Report: Arsenal 2-0 Hull City (Inc Goals)


Arsenal: Cech, Bellerin, Koscielny, Mustafi, Gibbs, Ozlade-Chamberlain, Coquelin, Walcott, Ozil, Iwobi, Sanchez

Subs: Ospina, Monreal, Gabriel, Elneny, Lucas, Welbeck, Giroud

A scruffy and workmanlike performance saw Arsenal take 3 points from Hull City thanks to Alexis Sanchez’s first half goal and late penalty. It was far from a sublime performance, but it was enough to secure 3 points.

Arsenal endeavoured to take the game to Hull in the early stages as little bit of early pressure lead to Francis Coquelin sending a volley from outside the box bobbling tamely into touch for a goal kick.

After a brief spell of nothingness, a sloppy pass dispatched by the blubbery form of Tom Huddlestone seemed to have given Arsenal an opening. However, between them, Mesut Ozil and Alex Iwobi conspired to spurn the chance to take the lead. From the following midfield exchanges, Coquelin sent Alexis through but our Chilean sulky-pants shot weakly at the keeper.

Soon after, a moment of complacency in midfield from Iwobi gifted the ball to Markovic, who ploughed his way upfield and into the penalty box to deliver an incredibly welcoming ball across Petr Cech’s goal area. Luckily, Niasse was a split second behind the play and failed to capitalise on the opening. Arsenal probably should have been a goal down.

There were no signs of a tight, cagey affair as the game started to get very open. A long diagonal ball sent Grosicki away down the left and his inviting cross was met by Niasse who forced Petr Cech into a smart, if somewhat routine save, at his near post.

Moments later, Arsenal spurred two glorious openings. First Bellerin exchanged passes in the area with Walcott before firing wide when he should have hit the target. Almost instantly after, Alexis Sanchez found himself in possession 10 yards from goal only to uncharacteristically bobble the ball wide of the target.

Another chance for Arsenal came on 25 minutes just as there was something of a lull in the game. Alexis chipped a ball into the penalty area for the on-running Ozil who couldn’t quite keep his shot under control. It was a tough chance.

Hull’s goal continued to live something of a charmed life as Walcott’s shot towards goal was blocked by Hull’s defender to a few hopeful cries of handball. At this stage, all the attacking play was from Arsenal and a goal before halftime seemed to be on its way.

And it most certainly was. Good work from Iwobi and Ozil fed to ball to Gibbs. His half-volley was blocked on the line. In the ensuing melee, Alexis bundled the ball over the line after a few ricochets and what appeared to be an unintended handball – one of those were the ball hits the player at close range. You could argue it was a little unfortunate for Hull, but the goal had been coming and there was certainly no intent from Alexis having watched the replays. (1-0)

There was little of note from that point onwards and Arsenal headed into the break with a deserved lead. It was time for a cup of tea, some spaghetti hoops on toast (such decadence) and for me to adorn a glorious pair of masculine slippers. My feet were cold. Don’t judge me.

The 2nd half began almost immediately with yet another injury concern for Arsenal as Coquelin went down in a central area having both jarred his thigh in a challenge and received a kick to the knee for his troubles. It looked like he was going to have to come off with Mohamed Elneny intensely warming up, but Coquelin was able to run it off.

Hull started the brighter of the two teams. Markovic again broke clear, this time selling Koscielny a dummy and feeding the ball into Niasse. His first-time shot was powerfullly directed towards the bottom left corner and required an excellent stop from Cech to keep it out.

Walcott picked up the first yellow card of the game thanks to some bizarre histrionics. He felt he’d either deserved a foul or a corner after a tussle with Harry Maguire and promptly chucked the ball towards the touchline official whilst doing a bit of snarling. Roar!

Mere moments later, Kieran Gibbs went into the book having barged the dangerous Markovic in the back when it looked like he might be able to break clear. Some might say it was a clear goalscoring opportunity, but Hull’s forward was some 30 yards from goal and hardly had the ball under control. Yellow card the correct decision.

Arsenal began to look a bit more dangerous. Iwobi danced around the penalty area before receiving a returned back heel pass from Mesut Ozil. He aimed for the top corner in an attempt at a Bergkamp-esque finish, only to see it go both high and wide.

