Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Ozil feels like he’s being made a scapegoat: agent

Mesut Ozil’s agent says the German feels like he’s being made the scapegoat for Arsenal’s recent poor form, and Wednesday night’s Champions League defeat in Munich.

The 28 year old has been struggling for form in recent weeks after an impressive first half of the campaign, leading to intense focus on his place in the team.

Dr Erkut Sogut told BBC Sport that criticism is fine, but the club’s record signing feels like he’s been made the chief culprit.

“Criticism is normal if a player plays badly,” he said

“But Mesut feels people are not focusing on his performance; they are using him as a scapegoat for the team after bad results.”

“Bayern had 74% possession. How can someone in the No.10 position create chances if you don’t have the ball?

“In these games people usually target a player who cost a lot of money and earns a lot of money – that is Mesut. But he can’t be always be the scapegoat. That’s not fair.

“Football is a team sport and Arsenal are not performing well as a team. Eleven players were on the pitch but Mesut was singled out for criticism.

Was he the reason that Arsenal conceded five goals?

“It started before the match, throughout the week leading up to the game. People started discussing: ‘Should he play? Should he be dropped?’.

“It was as if everyone knew Arsenal would not make it through and we needed a scapegoat. This is not right. You win as a team and you lose as a team.”

It’s hard to argue with a lot of that, it is a team effort, and Ozil made more tackles (5) than ‘defensive’ midfielder Francis Coquelin, but people also expect a bit more from a player who cost £42.5m.

It does feel as if the criticism has gone OTT from certain quarters though. A few weeks he was an invaluable part of a team that was playing quite well, now he’s being written off for being part of one that clearly isn’t.

As to his future, Sogut continued, “Mesut is committed to the club. There is no doubt that he will perform at 100%, with total professionalism and commitment as long as he plays for Arsenal. Nothing will change that.

“He is sorry to the fans, and he’s sorry that he and his team-mates couldn’t give the fans a better result in Munich.”

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Oh do me a favour. “Criticism is normal if a player plays badly”.

Your player has played badly and frankly he should be the first to recognise that. Not just last night, over the last few weeks.

“In these games people usually target a player who cost a lot of money and earns a lot of money – that is Mesut.”

It’s funny that we’re not criticising Alexis today.


Yes. It is. I remember when gallas decided to sit on the floor once. Alexis wasnt far away from that last night and i dont see anyone mention it.


No one mentions it cause it’s the least important thing that happened yesterday. He worked hard and he was our biggest threat against Bayern. Really think we are better off in any game without him?


sometimes in some games, we are indeed better off without him. there are some game where he keeps the ball too long, misplacesany passes and can’t even hold up the ball to bring others into play. sometimes i prefer Giroud instead of Alexis. But Giroud is also a preferred scapegoat for fans like.


Is there any player who isn’t a scapegoat? Kos maybe but the rest all get flak.

That’s the nature of allowing dodgy pundits and all of us (some of dubious ability to think) to comment at will.


The striker story this season is the less someone plays the more is he is held in high esteem by the fans


His greediness is starting to piss me off.

He should be hungry and all that, but sometimes/too often he plays in a vacuum. Not good.


It’s not Ozil’s fault if he’s being poorly managed or if the team wasn’t set up in the best way to succeed. Players go through periods of bad form, whether that’s to do with fatigue or lack of confidence, it’s normal and everyone experiences this. Ozil so clearly needed to be dropped for a game or two just to get a breather, take things into perspective and start again. That can’t happen at Arsenal because he manager is scared to offend his star player. Another thing is, against big teams away from home, we should be playing with three men… Read more »

Heavenly Chapecoense

At least Mesut and his agent are listening or at least hearing what fans are saying. Stay tuned because we have more to say. Mesut and Podolski, same attitude on the pitch but treated differently by the manager.


comparing Podolski and Ozil is one of the dumbest things I’ve ever read on this blog.

David C

Why the hell is this blowhard talking at all? What an idiot. Why do players and agents have so much power in football? From a North American sports fan, it’s just bloody bizarre.


Its just sound public relations. The agent is speaking for him. He can’t speak out against the fans directly, but that message still needed to be said.

Mans Holeman

I would guess this means that new contract isn’t going to be signed – this is just making sure we all know why 🙁


Wait. What.

Scott Boras? Drew Rosenhaus?


First of all, Wenger should have the balls and ruthlessness to drop players who aren’t performing or who are in a bad spell. It’s completely normal that when you don’t play well, you don’t start. He does it with some but not with Özil or Alexis or even Cech. What signal does it give a) to these players; and b) to rest of the squad? Secondly, it’s time to drop Alexis as well, as long as he sorts his attitude out. I’m really pissed with his behavior during games and after the final whistle. At least Özil got the message… Read more »


I think Alexis needs to simplify his play. He need to make the simple pass when it is available. Strangely, he and Ozil can learn from each other.


