off at the end of the frantic 2-1 win over Burnley in January.

The Arsenal manager received a four match ban and a £25,000 fine after being dismissed by referee Jon Moss on the advice of 4th official Anthony Taylor.

The FA have today released the full written reasons from the incident, and Taylor explains in his version of events what he claims to have transpired.

“Following the award of a penalty kick against his team in approx. 92nd min, Mr Wenger left his technical area to confront me in disagreement at the decision,” wrote the officious official.

“Before he said anything I said: ‘Think carefully before you say anything.’

“He responded by saying ‘you are dishonest to your federation.’ I considered this to be questioning both mine and the referee, Jon Moss’s integrity and impartiality.

“I stated to Mr. Wenger that such a comment was not acceptable and he told me to ‘f*ck off’ on two separate occasions.”

Wenger was also accused of pushing or shoving the referee, but having reviewed the footage the FA considered it ‘non violent’.

However, they went on to say, “Nevertheless, all officials ought to be able to do their jobs without fear of being manhandled and the Commission determined that the sanction attached to the charges levied against Mr Wenger should reflect this.”

So, what we can gather from this is that Anthony Taylor is a bad grass and Arsene Wenger only told him the exact same thing any of us would.

It’ll be ‘interesting’ the next time he referees us, just you wait and see. Also, ‘you are dishonest to your federation’, give me a break.

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Arsène Wenger has such a high tolerance. He’ll soak it all in then out of nothing a beast appears. Taylor must’ve done something to cause such a reaction. Either way Arsène is a gangster and no one messes with him. #COYG

uncle D

Suits you, Sir!

Kentish Gooner

Come On You Gangster?


Before mourniho, arsenal was the original team with the siege mentality with all the gangsters such as parlour Vieira Lauren…how I miss those days…..


I think it’s utterly disrespectful for someone with so much experience, who knows so much about football to be dismissed like some child being dismissed by a teacher when he is speaking out of order. These refs are so pathetic they’ve become such power trips. In a preseason game between NYCFC and some other American team, David Villa’s hand makes contact with a defender’s face (you can’t call it a punch) and at first glance the referee misses it. After actually watching video highlights and sees what villa did, he gives him a red card. I think it’s ludicrous to… Read more »

Bono, master of foreign languages

Good points, and I don’t disagree with any of it (I don’t know how football can’t implement video replays), but I’d like to point out that NFL officials still give awful calls or ‘no-calls’ even with the benefit of video replays (generally for pass interference as far a I can tell).

Bould's Eyeliner

But when that happens, they are held responsible both by the NFL and the public. Overall, contentious decisions happen way less than in the EPL, where each match is a Shakespeare play if you’d believe some of the crappy dramas started on the pitch these last few seasons…


The problem with the game in this country is that it is administered mainly by ex referees who insist that the referee is always right instead of striving to come to the right decision, as with most other sport. With this as the starting point referees end up being able to act as gods. In this situation they can also be open to corruption and prejudice. Maybe the FA gambling commission should be scrutinising some of their officials who have very dodgy track records. I was chatting to a mate before Kick off at the Burnley match and when seeing… Read more »

David C

I just don’t understand why they don’t give the 4th official an iPad to watch the games on. He could then instantly relay info the the ref to help in the decisions in real time.

Or, have a ref in each half. This works great in ice hockey.


I believe that higher-level US high school soccer now has one ref in each half and it seems to be working well.


Mourinho found this out the hard way.


Arsenal fans stop being deluded. Calling him a gangster is not scared of telling his players what he thinks he should put that anger on the pitch shouting at his under performing players instead of unleash it on referees, if he was telling Ozil to fuck run when he lose the ball I don think he would have a range games ban.


Family is family. If you have seen any of the Godfather films, you would know. 😉

Dale Cooper

I love that he told him to fuck off.

Timorous Me

Twice! Just in case the twat didn’t catch it the first time.


The refs are often so slow that even a second “fuck off” might be too little for them to catch.


I’m in absolute agreement


Yup, he’s realised it just now hence the press release from FA

Petit's Handbag

Still remember the first day of the season 2013-2014. One of the worst days all round but the referee that day was none other than this twat. Have hate this guy since and a few fans of other clubs have said the same to me. He’s a bad referee.


Difficult to imagine


Funny 🙂

Chris O.

I would literally pay money for a recording of Arsenal saying “Fuck off!”