Soon after, Iwobi himself back heeled his way out of trouble in the Arsenal half and sent Oxlade-Chamberlain scampering down the left side. He fed Alexis who attempted to slot Walcott into a clear attempt at goal, but his pass was easily thwarted by Robertson.

Worryingly for Arsenal, Markovic found himself again in space down our flanks and his attempted at a cut-back was expertly read by the ever-reliable Laurent Koscielny. However, the space afforded to the on-loan Liverpool man was poor from a defensive point of view.

As the game approached the 70 minute mark, Arsenal seemed caught between defending a lead and pressing forward to extend it. Hull looked the more likely of the two teams to score.

Arsene Wenger moved to freshen things up as the largely uninvolved Theo Walcott was replaced by Mohamed Elneny in what looked like a decision to tighten the defence and hold on for the 3 points. He slotted in alongside Coquelin and The Ox, who’d put in a good display centrally, was switched to the right side.

Heading into the final 15 minutes, there was a nervy air about the stadium as Arsenal’s desire to get forward and score the second appeared to have diminished entirely. Alexis tried to get things moving and received a yellow card for simulation, which was, in fairness, the correct decision from the referee.

Into the final 10 minutes, Arsenal still found themselves chasing Hull as the away side enjoyed a 5 minute spell of 77% possession. With gaps opening as Hull pressed forward for the equaliser, Arsenal made a double substitution with Welbeck and Lucas coming on for The Ox and Iwobi in hope they could exploit the space and get the team further up the pitch.

Even from the TV, you could sense a palpable tension in the ground as the players continued to allow Hull to come onto them. Arsenal managed to exchange a few passes around Hull’s penalty area, but the attack was repelled by some world-class flapping from The Tigers’ keeper.

As Arsenal broke away from a Hull corner, Alexis was set free down the left thanks to an Ozil pass and crossed for Lucas. His goal-bound header was stopped on the line by the arm of Clucas who was red carded. Sanchez stepped up to convert the penalty and fired it comfortably down the middle into the net. Job done for Arsenal and 3 points secured. (2-0)

The final whistle blew on a decent, if somewhat unconvincing display. That said, given the results of the previous week, 3 points is all that mattered and a win was important heading to Bayern next Wednesday.

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On last week’s match report, I conducted a Wenger in / out vote, with almost 3 times as many people voting for Wenger to leave than for him to stay (over 450 thumbs for Wenger to leave!) .
Due to the large number of fickle twats who visit this site, I suspect this week’s result will be very different.

So let’s have you votes please…..

Wenger to leave at the end of the season – thumbs up

Wenger to stay – thumbs down

Thanks everyone!

uncle D

Middle finger! Suck it!


Our fate was definitely on Alexis’ hand…


I’m not in or out. I just like to see how things pan out. If he leaves, we could win the league OR we could end up like United did. Who knows?

In saying that, i do rate Allegri. He’s definitely a good tactician. I don’t want Tuschel though, he’s got issues organising his defence, but plays good attacking football.

Stop getting angry over football. I love the sport too, but don’t fight over something you have a say in.

Thierry Bergkamp

Allegri in!

Why Not

After the first sentence i was reading the rest of this comment in rhyme


Don’t you mean Alex oxlade Chamberlain?

Thierry Bergkamp

I’m seriously liking Ox in the middle. Long may it continue.

chippy's chip

Always knew he is as good as maradona.


Anywhere to vote just to let it play out and get behind the team?


I would prefer to discuss the match, if it’s all the same to you my friend? 🙂


Yeah please don’t hijack the start of these comment sections to conduct polls. Especially if you’re gonna use the results to toss out pre-teen insults at everyone.


You are the twat here. I remember how you hate the boss and Arsenal. If you want another manager just go support another team.
PS. You wont be missed here.


#Read the comments policy? 🙂


Er, same goes for the original post name calling, I believe..


Because Arsenal belongs to your father and Arsene?
That is all you know, support another team? and you keep supporting Arsene’s a** hole, may be your head also is stuck in there.
Shit to you and Arsene the damn liar.

Bob's Mexican Cousin

You just made the top 10 in classless comments of all time.


Before you vote, I suggest you check this out: 🙂 Cheers


Truth be told, my beloved Arsenal nowadays is a flat-track bully sort of team. They are just plain horrible versus the top team.