It seems to me Alexis will only pass to ozil, or try to run at three players. He always gets passed the first two, it’s always that third guy who takes the ball off him.


Wenger or the new man can be ruthless after he signs a new contract. It happened with Giroud recently, dropped as soon as he signed the new deal. Despite recent form, Ozil remains a class player and one that I hope will remain at the club. Its not like we have a dozen world class players. More like 3.


Oh but we are. He should have passed.
Ozil though… Somehow seems to have been recently replaced by Berbatov – not looking particularly involved, jaded, accused of being lazy and hurt by it instead of proving critics wrong with odd show of brilliance and finally punished for his high prise.


Listen Mesut Ozil is world class. If you can’t see that, then you don’t really understand football. Yes, he isn’t a player that’s going to be physically dominant in the middle of the park, that’s not his game. That wasn’t Pires either, the difference being Pires had Ashley Cole, Patrick Vieira, Gilberto Silva, Ray Parlour to fucking lump seven shades of shit out of anyone that went near him – Ozil doesn’t have that. He’s surrounded by a load of fucking wimps, the only guy who puts himself about is Xhaka, but he can’t run a team on his own.… Read more »

Bob's Mexican Cousin

Bye Mesut. Good luck in your next club.

Next season we’ll be without our current manager, current No. 10 and top striker. It’s depressing how a bunch of idiots like it this way.

Goes to show how a few wankers who claim to support the club and the media can fuck things up and convince one of our two top players (if not both) that they’re better off somewhere else.

Who will replace him? Wilshere? You can be sure as hell that no world class players will want to join such a fiasco of a club.

uncle D

What does an agent know about football as a professional?! Making commissions of the back of successful player, so he can shut it and stick to his day job. Wenger is the scapegoat! As a fan with memory, this club could not afford a player like Ozil 5 years back. Wenger has done an awesome job getting Arsenal to this point that we are, no more punching above our weight class but are one of the top European earners financial wise football. Arsenal fans remember Hill-wood and all the great people and players that made the club so attractive today.… Read more »

Bring Back Seaman

If he thinks it’s bad now, wait and see the shit he gets if he signs a contract at £300,000 + a week if he plays badly. Look, his biggest weakness is his defensive willingness. The first goal was in the buildup partly his fault.. One of thier twats waltzed right through midfield and he just jogged leisurely near him (about 8-10 feet) and let him. 20 or so Seconds late they scored from being in our final third that he could have stopped. Now that infuriated me, and made me watch him more, and yes he was far more… Read more »


Spot on! We had this issues a few years back too, wherein the opposition gets the ball and then just glide through the half way line into final third & we end up making desperate tackles & misplaced passes & they come right back at us! In any team there needs to be a few options, key players – look at our options, Alexis plays upfront needs the ball to make things happen, Walcott once again is a runner and needs the ball & space, Iwobi is not ready for such duels (and he escapes criticism due to his age-particularly… Read more »

Blitz Bailey

If you want to push players out of the club then why not start with the ones who even at their very best are bang average or worse. Our squad is full of average players earning world class player wages cause the old man is to kind and gentle to replace them. How much would Gibbs or Gabriel be worth on the market today, Maybe 5 million at most. Players like Coquelin, Walcott and Elneny would just be fringe players at other big clubs, But if they we’re transfer listed they would be very hard to sell due to wages… Read more »


All very fair points from his agent. Clearly something’s got to him recently, and from what I’ve heard about him he’s a pretty honourable guy. It’s a real shame that someone as talented as him should be attacked relentlessly for stuff that either isn’t his fault or isn’t within his skillset to do. There’s no shame in not being the complete player, it’s quite bizarre that so many people expect it of Mesut.


Nobody anyway is the complete player…


Vidal is a well rounded player

chippy's chip

And wenger is the boards scapegoat.

Donald's Trumps

I just want him to jump for a header. Seriously, I’ll run naked to tesco and stick a chorizo up my bum the day he jumps for a header


Effort without the ball isn’t within his ‘skillset’?

I’m not talking specifically about the Bayern game here, but over the past 2 or 3 weeks I could make a montage of players walking past Ozil that would run well over a minute…

Alexis’ electric workrate off the ball is a big asset to the team but they’re insulated from him by Ozil’s lethargy.

It’s not all Ozil’s fault by any stretch, Mustaffi and Coq have been shocking the last few games too, poorer than Ozil, in fact but he must shoulder blame too.


So it’s ok he walks around a pitch because showing any effort is not in his skill set? Having the ability to head a football is not in his skill set? What utter nonsense.


