Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Report: Bayern Munich 5-1 Arsenal (inc. goals)

Starting XI: Ospina, Bellerin, Mustafi, Koscielny, Gibbs, Xhaka, Coquelin, Ozil, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Iwobi, Alexis

Subs: Cech, Gabriel, Monreal, Elneny, Walcott, Welbeck, Giroud

Bayern Munich humbled Arsenal in the first leg of the Champions League knockout clash at the Allianz Arena as goals from Arjen Robben, Robert Lewandowski, a brace by Thiago and Thomas Muller sealed a 5-1 win.

The Gunners had made it to half time on level terms after Alexis Sanchez made amends for a penalty miss by converting the rebound, however, their second half collapse leaves them with a mountain to climb when the two sides meet at the Emirates in two weeks time. By a mountain, think Everest in bare feet, carrying a bag of rocks.

First half

Carlo Ancelotti’s side may have garnered criticism for their recent performances in the Bundesliga – you know, what with ONLY being seven points clear at the top at the moment – but as five-time winners of the Champions League and with 15 consecutive wins at home in the tournament Bayern weren’t suffering any nerves in the early stages.

The home side stroked the ball around crisply, dominating possession and pushing the Gunners onto the back foot. Wenger’s men knew they needed to close down the midfield in packs, but that is easier said than done against quality opposition.

Vidal’s drive from 20-yards signaled the end of the first phase of probing. From their next opportunity, the Germans weren’t to be so forgiving.

11 minutes were on the clock when Arjen Robben, so often the scourge of the Gunners, cut in from the right, opened up his body and curled home with his left foot into the top corner. It was a fine effort but Francis Coquelin’s failure to close down the Dutchman was criminal. (1-0)

Buoyed by the goal, the men in red forced Arsenal deeper and deeper into their own half. Robben twice more cut in from the right attempting efforts.

Arsene Wenger’s men struggled to keep the ball on the rare occasions they won it back until an Alexis charge on 25 minutes drew a foul and booking from Matts Hummels on the edge of the box. Ozil’s free-kick was tepid, Manuel Neuer fumbled, the ball went just wide.

The Gunners found their mojo, pressing higher up the pitch and when a short corner was fed into the box by Alexis, a penalty was awarded for a foul on Laurent Koscielny by a clumsy Robert Lewandowski.

Alexis stepped up to plate. There was a delay, he hesitated, missed but somehow collected the rebound under pressure from four defenders, spun and slipped the ball home. A very important away goal. (1-1)

After that the chances flowed at both ends. Lewandowski, twice, and Hummels headed off target. At the other end, Xhaka’s fierce volley from a speedy Gunners break was straight at Neuer. In stoppage time, Ozil then tested his compatriot again as he shot low.

Second half

There was a double injury worry for the Gunners at the start of the second half as Laurent Koscielny tweaked his hamstring and Ospina fell awkwardly on his shoulder under pressure from David Alaba. The Frenchman was replaced by Gabriel while the Colombian required lengthy treatment. Kieran Gibbs was handed the captain’s armband.

Not long after the defensive reshuffle Lewandowski restored Bayern’s lead. The Poland international hung in the air above Shkodran Mustafi to head home Philip Lahm’s cross past a stranded Ospina. (2-1)

Arsenal’s resistance crumbled. Three minutes later an Alonso pass into Lewandowski was flicked around the corner by the Pole for Thiago to run onto and finish first time. (3-1)

Lewandowski, Robben and Martinez might have added a fourth as Bayern tightened the screw. Eventually, Thiago did find the back of the net again via an almighty deflection off Granit Xhaka that left Ospina on his arse. (4-1)

As his teammates chased shadows, Ospina made superb stops from Vidal and Costa to keep the score down. He tried his best, but there was nothing the Colombian could do when Chamberlain pressed the self-destruct button on the edge of his own box. Thomas Muller, with his first touches of the ball, killed the game dead with Bayern’s fifth. (5-1)

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Total humiliation. Bye bye Arsene.


Is anyone surprised?