Losing twice at home to Watford in less than 12 months isn’t really the sign of a flat track bully…

chippy's chip

What? You really need to ask again? It appears even Arsene knows.. his time is up, at last.


If we’re fickle twats, than you must be the guy that is content with the perennial bed wetting.

Today’s performance was crap. We’ll get waxed by 3 or 4 at Bayern, come close to evening it up in the second leg, and Wenger will talk about how we almost did something.

Time for change.


The Most Fickle Twat


This is worse than the brexit


Nice to see we all agree


Out. He plays players who had a shit game last time, and ignores those who played well. We were lucky today. Dodgy first goal and a crap penalty that might well have been saved on another day. A few changes to personnel and we’d have won that game easily. Time for change.


A Poll Poll:

Thumbs UP if you want these off-topic, divisive polls at the top of the comments to go away so we can discuss the match.

Thumbs DOWN if you DO want the comments of a match report soiled at the start with a divisive, name-calling, manager in – manager out sort of thing.


In your face all you Arsenal haters with your Wenger out crap. We beat the team who won Liverpool. We stand higher than Mourino Klopp and Guardiola.the teams you frauds should all go support. And we are closest to Chelshit. If we dont beat them to title no one else csn. COYG


Arsenal haters with your Wenger out crap???? So you hate Arsenal if you think it’s time for a change at the top?
People are entitled to their opinion!


We just won 2-0 and you want change??? This team won Liverpool… 2-0


Beat. The word you are looking for is beat. This team beat Liverpool.


Is this how we judge our standard now? We are good and all is well because we beat a team who beat a shit Liverpool.


The comment that of an absolute muppet. Stop embarrassing yourself kid.


Alexis once more comes in handy for Arsenal


2 goals indeed…. but how many poor passes and ball losses ? Alexis looks too often as if he was playing only for himself. On the other side, very good display from the OX (again) and 3 points well deserved!


Well you can do that, poor passes against bayern as we will be punished 100%.

I hope alexis and all the players especially in midfield will be focused and 100% concentrated as that is how this games are decided.

David C

and Gibbs showing the boys what they should have done against Hazard!


’twas interesting: on the one hand (ahem) it’s an involuntary bounce/no foul; on the other if his hand is not in the way, there is no other part of his body (given the height and position of the ball) that would have scored. So defo not Henry against Ireland, but it should have been disallowed.

Having said that, it’s small compensation for last week’s Stoke-style goal against Bellerin…


You’re wrong. From the Laws Of The Game, in order for a handball to occur: – there must be “movement of the hand towards the ball” – the “distance between opponent and the ball” should be considered Even though they were above his head, Sanchez’ hands were in a “natural” position because he was leaning back and stretching for the ball. His hands were where they were for balance, same as Koscielny’s for the goal against Burnley. It was ball to hand, not hand to ball, and he had no opportunity to move his hand out of they way. Correct… Read more »


Good result, Hull have been doing very well recently. We played well, though have a break from the league until March. Tough and big matches in February though, Bayern and then Sutton.


No need to play Ozil/Alexis in every game. Ozil has been off form for a while now and a game or two on the bench will do him no harm. Despite his goals Alexis was really poor too. Held on to the ball too long Chamberlain must stay centre until Cazorla returns. He was superb again.


Hallelujah! We finally won after 2 losses. The first goal was a handball? A win is a win for me. We need all the help we can get. Not forgetting the rough “treatment” to our players by Hull was appalling.


@shokim Clattenberg did consult with the linesman so clearly he saw it and decided otherwise


I thought the game was played in good spirit with few fouls me??

Joel Carter

The Treble is back on!!!!!!!!!!!!!

chippy's chip

Yes that was a very convincing win and performance. Please stay. Please dont leave. We need you so much. Cant imagine life without you….. in our team ALEXIS SANCHEZ BABY.


Damn right it is…

Mein Bergkampf

What a result, you know I think this team could really go the whole way… Meh, pfft and whatevs


Ox in his new position is LANS! Superb again imo.