He does show effort. His body language is languid (and sometimes, I’ll grant, he could work harder defensively), but it was obvious from the first whistle that the instructions from the bench were to play deep in two banks of four, not to go press high on Bayern’s defense because they’re too good and would just pass around us (at least I’m guessing that was the rationale, which I don’t personally agree with). He could have charged around a bit more a la Alexis, but if as a team we’re not set up and haven’t trained to high press as… Read more »


I agree with that, PFo, and add that several of the players did not perform to the standards we have a right to expect from them. Mustafi had to take a lot of the blame for the 2nd and 3rd goals; Bellerin misplaced passes and got turned inside out by Douglas Costa repeatedly; Gibbs and Iwobi just weren’t doing the job defensively on the left; Coquelin was as poor as I’ve seen him for a long time. Kos can hold his head up, and Ospina, but either through lack of effort, poor focus, or subpar performance, the squad was not… Read more »


You say the problem is with how Wenger set the team up (which I agree with). But where else can you play Ozil in a game in which you have 20-40% of the ball. You can’t play him wide because he lacks pace going foward and wouldn’t have been able to track Lahm or any other world class right back to save his life. And you can’t play him up front because he can’t hold up the ball and doesnt have the pace/will to get in behind much. You can’t play him in a traditional three man midfield because again… Read more »


Yes you can play him wide because he doesn’t lack pace, he’s actually quite quick. As for not being able to track a fullback, I’m not so sure; he wouldn’t be great at it, but he wouldn’t have been any worse than Iwobi in fact was. Since Lahm is so good, I would have stuck him on the other side, and had Welbeck (in place of Iwobi) tracking Lahm on the left. (Plus, part of the point of a midfield 3 is that you can get a bit of help on the flanks from the closest of the 3.) Or,… Read more »


People expect ozil to be assist machine and in the same time to be Kante winning balls everywhere while the one who needs to win balls made 0 seccseful tackles and of top of that bayern had 74% possesion. How do you expect ozil to play well when the midfiled that needs to break bayern attack never won one ball to pass it to him to make a counter. Put ozil yesterday in the bayern team he would have 3 assita and 2 goals whith that quality midfield behind him. The problem we have for so many years is we… Read more »


Alexis weren’t great…either. the whole team was poor. Stop releasing statements on his behalf…and Mesut get to the training ground and sort it out amongst yourselves. I’m not going to start feeling sorry for these c*nts on 100k + a week when they haven’t got the bottle or balls to put it in. The way we lie down and take it up the Harris is beyond a joke….it’s Tottenham. Man up !!


Wish I had an agent, especially a Dr.


The media have been after him since he arrived. They can’t have these shifty foreigners coming over with their skill and talent to the premier league and making the typical English “run araahnd a bit” midfielders that we produce look bad.

Tommy Gunner

I think there are enough foreigners in the league who are praised by the media, for it to be very obvious that your comment is nonsense


Silva, Fabregas, Cazorla, Mata, Mahrez. Just a few current foreign premier league midfielders that invalidate your comment.


That’s it for Ozil.

So there you have it. The toxicity is finally working.
Great work, really proud of everyone who has put in the effort. You’re a true credit to your club.



When will these so called fans see that the T E A M were BAD! Really BAD!!!!
Yeah Ozils form has dipped but FFS! checkout the rest of this mess! No cohesion! NO spine NO leadership!!! It’s been this way for some time.


Totally agree. It’s not all ozils fault. Tactics ar wrong. The team lacks leadership. Preperarion always seems wrong.
We havr some very poor players and others who are constantly played out of position.
Put Ozil in a motivated team with a clear plan and leader he’s world class.
Put him in wengers arsenal he looks as lost as the rest of them.
Sadly he will leave as will Sanchez and we will be stuck with a load of deadwood.
Wenger should go now while he can save some dignity and possibly the short term future of arsenal.


Are you blaming the fans now for the rubbish the players produced yesterday? Fans are the only reason these footallers all the money they do. They would be nothing without fans. They should be the ones thanking us. If there is something reasonable the fans are unhappy with and have reasons to do it they 100% have all the right to express it

Godfrey Twatschloch

And players should just lap up the bullshit abuse and scapegoating?

Dan Hunter

Oh boo hoo.

“I’ve hurt meself”

“The fans say nasty things to us”

Here’s a £50… blow your nose

Godfrey Twatschloch

Here’s a turd. Eat it.


Yes, yes. But the thing is, you wouldn’t know ‘reasonable’ if it hit you in the face, so why should the players listen to you?