What else needs to happen that even Señor Blogs sees the inevitable? 😉 The club needs a clean change and Wenger a break or a new challenge.


WENGER OUT OZIL OUT Chamberlain OUT Xhaka OUT yes we just got him i dont care OUT too slow doesn’t know how to tackle. Hummels literally walked through the ox coquelin annnnd Xhaka and almost scored no one put in a single tackle!!!!! Ubelievable.


Actually It’s not all WENGERS fault but I think it’s time HE’s not ruthless IWOBI was better than the OX and he takes him out and moves OX deep???? the OX was Knackered after 15min he wasn’t up for it from the first whistle just sluggish from the start OZIL was SHxxxxxxxT


Steve do you have the same flour pot as Merse?


To be fair blogs has called time on Wenger before, saying it had gone stale.


What really bugs me is the sheer predictability of this game. I mean every year we think thia would be the year we win against Bayern or barca and every year we get the same results. And I bet next year too arsenal with Wenger at helm (who else) will look to beat barva or Bayern again with age old tactics and get our ass kickes


It will never happen as long as Wenger remains the manager of AFC. It is sad that many of my fellow lover of this wonderful football club can not see how low this club has gone under Wenger leadership. What actually do most of us want from this club and what are we affraid of? Is it difficult to see that the club is not doing well and nasn’t done in the past 11 years apart from winning the two FA cups. Majority of the players are not playing for wenger, they are not scared of him and above all,… Read more »

uncle D

Hold up! Are people more happy to prove the Boss is not good enough or more disappointed at the whipping humiliation? That was a spanking!!! I feel like crying for the lads this must be tough, hope they can recover from this quick! No need feeling sorry, life goes on.

Thierry Bergkamp

Fuck em all


Hey, let’s repeat the poll again. Thumbs Up if you want Wenger to stay; thumbs down if you really wish he’d just retire.


why play santos Gabriel

Bob's Mexican Cousin

At least Gabriel went about hitting Lewandoski in the face at every chance


We are mentally fragile. Capitulatation year after year. I’m not longer angry just sad. No doubt we’ll come close in second leg (3-0?) but ultimately the team don’t have any self belief or fight for each other. This is destructive to club and fanbase. The humiliation is the worst.


Well that’s one way to get a poll hidden in mere seconds.


I dislike polls.

Dial Square Charity XI

Thats why I voted Brexit




Wenger IN fans be like:


Why is this being hidden?


Two marquee players. Come summer, one will go. The other HAS to go


I understand the anger towards Ozil. But would any other manager let him stroll around like he does.
The man is class but just needs coaching and the odd bollocking. Wenger has let all the players enter the same comfort zone he himself lives in.
We need a clear out starting with wenger and several players.
We may need to go backwards as a club for a few years before we move forward again. But this can’t continue like this. We are a laughing stock.


It’s easy isn’t it, to slam dunk the easy option. First half good solid performance he even won the odd tackle, both him and Alexis constantly telling the rest of the team to move up field and put Bayern under some pressure. Hey when we eventually took note during last fifteen minutes we looked good. Second half, lost Kos early on not good enough apparently by the way and fell to pieces. Ozil everyone’s go to guy had no opportunities to do anything, Why? well pretty simple really even at 4-1 down we still stood defensively two unlocked (regularly) rows… Read more »


One bad result and you want the boss out??? We only having a bad form. And we were so unlucky on 2nd half goals.

So no… Bye bye plastic fan.


One poor result????


Really Si “one bad result” are you taking the proverbial piss?


Troll. That or you are a massive bell end

Terry T

Are you delusional or naive? ‘One bad result’ comments like this are staggering.


Congratulations on waking up from your 11year slumber!


Tonight was hard. Having watched Arsene’s interview I’ve never seen him so deflated. He knows it’s time to go at the end of the season. I for one will remember him as the man who gave me many happy memories from the late 90’s and early 2000’s. He changed the club in a positive way. It’s really sad his time is coming to end this way, but it’s time. Hit the refresh button and we’ll see what happens.