I simply can’t imagine him saying that. It would have to be funny as hell to hear him.


It’d be a good ring tone.


Everyone thinks they’re a gangster until a real gangster tells you you’re dishonest to your federation.


This has me giggling!


If you come at Le Boss, you best not miss.

Clive St Helmet

He got a lot of heart for a fourth official.


I envy Arsene to be fair. I’ve always dreamed of telling Moss “fuck off” to his face and shoving Anthony Taylor. Possibly throwing in a punch too


I would have been banned many times over for behavior like this- routinely I get told to be quiet by refs at my nephew’s u13 matches- because they don’t know how to apply the offside rule.
That said, I know which ref is top of my list for an ass whoopin (it’s still Phil dowd).


It’s u13!! Let them just have some fun mate…


‘You are dishonest to your Federation?’ Strange. Arsene’s english phrasing is far better than a statement like that. Did he actually say ‘Disgrace’ I wonder and Taylor had to change it lest the FA decide Wenger is spot on?

Or did he really say ‘You’re a fucking cheat’ and this is the suitable for public translation?

Either way I can’t too much argue with Wenger’s point.


Wenger’s been at the country for so long, and he’s not the type of person to make quick judgements. If he’s calling Taylor and that fat bastard cheats then the FA should take a good look at those two twats and actually make an assessment as to whether they’ve been consistent with their calls. There are some refs that the only conclusion you can come to at the end of the game is they hate Arsenal. Whether it’s because they think our players are soft or they just Sp*rs cunts I don’t know. But it’s about time we introduced video… Read more »

Bould's Eyeliner

I don’t think there’s anything wrong with his quote though? Grammatically speaking, you interpreted it quite finely…


“You are THIS HONEST to your federation?”

If I were Wenger I would keep fucking with these knuckleheads. 🙂


You are dishonest to your federation is immensely powerful and is now my favourite put down.

The Ghost of Peter Storey

It sounds like something out if Star Trek

Clive St Helmet



Le Boss: You are dishonest to your federation!

Tw*t: Come again?

Le Boss: Say hello to my little friend!

Crusty Coq Soq

Good to see some fire in the old dog. That being said, I doubt Chelski players are offering a cracking recipe for a flan when they huddle round an official like a pack of over-affectionate dogs when their master appears back from abroad – so where’s the consistency?


But the rules are only applied to Arsenal. It’s in the small print.


if only the fa were applying the rules, here is the rules regarding what happens someone sent off – player or manager – (iii) Once the Participant has left the technical area the Match Officials are not required to ensure that this instruction is complied with. It then becomes the responsibility of the home club’s stewards to ensure the dismissed Participant is safely chaperoned to a designated seat in the Director’s Box. so wenger got part of his ban for pushing away Taylor in the tunnel, somewhere Taylor should not have been, and I think the video evidence suggests that… Read more »


Thanks for this sir. Didn’t realise that. So officious official no. 2 a) doesn’t know the rules and b) had no right to be in the tunnel.
This means referees do just make it up. Given that their Untersturmfuhrer is Riley, who makes ludicrous unsupportable claims about referees getting 99% of decisions right, this should cones as no surprise and be treated accordingly.


He requested a personal hearing. I’m sure he spoke to his advisors about what he can and can’t get away with and took the necessary approach.


That made me chuckle more than it should have


Arsene needs to learn there are boundaries you just can’t cross and saying f**k off to Taylor is well out of order – he should just have called him a cunt and left it at that.


Before sticking one on him.


Thanks for making me lol I’m just getting over surgery thanks again


Gotta love Wenger after such news 😀 Best read I’ve had this week by far!


Probably a fitting suspension for fitting reasons. But totally worth it


Just seen the pundits on BT say Aguero should have had a pen. Is it me if are they just making it up? Just because Prem League referees give pens for players deliberately dragging their feet into an oncoming keeper, they seem surprised that in other places, referees actually think that might be cheating.,..,

Andy Mack

The different standards of the PL refs to the refs elsewhere is one of the reasons the National side will never do well. The National players that haven’t played for a non-English team can’t re-adjust their game when the rules are applied correctly, unlike Europeans etc that have to adjust their game for the poor refs when they come here…

Donald's Trumps

Hmmmm. If you watch other European football the refs are even worse. In fact they are downright awful.

