Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Report: Elneny sidelined for at least three weeks

According to Egyptian Football specialists King Fut, Mohamed Elneny suffered ankle ligament damage in the win over Sutton on Monday evening and will be out for at least three weeks.

The 24-year-old started in midfield alongside Granit Xhaka but required treatment 31 minutes into the game after turning sharply on the artificial 3G pitch at Gander Green Lane. While he limped through until the break he was substituted by Arsene Wenger at half time.

The Egypt international was making his first appearance for the Gunners since New Year’s Day having spent much of January in Gabon at the African Cup of Nations.

Elneny will the match with Liverpool at Anfield in 10 days time, the return leg of the Champions League knockout round with Bayern Munich and the FA Cup quarter-final against Lincoln City.

Aaron Ramsey and Laurent Koscielny, both hamstring, are expected to return to full training in the coming days, however, Santi Cazorla looks set to spend the rest of the campaign on the sidelines. 

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Our midfield looks a bit fucked at the moment…

Ox and xhaka maybe??


We sould persist with Coquelin and Granit but tweak the relationship a bit. Coquelin and Ozil need to work closer hunting the ball down and higher up (alongside Alexis) Granit should sit with the triangle at the base alongside Mustafi and Koscielny. Ox can come in as an offensive impact as well in lieu of Coquelin. I think the other player who hasn’t been explored is Iwobi who can add strength and possession which is his natural game to the middle. But yes, we are very thin at the moment in the highly critical engine room which also explains why… Read more »


Ozil ‘hunting down’ ?


We’re not having a lot of luck in an area I thought we had too many players – Coq, Xhaka, Elneny, Ramsey, Santi for 2 places.


Its Arsenal and injuries.

Hand in hand.


But why is that?

David C

This is why I’ve said the banner boys do not think. Wenger has flattered to deceive thus far with the bigger prizes but he ensures consistency and a minimum finish at a high level for 2 decades plus uninterrupted regardless of ‘crisis’. He is also an excellent and acute mind in the transfer market. Whether he buys enough is another thing but it cannot be denied that he buys very well and knows how to develop players. If he should leave, it may not all be up side like some would prefer to imagine. This is simplistic thinking. Many of… Read more »

irony eh?

Empty vessels make a lot of noise. Indeed. I feel the same each time I see one of your long winded shaggy dog stories.


If only the People who want Wenger out could be so insightful as you Santori. Tell me, how did you become so awesome?



Wenger's Pony

Even Guardian is click bait now. 🙁


Typical. He is a mediocre player for me but we need as many options as possible. We shot ourselves in the foot without getting one more mid in the summer. Jack wanted to leave and that meant we were shot of a senoir player. I think Wenger probably believed Ramsey would step up but he has been thus far insipid (and also now injured) Banking on Santi (a 32yr old) returning at some point this season was also a gamble. If we recall retaining Arteta and Rosicky during their last season, they were barely fit enough to negotiate the stands… Read more »


I’d rather let Ramsey go than Elneny who’s a solid team player who will improve.


Elneny is underrated. He doesn’t pretend to be anything that he’s not. Always puts in a good shift.


Is there any good news anywhere?? ?


Spurs lost


And furthermore, the two golden boys that the press continually jizzes over contributed an own goal (Kane) and a red card (Alli). You can’t make this stuff up.

At least we only get knocked out of Europe once each year.


Now that has cheered me up no end thank you. ?

Granit(e) hard!

Tottenham ‘cold’ Spurs!…….Lool

We all know about enemies in disguise but do we call them ‘unwilling friends in disguise?’

Everytime Arsenal throw a clusterfuck, they always go and do one better….end of last season, we thought our season was all over and they went on and self destruct, last week we got hammered by Bayern and the haters descended in droves, and there was darkness and gloom and then they went and lose to an unknown team named Gents!…twice?, and then there was light in the world again. lol!

Macho Nonreal

Yeah, Sp*rs getting knocked out by the MIGHTY GENT!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!


I was hoping they’d have to trudge through a couple more and then lose out.

But I guess we can hope it puts them in the dumps a bit at least.


They are truly shit at Wembley. Looking forward to next season ?


I for one just love watching coq hiding from the ball the whole game while our forwards struggle, can’t wait.

*Jumps off bridge into river of sarcasm*


No worries, we have the Coq.

What an amazing season.

*punches wall*


Elneny will *miss* the match with Liverpool … it should say.

King Fut = great site name ?

henley gooner

FUT is a very naughty word in German

Arsene's zip

It’s German for John Terry.


King cunt




🙁 Oh boy. Can’t seem to catch a break at all. How does Wenger cope with all of this I wonder? The man’s got to have a way to de-stress. Snort some powdered sugar, smash a few Jose bobbleheads, set off fireworks in the bathroom, shove a ref or something.


Such a shame that both of the midfielders we really needed aren’t fit this season. Jack and Santi. Yes I included Jack. Most of the games we lost this season were because our opponents pressed us and got in our faces. You don’t expect Xhaka to dribble out of such scenarios. Santi or a fully fit Wilshere would have.


Oops…unfit and unavailable, ofcourse.


Our mid gets injured in a coordinated manner so that everyone can play. Ramsey is almost back so Elneny decides to take some rest.

Roger Ramjet

Fut? Should be Tut.


Not related to the unfortunate loss of Elneny, but I think the fixture list might do us in this year. Due to postponed games we might find ourselves down the table with games in hand, which only adds further pressure on our legendary mental strength. Even if we beat Liverpool we could find ourselves 5 points off the top four by march 12, if we lose it could be 8 points. At least United and City are also facing games in hand. I hate having games in hand, your always looking at the table and trying to count you chickens… Read more »


Has anyone else seen the pictures of Sanchez climbing a fecking tree?!?!?! What the actual feck is he doing?!?! Will someone please buy him another puppy and keep him away from any tall objects!!!


Spurs losing to Gent 🙂

Ozilicious !

It’s very entertaining. They like to throw their toys out whilst crashing 🙂
And that little overrated Ali rat should have a lengthy ban for that rotten tackle. Cowards tackle


He’ll miss Real Madrid’s first three European matches of 2017-18.


Only the Spuds can be embarrassed in two separate European competitions in one season. Kane’s goal was quality lol.


Hoe he get well soon.
Hope he start trainnig shoots to net to net (on target) as well.


King Fut. That’s brilliant.


Shame. I know he’s not like for like ( really, no one is for our little magician) but Elneny is the closest like for like replacement we have for Santi. He’s not as skillful or creative, but he’s patient with the ball and keeps things ticking with good possession. Always thought he was being groomed to be Santi’s successor, but much like Lucas, Doesn’t seem to be in the manager’s thinking for the big games in the Prem

Granit(e) hard!

Elneny for Santi?……I admit, I didn’t see that one coming because in my books, though both are central midfielders, they are two totally dissimilar type of players, in style, physique and tactical approach to the game.

Grant Simmonds

Wenger good in the transfer market? You gotta be joking for every decent buy, he’s managed to acquire at least two duds. Furthermore, he persists with said duds for far too long trying to prove he’s never wrong- Denilson and Eboue to name to classic examples. The lack of transfer funds in the past holds absolutely no water, look what can be done with decent championship players at other premier league clubs. Whatever Wenger is, an he’s a cunning customer, he’s certainly no motivator of men. How many more times do we have to see our hapless overrated stars get… Read more »

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