Eric Blair

Nice comment Al. It looks like it is going to be a sad end for Arsene and shows that Hollywood endings don’t really exist in real life. I will also remember him for the incredible times he gave me and us all through those golden years.

Petit's hairband

We’ve got Ozil. I just don’t think you understand. He doesn’t give a fuck cos he’s wenger’s man.


Bayern exposing us for what we truly are – a bunch of inept cunts with delusions of grandure.


Men against boys.

Pay Sanchez the money. Build a team around him. Ozil needs to go with Wenger

Fireman Sam

Ozil out.

I’ve had enough of the excuses made for him. That performance was execrable.

Pay Sanchez whatever he needs and promise him there’ll be a new gaffer to sort out this shit at the end of the season.


After tonight’s performance, serious question why exactly?


Haha. Arsene will renew his contract while you and other glory hunters like yourself will go support Chelshit.


If you don’t want glory then what are you in it for?




@Si used to be as positive and supportive as you. But when this happens like an eternal cycle, it really makes it hard to take. Perhaps you haven’t been a Gooner fan long enough to go through what we have gone through. But when the time is up, it’s time to go. I did not became an Arsenal fan because of Wenger, and will not stop becoming a Arsenal fan b cause of Wenger too

Billy no mates

“this team has no heart or backbone. They downed tools and gave up tonight” – from the guardian match report. Harsh? Sure, but hard to argue.

I’m not happy with Arsene but right now but I’m disgusted with the players.


Ozil (40m), Sanchez (36m), Chambers (17m), Welbeck (17m), Gabriel (13m), Debuchy (13m), Ospina (4m), Elneny (10m), Cech (12m), Mustafi (35m), Xhaka (40m);

I’m not an expert but it seems that Wenger has spent close to 250m (pounds) on this team and delivered fuck all. That’s not accounting for the cost of developing Koscielny, Ramsey, Gibbs. Chamberlain, Walcott… which is even greater because you pay by conceding points in the league.


Neuer (30M), Lahm (-), Martinez (40M), Hummels (35M), Alaba (-), Alonso (9M), Vidal (37M), Robben (24M), Thiago (25M), Douglas Costa (30M), Lewandowski (-)

total startin XI: 230M

Ospina (4M), Gibbs (-), Koscielny (13M), Mustafi (41M), Bellerin (-), Coquelin (-), Xhaka (45M), Özil (47M), Iwobi (-), Sanchez (43M), Oxlade (14M)

total starting XI: 207M


Ox value down, some others inflated?


Exactly. We are so close on quilty players, with a little more invesment we will have a great shot next season.


Pretty sure our team is more expensive if you count the subs. But hey, it’s the oil man’s fault.


Even accepting that Bayern are a better team, it’s not just that we lose in the round of 16 every single year. It’s the fact that most years we also get humiliated. And that extends beyond the Champions League as well. It’s not just that Wenger’s teams never win big games, it’s that we’re as likely to get absolutely killed as we are to steal a draw. It’s unacceptable. If you come to play on the counter, why bring Ozil? You need 11 players working. I know he’s going to get stick after this, but it’s only partially his fault.… Read more »


Well at least we got an away goal, right guys? … guys?

Heavenly Chapecoense

You made me smile, cool.

David C

4-0 to the Arsenal, 4-0 to the Arsenal!!!

Mr. G

All seven these Round of 16 exits have been humiliating, save maybe for the Barcelona one that started the trend seven years ago (wasn’t that when we won 2-1 at home and the return leg featured THAT res card?) Ever since then, we’ve lost the tie in the first leg every time. For years now, this team has been taking two steps back each time they took a step forward. We’ve failed miserably to build on those two FA Cup successes and now we’re just stumbling along in limbo until our deluded manager finally realises he’s years past his expire… Read more »


There is no reason for Ozil to get any stick here. This is not his type of game and its all on Wenger for picking the wrong team again. Iwobi was a disgrace. But hey any fool could see the problems down our left except one man. I’ve backed Wenger this long. No more. There is no reason for a contract extention.


moonie THE MAN!

Iwobi just a little out of his depth though. A youngster after.