I really think Perez and Welbeck deserve more than 10 minutes. For the most part of the second half it was very flat and as soon as they come on it adds excitement. Hopefully at least one of them will get a start midweek but I can’t see Wenger changing anything except for Ospina and Monreal coming in


To be honest with you, I think AW is protecting Perez somewhat. I think he’s weary of something similar to Eduardo or Reyes happening. Might just be my opinion but I think he rates Perez and doesn’t want to risk losing him to a stupid challenge. Plus he’s taken a few kicks to his ankles already in his few cameos for the team. I think he deserves a start and run in the side. One thing that does annoy me is Walcott wearing short sleeves when, correct me if I’m wrong, the club has a long standing tradition where the… Read more »

Fireman Sam

Totally agree. And it seems everyone else here does too!

David C

I actually thought this might of been a game to start Giroud because of Hull’s size at the back.

Perez or Welbeck for Walcott, that’s an easy one. Iwobi..not sure he deserves to be dropped. He really makes a lot of things click out there.


All about the result today. Great game from the OX once again, growing really well into the midfield role.
If we’re that open against Bayern, we’re going to get slaughtered.
Theo really needs to be benched for the next few games with one of Perez or Welbeck filling in.

Lastly, should the Gibbs foul have been a red? Thumbs up for yes. Thumbs down for no.


Thumbs up if you love stupid polls. Thumbs down if you’d rather share comments and discussions on the match.


I can’t see how anyone would think that’s a red

Who needs money when we got feathers?

Arsene back in again!


Phew, nerve racking last 20 minutes until the penalty. We got the win and that’s all that mattered.
I thought the Ox was excellent again today and Sanchez worked hard and scored the vital goals, Ozil, Iwobi and Walcott all had games forget.
I would like to see Perez and Elneny come in for the Champions league game at the expense of Iwobi and Walcott.


Wasn’t pretty but that will do hopefully now they can kick on a bit. It’s what’s needed after a poor run. 3 points in the bag with some big games to come. Coyg.


We won, everything is fine with Wenger again isn’t it?
Groundhog day part 50


Who said that?


Chuffy did.

MrBrain + Ozil's vision

On a side note. Funniest hash-tag ever! #ARSHULL…. Reference to John Terry, Mourinho and Piers Morgan!


Made hard work of that one didn’t we, but 3 points welcome. Result in Munich now please




It’s not teams like Hull we have a problem against, generally (Watford result was kind of an anomaly) but it’s our problem against the teams in top 6-7 all we beat was Chelsea..


How can anyone who understands anything about football possibly think Alexis’ goal should have been a foul and in anyway comparable to Clucas’. I feel like the pundits are just enjoying winding up Arsenal fans. We have become easy bait


If that goal was scored against Arsenal you will be here crying foul




Absolutely not. The ball hit his hand from less than 1m away and his hand was 100% in a natural position. There is no chance he knew anything about it. A handball is not automatically a foul. Some decisions can be debatable this one isn’t.

If it was we should have had a penalty in the first half. Both that decision and Alexis’ were 100% not a handball


Good to get 3 points

Coq was poor again today. Would like to see xhaka partner the ox against bayern


need to bench coq and play elneny more often. he’s got every bit of defensive quality coq has and is much more good offensively than coq. elneny knows how to keep posession well


We have really missed Xhaka these past four games. Liverpool next so let’s get some confidence back against Bayern!

Chris J

Xhaka has proven unreliable. Don’t think AW will rush him back into the starting line-up. Elneny and Ox, please!


all hands on deck!

Bob's Mexican Cousin

Zero excitement on the liveblog lol, didn’t even mention the goals…

Lula da Gilberto

Ox was immense.


I don’t like to criticise individuals but Ozil had a shocker! imo 🙂


Yes he did.


Yet he was instrumental in both our goals…


Thought we played pretty well in the first half. Hull are one of the in form teams in the league, was never an easy match. We look better with a mobile striker no question. Our two-man midfield gets passed through too easily though.

Is Xhaka back against Bayern?


A welcome and a much needed 3 points. A few observations: The Ox was good in the center of the park. I reckon he’s the closest we have when it comes to matching santi in wriggling out of tight spots. Had a good game. Alexis scored a brace but his overall game wasn’t very good. If he can shake off his inner Flamini and stop ‘pointing’ at others and rather do his job like he does so well, it’ll be for the better of the team. I think it damages the composure and puts the others under unnecessary pressure. What… Read more »


Agree but I think they might have been rested today and start against Bayern


I genuinely hope that’s the case.
Lucas could’ve used some more minutes to be sharp though. He wasn’t away like Elneny.