Absolutely they absolutely don’t have to. But as fans we are entitled to voice my opinion towards them. The comment I answered to was blaming fans who criticise him for him possibly leaving and for not being credit to the team. His defensive work rate is really poor in comparison to any player in the PremierLeague. I don’t say that because the media tell me that. I say it because I watch football games and form my own opinion of what I say wrong or right. You may disagree but I am entitled to have my opinion and I am… Read more »

Dan Hunter

Are you saying the fans are to blame for Wenger’s poor decision making, or his choices in the transfer market, or the way he sets his teams up, or the amount of effort players put in? If the players made half the effort the fans make, would we be in this situation? The fans are the ones who need to be appreciated for spending their hard earned money to travel up and down the country, buying merchandise, even buying TV subscriptions…….. What does it say when the likes of Ozil and Sanchez cannot be bothered to applaud the fans who… Read more »


Oh boo hoo. The fans need to be appreciated. The players should applaud the fans. The players don’t make half as much effort as the fans. Listen to yourself. You sound as entitled and self-pitying as the worst prima donna footballer. The players are humans. They’re trying their best, it’s just as a team their best really isn’t good enough right now. I’m sure they’re desperate to succeed–why on earth wouldn’t they be? This is, after all, what the do for a living, and how they are measured as valuable by millions of people they’ve never met around the world.… Read more »

Dan Hunter

Self pitying? No. Self entitled? No. I don’t believe we are entitled to win titles. But we are entitled to a little respect from these players.


For those who asked what I’m saying, it was pretty clear. I said fuck all about our performance, form, about Wenger, about decision making, about in-or-out, transfer market, money, effort, or any of the other garbage brought into it. I said it looks like there’s a good chance he’s had enough of the toxic whingeing serially abusing him from a support base that’s half full of Piers Morgans. Nice work, we’re fucking chasing out one of our best players. I think that’s stupid. what is the badge supposed to mean when playing for the likes of the toxic half of… Read more »

The Playmaker

Can anyone remember a single tough away match that Ozil has played well for us in his 3 and a half years here? Yes, people do criticise Ozil because he is a big name. But, you should also remember that Ozil starts in these games only because of his name (not because of past performances). And he often ends up as a liability. Madrid, 3 years with Ozil : 0 CL Madrid, 3 years after Ozil: 2 CL titles. Not saying Ozil is bad. He is brilliant when the team is playing well and opposition backs off, but he simply… Read more »


And everyone’s luvvie Alexis does?????!!!!


Iniesta! Kroos! Thank you for the laugh!


The Playmaker pretty apt name. Do I remember a big away game where he has played well? Suppose it depends on the teams mindset, it’s only last night and if you can put yourself through suffering at least the first half again, you’ll notice our two attackers trying to will the rest of the team forward and for the last 15 minutes they actually obliged, and we looked quite decent for that spell too. The Chav away match was the same, they were waving for the rest of the team to push forward and pressurise them, didn’t bother in that… Read more »


Also, last night, in the first 20-30 minutes when Bayern basically had all of the ball (only slightly an exaggeration) there were several times other Arsenal players suddenly got the ball with a chance to move up the pitch and almost invariably panicked and coughed it up immediately. If you go back and watch again, there were at least 2 or 3 times in that period (admittedly not many, but then, it was a significant percentage of the total times we had the ball!), where Ozil gets it, and with skill and composure is able to keep possession under pressure… Read more »


and how many la ligas have they won since he left? the fact that they have won 2 CL’s since he left tells us approximately f*ck all about his quality as a player.

Godfrey Twatschloch

The only goal scored against the Spuds in that game where they whooped us 2 – 1 a couple if years ago is one that springs to mind.

Our hard fought for win against Bayern where he absolutely performed out of his skin. Not least the mid run 3/4 turn where he laser guided a pass to whoever of our players it was without even looking at him.

He’s going through a rough patch at the moment and he’ll come round. That’s all there is to it.

Mate Kiddleton

The media only like players who run around a bit for 90 minutes, even if they give the ball away, get caught out of position and do fuck all for the whole game. It just needs to look like they’re doing something even if they’re 100% ineffective.


Unfortunately far too many people are happy to let the idiot media do their thinking for them as it saves them the hassle.

Kwame Ampadu Down

Yeah, anyone who listens to the media is a clown…unless of course it’s Gary Neville saying be thankful for having Arsene…and then of course it’s ‘LISTEN TO GARY NEVILLE’ you idiots!
The hypocrisy of the do gooders on this site never ceases to amaze.


I think you’ll find they like far more than effort but when a player doesn’t do any of the things your average bloke off the street could do, they start to wonder why… Can’t see the woods for the trees…

Donald's Trumps

Do they?