The home leg has yet to be played yet people are throwing in the towel already. Whatever happened to It ain’t over till it’s over?

WYn Mills

Fucking Gabriel, man. Another in the long line of defenders Wenger has classed as ‘top class’. In reality another bargain basement player we’ve paid over the odds for. Shocking defender and not much better at attacking either. As a team we don’t press. It’s been the standout characteristic of this team. At Highbury we would suffocate teams within the first 20 minutes battling for the ball. Now we positively invite teams to throw crosses into our box. It’s an utter shambles, and much as I admire Wenger’s dedication to the passing game it won’t win this team anything significant, and… Read more »


What did Arsene tell them at half time?

Dan P

Same thing he says every big game – fuck all


Big game? You mean every game.


It looks like, “go out and try Arsenal it”. Boy did we oblige.


Bend over?


They certainly did


Grandeur* – grammar and spelling go out the window when you’re angry. 🙂


We will never start a game comfortably and prepared for the opposition at hand under Wenger. We will never win the PL or Champions League under Wenger. We will never play the players that deserve to play under Wenger. Credit to Ospina for keeping the scoreline under 10. The familiarity makes me nauseous. Arsene out.


Wenger out.

Sincerely from a Wenger in Fan.


I too have finally got to that stage. Depressing watching us these days. We don’t even turn it on occasionally any more.

Sad goner

I’m afraid I have come to that too.

Winger out 🙁


He built this team and if you want him out you might as well go support Shity or Chelshit. Cause the boss is going nowhere

David C

I have never once said or felt Wenger out before. Even I am finally swayed. That was the wrong tactics and wrong lineup.

Would people like Wenger to stay on as director to help with transfers?

Bob's Mexican Cousin

Maybe I should start to not give a fuck, just like the players


Is there anyone who can truthfully say they are shocked by this result and this performance?


I’m really shocked. Never thought we’d get a goal.

dr Strange

I was chocked that we had a draw at half time.


Chocked? A cross between shocked and choked – just like the team.


Why go through the mental turmoil, worry about getting 4th. When ultimately this is what happens.
And look, you don’t have to be in the champions league to attract the best players. That’s a myth.


You might not need to be in the champions league places to attract big players but you need the right manager


We have that. Ozil and Cech said they came for the boss.

Sad gooner

Don’t forget those dramatic Champions league qualifying games we have to get through to get to there.


At least we have that second leg at home…

Dial Square

74% vs 26% possession? WTF happened to Wenger when he manages a team that can’t pass or keep possession?
I hope we can produce better stats against Sutton

Dial Square

Touch map is embarrassing too. Bayern had more touches in our final third than we had in the whole game

Fireman Sam

I was joking that Sutton might beat us but now I’m actually getting worried.

David C

The lineup from the Southampton fa cup game would have been better tonight.


Southampton reserves you mean? Let’s be honest we just clung to it because the style of the game reminded us of the Arsenal of old..


And this will be a different game as we play the firsy game away in years.


Drop Özil, bring back Mertesacker.


Why do we keep finding go to guys in the team, rather than the selector?

By the way far from the worst player tonight!!!!

Dan P

What a surprise, does anyone actually still believe in Wenger anymore?


The players clearly don’t.

Fireman Sam

We have football players?

Yulii 92

Gibbs was captain


I thought that too, I was like “really” still can’t comprehend it to be honest..

Le Güner de Amérique

Not that he’s a favorite in the Arsenal ranks, but I saw Roy Keane post-match saying, “when you have Gibbs wearing the captain’s armband, you’re in trouble.” Couldn’t agree more.

What Arsenal would give to have grit like a Keane, Vieira, Kanté, Vidal, even an Alcântara.

Eric Blair

Really? Do you think that was in any way the problem? Who would you have preferred and would it have made a difference? For what it’s worth Gibbs has come through the ranks and been a loyal, hard-working and dedicated member of the squad, I’m sure he’s well respected amongst the players.


