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Report: Cazorla to miss the rest of the season

According to the Mirror, Santi Cazorla has ruled out a comeback this season and is concentrating on being fit and ready for the start of the next campaign.

The 32 year old has been out of action since October when he aggravated a long-standing Achilles problem against Ludogorets in the Champions League.

He underwent surgery in December and had to undergo another operation after a setback in his recovery.

Now it seems the rehabilitation is taking even longer that previously expected, and given how long he’s been out, getting back up to match fitness this season appears to be beyond him.

The Spanish international made just 11 appearances this campaign, and was out of action from November 29th last season until the final day when he played against Aston Villa in a 4-0 win.

Despite the ongoing issues with his fitness though, Arsenal have taken up the option on a year’s extension to his contract, keeping him at the club until June 2018.

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Pete the gooner

Reason we didn’t win last season, Santi injured. Reason we haven’t been doing good this season Santi injured. We desperately need a player like him who can link the defence to attack. Very unfortunate for him, I hope we get a couple of more seasons from him.


My favourite player after Rosicky in eecent history… And is now becoming him. Much as I hate to say it, we must be prepared not tonrely so much on him next season. Many people said before this season he won’t be able to play more than 15 matches…


He’s 32! If we count on him for the future, we can say bye bye to our hopes.

Nasri's missing chinbone

Sorry Pete but you’re wrong. Don’t you know that the manager is always to blame.

High Gooner

I also believe we have to replace the whole medical staff.. not making excuses, or maybe I am because I thinks its a reasonable one, I think our constant injuries influence our game, our rhytm, our form, our flor, our results, our points. Its not easy being Wenger when you have so many injuries small or big every so often.. And imagine this was the season we had a complete and deep squad..

I’ll admit tho that Wengers weakness is rotation.. You see how playing that much can affect some players freshness (Özil)


Sad news. Worst thing is, Santi is irreplaceable. We would need to but like 2-3 to make up for what he gives. Our most underrated player. Pundits tell you, its a lack of spine, a holding midfield enforcer. Those that watch us play in detail know that a lack of Santi costs us success.

Someone's Something

Xhaka and Wilshere better step up their game next season now that Cazorla can’t be trusted to stay fit.


And Ox/Iwobi/Ramsey etc

The Mert


Someone's something



Yet another player that Wenger has ruined by overplaying. Maybe making a 32 year old with dodgy achilles the lynchpin of our midfield wasn’t the greatest idea? Sure that this will be chalked up to just bad ‘luck’, as ever, and nothing will be learned.


Traditionally it’s a good footballing tactic to pick footballers to play football for football teams and to build football teams around footballers by picking them to play football.


Take a break, mate. We’ve had enough of Wenger shaming for a week, let’s not blame Santi’s heels on him.

Igbo Amadi-Obi

Absolutely. A 32 year old who suffered both Achilles and knee ligament the previous season was flogged game after game till he broke. Even with the best management, an Achilles at 32 is still a career ender. But here we go planning to get a couple more seasons from him.


Guess I should just have said that it’s complete luck that an overplayed injury-prone player gets injured. Sorry to have raised the question that maybe playing Santi every 3 days wasn’t a great idea given his age/injury record. Just luck we have a massive injury crisis every season in central midfield I suppose.


I love Santi like I love my own mother, he’s one of the best signings wenger has made. But why the fuck didn’t he resign fabregas? He didn’t really think St Cousins was up for full seasons any more? Ready made replacement passed up on.

Lord Bendnter

We have tons of players who can play there: Ramsey, Wilshere, Xhaka, ElNeny, The Ox, MaitlandNiles, Coq
And if called upon, Debucy and Gabriel can play there too.
And don’t even get me started on Chambers who can play there when he returns

A Gooner

Unfortunately history has repeatedly proven otherwise my friend. The only games that we have looked unbeatable is when Santi has been pulling the strings in midfield. The last 3 seasons from the moment he suffered injuries we’ve not looked the same team. Regardless of who we’ve played in the middle! He’s the link that frees Ozil to be his best and links our play. We haven’t found a player with his vision and all round ability to fill the gap full stop. He is to us what Silva is to man shitty. Draxler would have solved the problem but once… Read more »

Crash Fistfight

I guess you didn’t spot the emojis at the end of Lord Bendtner’s post.


As much as it pains me to say this, but let’s be honest not one of those players are as good as Cesc. I also think he should have been brought back to the club.

Mississippi Gunner

Cuz Fabregas is a fuckboy and Arsene ain’t got time for that.