Andy Mack

No they aren’t. They make mistakes but they make mistakes over the rules of the game. Ours make mistakes over their interpretation of the PL rules of the game which is quite different. If the PL played by the same rules of the game as everyone else then our refs would be the laughing stock of Europe (they are now but with the caveat ‘that’s how they play in England’). Contes comment after the Alonso clattered Bellerin for their 1st goal shows the problem. He said something along the lines of everywhere except the PL that could have been a… Read more »


Is there Audio proof of this or are we just taking Taylor’s word for it? Or did Wenger admit that is how it went down? Just wondering cause I find it hard to imagine Wenger telling anyone to Fuck Off, twice no less 😛


Wenger kind of admitted it after the incident. Said something to the effect that he’d said something that you hear at games all the time. Funny as f*ck.


Think we can petition James to do the Arsene impersonation for the next Arsecast Extra?

Walcott's left footed curl

Haha, ‘you are dishonest to your federation’ have to be the most Wenger insult of all time. And Wenger stand where he damn well please in the stadium he built.


No he did not build the stadium…he only happened to be the manager while arsenal football club was building a stadium


If you really think this you are a blind ignorant fuck.


If you have read any of Higihaga’s previous comments, you know there’s no “If” about it.


Did Arsene give his permission for the FA to release this? If not I think a little too nvasion of privacy bollocks might be in order


On the bollocks FA website they do have a section for reasons for decisions. I suspect it appeared there. In this case, I dont think they’re picking on him or us.


Haha what a bunch of horseshit “you’re not really guilty of pushing but we feel like we should punish you for it anyway”. Fuck off Fat and fuck you Anthony Taylor.


Listen, the FA would give their right arms to hear Wenger tell ANYONE “fuck off”.


FA are petty.

Wenger needs to watch his language but a warning would have suffice and a stern reminder to leave for the stands.


I suspect that next time, Arsene will tell the official exactly where to go using
one of the other european languages that he speaks.

Or does “fuck off” sound the same in any language?! Hehehehehe.

Jimmy Woo

I sit behind the dugouts; Shaun Diesh and two assistants were constantly on at Taylor (the 4th official) the whole game… questioning and critiquing every single decision and non decision which didn’t go their way. They swore every other word at Taylor and even hared jokes and laughs a couple of times. I was watching them go on and on at Taylor and kept thinking, how are they not getting reported to the ref. So ul steps Wenger on the first occasion after a dubious penalty… you are nicked mate! The bloke is a grass and a cretin of the… Read more »

Granit(e) hard!

‘dishonest to your federation lol…….if Arsene had called him half of what we fans called him during that match, he would have been banned for a year!. still, ‘fuck off?…..twice?. Arsene, you closet gangster you. I confess, i am impressed!

Roger Ramjet

That’s a line from Star trek. Thug life Wenger.

Tony Phelan

You are dishonest to your federation would make a great song with something something something station !


Ancelotti gives the finger to Liepzig fans. NO punishment.

FA are petty people.

Donald's Trumps

Are you really suggesting there should be no punishment for pushing and swearing at the ref. Come on!


No, he’s suggesting that the whole process is inconsistent and that the minutae of the rules seem only to be applied against Arsenal. Everyone else can do whatever the fuck they want to a referee, but let a referee provoke a reaction from Arsene by chasing him down the tunnel and it’s suddenly the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre.


Fuck off is as lethal as a c’mon. Also that wasn’t a push-push. It was a nudge to go and get off his back. Don’t make this out like Wenger threw him to the ground and cursed his mother.


I would love to hear the crowd chant “you are dishonest to your federation” next time a shitty decision goes against us. ?


Hahaha there is every chance that will happen next time. I will be listening out on the tv for it!


Cracker of a game between City and Monaco. City dug out the win, Monaco have 3 away goals to take back to the principality. Some fantastic goals by Aguero and Falcao (also a missed penalty). Also Mbappe. Monaco not want for belief but rubbish defending from both teams. All to play for next leg. If only we showed a bit of gumption, as is we lost the game to Bayern before the first kick. BUT if Liverpool came back to win in Istanbul (with a mediocre team), we have every bit a chance back at the Emirates IF we show… Read more »


How difficult could a 4-0 win over Bayern at home be? Should be routine stuff! At least, we’ve nothing to lose anymore!


I remember Monty python’s holy grail, and the awesome power of the French taunting. I don’t remember ‘you are dishonest to your federation’ being among the insults. Perhaps arsene should stick to ‘your father smelt of elderberries’ next time.