There is a crisis of confidence our club. There is no way back from this. We spent 30m on xhaka this year he is fuckin awful. Mustaffi do me a favour. Clear the decks. Across the board


Crisis of confidence? Is that a euphemism for Mr. Wenger being a lousy match manager? Every game the players look surprised by what they encounter on the pitch. Sometimes he manages to correct it at half time; not when there’s a decent manager in the opposition end, though.


Hank let’s start from the top though


It kind of feels like deja vu…


I had a game of 7 a side tonight. I almost ditched it to watch this. Definitely made the right choice.


The level of Arsenal’s defending is truly horrific and embarrassing. Until the team is able to come up with any resemblance of defensive organisation and cut down on the comical errors, we should not harbour any hope of winning anything noteworthy. Sadly though i’m not convinced this will ever happen with Wenger in charge.

Credit to Bayern as well, they played some incredible football and made us look like amateurs in the second half. If not for Ospina, this could have been a cricket score.


Quite honestly if Burnley had played this Bayern side they might have lost but they wouldn’t have been hammered like this disorganised bunch. Horrendous defending


That’s wrong! Non-existent can’t be described as horrendous.

There has been no defensive training or planning in the Wenger era – he expects players to know what to do. In that case why do we need to pay him £30m or to ignore it. The two teams with good defences we’ve had – first inherited, second clearly lucky one-off (like Leicester).


We have no midfield. Coq is fairly shit. Xhaka not much better. Get Wenger out and look at sorting out the midfield.

David C

We all, including Blogs, we’re looking for Elneny and Xhaka in the middle. Coq has been average to poor for a bit too long now.

Also, How Walcott and Giroud came on instead of Welbz is truly bizarre.

Eric Blair

Agree with this. I always wondered whether Coq’s rise was just down to a temporary conjunction of the right time/place etc or if he really was a top defensive midfield player that everyone including Wenger had missed for so long. At the moment it seems like the former.

hector's new hair

complete and utter humiliation…lets be honest guys…ozil has only shown his madrid form one season…he’s been very poor this year…wenger has hunger and passion but not the insight he used to back in the day…we need a change…even if it is to go two steps back…the club as of now is definitely not going forward…

Vincent Kompany's Forehead

Where to start? Happy for the away goal, but God knows how that was a penalty against Bayern? Lewandowski was going for the ball, not a foul. Sanchez keeps holding onto the ball for too long and gives it away and when he actually needs to hold the ball up he gives it away. There was a moment where he tried doing step overs past like 2-3 players in a 1 metre area, when he could’ve held it up and passed to incoming Arsenal players. The less said about Ozil the better. There was a freeze-frame on Fox Sports which… Read more »


“The less said about Ozil the better”… Half your comment isabout Ozil xD

All jokes aside though, I agree completely

Vincent Kompanys Forehead

I anticipated someone posting this while writing about Ozil hahah


Özil = 5 tackles (80% successful) = more than Xhaka + Coquelin.

Vincent Kompanys Forehead

Fair play, I did not know that.

Walking while Robben was preparing to shoot was unforgiveable though


What that freeze frame shows is Özil staying in a passing lane thus blocking Alonso, while Gibbs, Coq and (I think) Koscielny are all sold a dummy by Robben (Who has never gone outside a defender in his entire career.) The anti Özil agenda has become a self-fulfilling prophecy now, with positional play and blocking passes (otherwise known as intelligent defending) now seen as not good enough and lacking desire because it means he isn’t constantly running after the ball à la Coquelin, or my 9 year old son, even though this is the sort of defending which allowed for… Read more »


I’ve upvoted your comment as soon as i saw the ” (Who has never gone outside a defender in his entire career.) “


Le Coq was supposed to block Robben but never mind I’m sure fox enjoyed their moment. By the way Robben the most one footed player in football and Le Coq decides to shut down his “standing leg” would be laughable if it wasn’t against us.

North stand

So frustrated it’s beyond belief. Been watching through thick and thin but when the players can’t and don’t show any heart it’s fucking annoys me. Whether or not people agree I think Arsenes time is up. If a manager failed to properly manage and motivate their employees to succeed consistently they would be out the job so why should he stay?
Mid table bundesliga sides put up a better fight week in week out ffs


Greetings my fellow Arsenal brethren, it’s that time again. Thank you to everyone who voted after the last two match reports (more than 500 people participating each time). The results were:
After Chelsea – Arsene to leave 73% / Arsene to stay 27%
After Hull – Arsene to leave 54% / Arsene to stay 46%

You know what to do…..