The excessive hype for a couple of average performances by the Ox is ridiculous. I know he’s English and so people look for any opportunity to get excited and start talking about how great he is, but he’s been average at best. He’s played a couple nice passes and its nice to see him track back on a few occasions, but he still has the same flaws. First touch, close control and passing accuracy aren’t good enough to establish any kind of control in the midfield, especially against a team that will put us under pressure and require him to… Read more »

Buzzy Gurkha

Conte 47 years old
Zidane 44
Klopp 49
Ancelotti 57
Pep. 44
Luis Enrique 46
Tuchel 43
Allegri 49
Someone 46

ARSENE WENGER 67 years old….
Just Saying.

Jose Mourinhi still a CUNT !


Is there someone Simeone by any chance?

Buzzy Gurkha

Simeone *
Mourinho * STILL A CUNT


An ageist comment in my opinion Buzzy! How many of those managers are ahead of him in the Premier League? Just asking…;-)

Buzzy Gurkha

All the mentioned epl managers expect for Klopp are all in their 1st year in their respective clubs.Its takes time to gel squads and stamp their imprint on the team .


Struggling to hear an answer to my question there Buzz? 🙂


I think Someone should be our next manager.


Classic! 🙂


what’s age got to do with ability? I went to see Leonard Cohen live when he was 78 and he did 90 minutes standing up, and no support for a wonderful concert that Gary Barlow could never do in a million years…what’s wrong with you people? Jesus wept…

Andy Mack

Are you going to do a list of all the younger managers that failed at big teams as well?


Hull had no luck, not unusual. Alan Smith makes Sanchez man of the match lol.


The atmosphere was disgraceful by our fans, you support the team not Wenger, and I don’t if you are reilzing that with that kind of atmosphere you helped Hull and you made our team edgy. What was that, you take your opinions and protest at the end of the season as we all know wenger will not be sacked before season ends. You don’t support your own team, moaning at every arsenal pass and helping with that atmosphere the opposition. I don’t really understand what is wrong with the Arsenal fans, I’m also really dissapontend after the couple of loses… Read more »


Were you at the game GunnerDareMacedonia?


Him not being there might be simply a matter of geography.


Not just geography and miles away from my beloved club, i’m also from a poor country where you make 300euro salary per month and I would give anything to watch Arsenal at the Emirates. Fans in London don’t realizes how much they are spoiled and can go watch Arsenal every week and of top of that not getting behind the team in difficult times makes me sick. FYI Paul, if you can hear the fans moan and grunting on TV then live at the stadium was much much worse I can imagine with that dire atmosphere. I’m like everyone else… Read more »

Lloyd Townsend

Not being at the game does not reduce what he said in the slightest. With ticket prices as high as they are, thousands of fans have been priced out and naturally there’s also geographic reasons for people not being there. Not all of us can be there, although we’d love to. Personally I agree with the sentiment about the negative atmosphere – I’m in Germany and the level of support teams receive here, through thick and thin, is simply incredible. It just makes me feel upset at the moaning and groaning every time we’re still searching for a goal at… Read more »


Yes, our away fans are brilliant, I take my hat off to them and honestly if I ever been able to watch arsenal live in England if I have option to watch them home or away one time I would choose away because of the away fans as I could sing my heart out with them.

If only 50% of the fans at the Emirates would be like our away fans the atmosphere could be fantastic.


But as you know NOTHING what so ever changes at the Emirates??
Highbury was so many moons ago and new fans bring moaning prawn cocktail attitudes unfortunately!
Lost count how many moaners I’ve had a dig at! Lol. We are arsenal football club.


I agree, a big chunk of Arsenal fans really do deserve to be criticised or even mocked by other fans.


I’m not trying to have a go at ozil but I don’t think he should start against Bayern. We can’t afford a player in a free role when we have no control in midfield with a 2. A 3 man midfield is needed gain a measure of control. Ox was great today, think he needs to stay in the middle from now on.


Just on my way home.
A very nervous performance as expected!
Both players and crowd.
A lot less seats than I thought their would be.
On the match!
Czech good
Belerin good
Mustafi good
Chelney good
Gibbs REALL good
Coque good
Ox Fuckin good
Walcott fair
Owobi fair
Ozil poor
Sanchez good.
Overall…… No goals conceded and we dug out a result to a team that asked a few questions.
Oh and. Thumbs down Wenger in.