I like Ozil, apart from the his unforgivable knack of ducking when a ball can be won aerially.
The media’s darlings let’s see.
– they loved Henry, Pires, Bergkamp none of those are your run arrrrand type of players.
– the media love Scholars, Lampard, Gerrard again none of those are fucking Lee Cattermole are they?
– they praise Silva and De Bruyne all the time? Do they just run arrrrand a bit.

Give it a rest with the conspiracy theories.


Looks like the stupidity of our fanbase will drive a genuine worldclass player out of our club.
Have fun next season when we play Iwobi or Jack at no.10 you cunts.


Ramsey would be a better #10 than Mesut in current form.


That may be the most ignorant comment I’ve read on here to date.


Definitely up there.

Stuck on repeat...

Whoa there. Think your comment is both harsh & niaive. There are plenty of “world class” players we have in the team that have come in for criticism this season. Actually, can’t think of even 1 we currently have that hasn’t. Most though have dealt with it & upped their game (Giroud). Then of course there’s Theo : / Oh Theo…dear dear Theo. What are we to do with you? Is it unfair to single out Ozil? Of course it is. But, surely even he can see that he has been absent in far too many games & therefore has… Read more »


It really feels like a no win with all involved. Again, look at Chelsea and how a different manager changed that whole lot around. I feel like the man who everyone was telling that his wife has been stepping out on him and fought every man who said it, only to find out she actually was stepping out. I have not once doubted AW until yesterday. There were some low moments but I always laid that at the players. He is a great man and one of the reasons I fell in love with Arsenal 8 years ago. FFS though.… Read more »


This shit started well before Ozil. Ramsey, Walcott, Jack, Gibbs, Arteta, Diaby, Jenkinson, Giroud, the list goes on and on. It is just highlighted this time because now we’ve done it to our record signing and are starting to do it to Alexis. It’s fucked.

This is why we can’t have nice things.
We don’t deserve nice things.
Call out a bad performance, fine. But this constant. Fucking. Moaning. And abusive character assassinations.

I’m not so worried about the environment at the moment. I’m more convinced we’ll fucking implode because we’re a bunch of fucking Piers Morgans with the Internet.

Matt P

So as fans we can’t complain about consistently inept performances, season after season?
Do we have to fucken shut our mouths and accept it like we belong to some religion and religious leader who can never be questioned?
The reason that it has got toxic is nothing to do with the fans and everything to fo with the club’s lack of action in moving to a new manager and structure years agora


Ozil has not had consistently inept performances season after season. Ozil’s is not responsible for whether any of us likes or dislikes Wenger. If you want to take the rest out on him, you just proved the agent’s point. Call out a bad performance, fine, I do it. But it’s this linear toxic character assassination as if he’s never done anything right. Without Ozil, Alexis, and Giroud we’re a mid table team. We’re just recently able to keep our top players, and people want to chase out our best three. How stupid is that? Any time a player goes through… Read more »

Matt P

My comment of ‘consistently inept performances’ was directed at the team, not Ozil in particular.

Matt P

Having said that I would, overall, rate him as a disappointment. I would say he has been average or poor in as many games as he has been good or excellent this season. That level of output is nowhere near good enough given his reputation and wage.
I don’t advocate character assassination but I don’t see anything wrong with (valid) strong criticism of team, manager and players

Mans Holeman

Well said. Nail on the head.

Once Wenger has moved on – whenever that may be – we still have a club to support.

So support it.

Offender of factually alternative fact/opinions

Conte took a title winning squad that had stopped playing for their arrogant, graceless manager and returned it to being a title winning squad. Hardly what any new manager is faced with at Arsenal. That manager will be getting the 3rd/4th best squad in England (you could argue if you wanted but your kidding yourself with bias in my opinion if you think our players as a group are any higher than 3rd/4th). Any new Arsenal Manager to do what Conte has in real terms achieved will be winning the 4th placed ‘trophy’ in his first season. See Klopp and… Read more »

Dial Square Charity XI

“He is not someone who runs around aimlessly and tackles just so everyone thinks he is fighting. If it doesn’t make sense to run somewhere he will keep that power for the next run.”

can you have aimless tackling? I mean I get the running around bit…


Oh great, now we have our very own yaya fucking toure. Well done princess mesut, your agents just made our mess even bigger.


Agents should be removed from the game, period.


Hard to disagree with that


Don’t worry, he’ll leave… how come a player has the right to have feelings…


Jesus stop hyperventilating. Ozil has committed himself to the club and his agent re-stated that. The guy’s duty is to stick up for his player when he’s going through a bad patch.

Ozil’s a clean living guy who’s never tarnished the reputation of our club so don’t compare him to birthday cake tantrum banned from driving Yaya the teetotal drinker and his agent who got him exiled from the City squad.


what his agent said was perfectly level-headed and reasonable, not like Toure’s insane agent talking about birthday cakes and such nonsense.