Wenger to leave at the end of the season – thumbs up

Wenger to stay – thumbs down

Thanks everyone!

Toure Motors

I haven’t been that annoyed by a pole in at least a half hour

Vincent Kompanys Forehead



ahhh fuck off with the polls man


I down voted because, fuck your poll.


Thumb up if you don’t like polls.



Thumbs up if you’re sick of pauls child like shite


DJ Hopeless: why bother with these polls at the end of every match?


I’ve reached my breaking point. I love Arsenal and I love Arsene BUT enough is enough. I’m not upset we lost. I fully expected it. It’s the nature of the defeat. Yet another first leg last 16 humiliation. Best squad we have had in a decade and still the same poor, laboured and tactically inept performance. It breaks my heart BUT, Wenger out.

Good Omens

I’m done, see you in August.


Seriously considering not renewing season tickets. Anyone want to buy a couple of Arsenal Bonds?


time to blow it up….if you need me I will be bombing bourbon and listening to johnny cash “hurt” for the next 12 hours or so


Told you guys not to get too hyped.
Same crap every year after year, season after season.

Wenger will sign a 2 year extension this summer and history will repeat itself for 2 more seasons.


Thanks for the result.

Now i have saved more time by not watching EPL and UCL, and visiting 10 times a day for any news.

FA Cup here we come.

Fireman Sam

FA cup?

Fat chance, we can’t even beat Watford at our place.


Typical!!!! Just typical.


Wenger out


Hahahahahahaha. What a shit show. This team is soft. The manager is soft. There is no fight. Absolute cowards.

Everyone Öut.

Fireman Sam

Everyone out. Lol, pmsl!


What a strange era has come. You love and support a football team that doesn’t play football and it’s manager lost all the footballing sense on the earth. The board? Oh, no…
I doubt that even total reconstruction of AFC will bring things on the right way!


Anyone want tickets to the second leg?


How about a half eaten Kit-Kat and a packet of Walkers crisps?


Sounds like a fair swap. You sure you don’t want paying for the crisps?

Dial Square

He offered you tickets and you expect him to supply snacks with the tickets as well? 🙂


Yeah, and a limo to the game and some sedatives and a length of rope because watching this team makes you want to do yourself in. Seriously, we suffered from a bad case of Arsenalphobia (fear of champions league quarter finals) This team has no spine whatsoever, Sanchez if he has any sense will leave. Wenger always talks about this team having great “spirit”, there is absolutely no fight in this team. The first half was a game of football, the second was absolute comedy, I seriously laughed when that 5th goal went in. I respect what Wenger has done… Read more »


Absolutely gutless and LAZY as always.

Too many of our so called ‘top’ players just disappear when we need them. Ozil and Walcott are the worst offenders for me, but there are others.

Every time we play a top team Arsenal just collectively **** their pants and can’t string two passes together.

I just thing Ozil is a luxury we can’t afford, moments of magic yes, but so few and far between and we always look outnumbered in midfield with him.


How can our highest paid player really expect a pay rise when he shows this little effort and has been producing absolute garbage for the months


Özil = 5 tackles (80% successful) = more than Xhaka + Coquelin.

David C

This is exactly why you can’t put too much faith in stats. Ozil played like a player that doesn’t care. His effort without the ball was pedestrian.


But somehow magically made more tackles than our two central mids combined…

Sick n tired

Clueless defenceless oziless wenger sod off now


Remember when we nearly beat Barca but TGSTEL missed his shot. This is a better team? The manager has grown? Total failure of heart

Tommy Gunner

We are a genuine embarrassment. Start of the game and we’re pressing. Five minutes later: “that’s enough hard work for one half”. Start of the second half, we’re pressing. Five minutes later: “well this is tiring, let’s just give up”.
It is patently obvious that Arsene Wenger has allowed a culture of mediocrity to rot our club, where tokenistic hard work is deemed acceptable, and the players know he is not going to do anything about it. He is not the manager we need, and he is not the manager I want. Please leave.