“Fuckboy”–A manipulating dick who does whatever it takes to benefit him, regardless of who he screws over…once a fuckboy always a fuckboy, because fuck boys gonna be fuckboys. (Urban Dictionary)


Another cry out for a traitor. Cesc didn’t leave at the best of terms with the club. Only when he was told he is surplus at Barcelona he decide to come back. Did he show a desperation to be at Arsenal? Pay cut, reduced fee, remorse for leaving a team built in his image, anything? Never. Instead he promptly set up at an enemy club. Now to your point: Fabregas is no Cazorla. Two different players with different roles in their respective teams. Cazorla brings great close control and composure under pressure which helps him ferry the ball in/from congested… Read more »

Lord Bendnter

CescFab woild have never solved our problems. Hes way too slow now to play a Santi role. Buying cesc is something the old out of money Arsenal would do. We need a proper long term option and despite it having been so obvious it was never taken care of in the summer transfer market. I guess in the winter Wenger decided to give Ramsey that role instead of a signing. I wwas hoping it would work for us, but his hammie always has other ideas :S This season has made it clear to me that we need a more reliable… Read more »


Verratti would be nice. He represents a very similar skill set. Santi 2.0 and he has some bite. Unfortunately your right he would never leave PSG for arsenal.


Yes because, leaving aside all the ‘traitor’ stuff which I’m not going to buy into or bother with, Fabregas is well known for never having fitness issues of his own, right?

Oh wait, that’s not true at all is it?

Andy Mack

It’s really not clever to re-employ a person that went ‘on-strike’ to get a move away from the team.
If we’d taken him back then it would have given the message to all the other players that they could leave for their ‘Boyhood/dream’ club and come back here if it went wrong.


that not a surprise we all that the case,few weeks ago he was out with a protective boots on that was not someone that was going to play anytime soon


Surprise surprise


Many will say Santi out is the reason of our absence of succes, but this can’t be as simple. Xhaka is meant to replace him, Mo too. What are they doing? They’ve been in the team for a while and should fit in now. With their own qualities.

Chris Royer

Really not the same kind of players. Santi’s technique is so superior to both. This allows him to very rarely be dispossessed and to dribble out of crowded areas under pressure.


Many teams have a player with technique inferior to Cazorla’s playing in that role, yet they don’t have the same problems building attacks. The problem is tactical. Stop blaming our lack of success on Cazorla’s absence.


Well said. One of our best teams had a central midfield of Vierra and Petit. Two fine players but not as ‘technically’ adept as Cazorla, yet we still won titles. The problem is far deeper than just the absence of one player.


Yes. But what Vieira and Petit did do, they did it well. Which is why the attackers could take gambles. Can Coq and Xhaka own their space even half as well?? I cringe every time I see Coq get shrugged off tackles. Xhaka keeps losing the ball/making silly challenges. He is still on probation as far as I’m concerned. Our midfield is like a lame man hopping in a minefield. One man’s absence is no excuse for the rest to forget how to play.


Finally someone with an objective view,most of the people on here will blame anything for Arsenal’s woes season in season out. Absolutely anything other than their god Arsene Wenger.


I haven’t heard an alternative tactical system to the one being currently used by Wenger. Please tell us out of the current options who would feature where in your opinion…

Andy Mack

Although I think Xhaka can replace him in a year or two, not in his first season.
Xhaka is still having problems with the non-stop pace of the PL and the poor standard of the officials (Same with Perez but not as important to a forward player), but he’ll get accustomed to it soon.


I think we’re more than capable of playing shite with Santi in the team. And I do think that whenever a player’s missing for a length of time they’re seen as the panacea to all our problems. Arsenal’s problems I think are down to more than the loss of one individual. That said, there no doubt the little maestro offers something unique to the team and I for one can’t wait to see him back in an Arsenal shirt. In addition to his sublime skill, his work rate and tackling are underrated, and his attitude is spot on. Get back… Read more »


True, when ramsey had his amazing season, got injured, everybody said that was the reason we lost the title. Last season Coq and Santi. In 2009 or 2011 or something when everybody is still saying the reason we lost the title was Eduardo’s leg break.
At some time it was probably van Persie who was the missing link.

There are definitely bigger problems somewhere, although of course you want your best players to be fit all season


This season shouldn’t be about Santi’s absence – we have other bodies who SHOULD BE ABLE to do a job, differently from Santi surely, but competently.

That said, to discount our history of untimely injuries is being unfair. Can you remember any recent champions with such crippling injury lists as ours? Would Chelsea win shit without Hazard & Costa? Leicester without Kante and Vardy/Mahrez? Liverpool were clueless without Matip and Coutinho recently and got left behind in the chase…


Agree with this, fact of the matter is we have one of the strongest squads in the league, arguably the strongest. As good as Santi is, we should be able to deal without one player.


Come back Jack

chippy's chip



I’m sure we all came to this conclusion on our own months ago.


Only player like him is Verratti and there is 0% chance of him coming to Arsenal


Cazorla is one of a kind but if you look at the role – ferrying the ball and not losing possession… N’Zonzi is doing a stellar job at Sevilla. Saul and Koke do a good job at Atletico. Matuidi at PSG, Dembele of Spuds, Wijanldum from Liverpoo are all very good. Also notice they are all bigger, more combative and suited to the high press.

You would expect Ramsey to step in. ‘Cept he is down and out, too. 🙁

Stringer Bell

The comments of some in this post sum up some of the complete John Terry’s that unfortunately follow Arsenal. “If we count on him for the future” and “yet another player Wenger has ruined by over playing” lord help us please ?