Don’t ever leave us Mesut :'(


It’s a hard situation. Article on no.10 fading is interesting. Would a player like Bergkamp in today’s game be a luxury, in relation to defensive duties expected of. Ozil, is clearly a class class player. Just team mates or systems aren’t doing him a favour right now. But, the only way to answer critics is to do talking on the pitch. I honestly feel, as a pro Wenger fan, that perhaps the players are starting to lose belief in his beliefs. And once that starts creeping in, it normally ends one way. I honestly believe any top 4 EPL team… Read more »


A player like Bergkamp would be a genius today as he was then. The bloke didn’t have legs, he had wands. He had pace in his day, and a little bit of needle to go with it. Michelangelo and the Sistine Chapel ceiling? No thanks. Some of the greatest works of art in history are Bergkamp vs Newcastle, Bergkamp vs Argentina, and Bergkamp vs Leicester. Fucking poetry in motion. Leicester City fans may have enjoyed last seasons fluke : but the greatest achievement for that club’s supporters was to be present at filbert street to witness that hat trick. For… Read more »

Anteneh Ademe

All the blame needs to go to Wenger who’s clueless. He’s responsible for picking his squad and tactically sorting them team out. We’ve seen so many teams under Wenger since 2004 and they’ve all been managed poorly in the biggest of matches. It’s easy to blame Ozil but we already know what we are getting with him isn’t defending and winning balls. He’s purely in the team to receive the ball and make plays. But he wasn’t receiving the ball yesterday because we nowhere near it and he couldn’t make plays because there was not one in front of him.


Let’s compare and contrast how much of a witch hunt there is after media darlings Tottenham managed to lose against a middle of the table Belgian team of bank clerks and accountants.


We are the Arsenal, ofcource we are measured on different standards. We are on a whole different level.


Ozil is a goat playing among wolves…the agent should tell ozil to play like a world class num 10 instead of wasting his time


Really? The player whom Low plays for every available minute for the world champions?
God knows what the goats and wolves metaphor is about but if anything it ought to be reversed assuming wolves are supposed to be the talented skilful hunters.


Are you kidding? I’m going to bed….I can’t read anymore

Little Mozart

Can’t argue with what he is saying, no one has played well recently. There’s no movement ahead for Ozil to find.

Alexis has been infuriating recently but gets no criticism at all.


Yes… because Alexis “tries”… yes, but his wages are not a try, his snubbing the fans is not a try, it’s real…


The Scapegoating is unfair, but this is the pressure that comes with holding the club ransom and demanding £300k a week – people expect match winning performances. Özil wants to be paid 10x the salary of some people at the club (Iwobi, Holding are examples) should this not demand a performance 10x better to be deemed “adequate?”


Sorry, but the 300k thing is an invention from the media. At best we go to a 200k.


I suppose you were there at those meetings where he was holding the club to ransome for 300k a week? Nobody knows what salary he has discussed and if he was that fucking greedy he wouldn’t have come to us in the first place because other clubs offered him more than we did. Mesut wants to play awesome football and win things and he can’t do that when we have no possesion and a striker whose everywhere but near the box, but that’s all OK, it’s Mesut who’s at fault. Bollocks.

Donald's Trumps

If he wants to play awesome football and win things what the fuck is he doing at Arsenal.

Godfrey Twatschloch

Three things that irritate me greatly and I don’t think I’m the only one.

1. Hounding players for whatever reason – WRONG! STOP DOING IT!
2. Slagging off the club – DON’T LIKE IT, FUCK OFF!
3. Disrespecting Wenger – DON’T FUCKING DO THAT EITHER!!!

You sir just committed foul number 2. Have a think about it and maybe reconsider your stance.

Some Jabroni

Laying the groundwork 🙁


Ozil is not the problem, Wenger is. Why on earth did he play Iwobi with a number of internationals on the bench. Ozil is the type of player, like Bergkamp, who is wonderful to watch when things are going well. If the players who need to win the ball and give it to the artists are not doing their job he struggles..


If the players ‘who’s job it is to win the ball back’ can see the best paid player on the team amble around, allowing his team mates do most of the work and in doing so make their jobs harder, do you really think they’re going to be eager and willing? To be a good team you must all work hard together, you can’t have different rules for one to another. This is why we aren’t a good team.


He ambled himself around into more tackles than the players whose jobs it is to win the ball back.