Wenger should just have stuck his finger up Taylor’s ass (a la Maureen Lipman to the goat in Plebs), that would have sorted the fucker out. He wouldn’t have known what day of the week it was let alone been worried about a few choice words lol !

Andy Mack

I’d take a guess that Taylor would have liked that….


Latinate insult


Oh Anthony Taylor, you deserved everything that’s coming your way when you get your next game at the emirates… I still remember his shit performance on the opening day against villa- you can’t play advantage and then award a penalty if the player misses his shot- it’s an ‘either/or’ situation, not a ‘both’ situation.
Our fans are more likely to chant ‘fuck off’ than anything else.
And Taylor was following the party line of consistently shit officiating that his federation is known for.


Might want to hold on to Wenger so he can lean on “special relationship” to get Mbappe. Looks impressive.

Also impressive is Saul in midfield for Athletico.

Add a Mahrez and a Lback and I think we will be good this summer.


This summer you envision seems too much like Christmas. But I would love for it to come true.


Arsene, please f*ck off too!


Don’t you know it’s better to keep your mouth shut and just have people think you’re an idiot, than to open it and remove all doubt?


Wish the fourth official was Mourinho #FUCKOFFMO….


Manhandled by arsene wenger.. Maybe these refs should wake the Fuk up and card studs up challenges *cough (Sutton)..

Gunner Katz

Hilarious! He should have received an award, not a ban. Fuck off indeed.

Bendtner's Ego

Send Anthony Taylor to Saudi Arabia instead of Clattenberg.

Andy Mack

With any luck Clattenberg will get a few of them to make the move (Dean, Taylor and Atkinson would be my ‘first batch’).

Douglas Buckland

There is only 1 Arsene Wenger He’s a Legend ?


“Nevertheless, all officials ought to be able to do their jobs without fear of being manhandled”. A fit young ref who’s able to run ard for 90 mins fears being manhandled by a 67 year old?

Andy Mack

I’m confused, who’s the ‘ fit young ref who’s able to run hard for 90 mins’?
When should we expect to see him start refereeing PL games?


I’m beginning to think that most of these Hollywood’s only become referees because it’s the one chance they have in life to actually tell grown men what to do.

Picking on someone who’s heading for 70 is a bit of a piss take though!

Wayne Hodgins

And ref’s NEVER get it wrong do they.

Lula da Gilberto

All things aside. Saying you are dishonest to your federation, then telling him to fuck off twice is just legendary.


What a lovely show of class from wenger to so clearly communicate his honest opinion that… ‘your dishonest to your federation’ it’s not an insult it’s the truth.
‘fuck off’twice is what you get for trying to put your dirty hands on Mr wenger.. dumass crybaby.

Heavy Gunner

Anybody in here know what ‘Fuck off’ is in French? They didn’t teach me that expression when I had the language in school—


“Va te faire foutre” or “foutre toi”

Heavy Gunner

Thanks mate- Arsependant- now I know what to say to a French policeman when he tries to give me a speeding ticket– see you in jail maybe!! ;0))

Arsene Gonner

Lol, this blog is so hypocritical. If Mourinho told an official to fuck off twice and manhandled him, blogs would have claim he is reprehensible scum, but when it’s Wenger the mood switches to it all being about cry-baby officials. This isn’t the first time Wenger has been punished for verbal abuse against match officials or manhandling people. For a supposedly classy club, he sets a horrible example that didn’t exist at Arsenal before he came along. Just another reason to let him go in my opinion. It’s bad enough that he’s failing at his job, but his behaviour is… Read more »

Andy Mack

I think it’s more about the double standards because we’ve all seen both players and other managers swear at the officials with nothing more than a caution in response but whenever AW gets wound up, he gets a ban.


Jose should be called reprehensible scum for even breathing the same air as the rest of us. And anyone who takes Jose’s side qualifies for the same.


I hardly think Wenger sullies the good name of the club with this.

He is not the first manager to have given a referee an earful, he won’t be the last.

Question is, will the next one get a 4 game ban?


Come to think of it. Wenger speaks 5-6 languages. He actually took the decision to say fuck off in English. He did it so that Taylor could understand how fucking incompetent he is. What a gangsta.
“You are dishonest to your federation”. These people don’t know what a monster they’ve unleashed into the public domain by letting this out.
Arsène Wenger. Saving the English game all over again.

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