Toure Motors

Mountain to climb hahahahahahaha


There is no mountain to climb. We died in the landslide.


No mountains – all at sea. Who would have thought we’d be in the same boat as Barcelona? At least we’ve got the away goal Barca haven’t ?


Yawn same old crap, its clear the players can not raise their game for wenger or for the shirt. Heartless and hopeless performance totally out classed.


Definition of insanity, being an Arsenal fan. It was like a premier League team against non league. We are rubbish with Wenger in charge and we are getting worse. The worst thing that can happen to us now is Wenger signing a new contract. Get someone fresh in and get rid of most of the mediocrity thats stinking up this club. Im so so embarrassed


Arsenes Position has now become untenable. From an arsene Fan.

Lord Hall

Woke up at 3.45am to watch that – total bollox – for fucks sake Arsene just go and thanks for all past glories

Tom Gun

Bayern were immense today. But they were immense because we allowed them to be. Their midfield of Thiago, Alonso and Vidal were amazing. Because we didn’t close them down and we allowed them to be. Robben and Lahm were awesome. Because we let them create double ups and Robben to cut in on his left. We allowed them to be. It’s like they’ve never watched them play. I have been the biggest fan of Wenger but same shit different year and we never learn. We don’t improve. We allow oppositions to be great because we don’t adapt. Time for him… Read more »

Tom Gun


Granit(e) hard!

i add ‘spoilt asshole’ to ‘price!


Özil = 5 tackles (80% successful) = more than Xhaka + Coquelin.

Tom Gun

Watch the game again and in particular at 75-76 minutes. The Bayern midfield are passing it around without a care in the world and Ozil is walking so slowly he almost stops. Just watching them. With an abysmal attitude. Just blames others like a spoilt little 10 year old.


As suspected we were obliterated. Coaching staff no idea how to use the players. Iwobi on for 65mins (a young understudy) instead of Walcott, Giroud or Welbeck. That’s inexcusable. I’ve said it before that we don’t have a starting XI and he rotates players all the time as if we’re in a meaningless cup game. As soon as Koscielny limped off at 1-1 it was over. There’s zero replacements for him at center back. Gabriel has no idea how to play positionally and was torn apart. Gabriel has to go, absolutely not good enough. Problem is we need another replacement… Read more »


Feel for the fans that spent their hard earned money to go see that performance.

Sad to see the atmosphere at this great club so toxic and vociferous.

Wouldn’t blame Alexis for wanting to leave.


Been following arsenal my whole life but I’m done. Wenger needs to go it is disgraceful. Feel for those that had to pay not just money but time to go to Munich this evening.

North London red

Arsenal players lacking in heart and belief. Bayern have the confidence, motivation to really get up and fight in a big European match and despite poor domestic form put on a real performance. Thomas muller not 100% fit comes on when the game is dead and goes on to score , alonso 33, lahm 33 two world clsss operators who’ve won it all and still have the hunger to go on and out in performances. Does arsene instill this belief and drive in his players? And do arsenal players lack or can’t believe they are good enough to win? Sadly… Read more »


We can still win the FA cup guys. And we still have a big fight for 4th!


Don’t worry. Sutton United will sort that out on Monday.


I tell you what, that Sutton game is the last thing we need right now because we will win it and the pressure will be relieved a bit on Wenger. He needs to say that he is not going to sign a new contract so we can begin an overhaul. We need a huge clear out from all of the management right down to a good chunk of the playing staff. Honestly what does Steve Bould do? and who is this guy who is the head shrinker? sack the lot of them.


No we can’t. Look at all the top team that are left in the cup and look at our results against the top teams this season.


Arsene please step down NOW NOW! Enough is clearly enough ;I feel ashamed. Please take your kids with you the Ox Theo, Ramsey,gibbs, coqueliin.

Buzzy Gutkha

It’s the hope that kills

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