Özil is the new Giroud 😛


Here’s a thing, if Ozil was playing for Bayern last night they would have been even better. Surrounded with like thinking, talented, confident players he’s unstoppable. But he wasn’t, he was playing with weak, not so talented players lacking in all confidence. If we were set up to contain and defend for our lives like be should have been, he needn’t even played, or wouldn’t have been expected to do something he isn’t good at (win the ball.) tactics ALL wrong.


Spot on.


He would have been on the bench with Muller on recent form…

Alexander N

I really don’t want to comment but a star/top player in 1 vs 1 just 2 minutes before the end of the first half should and must score! God knows what would have happened if we went to the second half with 2:1 lead… He’s a great lad and we saw last year with his 19 assists that his vision on the pitch is exceptional but what this team need is, when we are playing bad our star players to use their chances and to be role model for the other players, unfortunately something what we can’t see… Anyway, in… Read more »

George Wang

TBH, his performance wasn’t the worst compared to some of his teammates yesterday….he even made more tackles than Coqulin.


The Scapegoating is unfair, but this is the pressure that comes with holding the club ransom and demanding £300k a week – people expect match winning performances. Özil wants to be paid 10x the salary of some people at the club (Iwobi, Holding are examples) should this not demand a performance 10x better to be deemed “adequate?”


He is! And so is Wenger. They both have to shoulder their share of the blame but it seems to me there’s plenty to go around: the rest of the squad, the coaching staff, the board, Kroneke, & so on.


Arsenal, its players and fans need to stop imploding. They were playing against the German 1st team supplemented by world class players. We had Coquelin, Ox, Iwobi, Gabriel, Gibbs, and so on. Defensive frailty has always been there, we are only good if we are able to attack teams. We couldn’t have won yesterday, nor do the chances look good for the next one.
Be upset over the loss to Watford and the unconvincing performance last weekend, but on this one, (IMHO) let it go.


He has a fucking doctor as his agent. Give the lad a pay raise


Dear Mr. Agent man, please stop talking. You are not doing something that is in the best interests of your client. The team he plays for let their fans down on the European stage once again and they have their right to vent. If you want to serve the best interests of your client, I would tell him to pick his ass up from the best down he just took in Germany, out his nose to the grindstone and work on finding a way to improve his play in big games because, you see, this is why people like him… Read more »


Venting is none thing, venting cleverly seems very difficult for some and it’s the point…


‘One’ thing, sorry.


Agreed and results like these bring out some real ugliness in people. I just ignore those and move on to the next one. Probably the best thing a player can do is stay away from social media after games like this especially if they aren’t thick skinned.


We will lose our best player and the fans are making it easy

The whole team is playing shit, price tag doesn’t make you better automatically it just adds pressure

Get off his fucking back. The manager, every player, the board, the buck doesn’t stop with any one player

We will lose ozil and Sanchez, and the fans will be blamed. Rightly or wrongly. Wenger will go, the guts of our squad will be gone and we will do a post Rafa Liverpool At best

Those moaning about 2nd last year, how does 8th sound?

Fucking hell

Godfrey Twatschloch

Try explaining that to a blood thirsty mob whose only objective is setting the palace on fire.


He was bad, like most of the team, yet he was still better than our midfield of 4, behind him, who did fuck all. At least he is professional enough to not make a fuss by squatting on the pitch. WTF is that bullshit?


I think there’s a lot of problems at arsenal, yes ozil has been very poor especially against better quality teams but his whole demeanor where he just walks around like his in a daze is becoming more frequent and his lack of effort for tracking back helping his fellow midfielders out is a concern, when you lose the ball as team you have to become a solid unit and be tight and track back we don’t have players that think like that if we did then we wouldn’t have these bad results so offen that’s another reason why theo wasn’t… Read more »


“Run abouttt abit” “You look prettier when you smile” he chided


Goodbye Ozil, nice to have you here.
Goodluck finding a club that can optimize your talents, but one thing for sure, if you join a big club in the future, you can’t be as lazy as you today and pretty sure you wont play 90 minutes every game since you can’t defend very well.
I can’t see your passion in this team anymore, maybe you already decided to move next summer so you don’t care to perform anymore.


So embarrased to be an Arsenal fan at the moment. Yes the past two seasons have not been good enough for a squad of this quality but people moaning about our best players and gagging for Welbeck to start are ridiculous. I love Welbz but he’s been out for nearly 20 months in the past two seasons he was never going to be up to the right level. We need to support Arsene and the team or we will end up like Liverpool and Man U desperately battling for top 6!


Will end up like Liverpool or Man U? You mean with 18 or 20 top flight titles and several champions league trophies in the cabinet. Shudder. In case you hadn’t noticed we are already in tight battle with these clubs for top 4 this year.