He was never intended to be our deep playmaker or box to box in the first place – started there out of necessity. A shortage of midfielders due to injury, if you can believe that. He’s just good wherever, and with his magical possession skills made it his own. Xhaka and Elneny were picked up after him to start building a new midfield, but they’re just different qualities. It’s hard to say if he’s intended to be a long term mould of player, or if those positions are going a different way. But it might be more of a Rosicky… Read more »


As good a player as he’s been, and as likely as he is to remain an important player for the next season or possibly two, at this point after two long term injuries he cannot be relied upon as a starter. Neither can we rely on his natural successor, Wilshere, as he also has proved injury prone. Come June the new manager will have to look into strengthening midfield, as January showed it doesn’t take much for the team to be depleted in one area.


Hate to say it, but we can no longer count on Santi as a first team player


Correct. He should not be in our plans at all and, if fit, will be a bonus. A very good one.


Wilshere (if he comes back) and Ramsey would be bonuses too! As would winning the league. Sorry if I sound cynical…

I strongly believe we need a new midfielder (or two). A player who is experienced and knows something about winning a title. A younger Xabi Alonso or Modric to bed in the likes of Xhaka and Elneny who have potential but little else.

Andy Mack

That would depend how many players you would count as ‘first team’…


Having seen this coming doesn’t make it any easier. Gutted. Let’s hope our talented little wizard elf can defy time and the evil injury gorgon of Highbury.


By Rosicky logic, Santi’s still only about 28 in footballing years. It would be nice to have him back next season and continue playing him. Is there anyone in world football capable of playing ambidextrously in that position with that kind of close control and instant passing ability? People talk of Scholes as one of the all time greats, and Cazorla is like a Scholes with two right feet. His talent could easily keep him at a top level until mid-late 30s.


I should say: a Scholes with two right feet, insane dribbling ability, and actually decent at tackling.


Santi gives us a cm who can pass between the lines, wiggle out of tight spaces, continue play with simple passing and can ping a ball accurately 50 meters.
We’ve got players who do one or two of these things right now but no one that’s capable of all of them that’s why he’s so important to us.
Can you name anyone out there that can who we might go for?

Wenger's Pony

Franc’isco’ Román Alarcón Suárez.


There will never be a like for like replacement. We never did get a Vieira Mark II… But it is clear that the options we have at the moment aren’t of Santi’s level yet. We have an enviable options up front and very good defensive back ups but our midfield is woeful on form and personality.


I assumed this from the moment hegithirt

Felix Udoh

Time we get Verratti or Isco in to replace Santi.


Hopefully,, Chamberlain will be given a run-out in the middle of the park for an extended period of games.I would love to see him cement his place there

Lord Gabriel

No Santi No Party.
Remember FA Cup 2014 Finals? What a lovely freekick he took that kept us still in the game ?
Ox may the best to replace Santi, Rambo and Wilshere are another options but have injury issue, Xhaka have indiscipline issue.
I would like to sign Veratti..

David Boyle

An absolute joke him getting a new contract, 20 plus games in 2 seasons. Just sums us up now no ambition


The best midfielder we have gets an extension. How is that an absolute joke? Have you heard how having old maestros helps the younger ones blossom? I’d keep Santi and Per around as staff even for their all round sunniness. With Alexis, Perez, Ozil, Mustafi, Ospina, Walcott all scowling groaning sulking sighing these days what a difference would Santi’s smile make!

David Boyle

That’s why we win nothing mate.thats why its an absolute joke

Igbo Amadi-Obi

By the way, who was our Santi when we were winning stuff? Because we have not won much with Santi, as far as I can recall.


Santi is missed all the more when others are performing as they should. If you are insinuating that Santi is the reason we haven’t won much (2 FA cups don’t satisfy all of us it’s true) I guess you don’t know much about football.


Just for one f-ing season I would love to see a team that builds and grows together, develops in to the real deal but I don’t see that ever happening with the constant injuries we get, I don’t remember the teams of old having this amount of injuries, maybe a few here and there but not like now. It’s such a pity that even with a deep squad we get to the point of struggling and losing balance. Sometimes I think it’s amazing wenger gets his injury ravaged teams as far as he does. The recent league winners have shown… Read more »


I think people are being twats wanting to get rid of Santi. He deserves some respect, jeez, we hung onto Diaby for years, and Sanogo – where is he?
Santi deserves his contract extension – just like Arteta did, even though he hardly ever played in his final season. I’d like to think that Santi could work with Ox to improve his possession keeping skills. Remember Ox at Newcastle, 3 years back?


We were foolish to not reinforce midfield with Santi beset with niggling injuries and Jack wanting out. Last season, we kept Rosicky and Arteta on. I mentioned we should let at least one of them go. Neither featured much whole season. Basically with older players, you can expect injury issues to come forth. Santi is getting on. With granit bedding in next to Coquelin, Elneny to me is a mediocre choice, we are shy of choice in the CRITICAL engine room. Ramsey has been poor in form/insipid. I think aside from the Ox, one of the unexplored options at the… Read more »

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