Big love for the moment where Walcott goes face to face with Macguire and then Blobblestone and Coquelin playing the peacemaker to drag him away. Never thought I’d ever see that moment!


Yeah that was great! Now if Theo could just track back and take care of his man…


and if people didn’t have a go at him for jogging forward when Bellerin is ahead of him…

Same old Oli

Ox was brilliant in centre mid today, the only change I’d been inclined to make is Iwobi out, he so often runs into a dead end and has limited options to play it. He will get back to top form after a sit out on the bench im sure.

Yorkshire Gunner

Theo played well today I thought?Tracked back well and some neat touches.

I was at the game and plenty of empty seats. Bloody freezing and little to raise the temperature on the pitch. Poor final balls and lack of incisive finishing let us down.A win is of course a win so on we go!

Credit to the Ox who was good in the middle. We surrendered the initiative I felt when he moved out wide.

Danny for Bayern please – we need his quality.


Thank you Stevie Wonder


I can’t work out if Blogs meant to write that we “spurred” two chances, instead of spurned! But I like it


Handy goals from sanchez.




Good result but not impressive. I don’t see us as title contenders rather chasing our usual 4th place position.

Andy Mack

We’re playing for 2nd like 4 other teams.


Are you saying that’s ok

Andy Mack

It’s better than playing for Thursday night football but not what the target is.
None of the teams fighting for 2nd think that’s OK but would you rather we all played U23 teams and concentrate on the FAC and CL whilst giving up on the PL…


I thought Gibbs played well.
I like Gibbs. 🙂


This wasn’t good…i fear me might get spanked bad in Munich. Important win anyway!


It was nervy but the Emirates doesn’t help. Contrast the Liverpool match. In the end they won by the same score line but the crowd made it feel like they were so much more dominant. Our atmosphere is rubbish. Our fans too easily cowed by the media. Spurs and Liverpool have been choking longer than we have. Liverpool haven’t won a title since a quarter of a century and Spurs since black and white TV. So why is it that the media has some people in a tizzy with their Arsenal disaster mongering? We’re still competitive and in and amongst… Read more »


Apparently Clattenberg apologized to Hull at halftime saying it was a handball, which is galling on so many levels, but more to the point: if that’s a handball then I officially have no idea what does or does not constitute handball. The ball ricocheted off his arm, which was in a “natural position” (whatever the hell that means), he didn’t intend it, he didn’t move the arm towards the ball at all (it wasn’t “hand-to-ball”), and in fact it happened so quickly that there was no realistic way he could have moved his hand away even if he’d tried. So… Read more »

Crash Fistfight

The rule seems to be: if it was a player defending their own goal it’s ball-to-hand but if it’s a player attacking the other team’s goal it’d handball.

By the way, I’m not sure that whole ‘hand in an unnatural position’ is even in the rules.


No, I think it was, but I’m pretty sure it’s not anymore. But that’s my point: a) they change the stupid rule all the time, and b) on every old stupid phrase ever used to explain handball, Alexis’ today was not one.

A Different George

A couple of points: I don’t understand how could Clattenburg have changed his mind at halftime when referees do not have tv’s or cellphones and are forbidden to discuss the match with outsiders. Second: a handball is a foul only if it is intentional. Full stop. Ball-to-hand is never a foul. The “unnatural position” issue is only a means of helping to determine intent (if your hand is where it would be anyway, then it is less likely you handled intentionally). The distance from the ball is a way of determining whether you could have withdrawn your arm–if no time… Read more »



Intent is always the nebulous issue but is central to hand ball.

I don’t think :

1) Alexis was able to move his hand out of the way.

2) Probably would have gone in anyway on that trajectory (could be wrong)

Well done the ref.:D


What were hulls step over corners all about. Never seen it before don’t think I’ll see it again. Bizarre


Get stuck in. Not the most comfortable viewing and we rushed it too much. Could have should have scored several more goals if we were calmer. BUT a win is CRUCIAL above everything. As mentioned something had to give with Liverpool and Spurs. Results in our favour and we are back level with the perennial chokers. We beat a team that beat today’s “impressive” Liverpool, a team that has been changing managers and trying to win the title without any success for a quarter of a century now. So to put things in perspective a little, the pelothon is tight.… Read more »