It’s hardly the fault of an attacking midfielder if he plays poorly when we don’t have any of the ball, and one of the players meant to support him completes 6 passes in the whole goddamn game. We don’t have the midfield to play it out from the back and every single time we clear it we lose it if Giroud isn’t there. It’s like we’re specifically set up to get the least out of our most talented footballer. Not to mention that we spend half our matches without anyone occupying the centre backs, so ozil’s options usually consist of… Read more »


Ozil is pure class. 22% possesion gives him nothing to work with. He has been given the freedom to roam and not to put in a serious defensive shift. That´s down to AW. He needs very disciplined CDM´s behind him to both do the cleaning up and to find him directly – yesterday evening the passes to him were mostly poor.

Harry Flowers

““Bayern had 74% possession. How can someone in the No.10 position create chances if you don’t have the ball?”

He could, at the very least, try to help win the ball back.

Yorkshire Gunner

We are are becoming a laughing stock.Its time the club, team and fans shut up, circle the wagons and come out f…ing fighting for what’s left of the season. Namely pride in the badge, the club and ourselves. Enough is enough.Lets show the vulture pundits circling our wounded club, manager and players that we are the Arsenal and that whatever we may be going through now, we will back.


The chaotic nonsense begins. I feel for Mesut, the guy has proven himself, yet still gets stick. Not looking forward to seeing what happens to my club at the end of the season. Shit is going to get messy and we may lose some of our best players as a result.

Sad times


and a chance to REDEEM.

It’s february for goodness sake!

Brian Dawes

Obviously not at all fair to blame Mesut for our poor form in recent games as he hasn’t appeared in any of them


Wow, you are clever. How long did it take you to come up with that one?


-Against Watford he made 7 chances and he was the worst and the laziest player on the pitch by fans. -Against Chelsea he went from playing a forward to deep lying playmaker just because others couldn’t take ball into the last third. He was the player who was most involved. Worst and the laziest player on the pitch by fans. -Yesterday he made 6 tackles, probably more than Iwobi, Alexis… He was the worst and the laziest player on the pitch by fans. When Ozil was cheering his teammates (he did not that tje firt time yesterday) to press the… Read more »

Block 93

My word. The Arsenal are casting a dark shadow over my winter. The shit just keeps on hitting the fan, eh? When’s it going to stop? I think it’s a fair point that the blame for our performances doesn’t lie solely with Ozil. In the absence of Ramsey, he’s become the fans’ latest whipping boy. He’s far from blameless but he’s got 10 other accomplices (to a greater or lesser extent) for all of those games we’ve thrown away recently. He’s not responsible for Cech failing to stop saveable shots at his near post or gifting the ball to snakey… Read more »

Lord Bendnter

Yes, Ozil is a luxury player. But if u have someone like Kante in midfield, ozils stats would go up.
Let’s fix the issues, the most important ones first. Our Defense amd defensive midfield is in shambles right now

Jim wall

Look any player can go 6 or 7 bad games.but god damn it you can try and get the fans on your side ,by trying hard and close down players,he was as guilty as coq for first goal,he doesn’t even look interested

craszy gunner

Arsenal is a club that absolutely have to press the re-set button..its pretty clear to everyone that wenger has taken the club as far as he can… My only fear is that the club will be thinking of bringing in someone of a similar ilk…if we do we will get similar results qed.. What we need is a totally different kind of manager someone who will tear the rule books and put some fire in their bellies..at least in the short term.. I personally won’t mind Diego Simeone for about 3 yrs.. I see the club doing the exact opposite… Read more »

Stuck on repeat...

Hmmm…“Football is a team sport and Arsenal are not performing well as a team”. Yup, with you so far, & in complete agreement. That’s why (in case you missed it) AW’s been getting a bit of flack lately. But moving on… “Eleven players were on the pitch but Mesut was singled out for criticism”. Ok, that’s where you loose me. From what I’ve seen at least 9 others have come in for criticism (only Ospina & Ox did well…& well the Ox gifted them the 5th, so he’s not had it easy either). Add in nonsense from the likes of… Read more »


It’s horrible seeing our fans turn against each other, a once united fan Base has become split with either wenger in or out, if not arguing about him then it’s the players who split the fans, so and so is crap, drop this one, sell that one, a frendly exchange of opinions is no longer possible and fans hate on each other. We are not the best team out there or anywhere near the worst team. we have had worse periods in our history, we all know the time for change is coming, maybe the fans can change to and… Read more »

Godfrey Twatschloch

Fickle fans hounding players. How soon they forget!

Ex-Priest Tobin

He’s being criticised because he has the personality of a natural coward. Never seen a more overrated player in the shirt, contributes nothing in the biggest games, total waste of money. Can’t wait until he fucks off out of the club.

Godfrey Twatschloch

Keeping it classy.

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